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  1. Question: BreyerWEST Live Show Entries
  2. Possible May 15th Fun Show in Ohio
  3. Using artificial light to show off a model in a class?
  5. Question: on Stone Horse Collectibility
  6. Region 1 All performance/wkmnshp show April 30/May 1st
  7. Who's going to Heart Of Carolina live?
  8. Question about showing Christmas horse in collectability...
  9. Wanted: Live Show near a Southwest airport before October
  10. Info: Going to the Stone Horses Country Fair show?
  11. Question regarding show holders
  12. Quabbin Valley - tomorrow!
  13. fantasy show question?
  14. 2ND show and I am thrilled
  15. What classes do you do at live shows the most???
  16. Question: What Info Do I need on a card when showing a OOAK or Limited Run
  17. Questions about crosses....
  18. Would need some tips... Barrel Racing Set-Up
  19. Spokane Model Horse Show Live - Anyone going???
  20. The new number thing for tags at shows ? ? ?
  21. Advice for first time showers? What are your tips?
  22. Who's going to CT River Classic?!?!
  23. Anyone going to GLC show in Huntley on May 22?
  24. Pinto World Show?
  25. Do you show Schleich horses in Halter?
  26. Live shows - do you prefer to show a lot of models, or a smaller string?
  27. How do you organize you NAN/Regionals cards?
  28. NEMHC in Spencer, MA-- Roll Call!
  29. Teeter Tooters
  30. Northwest Congress, Washington?
  31. Anyone have pictures from BreyerWest they'd like to share?
  32. IMG: Beach Party Live - Had a Blast, came home with lots of pretty new horses!
  33. Do Susescion and LeFire show well at all?
  34. Shows in So. CA? how much would it be?????
  35. BYO Performance Show
  36. Do etchies win at shows?
  37. Pole bending class setup?
  38. Proxy Wanted for Meows & Minis
  39. What makes a good photo show photo?
  40. Having Someone Show Horses or Tack For You Question.
  41. Is anyone showing at the Stone show EQ?
  42. Question: Collector's Class Stand
  43. Fun Class Ideas!?
  44. Having Trouble With Assigning Breeds
  45. What SM's show well?
  46. MSOTY (very special thank you!)
  47. Class Assignment
  48. Red Dirt Roundup accepting Entries.
  49. Shows in the northwest this fall?
  50. Do you care about ribbons?
  51. NEFL Needs one more judge!
  52. Any MN shows this fall?
  53. Stone Resins: Customs or AR's?
  54. Show Question pertaining to the Winnner's Choice Thoroughbred
  55. Is this the sign of overexcitement? :)
  56. Question: Region X-Is there room for another show??
  57. Question: Showing OF Resins
  58. Any of the NJ Region 9 shows this fall?
  59. Looking for Region X travel buddy
  60. Looking at an All-Collectability Show in RI (Region X)
  61. Region 10 tagging system
  62. Model Horse Shoes
  63. NAN'Q Cards
  64. Tri Cities Fall Classic Live Oct. 16th
  65. Equilocity Question
  66. Anyone going to South Jersey Classic Model Horse Show in Nov?
  67. Question about documentation
  68. Info: Nothin' But NAN Cards Jan 8th, 2011!!
  69. Medallion Classes at Live Shows
  70. Ontario Live Show/Get-together
  71. Tri State Live - anyone going?
  72. So what does it take..
  73. First live show. Where should I put these?
  74. Show Awards
  75. Need stuff for raffles/door prizes?
  76. Question: MODEL HORSE SHOWS?????
  77. Horse Reference Website
  78. Question: Where to find UK shows?
  79. Nothin' But NAN Cards APRIL 9, 2011
  80. WEG SRs
  81. Writing Cards vs Printing Cards
  82. The Big O Live ∙ Omaha, NE
  83. Question: Do smudges and shiny marks make any difference?
  84. NAN and NAMHSA Clip Art
  85. Is this a good topic?
  86. Preparing for Shows?
  87. Eureka Live 2011 - questions
  88. Show Card Question.
  89. Question: The Big O Live 2011
  90. Stock Options
  91. Question: Customized Artist Resin where to put it?
  92. How do I know if a show is a novice or top LSQ show?
  93. What classes do you like at a show?
  94. Question: Judges: How did you start? What was your first show?
  95. Info: Cajun Country Live 2011
  96. Using Proxy Showers
  97. Showing Horses with Brands on them
  98. Equilocity Qustion
  99. Who's going to Jump Into Spring Live?
  100. Question: Photo Show "Unsaid Rules" ??
  101. OF classes for all?
  102. Lone Star Live
  103. S'Justadream
  104. Fantastic Plastic Classic
  105. workshops what would you like to see
  106. Live Show Classes - OF Plastic vs. CM Plastic vs. Factory CM Plastic
  107. signed models in OF Halter
  108. Showing Advice Needed!
  109. Packing for a live show?
  110. First Live Show? :/
  111. New article on how to proxy show model horses
  112. North Ridge Riders Model Horse Show
  113. Last Minute Show Help Please!
  114. Who's going to MAR?
  115. Colorado Live Shows?
  116. Anyone here going to the Southwest PA Classic in April?
  117. Northwest Expo anyone?
  118. Any One in PA willing to help a New Shower?
  119. So I'm going to Model Horse Mania...
  120. Being 'in vogue' in the live circuit....comments?
  121. Question: Examples of Color Documentation Cards for Live Shows?
  122. Saddle up for spring is a week away!
  123. Jump Into Spring Live Pictures
  124. Showing Arab models question
  125. Showing Question
  126. Packing horses for a show
  127. Woohoo! Yay! Yippee! LIVE SHOW!
  128. MHM 2011 Roll Call!
  129. GS Cookies @ Reg X Equine Xtravaganza
  130. Looking for Floor Space
  131. Who else is excited? RXEX!
  132. Who's going to Plastic Ponies on Parade?
  133. Spanish Mustang- HELP!
  134. Regular Run Collectibility
  135. A Cool Idea...
  136. Big Orange Bash
  137. Jellibaby's Age?
  138. Just what is Collectibility judged on?huh
  139. Question: How many on your roster?
  140. 4 leaf clover show
  141. Financial burden of live showing?
  142. Photo Reference for "Shining N Sassy"???
  143. Great Lakes Congress No Frills Show
  144. Lilac City Live
  145. Newbie needs some help with breed assignments
  146. Arizona Live photos
  147. Breyer lakota pony- Decorator or?
  148. How to show a PS Chips Mule...in Palomino?
  149. Question: Guide for a Model Horse Show Newbie?
  150. I have gone insane and want to hold a model horse show.
  151. Factory Ponies Live/New England Model Horse Club Live/China Buffet--who's going?
  152. Sending out show donation requests? How do I?
  153. Anyone going to Wine Country Classic next weekend in Tri-Cities, WA?
  154. Model Horses Anonymous Live returning for 2012
  155. NEMHC Summer Live-Spencer, MA June 11, 2011
  156. Class Help
  157. Places to photo show?
  158. Not making it to Big Orange Bash
  159. is there a difference?
  160. Looking for info on Fraley benefit show....
  161. Photo Showing Public Service Announcement
  162. Big Orange Bash (BOB) 2011
  163. Hosting a NAN Show?
  164. After the Fact....?
  165. Noob question on who to show as a morgan?
  166. Help With A Live Show
  167. Stone Age Live!
  168. How do you pack your horses?
  169. Question: Packing Help Needed!
  170. Wee Ones Live - Sunday September 18, 2011 INFO COMING SOON!
  171. Survey re: Judging Customs
  172. Upcoming shows?
  173. The Planning of a Toronto Show
  174. Curious about collectibility class
  175. Next Texas Model Show?
  176. Is anyone going to Summer Excitement in OKC?
  177. Upcoming Live Shows with Medallion Class?
  178. Any other blabbers going to Empire State Live in New York?
  179. Model Horses Anon Live 4 Looking for Judges
  180. Summer Break Live Novice Show
  181. What exactly does NOVICE mean?
  182. Breed Assignment Question
  183. Swaps breed?
  184. Question: Intermediarie and Interspot Live
  185. Baystate anyone?
  186. Baystate Halter Live!
  187. Baystate Halter Live Photos
  188. Question: Looking for a portable storage box for NAN cards
  189. THE REGION X CHAMPIONSHIPS (aka TRXC, just say "Trixie")
  190. How do you define a successful live show?
  191. Any one going to the Napa Valley Mustang Days?
  192. Who is going to Rose City Live?
  193. Live show etiquette question
  194. September 24 show in Nicholasville?
  195. How to find shows?
  196. RIMHS this weekend??
  197. Help please? (:
  198. Glossies in Performance?
  199. Region X tag question
  200. Peach State Live?
  201. TRXC-- Who's Going?
  202. First Model Show Ever!!!
  203. Anyone going to Showplace Spectacular Model Horse Show in Novi, MI?
  204. How many and what kind of calfs do I need
  205. Spring 2012 Michigan/Midwest Shows?
  206. Question: Wanted: Medallion Proxy for Northwest Congress?
  207. NW Congress?
  208. Question: Live shows in Illinois in Dec/Jan?
  209. Novi Michigan model horse show
  210. Question: Showing Large Traditional resins
  211. Collectibility Documentation WRT Artists - Your Thoughts?
  212. Anyone going to Mid Ark Model Horse Show on Nov. 19?
  213. Are you going to the Midwinter's Night Ball?
  214. Belgian Mare in Showmanship
  215. ROLL CALL! Red Dirt Roundup!
  216. XC jumps
  217. Foldable cart to transport totes
  218. Model Names and NAN
  219. Anyone going to Mid Ark Model Horse Expo?
  220. What do you transport your horses in?
  221. Showing realilistic models in breed classes that are keychains?
  222. Crystal Creek Riders Double Judged All Halter Show 11/19/11
  223. "Too Many" Considered 'Rude'?
  224. Beginners' Live Show Guide
  225. Help Requested Picking Breeds & Classes :)
  226. Breed Placings?
  227. Question: Showing a horse in more then one class allowed? Frowned upon?
  228. showers & judges - halo effect for new releases?
  229. QUESTION about the Showing Central forum
  230. Double judging - newb question
  231. Hypothetical Show Question - Hosting
  232. Are some Breyer models just not showable?
  233. Opinions? How Young is Too Young to Compete, in General?
  234. Question: Question about judges?
  235. Eureka Live 2012: anyone going?
  236. Any Ohio Shows Coming Up?
  237. Looking For NY Live Shows
  238. Who is going to Utterly Horses' Hullabaloo?
  239. Lone Star Live Roll Call!
  240. Who's Going to Color Crazy/Random Mini Show/NE Model Dig Show in March? (MA)
  241. Showing Schleichs?
  242. What would you do...
  243. Panhandle Live - anyone going?
  244. Top 10 things for newbie showers
  245. Saddlebred Weanling
  246. First Live Show
  247. Who's going to...
  248. Documentation question: Using real horse names?
  249. Examples of your documentation cards
  250. Showing under a judge....