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  1. My first Zorn piece!
  2. Debbi Lermond's "Lyla"
  3. Show Off Your Andre Resins!
  4. Looking for a resin
  5. First Traditional Resin!
  6. What do I have..?
  7. Fire & Ice! New from Kitty Cantrell (in progress photos)
  8. Please show off your Umbras
  9. The FAUSTO thread! :D
  10. Orinocco! Help me decide on an artist and color!
  11. New from HA
  12. Help regarding an artist's signature
  13. Supernova...pure or part?
  14. A Few New Resins Coming Soon - Fallen Tree Log, Classic Scale Trail Horse, and.....
  15. New Sarah Rose Mini Resin!
  16. Painted Scholarships? Here's mine!
  17. Just got a new...
  18. Artist for this Backbeat?
  19. Photo Tent Practice!
  20. The newbies! (IMG+++)
  21. Whats your favorite breed to collect, and what size do you prefer? =)
  22. MK's Hazel!
  23. My First Resin! ...Now What?
  24. Closing Argument - Any Thoughts?
  25. Anyone know what this is?
  26. Updated pics of PARK TROT ARAB!
  27. Reid Khemosabi - how many in edition?
  28. Mini Elnathan by Laura Behning!
  29. Luminoso by Bennett
  30. Show us your resin ponies!!!
  31. Win, place & show
  32. Halim Cyril "Gentle Master" Arabian Resin painted by Sakori's Customs
  33. Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig's "Goblin"
  34. Eberl Kladruber Stallion
  35. colour help
  36. When is it ok to resculpt an artist resin?
  37. Fuerte
  38. Andre air hole?
  39. Resin Folded Bat or Bird/Angel wings?
  40. "Dotty" - Shetland Pony Mare in traditional scale
  41. Hornet!
  42. Next from Kitty Cantrell... Hippogryph
  43. Foamy resin is the WORST.
  44. Photos of my new stablemate resin Thunder
  45. Coming soon: "Moxie" SM scale stock horse by Rose!
  46. Resin help: Darcy vs Yankee II?
  47. Dozer, new Clyde colt by Sheri Rhodes
  48. My new Thunder resin is pretty in color! I just finished this one
  49. Please help identify signature on resin!
  50. Fire Resin
  51. Broken ear tip
  52. My Copperfox Resin Welsh has arrived ... [IMG Heavy]
  53. Would YOU buy a Mini Hazel resin?
  54. After many months, I finally got him finished.... lacey overo Sencillo resin
  55. So excited..... and nervous.... and excited! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  56. Have you seen "Skippy!"?
  57. Copperfox Connemara resin here!
  58. Tyrion Arrived!
  59. HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMG
  60. chuggin zug
  61. Info: Tumlinson Loose-Hair Matador
  62. Aerosmith!!
  63. Bought my first unpainted resin! Now what do I do with it?
  64. She's Here!!
  65. new Eberl Akhal Teke mare
  66. Rocket-I'm So Excited!!
  67. IMG: Resin Dragon from Maggie Bennett
  68. ID help needed
  69. SM Resin ID request
  70. Resin rehab finished!
  71. SMB Cubies? What happened to them?
  72. How big?
  73. The Ransom of Thunder Waffles
  74. Sommer's Cantering Arabian Mare - In Progress - Watch me come to life!
  75. WOW! Indy by Carol Williams!!!
  76. Feel like donating?
  77. Introducing LUCIUS - the galloping Lusitano stallion!
  78. How do you transport Traditional Resins to shows?
  79. My Second Resin
  80. Fritz by Sarah Mink! Here in hand!
  81. American Pharoah and Smokey!
  82. New Mule sculpture - in progress, any interest?
  83. A good match for Nevada?
  84. Pack's new Arabian, Adlai
  85. United Design Friesian Identification?
  86. Show us yer Foal Resins!!!
  87. Preciosa by Josine Vingerling!
  88. Bacchus by Carol Williams!
  89. How Often is "Too Often?"
  90. Momentum resin info?
  91. Which resins do you have your eye on for 2016? New or old releases ...
  92. Uilleam by Carol Williams!
  93. Show us your Sheila Bishop resins!
  94. I'd like to see your Rose Marwaris
  95. Just posting these "cause" i like them
  96. New resin Sigurd, breed question.
  97. Who am I?
  98. Share your painted SMB Fritz's!
  99. Valentin II
  100. What medallion is this?
  101. Sarah Mink VToo resin - info on numbers and cost?
  102. Lucius!
  103. Horsing Around - question on castings
  104. EJ II question
  105. Mini El Nathan prepping question
  106. Another grey!
  107. Woodbridge
  108. Any Painted SovaeArt 'Virtue' resins? Lemme see 'ems!
  109. Recently completed - Gorgeous Black Overo/Sabino Ranch Mare resin
  110. Curio vs Stablemate
  111. Curio vs Stablemate
  112. Which one?
  113. Pete?
  114. Estella II
  115. Trying to Find a Specific Painter...
  116. How Do You Choose Your Resins?
  117. Eberl 'Ronco' Resin
  118. Reworking a resin?
  119. Anubis, NEW Arabian resin!
  120. Andre by Tammy Myrold
  121. Aegis that is tippy
  122. Eberl Walking Arabian Stallion--stallion parts or not?
  123. Identifying an artist from signature
  124. My new Matriarch by Carol Williams
  125. I need your help! suggestions for little bit size resins!
  126. Sculptors
  127. Any fabulous UK based artists...
  128. Info on Amankhar?
  129. Veronka by TJ Hurst
  130. Sausage Horses!
  131. Intrest in Stock Horse Stallion
  132. Simply Splendid: Restoring a Model Horse Resin
  133. Where are all the Micro minis?
  134. Resins painted by Riverranch Creations Equine Art
  135. New Arabian resins by Jen Olp
  136. Eberl Donkeys? New Mold?
  137. Need some measurements
  138. Odd question...
  139. Does anyone recognize this Indy?
  140. 1/6th scale Shire!
  141. Size Scale of Petit Prince
  142. Resin or Custom?
  143. How many folks are ordering/have ordered a Mini Khemo
  144. New cast Arabian in small traditional
  145. 3D viewer of resins on Seunta!
  146. Trouble deciding on color/artist
  147. Ravenhill question
  148. BHR Drafter?
  149. Mindy Berg Sky Walker - OMG
  150. Sold my house, quit my job and on the same day - THIS HORSE WAS READY TO COME HOME...
  151. Finding A Painter For Artist Resins
  152. Preferred scale? What do you collect?
  153. coming soon...."the nemesis" by kitty cantrell
  154. Searching for the perfect resin...
  155. Type of resin to use for casting?
  156. Resin ID Help, Please?
  157. (Potentially) Silly Question re. Heavy Resins
  158. Customizing Ima Sharpe Cutter?
  159. Bride!!
  160. Seunta reorganizing to focus on mini resins
  161. New to resins!! Help me out! :-)
  162. Just put in an order for the ASB by Sarah Rose
  163. Josine Vingerling’s NEW Friesian stallion?!
  164. Found a "Dad" for Bambi and Thumper!
  165. Need a painter for my Tea Biscuit resins
  166. New to Resins- Painting Ideas for Last Tyme by Rebecca Turner
  167. Resins Vs. Chinas: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Materials
  168. Seunta downsizing Copperfox models to resin!
  169. Question: Unknown resin
  170. Whose Fox Is This?
  171. The Resin Futurity Live Show
  172. Who did the custom work on this Stormwatch? Anyone know?
  173. Any chance that anyone knows who painted my Libretto?
  174. New Brigitte Eberl Resin Jumper - What do you think??
  175. Quarter Horse resin
  176. identifying resins
  177. IMG: Do you have Falkirk?
  178. Need identity
  179. More resins need names!
  180. uncured resins
  181. Pony resin
  182. Emilia's new Percheron.... Colors??
  183. Miss Lizzie, 1:9 Scale QH Mare by Josine Vingerling
  184. Best resin release 2018?
  185. Looky I did a thing!
  186. 2019 Medallion Thread
  187. Packing Resins for Shows
  188. Question about repainting resins
  189. Storing unpainted resins?
  190. Question: How d you remove DUST?
  191. Who are these? Where can I buy them?
  192. Question about eberl arabian Piroschka
  193. What's your grail resin?
  194. Leaving resins to the "professionals"?
  195. Victrix painted by Carol
  196. Cobra #5
  197. New Resins by Randy website!
  198. Encanto by Josine is released
  199. Who is this resin?
  200. Anyone else buy Kylee's Trick or Treat medallions??
  201. Pierre!!
  202. who is this?
  203. New to Resins-- who is this guy?
  204. Purchasing an already primed resin
  205. First Time Resin Owner - Need Advice!
  206. IMG: Rose Caldero resin painted to a hair by hair appy by Jeanne Saar
  207. Question: Rice Piaffe Haley Waddell
  208. KittyDidit Resin BASE dimensions??
  209. Question: Micro Minis - Resin vs. Pewter
  210. Resin Pricing Questions
  211. Need collectability info for Rio Rondo QHS-1 please
  212. Pat Kasper Bust Identification
  213. Just bought my first resin! Have questions for you experts! :)
  214. A Pic of a Resin or Custom that makes you happy most
  215. Resin Arab Horse Bust...need information please
  216. Matriarch head measurements needed please
  217. Resin newbie
  218. Delier Studio? Pony resin?
  219. A Dream Horse Finally Home - Valor by S. Leisure
  220. Question: Where did the Equine Resin Directory go?
  221. IMG: Showing off! Meet "Pointeast Salted Caramel Crown Royal"!!!
  222. WIA resins vs. Originals - totally dorky question inside
  223. Tenorio Ears
  224. Micro Mini 'Galloping Draft' to Dappled Bay Sabino
  225. Micro Mini 'Diminutive Duke' to Black & White Tobiano
  226. Micro Mini 'Featherstep' to Dappled Grey
  227. Micro Minis in Progress
  228. Micro Mini 'Sallie' to Flaxen Liver Chestnut with base
  229. Question: Has anyone else pre ordered Midi Max? Did you get an email yet?
  230. Yellow spots on unpainted resin?
  231. Painting Micro Uilleam - Steps
  232. Satin Spark to Dappled Grey
  233. Micro Anise to Black & White Appaloosa
  234. Micro 'Maxie Cob' Resin to Roan Appaloossa
  235. Black Sabino Micro Mini 'Uilleam'
  236. Please help identify this artist resin
  237. Micro Mini 'Proud Mary' to sooty dappled bay tobiano-sabino
  238. Midi Max is here!
  239. Question: name of resin on the equine resin directory's banner image?
  240. Best & Most Popular Resin Painters?
  241. 'Porthos' Traditional Scale American Percheron Stallion
  242. Hunter/Jumper/TB resins
  243. Help!! Identification
  244. Can anyone suggest values for these resins?
  245. Resin finishwork ID needed...
  246. Dapple Grey Satin Spark Painted
  247. Micro Mini 'Cobalt' to red-gold Bay
  248. Monya Arabian Resin to Bay Rabicano
  249. Resin Cattle Needed??? Pls give me your thoughts
  250. POLL: Most needed scale(s) for performance cattle?