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  1. Confused...
  2. A halter for Slew
  3. My first halter!
  4. What are your recent accomplishments? What's on your workbench?
  5. Anyone make retro tack or braided tack?
  6. My first... (IMG intensive!!)
  7. My first bridle
  8. New costume completed! :0)
  9. Looking for LSQ Dressage tack
  10. Cool Refernce Site
  11. WIP--show halter for Saddlebred Weanling
  12. My Newly Finished Saddle
  13. New Arab costume for your consideration...
  14. Made something new
  15. New SM set...Is it in scale?
  16. Small buckles?
  17. The newest from High Plains Tack
  18. Who makes Native American costumes?
  19. Washing saddle pads
  20. First JI costume of 2007....
  21. Need sidesaddle reference pics
  22. The Red Arabian Costume is Here!
  23. Need Advice on A Tackmakers backlog
  24. Saddle Name Plates
  25. Salinero wanted a custom bridle......
  26. Rio Rondo Western Saddle Kit - advice..
  27. First Saddle for 2007
  28. Tack-thread Offshoot: Specialised or versatile? Which?
  29. I need some help please
  31. Whats Your BEST Tack....
  32. Retro bridle for the CWP
  33. Movies with Great Tack
  34. Sleigh bells ring...
  35. Pebbles Parade Set?
  36. My first SM Tack
  37. Just Finished another Indian Costume
  38. ANOTHER brand new Arabian Costume! Thoughts? (IMG INTENSIVE!)
  39. ROUND Beads... Like balls???
  40. Who is making killer Jumping sets these days?
  41. Calf vs. Kangaroo leather lace??
  42. Arabian Tack makers...
  43. First English Saddle
  44. Really small Swarovski flat back crystals?
  45. My 2 new girls and their new halters
  46. My new set!
  47. Next Arab costume venture for me!
  48. I've been busy, another Parade Saddle
  49. How to wire Arab costume tassles?
  50. The latest tack from Desert Night creations..
  51. Steph Blaylock's new costume....
  52. Dying assistance...
  53. For me, doesn't happen often!
  54. Indian Costume help
  55. Arabian Collars
  56. Alicia Miller? Miller Creek Studios
  57. How the Heck?
  58. Awesome Stablemate Parade Saddle
  59. Rolled edging on browbands
  60. Arab Halter Question
  61. HELP needed with Rio Rondo etched plates
  62. Sneak Peak for Landshark--dressage saddle
  63. HELP - Who made this?
  64. New in-progress english-Trad and PEBBLES!
  65. When do I put my foot down?
  66. Bling Bling Barrel saddle
  67. I'm starting tack making!
  68. Just gotta share!
  69. Oh boy, I'm gonna do it....
  70. Desert Night Creations/Heather Abounader Whats new page updated again
  71. New halter and a WIP bridle (img intensive)
  72. New Halter from Ghost Wolf Ranch
  73. Drawing a blank - need the name of a tackmaker...
  74. Thoughts on showing a "Bitless Bridle" in performance
  75. Marwari tack?
  76. Square Rhinestuds....
  77. Mexican saddle in progress
  78. NEW Red/Green Native Arabian Costume - finished!
  79. need help ;)
  80. Question! Question!
  81. My BEST costume ever to date!!
  82. Saddle Seat Tack
  83. Jennifer Buxton tack
  84. New set for Hoppydog!
  85. Looking for a proxy seller (yes, seller)
  86. Dye color question!
  87. New Bridles IMG INT
  88. Who makes tack for Jahangir?
  89. Angelus Leather Paint?
  90. New Halters!
  91. Saddle Stands?
  92. Non leather reins
  93. Tack Hire - Overseas
  94. New bridle...
  95. Barrel saddle
  96. Sneak Peak for Lazy Shamrock--Portugese saddle progess pix
  97. Arrrggg! I'm about to scream!
  98. New Halter/Collar Set! :0)
  99. Sneaky Peeky of my latest costume for Meta!!
  100. Another new tack picture
  101. Finally! Completed Tan arabian costume pictures
  102. Meta's New costume is DONE! (Img Intensvie)
  103. Weymouth WIP
  104. Sneak Peak :0)
  105. Does anyone sell Cowries?
  106. My First Costume is Done!
  107. Tack goodies from Jennifer (Braymere)
  108. Comments? WP saddle new color/design
  109. Another set done
  110. Racing tack
  111. New Costume For Roseridge
  112. wildwind made tack and props has a new web site
  113. Another commission done!
  114. Thought I'd share my latest set
  115. Teeny tiny tack
  116. Breyer tack...
  117. Where to get a Pounce Wheel locally?
  118. Draft Halter requesting input!
  119. Lermond Polaris head size?
  120. Thinking about ordering...
  121. Couldn't wait on kit...=)
  122. Tack- Hurray!
  123. New Draft Halter - finished!
  124. English saddle question
  125. Wow that is little
  126. William Cody Parade Set! Pic intensive!
  127. Jennifer Buxton, thanks for the tack!
  128. English saddle kits
  129. Susan Bensema Young Tack Book?
  130. NAN donation set
  131. Can leather bleed/stain?
  132. Dressage bridle numbers
  133. Tackmaking instructional videos - any interest?
  134. Jennifer Buxton makes great tack!
  135. New parade set
  136. Would Appreciate Opinions Please
  137. Tacking making slump.
  138. Progress pics on the 2007 ji raffle costume!
  139. CHANGE to the 2007 ji raffle costume!
  140. The Most Gorgeous Saddles!
  141. New Costume Making Discovery!
  142. Just wanted to show off a bit. . .
  143. How Long Do You Wait Before Selling a CM piece?
  144. Who makes Peruvian Paso tack?
  145. Mega showring style Arabian costume!
  146. New tack by Susan Bensema Young
  147. New tack by me
  148. Ahhh! I just got hit with the tackmaking bug!
  149. Just finished my latest costume!
  150. Wade saddle no.2 by Sarah Rose
  151. Finished my yellow costume!
  152. First English Bridle :) *IMG INT*
  153. Saddle pads?
  154. In need of 3/32 dark brown kangaroo lace
  155. Who made this arab costume
  156. What kind of glue do YOU use for leather?
  157. New Blackfoot Womans Ceremonial Costume
  158. Egyptian costume progress!
  159. Soooooooo frustrated!
  160. Recently finished
  161. It's baaaack, but done this time...(Blue EDH!)
  162. Won some nice native american tack! very excited.
  163. Tack Delimma
  164. Managed to finish one more costume before baby!!
  165. Some great dancing horse info!!!
  166. Bridle issues
  167. Corona Saddle Pad
  168. Unbridled Joy's Spanish Riding School training tack finished!
  169. Silver Parade Sets
  170. Measurements for Cantrell's Bell needed.
  171. Braiding Floss for Arab sets?
  172. Modifying resin saddle trees
  173. Kistler / Riverside tack value?
  174. SBY Tack Lottery
  175. Desert Night Creations Whats new page updated
  176. Carol Howard Saddle?
  177. Anyone know where I can buy just a girth? (Or how to make one?)
  178. Buccanner Show Donation....
  179. Vintage Indian Costume
  180. Buxton Pony Harness!!
  181. My first stablemate costume!
  182. Kangaroo Lace $1/yd or less--
  183. Hello, My name is Melissa, and I am a supply-a-holic!
  184. Is anyone else....
  185. New pieces by ji!
  186. What Do You Think?
  187. New Show halter by Heather Abounader
  188. homemade conchos
  189. Anyone know who this is?
  190. Anyone want to part with...
  191. Wal-mart closing out DMC Floss??
  192. Racing tack...
  193. I am having too much fun! (IMG intensive!)
  194. Dressage saddles
  195. Western tack
  196. My latest, and current embroidery project!
  197. Stablemate tack!
  198. ebay catagory changes for tack -- ACK!!!
  199. Help needed identifying tack maker!
  200. Is this a Breyer saddle?
  201. who makes sm sized halters?
  202. Laws regulating use of words "Native American" or "Indian"
  203. Region X Regionals Donation
  204. Just gotta share!
  205. Hey fellow tackmakers..
  206. Calling all tackmakers!
  207. New Commanche Womens Costume
  208. Harness set for Christmas
  209. Idea for Tassel making! BIG help!
  210. New saddles
  211. Where is everyone finding leather?
  212. progress on new costume
  213. Help! I need elastic braid
  214. Workdesk of the clinically insane....
  215. Arabian Costumes!
  216. SM tack
  217. dressage bridles?
  218. Custom SM Western Halter
  219. Arabian Costume almost finished!
  220. Rope Bridle
  221. Cool Saddle reference site
  222. finished costume question PSQ/LSQ???
  223. Who is this tack artist?
  224. Costume progress! pics!!!
  225. I'm proud of this costume.... PICS!
  226. Harness reference
  227. Quick question re: cross stitched western saddle pads
  228. Last saddle of the year...I think...lol
  229. Proposed tack (and prop) maker's association!
  230. Someone stop me, I'm getting the desire for tack again
  231. I want to make tack hehe..
  232. Aleene's Tack it Over and Over Glue
  233. New Costume! (image intensive)
  234. Spanish Riding School of Vienna Gala Set
  235. Sneak Peak DFL Renaissance set
  236. Costume Almost Finished!
  237. My lastest works! IMG Intensive!
  238. Arabian Costume Tassels
  239. Please,please look!!!
  240. Source for Size 18/19/20 Seed Beads
  241. Need reference photos of a Peruvian saddle?
  242. Snaffle bit with mouth piece needed
  243. DFL donation finished
  244. How do YOU attach multiple tier tassles on an Arabian costume?
  245. That one green costume...
  246. An Arabian costume makers challenge?
  247. Vintage Retro Arabian Costumes
  248. Some Tack made by me
  249. Kittens punch great holes in lace!
  250. Leather finishes?