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  1. Fun pics of Galena & Indian Fire
  2. photoshop Elnathan V1
  3. Thoroughbred Yearling?
  4. IMG: New Plaque from Carolyn Boydston/Kitty Cantrell
  5. Shakanah part II
  6. Help with color for Jezebel
  7. Very Little One
  8. Does anyone know more information about Jenn Reid's Resins?
  9. Love this picture
  10. Wadi'ah is here!
  11. IMG: New minis!
  12. Question: Eberl Iberian
  13. New Arabian!! "Wynd Walker", in progress, by Kitty Cantrell
  14. WHY!
  15. TR and SM Andalusian Resins?
  16. Rompadeux by Lynn Fraley
  17. yay! Got an Oliver!
  18. Who's books are open?
  19. post pics of your SMB Olivers!
  20. Donna Chaney/Animal Artistry revamped website!
  21. Medallions - horses with or without bridles?
  22. question for "nitro" fans
  23. Freakin' NIGHTmare
  24. Value for blank Dafydd
  25. Waiting...waiting...waiting...
  26. OMG OMG OMG!! Elsie and Oliver are....
  27. Stormwatch
  28. Let's see your Sedonas!
  29. IMG: I <3 This Medallion from Morgen
  30. Show Results
  31. IMG: Silver Bay Mini Scarlett Completed!
  32. IMG: Victrix by Hilary Schwafel! :-D
  33. Tom Bainbridge
  34. Uh Oh... =]
  35. IMG: IMG Wanted of your Walters!
  36. Estepona finished.
  37. I think I may Have a Problem
  38. Ok... it's been too long since I posted any new photos *IMG intense*
  39. Eberl Cobra Mares
  40. Bram'll Indigo Beau
  41. Morgen's Medallions!
  42. What mold is this?
  43. Equine Resin Directory
  44. Muscat
  45. Getting closer to owning him!
  46. Soooo....I think I stole him....
  47. HALP! Stuart lost my camera charger!
  48. IMG: Dallas Resins by Swink.. Anyone else have one?
  49. IMG: Elnathan v2 as Dushara
  50. Shrinky vs Mini?
  51. Fabio
  52. Tee-Nah and Iko
  53. My Willoughby by Kate Schick is finished! Names? *IMG INT*
  54. Getting a Grail painted by an Awesome artist!
  55. Maajib Resin?
  56. IMG: Customized Stormwatch FINISHED! [IMG INTENSE]
  57. Resins finished by Tom Bainbridge - let's see yours!
  58. Resins by Amanda Dionne
  59. IMG: Mel Miller rocks! Check out my new Dozen Roses
  60. IMG: Vincenzo show him!!
  61. New Photoshoot(s)!
  62. Ultimate Star revamped by Kate Schick
  63. Oberon resin question
  64. Scarlett
  65. Boise Bound
  66. Finished Darlings anyone?
  67. IMG: My Rose Reiner
  68. Anybody have a Cooper to show off?
  69. Kottilian resin - I want to know more!
  70. Wandering into the world of non-minis...*gulp*
  71. Willoughby resin painted by Dani Schacht
  72. Palouse in Resin?
  73. Who is this resin pony SM?
  74. Pipsqueak is released!
  75. Repairing an old Eberl suffering from deterioration?
  76. I want to see SMUT!
  77. Major rework of Fantasia
  78. First peek at the pony girls WIP
  79. HELP! PRIMER peeling off resin?
  80. Rayvin Brewer "Teddy" Resin Medallion
  81. IMG: Spent the day painting - Bitty Bosco and Sawin pony medallion
  82. IMG: MH Hostage Situation!
  83. Eberl Cindi and Very Little one
  84. Who is this adorable baby?
  85. So happy :)
  86. Look what I just bought :-)
  87. Josine Vingerling's Faran
  88. Arab Resin Help - I fail at life, evidently...
  89. I love to see everyone's red chestnut models!
  90. Halim Cyril arrived today!
  91. Who Is Your Favorite CURRENT Resin?
  92. Lets See Your...
  93. WOW! McDermott's Bint Soraya is GORGEOUS!
  94. found a pic of my grail
  95. Oliver colors
  96. New TWH resin by Deborah McDermott!
  97. Price check please....Shah Azim unpainted?
  98. Artist Resins?
  99. AA Resins question?
  100. Let's see your pieces by Liz Shaw!
  101. Oh to own a Deborah McDermott piece.....
  102. Price check on Sahaj resin
  103. Mini/Pony foals?
  104. Show Me Your...
  105. Pretty Arab or Part Arab color suggestions?
  106. Question: Is anyone making larger scale resins, as in 1:4 or 1:5?
  107. Color suggestion for Lonestar?
  108. IMG: I want to see your ELSIES and OLIVERS!
  109. The new Maj...
  110. Iko and Tee Nah available!
  111. Rose Carousel horse....?
  112. My Flying Free is finished!
  113. More ID Help Needed
  114. Price check: Lirico
  115. Color ideas for Rose Reiner??
  116. IMG: Silver Appy Netzky (Netsky??)
  117. Dante conga and need color suggestions!
  118. Color suggestions for Gomez?
  119. Shakanah is getting ready to come home!
  120. Smokin' Hot Chic's Braids
  121. Cm Duffy resin
  122. Oliver is done
  123. Filler for Resin
  124. Resin foals who best represent their breed/type?
  126. How long to get resins from Stone?
  127. I think I finally need to upgrade!!
  128. IMG: Silent night.....Starry Night......
  129. Question: Oliver, what color should I redo him in
  130. New Arabian "Windwalker" by Kitty Cantrell, almost finished! :)
  131. Serendipity by Kim Shepherd
  132. IMG: Some Newly Finished Pieces!
  133. who IS that new face in Liz Shaw's avatar!
  134. 2011 Unpainted Resin Shopping List
  135. Average Price for Unpainted Sharif?
  136. Question: How long is too long?
  137. Resin scale comparison thread
  138. Mystery model revealed :D .....
  139. Who Painted Me?
  140. Boise just completed
  141. Hawkeye
  142. Sheza Carnival!
  143. Colour for Cadence?
  144. Thoughts on Legacy?
  145. Unprepped painted Eberl
  146. Info: ID this little Arab Cutie
  147. Color for Bint Soroya????
  148. Help Needed... quickly...
  149. Names of 4 Cobra Mares
  150. What does Lotte look like to you?
  151. Anyone know if Tess (Eberl) is sold out?
  152. Nitro
  153. (Mini) Sayyed al Hawah?
  154. My Gorgeous Estella!
  155. IMG: Gypsy Scarlet Finished!!!
  156. Show Me Your SM Scale Draft Resins
  157. Show me your Chickory resins and chinas!
  158. REARING resins! Let's see 'em!!!
  159. Improved Working Girl img++
  160. Show Me Yer Jellibaby!
  161. Stone Stablemate Resins
  162. Call Me Ringo
  163. Windwalker, New pic's! (almost finished!), off to MVS this week! :)
  164. Resin ID help
  165. Achilles by Speiser
  166. TB resins
  167. Treasure!
  168. Estepona
  169. Going price on Unpainted Philippo?
  170. My First CM by Faye!
  171. Ever find...
  172. WOW, Faran!
  173. Advice on a resin purchase: Spago
  174. First pieces finished for 2011! {IMG INT}
  175. Brioso - size?
  176. Mystery substance on older resin
  177. I want to see finished Punjabis
  178. Older Eberl Resin : time for new paint during repair?
  179. What Would You Do - Eberl Replay v. Fraley Campaneo
  180. Aerosmith by Stacey Tumlinson
  181. Solid Cast Resins
  182. IMG: Von Hamilton Finished!
  183. Acquired RESIN holy grails!
  184. Medallion Name?
  185. Show me your Netzky's!!
  186. IMG: Let's see your Williams Thoroughbreds! (Valor, Vixtrix, Venator!)
  187. Fraley "Rompadeux" Resin
  188. Ima Sharpe Cutter
  189. What are YOUR Most Wanted Resin Grails for 2011?
  190. Not Horses, but Resins
  191. Let's See Your Tangos!!!!
  192. Personal Question to Sculptors and Casters
  193. Need help deciding: Floating Trot Lipizzaner, which to buy...
  194. New to the Herd: Iaret by Danelle Gatcombe!
  195. IMG: More Commissions: Mindy, Vixen, Whiplash & Yesteryear!
  196. Sheza Dreamer ( Sheza )
  197. Memphis Belle, (lots of pics)
  198. Need Warchant color help
  199. Getting my first resin!!!
  200. Question: Question os Eberl Vincenzo
  201. Looking for Mane and Color Suggestions for Jake!
  202. Question: Resin Casters/Alternate Materials?
  203. Equine Resin Directory
  204. Resins to plastics... Opinions?
  205. Issue prices of new classic scale resins?
  206. Resin Snot???
  207. Rose "Reiner" - Let's see the finished products!
  208. Digitally painted Halim Cyril
  209. Ravishing Ronald
  210. "Wild" Resin Medallion by Jennifer Read
  211. Pixies; show them off!
  212. Question: Are there any other Jellibaby lovers out there?
  213. Question: Can anybody identify this poor boy?
  214. Show me your Imps!!
  215. Lets see your indys :D
  216. Mail Call
  217. Tentative truce...for now
  218. Vincenzo Request - Anyone interested?
  219. Anyone have an unpainted VON HAMILTON?
  220. Question: How much does Nazeem go for these days?
  221. Good traditional size TB?
  222. o.O
  223. Deb McDermott Hanoverian resin
  224. Checking value
  225. So what Resin makes the best Lipizzaner?
  226. Anyone have HA Appollo?
  227. Sizes on Otto and Brownie?
  228. Bailador
  229. Let us celebrate the inspiring talents of Lynn Fraley!
  230. So, who's ordered a Dainty Darcy?
  231. Painted Halim Cyril by Shannon Mayfield!
  232. It's about time... we had a new DONKEY RESIN released!!!
  233. Ahzam Arabian by Eberl
  234. Show Off your Caroline Boydston Horses
  235. Angry Pony Mare
  236. check out this cm eberl - not mine
  237. Boise Bound
  238. Kitty resins!!! Let's see 'em!
  239. OUCH! The Resin Bug Bit Me!
  240. Question: Price Check Please HA Akhal Teke Resin and Euro
  241. Artist for Reiner?
  242. Price check: Eberls
  243. Anyone own finish work by Deborah McDermott?
  244. Info: Copying Resins as CMs
  245. Aaaagh! Flaking paint on a resin!
  246. Opinions needed: Does this Jasper need a new paint job?
  247. HELP! Broken Tail!!!!!!
  248. Stacey Tumlinson's New Horse
  249. No sales or wanted ads/posts in this forum
  250. Drafter Question.