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  1. show brag for a friend:)
  2. CM Eberl Schwarzwalder by Stacey Tumlinson
  3. How can I convince . . .
  4. My Halim Cyril Painted by Dani Schacht
  5. Question: POLL: Unpainted or Painted Resin
  6. I just HAVE to share :)
  7. My Beautiful Kottilian!
  8. Rose Reiner revisited, need help
  9. IMG: Bug and Squeak! [img++]
  10. Question About Jellibaby
  11. Does Anyone Know Anything About This Guy?
  12. IMG: Super Nova's New 'Do
  13. IMG: Dafydd Finished
  14. Dani Schacht's latest WIP: My Padron
  15. Marilou's Matriarch!
  16. If you had 1 mini resin to conga...
  17. My newest Lirico
  18. Impavido
  19. minis & traditionals... together
  20. Info: Sarah Minkiewicz is the devil
  21. Haute Aire resin, any idea of value?
  22. Calling Mule lovers & Longear afficionados!!! POLL!
  23. IMG: Bay Independence Finished!
  24. IMG: New Enviado for Ann!
  25. IMG: Ballycor for Jackie!
  26. Meet Bioshock: Deco Stormwatch
  27. Blossum & Honey! Coming soon from Kitty Cantrell!
  28. *My* Rose Reiner - take 2!
  29. Deborah McDermott Resins
  30. Newest Sarah Rose Mini
  31. What a price!
  32. IMG: Working Girls
  33. show me your fabrizios
  34. Can someone tell me about Ursus Major?
  35. Question: Kitty Did It resin - need some measurements for tack!
  36. Rose Reiner Help!
  37. Kilbourn Little Man Mango Resin
  38. What are u/p Lonestars going for these days?
  39. Latifa/Latif
  40. Question: Spinoff - storing resins
  41. Question: My 1st Resin: Moody's Aristotle Mule
  42. Junot by Tina Lamport--photos?
  43. Five days old
  44. Question: Safe lighting to display your artist painted resins
  45. I would love to see your Muscat resins!
  46. Question: Safely removing oil paint from a resin
  47. My Faran is on its way, what color do you like
  48. Question: Wyatt Resin
  49. A couple finished...
  50. Newly done Kladruber
  51. This is interesting
  52. Rose Reiner and Oliver Photos
  53. Show me your POQUITOS!!!
  54. Custom Ikran
  55. I got a Indigo Beau, did you?
  56. Need Help Selecting a Resin
  57. Help ID'ing some SM scale resins?
  58. Question: Question about Matriarchs - solid cast v. hollow cast.
  59. Reiner airhole???
  60. Question: CMing resins w/ paintjobs
  61. Faran color
  62. Show Off Your Lord Of The Ring Resins
  63. YAY for Outdoor Photos - FINALLY!! IMG++++++
  64. Eberl Piroschka
  65. Question: Kittydidit - as big as Bell?
  66. Lttle Man Mango
  67. Unfilled stock horse niche
  68. Question: Stacey Tumlinson's Zahara
  69. Another work in progress by Dani Schacht
  70. My new resins by Sue Kern! IMG ++
  71. I've got a new online album
  72. Spinoff: Another stock horse poll for fun!
  73. Let's See Your Shezas!
  74. Dani Schacht does it again: Restored classic
  75. Value for U/P Koko?
  76. Dalpe Leggs
  77. Show me your Painted Olivers!
  78. Tango price check?
  79. Let's See Your Tessa-Gails!
  80. Yellowing resin?
  81. Updated conga pictures!
  82. Lady
  83. Sweet momma and filly by Jen IMG+++
  84. Good color for fabrizio?
  85. Inferno! How hot is he?!! :D
  86. Newly finished Sheza Carnival by Jayne Sabino
  87. Palomar Elite Question
  88. Dainty Darcy is here!
  89. Who is this resin and who painted it?
  90. COMPLETED CM ELNATHAN V1 for Customer :)
  91. Question: What color for VToo?
  92. Equine Resin Directory?
  93. Broken resin
  94. What's the average going price for a Sheza?
  95. Question on the old Moody Minuet resin
  96. Planting the seed: Resin Ideas?
  97. My Mindy is still...
  98. Superb 'new' Welsh resins!
  99. In Tears....Donna Chaney Pony and Jack Russell arrived
  100. Current Value of Stormwatch?
  101. IMG: Mini Haggis in Dapple Bay with Tons of Ermine Spots, Etc
  102. My Reiner! Giggidy!!
  103. Identify This Resin?
  104. Ready for a billion outdoor photos??? You've been WARNED (IMG++++++)!!!
  105. IMG: Piper, Scarlett by Sheila Anderson Bishop
  106. Boise: Yeah Dani !
  107. Appy color suggestions for Poquito?
  108. IMG: Kilimanjaro Resin
  109. Sahaj by Emilia Kurila
  110. Camero88lover is an inspiration!! (Image +++)
  111. Can anyone help identify this horse, and artist?
  112. Jolly Cache Advance
  113. IMG: A gaint foal
  114. Artist Choice #1 Saoirse w/CM base!
  115. I have a strange dislike for bases.
  116. Asad by L.K.Magga
  117. Who makes bases for those really action-ey resins?
  118. Let's see those Olivers!
  119. Ajmal by Debbi Lermond
  120. Too bad this is not a full horse resin!
  121. IMG: Before and After - gotta see this!
  122. I want to see your Valentinos!!!
  123. "Arc" resin foal?
  124. Info: Does anyone know how to get a hold of Jennifer Reid?
  125. Big Jake mule resin ...
  127. Soon
  128. Missing a year ago almost
  129. in progress mini arab
  130. New mule medallion by Liesl Dalpe
  131. Little Man Mango has arrived!!!
  132. Most addicting resin?
  133. Wintacular Windwalker...
  134. Tell me about Andalusian/Spanish type resins I might want to buy?!
  135. TO Hot Rod, finally I finished my BHR WPL.... IMG heavy
  136. Let's see those Shezas!
  137. Lifesize Resin Cats!
  138. Brownie Photo Spam!
  139. Stock horse resin out there that would work for huntseat/low level dressage?
  140. Legacy by Jenn Scott (Irwin)
  141. Little Lonestar! AWESOME!
  142. Carrying Cases Question?
  143. Absolute LONGEAR resin HEAVEN!!!
  144. Need Color Ideas for Kha-Moshun!
  145. Dani Schacht has been at it again!
  146. Papageno mouths anyone?
  147. Attn! Medallion Sculpters and Painters!
  148. best tool for medallions
  149. Who shod your resins?
  150. My first resins!!!!
  151. Unique breeds in resin poll
  152. Newest Outdoor Photoshoot! (IMG+++)
  153. IMG: Should I cast her? Standardbred Trotter
  154. Tinkerbell as European Gypsy Horse
  155. In Progress of Lorenz by Jenn Scott
  156. IMG: Resin Photos - Image Intensive
  157. Which color for dancing arabian resin Aegis?
  158. What is on this Depeche?
  159. Any North Light collectors?
  160. Breed For American Beauty
  161. Mister Shadow TB resin?
  162. Price for Stormwatch?
  163. Question: Who is this little resin/who scultped him?
  164. Call Me Ringo resin - how many are there/will there be?
  165. New Mcdermott resin
  166. Madoc? Who got one!?
  167. New Eberl: Inga!
  168. Artists, Do You Ever...
  169. In Progress Cm Saoirse
  170. Eberl price check
  171. Should I still cast him?
  172. Question: Who do you use/recommend for prepping?
  173. Resin help
  174. Roan Elsie finished!
  175. CM Crusher X Cindy Williams
  176. askewetu
  177. Opinions Please
  178. Now, this I want to see as a model.
  179. Poll, color for wee wyakin
  180. stock mare resin
  181. Adelaide
  182. Augh! Dropped A Resin :(
  183. Releasing a Resin Edition...
  184. My Flying Heart Fundraiser commission slot outcome
  185. Let's See Your Painted Little Lonestars!
  186. Where are the medallions?
  187. Sarah Rose Thoroughbred
  188. Question: Prepping Starlite Originals?
  189. The Babysitter - Mini TB resin
  190. Question: How do you feel about re-releasing of resins as a different version?
  191. Abe & Eli Medallion *In Hand*
  192. I commissioned Carol Huddleston - very excited!
  193. Info: Lynn's Sadie Shoofly
  194. A photo essay showing molding process from clay into resin..
  195. IMG: Speaking of Molly Pengra :) Persia and Bidjar
  196. Elmhurst Medallion in hand!!!!
  197. Callahan
  198. !@*(&@#$*....ANOTHER mini I want!
  199. Question: Has The Victrix shown?
  200. New Boise by Jackie Huey
  201. peek-a-boo
  202. Mr. Shadow and Callahan!
  203. What's your current resin grail?
  204. War Horse
  205. Info: What can I use for wobbly horses?
  206. Mink Jax Medallion Version #2
  207. IMG: Fraley Zyde-Go-Go as a Grullo Marsh Tacky (IMG Intensive)
  208. Mini Nitro?
  209. Resin and tack artist
  210. Mister Shadow in progress
  211. Fraley 'Pepe' Arabian
  212. Kitty is doing it again
  213. Meet Little Miss Papaya
  214. Spoilers! INGA
  215. Sushi - size?
  216. My FIRST artist resin purchase! -Excited new owner-
  217. Stone Chips resin Mustang By Kitty Cantrell
  218. Turnin Harts Resin
  219. rules are to be broken
  220. Minature Horse "family" - Jellibaby and Toot Sweet and... who for the stallion?
  221. Show me your Farans!!
  222. Maggie Bennett "Superlumina"
  223. Question: What color to paint this guy???
  224. Question: Name of Sculpter and Medallion
  225. Show Me Your SM Scale Stock Horse Resins!
  226. Ruby Keno II
  227. Dani Schacht continues to amaze
  228. Don't stop me now: Dani Schacht and my mini Haggis
  229. WOW! Callahan!
  230. Color Suggestions?
  231. New Eberl Arab!
  232. Question: Questions on a medallion...
  233. Little Lone Star Scale Question
  234. Mustang Magic II - Prepping?
  235. Rose thoroughbred filly WIP
  236. Buncha new horses by Mel Miller
  237. VEGA! By Mindy Berg
  238. Cm Saoirse by Shannon Mayfield!
  239. Medallion cabinet
  240. romeo resin painted be wildwends
  241. Soliciting feedback, Rose TB filly
  242. Show me your Knightly Cadences !!!
  243. Nighty, night
  244. alumilite super casting kit ?
  245. Just because
  246. Could I get measurements for Wee Jay?
  247. Need some help with Picasso
  248. Little Lonestar color?
  249. Question: Anybody who owns/painted a Cooper by Maggie B...
  250. 1/6 Scale Resin Horse skull