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  1. Stablemate Scale Western Pleasure Tack Set... Your thoughts on it?
  2. From KSmith SM Tack: Would anyone be interested in learning from me?
  3. Trad Scale Hair-On Hide?
  4. IMG: Something different....surprised?
  5. IMG: It's NOT a Western Pleasure Saddle!
  6. Meow!! Check out this Arabian horse tack!
  7. Just finished Arabian Costume
  8. Advanced leather tooling...Ooooo... whacha think?
  9. IMG: Maroon Arabian Costume--All Done!!
  10. Tack Makers - times two
  11. Just Finished Arabian Halter
  12. A bad influence...
  13. Finally finished my new Baraat Costume!
  14. Softening leather without darkening it it (much)?
  15. Performance forum to move into The Show Ring
  16. Erin's Ode to Tacky Tack
  17. Need advice on stitchmarking?
  18. New Blackfoot Womens Indian Costume
  19. Tiffany's Police Riot set up
  20. 2008 NAN Parade Set
  21. Tongues??
  22. My Advanced Leather Tooling Test #2: Ohhhhh the posibilites!
  23. Made another sparkly halter!
  24. IMG: A few more finished orders!
  25. New Indian Costume For paleogirl78
  26. Just Finished NAN Donation Costume
  27. What do you like to do with kangaroo?
  28. Keren's NAN Donation Sneak Peek!
  29. Just Finished Arabian Halters
  30. English Saddle making kits or SM tack kits??
  31. My NEW Butterfly Pleasure/Trail Saddle w/ Detailed Floral Tooling & Edge Braiding!
  32. Where to find sticky wax?
  33. IMG: Three more finished saddles!
  34. The clincher browband
  35. Cookeville Classic Live is seeking tack and doll maker donations
  36. Does anyone here solder??
  37. URGENTLY NEEDED: Saddleseat bridle for Keltic Salinero CM
  38. IMG: Finally finished the gold/silver parade saddle set
  39. Question: Lacing reins?
  40. FREE 14 page Inside SNEAK PEEK of the KSmith Tack Makers Journal
  41. IMG: Rose Reiner (Rein or Shine) in all sorts of tack! IMG+++
  42. Just Finished Arabian Costume and Halter
  43. Cowboy Dressage!
  44. What type of halter is this?
  45. Elizabeth's Gorgeous model in halter
  46. Need YOUR leftover flyers from Breyerfest! PLEASE?!
  47. Can I show a peter stone arabian in a Parade Costume?
  48. Better pics of the parade set I just finished
  49. My Mohair Style Cinch Replica. YAY!
  50. How to make parade saddle pads?
  51. 1/24th Scale saddle pattern?
  52. Quick halter question!
  53. My working saddle for the Rose Reiner
  54. IMG: What Do You Think of This Tack Set?
  55. Another Rose Reiner in a working set!
  56. IMG: New Crystal Chain Arabian Halters
  57. New Yearling Arab Halter
  58. Anyone know of any LSQ Stablemate harness makers? :)
  59. IMG: Playing dress-up for the show this weekend!
  60. Leather Tooled Fender With Painted Horses! Another sneak peek!
  61. Just Finished Arabian Costume
  62. Does anybody have a pattern for an English girth?
  63. Just Completed Chips Size Arab Halter
  64. Anyone live by or will be at Kentucky Horse Park Sept 25 - Oct 10?
  65. IMG: First "mini scale" set in years!
  66. Finished Romel Reins - Cookeville Classic Live Donation
  67. Just finished Classic size Arabian costume
  68. Is there a market for just headstalls/reins/breastcollars?
  69. My Donation to Cookeville Classic Live
  70. Donation Halter for Cajun Country Live
  71. head size for stone arabian filly?
  72. Getting spots to stick
  73. IMG: 2 new Arabian Costume finished today! (Img intensive!)
  74. IMG: Four more finished tack sets!
  75. Just Finished Dancing Horse Costume
  76. Metal Piece for tack (finger nail decorations)
  77. NEW KSmith Tack Makers Journal Index: FREE PDF Articles to view
  78. Neat tackmaking tool!
  79. Tooling Leather for saddles
  80. IMG: Lime Green Arabian Horse Costume
  81. Question: Where to buy kangaroo lace (ship to Canada)
  82. Just Finished Arabian Costume -at last!
  83. IMG: It's a Parade Set!
  84. Skiving Leather
  85. A saddle I just finsihed
  86. Saddle making question
  87. Cross Stays String Girth -- Did it!
  88. Fancy Pony Harness
  89. Hole Punches
  90. Just Finished Plum Arabian costume
  91. IMG: Just Finished......I think...lol
  92. Embroidered Saddle Pad?
  93. IMG: 3.5 weeks in Saddles
  94. IMG: Jennifer Buxton tack, let's see it!
  95. IMG: Vicky Norris Tack!
  96. In a tack making funk
  97. Workspace for tackmaking
  98. IMG: I can't help it, I had to make another thread for this.
  99. Pattern for racing saddle?
  100. Double Packing Girths
  101. String Girth with Tooled Leather Inserts
  102. Who signs their tack AE?
  103. Latigo or billets?
  104. Dancing horse costume with dancing horses on it
  105. IMG: A few more finished saddles from me!
  106. IMG: Peahes N' Cream
  107. Just finished Arabian Halter
  108. Spanish Halter by BCS
  109. First Snaffle Bridle and Halter!
  110. IMG: Last saddles from me for the year!
  111. Tack advice
  112. Just Finished Mameluke Arabian Costume
  113. Purple Showring Costume Almost Finished :)!
  114. Model Horse Measurements Dictionary Website
  115. KSmith Pack Saddle Set in the works! A Sneak Peek...
  116. Dyeing *Safely*?
  117. Braided reins -- right scale?
  118. Question: What is the optimum color on a model horse to show *most* colors on?
  119. Nylon Halters: Questions and Critique?
  120. keri okie entertainment saddle guides?
  121. FINISHED: First Stock Halter in 10+ years. :)
  122. What do you think
  123. IMG: New Black Native Arabian Costume
  124. New Stone ASB in Parade Tack
  125. Problems with black Eco-Flow dye??
  126. Tack Makers Catalog - Who's Who
  127. Need Reference Photos for DHC's
  128. First Halter; Questions!
  129. Looking for a tutorial on 4 strand round braid
  130. New Halter ;)
  131. How much to buy?
  132. Suggestions On A Bridle?
  133. IMG: Newest Saddle -thoughts? (IMG intense)
  134. Officer Briggs and Leo
  135. Emerald Green Dancing Horse Costme
  136. IMG: Donation Saddle for Northwest Congress, October 2011
  137. English Snaffle Bridle--not from kit
  138. Stone ISH halter measurements/comparable Breyer molds
  139. In-Progress Western Saddle
  140. Breyer tack and performance question
  141. Help on Washing white leather on an indian costume???
  142. Er, buying leather...
  143. for you tack people
  144. Arab presentation set by.....?
  145. Printable Fabric Not Playing Well...
  146. Just Finished...Western Set for Working Girl
  147. Braided Tack Junkies
  148. Patterns for pads
  149. Mini Tack Makers? Websites? Thanks. :)
  150. Stablemate Size Arabian Costumes!!
  151. Cowrie Shells and Medallions for Arabian Costumes
  152. Parade saddle corona and serape help
  153. Portuguese Tack Set by Vicky Norris
  154. Need help
  155. Question: How do you store your tack?
  156. My New Tack Set and Thanks Kimberley!!!
  157. New Nylon Halter
  158. Blue/Black/Silver Arabian Costume
  159. Copying in tackmaking?
  160. Coolers
  161. Making strap goods only.
  162. IMG: Five finished things
  163. Pebbles Arabian vs. Mini Nahar Tack
  164. Lets See Your Mini Tack!!
  165. Contracts
  166. Justadream modelling tack :)!
  167. Need help pricing arabian costumes!
  168. I did it!
  169. Measuring models
  170. Working By Date of Order or...other, lol
  171. New saddles for me!
  172. Saddle tutorials
  173. Real Egyptian Dancing Horse Costumes?
  174. Coronas--2
  175. Western Saddle Pommel Covering Techniques
  176. New Indian Baraat Wedding Costume finished!
  177. "In Between" Stirrups?
  178. Stock horse pleasure driving harness?
  179. Leather Design Questions?
  180. Just Finished Native Arabian Costume
  181. How Do You Price Your Work?
  182. Tooling - before or after cutting out?
  183. IMG: Vincenzo and Alborozo
  184. Harness collars
  185. stitching question
  186. Tandy Natural Kangaroo Lace
  187. IMG: Three more finished saddle sets
  188. Does this side saddle fit this resin?
  189. Conditioning question...
  190. first tack...
  191. Now Leaving the Work Bench!
  192. Same color but difference in leather lace?
  193. Question: Tackmakers Reference Library?
  194. Keren Outdid Herself or Tacky Tack of the DECADE
  195. Organizing the Tackmaker's Reference Library: Volunteers?
  196. Tack Makers' Reference Library Funding
  197. To What Problem is this the Solution
  198. Just finished Pebbles Arabian costume
  199. Question: Double bridle question
  200. My new polo tack set.
  201. Saw Some Incredible Tack Today
  202. IMG: Pics of Antique Western/Native American Tack (IMG++++)
  203. Harness making tutorials?
  204. Jumping Set for Wee Jay
  205. Stone Perf Horse Head vs ISH?
  206. Stitched saddle pads
  207. and ANOTHER Epic Saddle From Anna
  208. IMG: Three from me, one from Anna, one from Jennifer!
  209. Question: Repairing Tack by Another: Against Policies? Against VARA/copyright?
  210. I has a pleasure saddle!
  211. Question, re: racing tack in other scales...
  212. Anyone know where I can get 2mm copper nailheads?
  213. Roman Cavalry Tack set
  214. Proper Leather Storage?
  215. Perfoom? :D
  216. Possibly silly question...
  217. Tie-down on ISH?
  218. Just finished Arabian costume
  219. Tree Modification
  220. Western Saddle Question
  221. Mini Quilted Fabric
  222. IMG: Interesting old article
  223. IMG: Saddles: April 30th to Today
  224. Inlaid Color?
  225. Ordering Dye, Color Suggestions?
  226. Basketweave on an english saddle
  227. Found...Dragon Scale Armor
  228. IMG: An Attempt at Tacky Tack
  229. IMG: Butterfly Parade Set
  230. So...how is the tack market these days?
  231. Question: Silky bridles....
  232. IMG: Classic saddle sets!
  233. Bosal question
  234. Side saddle Ref?
  235. Question: Smelly Leather???
  236. Help! P.S. Arabian Yearling!
  237. Question: Fastening platses properly
  238. STB harness...
  239. IMG: LOTR Tack, more to come....
  240. Is anyone interested in big props?
  241. Have you seen this yet??
  242. Parade Sets Ready for NAN!
  243. Ready to Jump Into the Ring!
  244. Just found this:
  245. Leather dye bleeding onto horses
  246. Palouse head measurement?
  247. Just finished Arabian costume
  248. Just finished Arabian Costume #2
  249. My First 'Arabian' Halters
  250. Favorite Tack Bodies?