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  1. Ref pix needed for black western show set
  2. Tassels on native Arabian costumes
  3. Well, this is one way to make an Arabian Costume...
  4. Tackmaker Job Description :)
  5. Oooo, "jewelry" for horses....
  6. Vote for your favorite rug!
  7. New Indian costume, Basicly Done
  8. Black Beauty for Michelle F.(IMG intense)
  9. It's crunch time... please help me decide!!!
  10. Dressage Saddle
  11. Something different...what do you think???
  12. English All-purpose pads
  13. Skiveing question
  14. Kangaroo Legalese
  15. SM scale Arabian costumes ( Image intensive)
  16. My first show halter - WIP - need some help
  17. For Sophie (isabelle)
  18. I got an Artocyn saddle!!!
  19. Parade saddle reference site
  20. Check out this real saddle on ebay: Silver EMBOSSED Charro!
  21. new arabian costume finished pictures!!!!!
  22. Arabian Costume Challenge Participants, please read! (image intensive)
  23. What to do?
  24. Brand new Arabian Native costume
  25. The rugs are here! The rugs are here!
  26. Choosing Tack for Valentino
  27. Good place to order Sturrips for the Arab costume?
  28. Barbarian Costume for Peasant Stomper!
  29. Customer question arab tack???
  30. HELP - Tack assistance!
  31. Question on Arab Tack Maker's Challenge judging
  32. Costume Progress. =)
  33. Brand new SM Arabian costume ( almost finished)-Img intensi.
  34. New Arabian costume lots of PICS!!!
  35. Arabian Costume...by Vicky! eek!!!
  36. Beige & White Arabian Costumes
  37. Current projects I hope to finish!
  38. Retro Arabian Costumes?
  39. Need Help! Spanish Tack ...
  40. Skiver
  41. In Progress costume "Mini Nahar"
  42. My new Huntseat set by Jennifer!
  43. need help with Wintersong Bridle
  44. Where do you get SM-scale stirrups?
  45. Sulser Saddlery & hames Q
  46. Good racing tack references?
  47. Sneak Peak, Arab costume challenge
  48. HARNESS makers: I need your help!!
  49. Seeking help for an odd request..
  50. One new Arabian costume done!
  51. New Woven and SIlver halter by Desert Night CreationsH
  52. Sidesaddles
  53. New western saddle + need opinions
  54. Looking for Jumping Boots
  55. Someone have a Valentino + EJ?
  56. Saddleseat/Native Arab Costume bits?!
  57. Keeper on English Saddle?
  58. Measurements/pattern for saddlepad
  59. New SM Arabian Costume " test project" in progress.
  60. Rose parade set
  61. A Red Costume
  62. Tassel Master! Arabian Costume Makers!
  63. English Sidesaddle on BB
  64. New Artocyn Saddle Set
  65. new silver bit shank
  66. Bling Bling!!!
  67. New to this
  68. help with medieval tack
  69. I'm on a roll!
  70. New stuff for Vicky
  71. Beaded Reins in WP?
  72. Barrel Racing Horseshoes?
  73. Question NAN Costume?????
  74. It's a cinch booklet...
  75. Mini scale tack and props from Lauren Wood
  76. Help! Wooden stirrups
  77. NAN donation saddle sneak peek
  78. Heather's Costume!
  79. New pics of Mother Hubbard II Set
  80. Sneak Peak for Eventing Pony
  81. Hidalgo saddle set
  82. Storage for art/craft materials
  83. Hehe OMG I cant see!
  84. Indian Costume
  85. Two new Indian costumes
  86. Arabian Costume Challenge: The Countdown Is On!
  87. Bond vs "Beacon" 527 Glue
  88. Making Tassels - Easy way to do it?
  89. Finally finished March and April saddle sets
  90. New Cary Nelson Arabian Costume!
  91. Another new one
  92. Another New Cary Nelson Arabian costume
  93. Recommendations please: Classic Harness and Carriage Maker
  94. Arab Costume Challenge
  95. Ever made tack for a lying or rolling horse?
  96. WP set for Linda Strohmeyer
  97. What were some of your first tack pieces?
  98. Our very first...[img]
  99. Goodbye My Friends
  100. new costume ............ img
  101. Opinions Please :
  102. Brand New Authentic Native Arabian costume
  103. miniature saddle stands
  104. Arabian Collars
  105. Last commissions before NAN, except for
  106. New Indian Costume, Basicly Done
  107. Do you ever regret peeking?
  108. Which is better?
  109. Question for Western Saddle makers
  110. Corona Experiment
  111. FINALLY finished a new costume!!!
  112. question on arab tack making?????
  113. New Halter with braided buttons... almost complete
  114. Sneak peek at Breyerfest halters!
  115. Where do I get this ribbed (grosgrain) ribbon for halter-making?
  116. New costume in progress..
  117. Showring Style Arabian Costume
  118. Stablemate Endurance Set
  119. New Arabian Costumes almost finished!!!!!!
  120. Dancing Horse Costumes
  121. Tack and Props: what does live show quality mean TO YOU?
  122. Who makes awesome spanish tack???
  123. Dressage Set
  124. Arabian Costume FINISHED!!!! LOTS of PICS
  125. NAN 2008 Tackmaker Wins- Post them pictures!
  126. SM Scale Stickywax Bridle
  127. Looking for a wheel
  128. What would you like to see?
  129. Questions about suede and saddle pads
  130. Where to get larger pieces of good tooling leather
  131. dollhouse rugs..... great site!
  132. Sneaky peeky
  133. Just Finished! Western Pleasure Set
  134. BRAND NEW Hand-embroidered Native Arabian Costume.Finished!
  135. Euro Cavalry Bit? Fake Sheepskin?
  136. Costume placed in live show!
  137. New SM Mini Nahar costume finished!
  138. Uses for Buckle Flashing?
  139. Micro Mini Parade Set
  140. Working Saddle Collaboration with Chris Nandell
  141. Opinions on gaming set?
  142. another costume coming along - sneak peek !
  143. Hand ebroidered Arabian costume finished :) [ img ++]
  144. Roller buckle question
  145. Where to find Iron On silver thingies?
  146. Puttin on the glitx costume!
  147. Buying Premade tack vs. custom commissions
  148. Another way to silver parade saddles
  149. mini nahar collar set finished!
  150. Need info...who sells stirrups?
  151. a few new things PICS!!!!!
  152. new arabian costume lots of PICS!!!
  153. Newest Arabian costume PIC!
  154. Costume Challenge Participants -- photos
  155. who make/sells CM jumps??
  156. Micro Mini Dressage Set
  157. My Newest Costume
  158. Recently completed and in progress stuff
  159. TWH SM Cutback Set
  160. Native Arabian costume - finished :)
  161. Halloween themed arabian costumes PICS
  162. Need help adding designs to string cinch
  163. Looking for pictures of tack made by Jennifer Buxton
  164. New mini Nahar halter!
  165. Finished Braided Bridle
  166. In progress western set
  167. Rodeo Queen Parade Set
  168. Blahh-what do I need?
  169. Jennifer Buxton's contraption!!!!
  170. I made a Western Saddle!
  171. Proto western set for almost LB scale "Caprice"
  172. Newsworthy question
  173. New Halters
  174. Beautiful arabian mare & foal set PICS!!!!
  175. Braiding Question
  176. Melbourne Indian Costume PICS!!!!!!!!
  177. Parade set, flowers
  178. Updating my model horse Tack Article
  179. Mini Nahar Arabian Costume PICS!!!!!!!!
  180. Question about reins and bosals
  181. Bedouin Information Yahoo Group
  182. Kerioke Arabian Costume Book?
  183. Traditional Bedouin clothing references?
  184. Arab costume people--a quick question
  185. Stablemate buckles?
  186. Questions on saddle fit
  187. Thinning Leather
  188. Fun Barrel Saddles
  189. a few new things PICS!!!!! Costumes
  190. Finished Finally!
  191. Traditional bridle!
  192. need a repairer
  193. saddle pads
  194. If you need Fancy Draft Harness Ref Pics..
  195. Whose tack do you own?
  196. Finished a new costume after a while...
  197. Coming soon !- Hand embroidered SM Arabian costume
  198. Calling all tackmakers!! =]
  199. Basic Article about dying 3/32nds lacing
  200. Traditional Halters I Made
  201. Probably a stupid question, but..
  202. Another Retro Arabian Costume
  203. Question about arabian costumes...
  204. Make tack? Have tack? Enter the Blab photo show!!
  205. Attention Western Tack Makers
  206. Doin the Happy Arm dance!
  207. Natural Horsemanship...in STABLEMATE scale!
  208. Does it matter?
  209. Current Costume Projects
  210. Harness maker question
  211. Saddles
  212. Anyone know who made this costume?
  213. How to make Knee Roll?
  214. Three new Jen Wilson Costumes! IMG INSTV
  215. Tackmakers, check this out.
  216. coming soon-hand emb. authentic SM Arabian costume.
  217. Arabian Tack making question
  218. *checks limb cautiously before stepping out on it...*
  219. My first halter
  220. Another new ji costume!
  221. Who, in your opinion, creates the best tack for the following?
  222. SM Arabian Costume
  223. What do you mean she's alive??
  224. How to do laced reins?
  225. Raised Bridles?
  226. For Liesl
  227. Traditional western set!
  228. New Costume By Adiva
  229. Ok, I have searched this forum...
  230. Show For The Cure Live! Donation
  231. Pebbles Scale Saddle
  232. Kidney flaps and hip drops
  233. Anyone use these?
  234. Afghanistan horse tack?
  235. What NOT To Make
  236. Question about "sticky wax"
  237. My New Show Halter!
  238. 1st Raised Bridle : p
  239. oliga bridle cord/leather type?
  240. Need someone to do repair on an arabian costume...
  241. First in two years!
  242. Kidney Flaps, Part Two!
  243. Long Term Tack Display -- 2009 Followup
  244. Leather for mini tack
  245. Does any one remember....
  246. Confessions of an old time OF only shower...
  247. a few new things been gone for awhile!
  248. First SM Race Set & Dressage saddle
  249. Rear Dee Rings for Western Saddles
  250. Couldn't wait!!!!!