This old boy was my Black. He went through various name changes throughout my youth, eventually coming to his last name, Shadow Demon. He has lost some felt on his legs, his mane is just a few tufts of hair now, and I chopped off his tail as a kid, as I was (nor am I still) fond of excessively long tails (unless the mane matches, which his did not). He is also covered in battles scars from his various fights to remain dominant. Even as Breyers started to trickle in, he remained my top herd stallion for many years while I still played pretend. Shadow Demon is pulled off his shelf every now and then so I can remember those times as a child when he was my fierce, wild, black stallion. 


No idea why this photo won't upload in its correct orientation. I've tried all that I can think of. The larger image seems to be okay though.