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  1. Who would be interested in a Huntsville AL model show?
  2. Imagine photo showing being on this level of awesome
  3. Showing "big lick" models
  4. Has anyone ever split a show between venues
  5. How early do YOU pack for shows?
  6. Can Original Sculptures be shown?
  7. Are you attending the Big Easy Bash?
  8. Live Show Help
  9. Going to NAN?
  10. Questions on showing vintage
  11. Most and Least Competitive Classes/Divisions?
  12. Mardi Gras Madness show at the Breyer Big Easy Bash
  13. You Opinion of LSQ?
  14. Live Shows Near OC
  15. Your Region?
  16. Entrant Number Question
  17. FLORIDIANS! Can anyone proxy for me at CGC?
  18. What do you consider a 'qualified' judge? What do you consider 'unqualified'?
  19. Proxy Question- Region 6- Florida
  20. Fun things you've heard at shows from judges
  21. Ribbons! Paper vs. Silk, Placing to 6th vs. 10th, etc.
  22. "Alternative" awards ideas (spin off from the ribbons thread)
  23. Great Lakes Congress (GLC) 2014 Show Dates
  24. Compensating Judges
  25. Invest in a Portable PA System?
  26. Question about showing pearly and chalky models
  27. Showing Customs in Artist Resin?
  28. Show us your live show winners!
  29. Carolina Gold Classic
  30. Can I show an unpainted Breyer??
  31. Just a random thought..Medallion Classes?
  32. Newbie to Live Showing
  33. Trail Questions
  34. How would you handle...
  35. Going to my first show (four leaf clover live show 2)
  36. Carolina Gold this weekend! Anyone gonna be in Friday?
  37. Live Showers: What do you wish showholders knew?
  38. Live Showholders: What do you wish showers knew?
  39. Anyone going to MAR?
  40. Call backs for champs
  41. Stone Artist Proof model and collectability class
  42. showing question
  43. Roll call: NW Expo
  44. question about a vintage and showing
  45. How are models physically judged in the show ring?
  46. Feeling on halters in the breed classes??
  47. Anyone have Photos from MAR 2014?
  48. How do you clean your show models to "NAN card standard"?
  49. Anybody keep show horse records?
  50. First Time Live Showing and I need some help!
  51. Breed Assignment Help
  52. 4-H Model Horse shows
  53. Looking for info about breyerfest collectibility class
  54. Viva La Mini 2014?
  55. New shower with breed questions
  56. Special Run Questions (WG and Huck)
  57. Could this guy be show as ...
  58. April 26, 2014 Live Shows
  59. Judging Clinic report with pictures.. :)
  60. New England Novice Extravaganza- June 7th, 2014- Novice/Intermediate- Spencer, MA
  61. Attention Region 9 Showers! Need your suggestions!
  62. Photos from the Animal Artistry Live Show 2014 ...
  63. Glossies...Any Special Show Preparation?
  64. Bases For Weather Girls?
  65. Getting In The Region X Championships?
  66. Judging confirmation. Is it different for different breeds?
  67. Treaty City Live - Region 7 - NAN qualifier
  68. Newbie at Big Orange Bash!
  69. Anyone Make Bases For These?
  70. Show Stands for Horses?
  71. New England Novice Extravaganza was a success!
  72. Crosspost: Where To Get Sticky Wax?
  73. Open Show tips
  74. CM Judging: Mold or Finishwork - Who Gets First?
  75. Deco Documentation
  76. Documentation for hand-painted hooves Breezing Dixie?
  77. Excel Sheets and Show Binders
  78. Question: Documentation for Registered Crosses?
  79. Breed Reference Books?
  80. Toronto Live 2015 - Almost sold out - Looking for wonderful donations for the raffles
  81. Classy Chassis Live - Knoxville, TN
  82. Judging Breyer After Market Products Lamps/Lights/Clocks
  83. Springamathing - Ribbons and Certificates from Stone Horses
  84. Entered my first live show...
  85. Light Box Bases For Translucents?
  86. Read This If You Show
  87. "Showing" Side On A Model?
  88. Packing Porcelains?
  89. I heard it but I don't believe it!
  90. Utterly Horses Hullabaloo 2014 ...
  91. How Do You Pack?
  92. Mirrors & using them in live halter showing
  93. Is This Permitted?
  94. BOW Andy? Where does he go?
  95. Show String Size
  96. Class Selection Question
  97. What is Proxie?
  98. China question
  99. Showholders: What do you pay to rent the show hall?
  100. Class Selection for a yearling PS Ara-Appaloosa
  101. Do Gypsy Vanners go Into British Drafts, or Other Drafts?
  102. What's the deal with decos and fantasy?
  103. Open show or the Novice/ Intermediate show?
  104. Vermont Live show for novices & intermediates
  105. Utterly Horses Hullabaloo 2014 - * PHOTOS*
  106. Timeline & How to Hold a Show by fieldofdolls!! (retro repost!) :)
  107. Collectability Documentation?
  108. Guys Farm & Yard Show 2014 Pictures
  109. Showing British Native Breeds in the US
  110. Region X Regionals!~~~
  111. Seeking some info on 4H shows
  112. Performance pics from TRXC - please?
  113. Proxy Showing Help?
  114. Shows in Colorado?
  115. Problems With IMEHA Photo Shows
  116. National Model Horse Awards?
  117. Collectibility Help
  118. Any Region X Folks Attending Manchester Model Madness?
  119. How would you judge this?
  120. Question: FPC #12
  121. Proxy Showing: Hints, Tips and Advice Sought.
  122. Shows in the Midwest
  123. First Time Model Horse Showing - Seeking Guidance
  124. Manchester Model Madness
  125. Organizing
  126. Lionesse: Breed or "other Unrealistic"?
  127. OF Halter help needed for Newbie
  128. Classics Scale in Shows?
  129. Judging bobble-head dolls in Perf?
  130. Molds that are suddenly showable again [snark]
  131. Canadians/Nearby Americans! Interest in a Manitoba Live Show?
  132. Welsh Cob in Sport Class
  133. Need help locating live shows
  134. Classlist/Judging/Entry Rules - Stone division in this day & age - thoughts ???
  135. Live Show Waterford Michigan 06/13/15
  136. Classlist Q - do you show ponies in Sport, Stock, Draft div by pony type - or not?
  137. Indian Nations Live-- Oklahoma
  138. I need your photos!
  139. The Neglected Favorite
  140. Proxy Showing
  141. What details make a horse LSQ? (and more questions.)
  142. How to document a brand?
  143. Blazing Saddles Live ***Pics***
  144. Collector's Classes
  145. Lake District Live pics & newbies!
  146. Judging-How Do You Know When You Are Ready?
  147. Scandinavian Cold Blood Trotter...
  148. Anyone Else Going to the Southern Model Horse Con Live Show in GA?
  149. Moving to a New Region and Looking for Shows!
  150. Judging Breyer Collectability - thoughts on Kristen's blog post?
  151. Judging gaited classes
  152. Vermont Live - Novice & Intermediate show - Oct. 26th
  153. Julip Live 2015!
  154. Fantasy division question
  155. Any Live Shows Before Xmas looking for donations?
  156. Lemmonade Live 2016 (TX) Entries are open!
  157. Would you rather show at a 2-day or a 1-day show?
  158. Breed Documentation Help and General Show Questions
  159. Funny question but....
  160. Prepping for a live show - halter and performance
  161. Any currently active online photo shows?
  162. Proxy Showers??
  163. How Do You Come Up With Your Show Names?
  164. Creative live show prizes
  165. New $100 Cash Incentive Program for Resin Showers - "Resin Futurity"
  166. Collectibility Showing?
  167. Showing without a COA?
  168. Show me your Live Show Reference Sheets! Halter and Performance
  169. Has anyone shown Orion?
  170. Ethics regarding upgrades- in regards to showing
  171. Proxy-to-own plan - anyone else done this?
  172. Help a newbie with class descriptions?
  173. brain fart moment what class does Marwari go in?
  174. Anything in Alaska?
  175. Help with what breeds go where!
  176. Some questions about live showing
  177. How to Get Involved with Live Showing?
  178. What in the world shows well as a mini Breyer Draft type foal?
  179. Breed Placement
  180. Lake District Live 2016 report!
  181. Question: Guidelines for Proxy Showing?
  182. Question about American Saddlebred Yearling
  183. Novice Vs. Open Divisions?
  184. How do you choose your show string?
  185. Any Report on "A Good Vintage Live"?
  186. Argentine Polo Pony vs. TB X Criollo
  187. Question: Can you show an OF model with a custom base?
  188. Showing Stablemates
  189. Spirit Horse Live 2016
  190. Live Shows in Minnesota?
  191. I don't know where to post looking for roommates for chesapeake event
  192. Do you show your Copperfox Welsh Cobs as ponies?
  193. Questions about showing Stones
  194. When Buying OF Breyers to Show: How Picky Should I Be?
  195. CCR Fall Show in Randolph - who's going?
  196. Going to Congress, Columbus, OH and Halloween Show in Saline, MI!
  197. The Importance of Horse Show Names?
  198. Stablemate collectibility?
  199. More newbie questions
  200. Did You Contact Me About a Show Donation For Your UK Show??
  201. most correct arabian resin how would you jugde these arabians
  202. How to you stop your show string from experiencing the domino effect?
  203. Showing Your Non-Pegasus/Unicorn Fantasy...
  204. Question: How do you store NAN cards/ribbons/etc.?
  205. Upcoming shows share thread
  206. What You Wish You Had Known Before Your First Live Show
  207. NorthStar Live 2017, call for judges
  208. Breyer Fun Day
  209. To keep or not to keep (previous show names)?
  210. Catch-all posting board for novice/fun/non-NAN shows?
  211. Documentation for CM Breyers
  212. How much do accessories matter for collectibility?
  213. Judging: ABC's vs Conformation - how would you place?
  214. Spin-off - Discussion of judging
  215. Question: To Canadians in the GTA..
  216. Copperfox Show Reports!
  217. Proxy showing ??
  218. Toronto Show Rosettes!
  219. Maureen Love Thoroughbreds -
  220. My first live show
  221. Showing Duplicate Molds
  222. Copperfox eastern exposition
  223. Potential Model Horse Show?
  224. Showing Minis (Stablemates)
  225. Planning for first live show - all help gratefully received.
  226. Changing OF names for live shows?
  227. Question: First Live Show: Documentation?
  228. Show help?
  229. Show help, what would you do?
  230. Question: What makes a 'judge'?
  231. First live show....help !!!
  232. General Question on Results
  233. Save The Rhinos Model Horse Show!!! Hilliard, OH Aug 26th
  234. Equilocity - July 14-16 - who is going?
  235. Lake District Live 2017 report!
  236. Accidental Conga:The Photo Album
  237. Inexperienced with live showing - what to expect?
  238. Show photos for presentation
  239. Which photo set up?
  240. Who is your best show horse?
  241. Arthur Breed?
  242. A Few Questions for Live Show Hosts
  243. Lake District Julip Live 2018 Show Report!
  244. HELP! Quarter Horse Congress
  245. Photos from Prince Fluffy Live 2018 ( UK )
  246. It's happened again...NAN cards rescinded from a show
  247. Julip Live 2018 - photos and blog post!
  248. Photo Showing question
  249. Sleigh Rally 2019 - who's going?
  250. Region 9 shows??