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  1. Oprah's Series Finale
  2. Scotty Vs. Lauren; Amer. Idol?
  3. Watching Midway on Memorial Day...
  4. Fireproof
  5. X-Men First Class TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!!
  6. Best Van Halen frontman?
  7. Best James Bond?
  8. Children's Tolkein?
  9. TV: Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
  10. Ingrid Michaelson, anyone?
  11. X-Men First Class **SPOILERS THREAD!** You have been warned!
  12. Finding Bigfoot
  13. Any "The Voice" watchers here?
  14. Pottermore
  15. Super 8
  16. Good Comedy is Timeless
  17. Game of Thrones
  18. Amazon Kindle - Must Have Accessories
  19. Hilarious boston terrier video!!
  20. Cars 2
  21. TRUE BLOOD Season 4 ....
  22. War Horse
  23. Arranged -- an amazing movie on arranged marriages
  24. The Final Harry Potter movie!!
  25. 4th of July thread - What's your favorite patriotic movie, and why?
  26. Any stand-up fans?
  27. Any other Big Brother watchers?
  28. IT'S OUT IT'S OUT!!! WOOT! Red River Blue.... Blake Shelton!!
  29. '90s Nickelodeon coming back to tv!!!
  30. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part two [SPOILERS in here]
  31. Susane Colasanti / Sarah Dessen <3
  32. Alternative Harry Potter Ending?
  33. Amazon $100 of select tech with audible.com sub
  34. Anyone see "Bridesmaids"?
  35. That play "War Horse" to be made into a movie!
  36. LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace on CN tonight!
  37. Looking for some good Opera
  38. The Last Unicorn remake?
  39. Video Game Movies----Best, Worst, Most Anticipated
  40. Anyone else trying to get on Pottermore early?
  41. American Idol Audition
  42. Who Came First: Stevie, or Sinatra?
  43. Question: Tell me about e-readers...
  44. The Hunger Games Movie, Anyone Excited?
  45. Favorite musical artists?
  46. Older Dr. Who shows
  47. Black Stallion books
  48. Fave Episodes of.......
  49. Need suggestions...Bird of Prey videos?
  50. Easily one of the best Artists who needs to be signed!!!!
  51. Dalek costume
  52. Is Haven winding down?
  53. My Life in Shuffle - Music Play-along!
  54. Anyone else a "Breaking Bad" Fan?
  55. Favorite TV Shows By Genre?
  56. What TV show did you just discover?
  57. OMG - THE LION KING IN 3D!!!!
  58. "I didn't know I was pregnant" tv show
  59. Looking for a Movie to Watch Online
  60. Grey's Anatomy episode tonight. Collectors Go Crazy!
  61. For you Princess Bride fans...
  62. Electronic Music Fans?
  63. Mr. Ed
  64. Dexter [SPOILERS]
  65. Hilarious 1980s music video (Spain)
  66. The Cup - *AU Horse Movie from Phar Lap Director*
  67. New Blab spoiler hiding tag! and hide other be-prepared post content
  68. Spoilers! What do you think of The Office w/o Steve Carell so far?
  69. For children of the 80s and 90s...
  70. Doctor Who on a day off when he's not saving the world
  71. Doctor Who Fans...how the heck did I miss this??
  72. I want this shirt!!!
  73. GAH! What have you people done to me?!!!!
  74. Need Horror film DVD recommendations please!!
  75. Are YOU Watching the new "My Little Pony" show!?
  76. Why the Sonic Screwdriver is banned
  77. The Incredible Dr. Pol
  78. Scary movies that were just *too much* (aka the Halloween movie thread)
  79. Another Doctor Who goodie
  80. CDs to be abandoned by major music labels by 2012
  81. You know what would be nice...iTunes
  82. Psychic - Medium John Edwards/Crossing Over
  83. RIP Anne McCaffrey
  84. Anybody watch Knights of Mayhem on NatGeo?
  85. Spotify
  86. What game have you played recently?
  87. Titanic being re-released in 3D!
  88. Col. Potter aka Henry Morgan...
  89. Roku Advice?
  90. What's your favorite Christmas song?
  91. Spoilers! Who watches Dexter?
  92. Hobbit Trailer
  93. Question: War Horse: the movie
  95. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
  96. Heads up Arab folks - forthcoming film on Lady Anne Blunt!
  97. The Doctor Who Thread
  98. Guy on a Buffalo
  99. Dance moms season 2 tonight!
  100. "I Cloned My Pet" (Spoilers hid)
  101. Playoffs!!
  102. Super Bowl, Who Will Go?
  103. Are people really THIS picky?
  104. Heartland -- TV show
  105. We Are Hunted
  106. Anyone breyer fans attending the Nickelback concert April 14th in Detroit?
  107. Seriously Creepy Moment....
  108. Suggestion for Self-Published Authors
  109. Anyone watching Downton Abbey on PBS?
  110. Luck on HBO
  111. Library Apps for the iPod?
  113. Weird Thoughts While Watching Doctor Who...
  115. Guess the tv theme song (video)
  116. The Voice Season 2
  117. The Best Concerts You've Ever Been To
  118. First edition vs. first printing in books
  119. the Oscars
  120. Anderson Cooper - Hobby episode
  121. Top Strong Women in Fiction
  122. GCB
  123. Phantom Lovers
  124. What would you do?
  125. My Mask on CSI!
  126. Who Has a The Hunger Games Obsession?
  127. Roku or Computer Adapter?
  128. Game of Thrones: Season 2
  129. did you see a Potter actor is jailed for 2 years?
  130. Harry Potter Series now available on E-Reader!
  131. Hulu Plus, Netflix, or Amazon Prime?
  132. War Horse, The Play!
  133. Any Rep the Gentic Opera fans ?
  134. Question: War Horse: The Movie - Your throughts?
  135. Remind me never to leave luggage at the airport
  136. Series Ending Count-downs
  137. Our cars used in I (Almost) Got Away With It!
  138. Whale Wars
  139. childhood horse-themed books
  140. What books/TV/movies did you or your kids act out?
  141. Childrens Book Author/Illustrator Maurice Sendak Dead at 83
  142. Site: Great Books for Horse Lovers
  143. Adult Swim
  144. Betty White's Off their rockers
  145. Anyone watching "Hatfields & McCoys" on History Channel this weekend?
  146. Favorite childrens books for their illustrations
  147. I Think I'm A Bunny
  148. Anyone watching MasterChef or Hells Kitchen this year?
  149. Speaker/Stereo System recommendations?
  150. While I'm at it...TV recommendations?
  151. Colbert talks about Romney's champion Dressage horse.
  152. Pride and Prejudice Fans/Vlog Fans - Here is something new!
  153. Brave!
  154. YouTube Movie Rentals?!
  155. Big Brother 14
  156. Anyone here watch Gossip Girl?
  157. Anyone watching the new pickers game show on History Channel?
  158. Anyone watch Once Upon A Time on ABC?
  159. Who is ready for the new Season Walking Dead???
  160. Funny: 6-yr-old judges classic books by their covers
  161. The Star Trek Thread
  162. Movie Ideas?
  163. eReader Book Question...
  164. MIKA sold out already!?! :(
  165. Game of Thrones Audiobook
  166. The Minecraft Thread
  167. Would you give into temptation?
  168. Into the West on AMC - Who's Watching?
  169. Silver Spoon Manga
  170. Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken ON TV Now
  171. The Voice!
  172. Who else watches Castle?
  173. Romance novel fans?
  174. Bones!
  175. My mom got her book published!
  176. Your favorite TV theme songs of all time?
  177. Grey's Anatomy New Season TONIGHT!
  178. Halloween is Coming Up; What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?
  179. Trying to think of this horse movie.
  180. The Guild
  181. *Squeeeeee* The new A Fine Frenzy is out!
  182. Favorite Rock Band?
  183. Engagement Video!
  185. Merlin fans anyone?
  186. Anybody else here seen the film "The Hunter"?
  187. "Estevez to shoot harness racing film in SW Ohio"
  188. Internet Blowing Up Sir:Disney buys Lucasfilm, Now Officially Owns ALL the Princesses
  189. Who Here Is A Bon Jovi Fan?
  190. Boy Meets World cast potentially in line for a sequel series!!
  191. Just bought advance tickets for The Hobbit!
  192. From the writer of Rebecca Black's "Friday"...
  193. Fun web series for horror fans.
  194. Is anyone watching the NASCAR race today
  195. Whats your favorite horse movie???
  196. What's your favorite horse BOOK?
  197. Breaking Dawn part 2 anyone?
  198. Element Brand TVs, anyone?
  199. The Hobbit december 14th whoot whoot!!
  200. Favorite Classical Composer?
  201. Game of Thrones Second Season?
  202. Kindle Fire - thoughts on it??
  203. Les Miserables anyone?
  204. PotterMore
  205. Anyone seen the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer yet?
  206. Starting them young...
  207. The Hobbit
  208. "The Voice" Honors Sandy Hook Elementary
  209. I'm such a dork!
  210. The lone Ranger movie!
  211. Black Beauty, LONG tv series with parts on disney channel....
  213. Bollywood
  214. DVD storage... has anyone done this?
  215. Downton Abbey Season 3 Premiere TONIGHT!!!
  216. Horse Dance Battle..Too cool!
  217. So who else reads the Wheel of Time and is excited for the final book out today?
  218. The White Panther book
  219. iTunes Woes
  220. Lance Armstrong on Oprah
  221. American Idol Season 12
  222. Nook has a dictionary!!
  223. Walk Off The Earth
  224. Concerts
  225. KFB Recomendation!
  226. Question about Thoroughbreds in 1938 movie "Kentucky"
  227. Jurassic Park 3D!
  228. Nova Special--Egyptian Chariot
  229. Question: Finding books written in French
  230. The Grammys
  231. So, which is weirder?
  232. Must-see video: one man sings "Les Mis" soundtrack
  233. Which movies make you cry?
  234. The Oscars 2013
  235. Who here has Hulu Plus?
  236. Flatscreen TV Pet Peeve
  237. Must watch TV reruns.
  238. Favorite Movies
  239. Shelfari anyone?
  240. Oz The Great and Powerful
  241. Hell's Kitchen Season 11
  242. Audio Book Recommendations
  243. look what I got in the mail today
  244. Hotel Impossible and those shows
  245. What was the latest book you read?
  246. Would you like to see The Last Unicorn on the big screen?
  247. Evolution of Music - awesome video!!!
  248. Holy smokes...vey public meltdown of restaurant owners on tv and fb.
  249. Anyone Read Webcomics?
  250. brother's plane starring in a Disney movie