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  1. So who doesn't belong in the show ring?
  2. Who will be at Desert Fest tomorrow?
  3. Morganglanz
  4. Any Region 10 Showers Going To The Jump Into Spring Model Horse Show?
  5. Indiana?
  6. Anyone going to the March 17th Randolph show!?
  7. Las Vegas Live roll call please!
  8. Index Cards
  9. MAR 2007
  10. Curious re: Model Horse Shows in General
  11. Spring shows?
  12. Proxy Advice, please!
  13. Proxy for LVL?
  14. WANTED: Roomie for LVL!
  15. Going to Nebraska Model Horse Expo? Come be in a Hobby FILM!!!
  16. Nokota: Performance potential?
  17. Who would like Judging Feedback?
  18. Anybody going to Country Corner Market Model Show in Lexington?
  19. Express show
  20. Any Ohio-ans want to take a show/road trip?
  21. Is there still a live show associated with Equine Affair
  22. Who is going to Crystal Creek on March 17th?
  23. Intrest in North-eastern Massachusetts show in the fall?
  24. Which show would you pick? Stone in Lexington, VA or CCM in Lexington, Ky?
  25. Need some help from Arizona Showers
  26. Red Earth Live, anyone going?
  27. Question about Appy and Paint Classes
  28. How's Jazz Fusion Doing?
  29. LVL - Penn & Teller!
  30. Brain fart... geeze!
  31. Region X Fun Show Series!!
  32. LVL-- Down to the wire!
  33. Should double bridles have one set of braided reins?
  34. Region X Novice Performance Program
  35. EMCAT Numbers and Selling Horses...
  36. Other Breed??
  37. MOMS II live show in Ohio
  38. South Florida Live
  39. Survey: Region X Clinic day
  40. Baystate Halter Live...
  41. Any Blabbers Attending the Express Show in Ann Arbor, MI this weekend?
  42. Shenandoah Live Anyone?
  43. Anyone want to travel to....
  44. Country Corner Show
  45. So Cal Live...
  46. GLC No Frills?
  47. Las Vegas Show - Who Would Come Next Year?
  48. Anyone attending Hudson Valley Classic in Hurley, NY?
  49. Who's going to Tri-State April 28th?
  50. SCHF- anyone going?
  51. Who's coming to Evergreen Custom Classic?
  52. SO CAL LIVE! 2008....would you come if??
  53. Tri State Live?
  54. Detroit Rock City Live!
  55. What do you guys think of limits at live shows?
  56. Live show documentation?
  57. What are your thoughts on...
  58. American Heartland!
  59. I should be packing!!!
  60. Minnesota Live
  61. MOMS - May 12th, 2007
  62. Muncy PA this weekend?
  63. Indian Nations Anyone?
  64. Live show guide?
  65. Outer Limit Cards
  66. Stonehenge show in Sacramento
  67. Normal judging procedure?
  68. Safely Hauling Ponies.....
  69. Sacramento Summer Live/Breyerwest Stone Show
  70. Anyone going to Sea to Bay in Chin. VA next weekend?
  71. Northwest Congress!
  72. Donations Needed!!
  73. What breed class would you show the Akhal-Teke in?
  74. Anyone getting ready for Detroit Rock City Live???
  75. Where do you buy the "horse corrals" for live shows?
  76. Where to show a Lipizzaner?
  77. Post your "wants" and "available" show services in this forum
  78. www.modelhorseshows.net
  79. River Valley Live; Hastings, MN.
  80. Is anyone going to Breyerfest AND NAN?
  81. Breyerwest Coming Up Fast!
  82. Finishing touches at live shows
  83. Collectors Class entry... a dilemma!
  84. Breed class Priorities
  85. Workmanship Class Priorities
  86. Providing collectibility information...
  87. CM Class question
  88. Bloomsburg PA This Weekend?
  89. OF showing? two of a kind together
  90. Who's going to be at NEMHC Summer Live this Sat?
  91. Upcoming MN/WI shows?
  92. Old Breyer Glossy Clydesdale Stallion?
  93. Beach Party Live?
  94. PA Championship Show?
  95. Are they having a Tri State Live show this fall?
  96. Is there ANYTHING in Middle Tennessee???
  97. Protocal at horse shows???
  98. Top Of Ohio Live?
  99. So Cal Live results... anyone have them?
  100. Michigan Model Madness
  101. Need Help Finding A Lost Model
  102. RXR - what's goin' on...
  103. Queen City Classic?
  104. Limiting out your class
  105. Any live shows coming up for Regions 5 or 6?
  106. Photos from Live shows
  107. Wanting to hold a Model Show - need ideas/help
  108. Who's going to be at Baystate Halter Live?
  109. Goin' For Gold - Live Show
  110. Region 9 Website
  111. Something to Chew On
  112. StoneHenge Shows: Chinas in Performance?
  113. Dog Shows Question...
  114. Breyer or Stone Arabian?
  115. Howelling Harvest Live?
  116. Region X Regionals! Who's Going?
  117. Best way to organize show results as they come in...
  118. Lynda S. is not a teaser!
  119. RXR - Carpooling and/or Room Sharing - Anyone?
  120. Best New Molds? (from OF tracking)
  121. Liberty class question.
  122. Live Show Fees
  123. Check out Queen City 2007 Live photos
  124. I think I bit off more than I can chew....
  125. World Clydesdale Show/Draft Model horse show
  126. I Need A Judge For My Live Show
  127. Bayouland Live 2007?
  128. Join us at the Model Horse Judging Forum!
  129. Anyone planning to come up for VT Live in Oct?
  130. Should I Ask to Judge?
  131. Interest for Live Show in San Diego?
  132. River Valley Live
  133. Rose City Live?
  134. Stone's Jubilee in Calif in Oct
  135. Who's going to Southcoast Live?!!!!
  136. Region X shows?
  137. Interest in a South Florida based Live Show?
  138. Rosettes, are they a big deal to live showers?
  139. Top of Ohio Live Show Report! :D
  140. Michigan Model Madness or Halloween Hoedown?
  141. Who's going to Halloween Hoedown?
  142. Who's going to the AAQHC show in Columbus?
  143. A show right down the road from me?!
  144. Whose attending NEPC??
  145. Magnolia Live - To Show or Not to Show
  146. Mid Ark Model Horse Expo?
  147. Vermont Live are you ready?
  148. PA Champ Show~WOOOHOOO!
  149. Website for MOMS?
  150. Class List Question - Spanish Breeds
  151. Waaah, all dressed up and no place to go!
  152. Region X Tag Manager
  155. Space requirements for live shows
  156. Anyone going to Crystal Creek Riders show in WI on 10-27?
  157. Live Show drought!! It's KILLING me!
  158. Horse Names...
  159. Michigan Model Madness
  160. Fall Fiesta!
  161. Region Xers! Upcoming shows?
  162. Judging Prerequisites
  163. Maximum size for Dioramas?
  164. Question on Live Show Sales
  165. Proxy Raffle vs Proxy Silent Auction
  166. Sort of Spinoff:Question on NAN Qualifying models that shouldn't have
  167. Kentucky
  168. Who is going to TriState in Ohio?
  169. Who's going to Peach State Live?
  170. Flash, Palouse or Strapless for English performance?
  171. Looking for a guest artist judge for Show For the Cure Live
  172. Mini Resin Classlists - splitting prolific resins out?
  173. Region X Regionals Video
  174. YOUR SHOW STR!NG...
  175. Can a NAN champion show at NAN again?
  176. Finally, here are my pix from RXR 2007
  177. what class to show these in?
  178. Tentative class list... input
  179. Ribbon Colors - Traditional or Seasonal/Fun Theme?
  180. Roomie wanted for Ozark/Heartland!
  181. Help for a beginner from Indiana showers?
  182. Question about live showing....
  183. RESS Challenges!
  184. Info about Stone Age Live show in KY this July...
  185. Info wanted for the Buffalo Spring Thaw show please!
  186. MAR
  187. Medallion Classes?
  188. Any show's in Ohio?
  189. 2008 Nor'Easter Live??
  190. Naughty doggies....
  191. Midwest Show Schedules?
  192. Question about live showing????
  193. New Stone Show Rules
  194. Donations Needed for MAR 2008!!!
  195. Hesitant to live show...need some blabber support
  196. ribbons?
  197. Need help planning IN live show...
  198. Seeking Judges for April 12 Live Show
  199. Announcing the 2008 PACH!!!!
  200. Sea to Bay Show 2/16?
  201. GLC Live is back!!
  202. Judging advice....Alison Ural-Crosby
  203. Suffolk Punch halter showing Qs
  204. The Great Costume Divide - suggestions for spliting costume entries
  205. Showing Central to become top forum for several show forums
  206. Live Show Alley will move under Showing Central
  207. Photo Show Central will move under Showing Central
  208. Show Reports will move under Showing Central
  209. Need advice....
  210. A few good judges needed
  211. Live Show Raffle Dontations?
  212. Tri State Live, anyone?
  213. Wanted - Photos for Blab Judging Clinics
  214. Attention showholders!
  215. 1st Online Judging Clinic! OF Breyer TB's:
  216. 2nd Online Judging Clinic: CM/AR Ponies:
  217. Online Judging Clinic: CM/AR Warmbloods
  218. Any Ohio people want to go on a road trip?
  219. Crystal Creek Riders Show March 15th?
  220. Reasonable entry fee?
  221. Get Tri State live to add a CUSTOM DECO CLASS next year!
  222. Off to M.A.R.
  223. Best way to transport Chinas to shows?
  224. When do you pack for a live show?
  225. What goes on a collectiblity card?
  226. Show curtain backgrounds for champ photos
  227. SHOW-ME STATE LIVE-- Joplin, MO Show
  228. Who's going to NMHE in NH?
  229. Question about buying/selling at live shows?
  230. BreyerWest, anyone?
  231. Collectibility...
  233. Live shows before NAN?
  234. Breyer Fun Day Shows
  235. Live show question
  236. Trojan Horse Show in NJ ~ Who's going?
  237. How to make your own ribbons?
  238. SUB-FORUM CHANGES in Showing Central
  239. I need a victim...er...volunteer!
  240. Looking for Liveshow Donations
  241. Where are you staying for CRCL?
  242. Question for Live showers
  243. American Heartland Live!
  244. So totally flattered!!
  245. Anyone going to Detroit Rock City?
  246. GLC reports/photos??
  247. *sigh* I love showing...
  248. VT Live
  249. Proxy Showing Questions
  250. Isn't there a show in Tomball, TX?