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  1. Good Buy?/Price check : Nice woody 5 gaiter but someone carved into the belly.
  2. Need some Paypal Advise
  3. breyer indians
  4. Unusual grep appy FAF
  5. So birthing mares and then this....
  6. Copenhagen RM on ebay
  7. MH$P
  8. International Shipping Woes
  9. Here's someone who *thinks* he has a decorator
  10. this is a bit odd....
  11. First Bint Soroya I"ve seen painted...up for auction
  12. It's Lamp!
  13. Embroidered horse totes.... (breyer molds...)
  14. Oh my :-) CM Wintersong by Myla Pearce <3 LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Is there still away to do time payment with ebay and paypal.
  16. War Chant, Deseoso, Esperanza
  17. For all you Harry Potter fans out there...
  18. Somebody's using my picture for an ebay add...
  19. The most epic example of shill bidding EVAR
  20. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this artist?
  21. TOUCH OF CLASS MODEL HORSE TACK - Customer Sales - Flood Update for Qld Australia
  22. What's a good deal on a SM, Trad, & Class?
  23. Nice CM by New Artist on MH$P
  24. Monet or Seurat?
  25. Cute PAM CM by Tammy Myrold!
  26. Pretty ASB Clock Horse on EvilBay
  27. Gunsmoke on MH$P - Seems Suspicious
  28. Love This Little Guy
  29. *sigh* My Grail on MHSP..
  30. Something different (and very cool!)
  31. USPS Repair Claims
  32. What a steal of a price!
  33. If brighty and E.T. had a baby...
  34. For all of you guys looking for a Merlin.....
  35. If your looking for a cheap NIB keltic..
  36. Cheap Alborozo
  37. lying Gypsy mare
  38. Question: How to become a Breyer Dealer?
  39. LOVE this pair
  40. Hmmm... Am I the only one who notices something wrong here?
  41. so big and so cute! Makes me want to braid flowers in her mane!
  42. Honestly?
  43. Cry- so pretty
  44. Woodgrain Clyde stallion - no muscle version?
  45. Beautiful Working Girl
  46. Equus Modellus Papillomavirus?
  47. Traditional scale Optime
  48. JAH SR Double Exposure
  49. Fiore Version II
  50. Info: MHSP and the contact vendor feature? issues
  51. Cool Etsy customs!
  52. Tortuga!!
  53. thats a wing?
  54. horse jewelry!
  55. Not a horse....
  56. Super Huge Breyer Lot on ebay!!!!
  57. eBay v.s Etsy - Which is good for what?
  58. Pending payments through eBay?
  59. grazing mare variation
  60. Oh LadyBrooklyn!! A resculpted Brighty
  61. Problems with International Shipping
  62. LMAO Cowboys & Indians
  63. So who got the Touchability box?
  64. MXC Registration? (How long should I wait?)
  65. Anyone looking for a conjoined twin horse sculpture?
  66. Now HERE is a medallion!
  67. Nice BIN for Customizers?
  68. Another one of these auctions!
  69. Grumble..
  70. Bainbridge Dapple Grey PAM
  71. I think this mule would be cool painted
  72. New type of decorator?
  73. WHY is no one buying this girl??
  74. interesting falling horse..
  75. Boehm Percheron Dapple Gray Stallion w/Roses ca.1950's
  76. Amazing Diane Capwell ISH
  77. Chalky? Fighting Stallion
  78. I just love this horse...
  79. Flocked Belgians?
  80. GORGEOUS vintage lot!
  81. Price lookup needed for Web Special Riley
  82. those who make dolls for showing
  83. Stone OOAK Arab
  84. Communication from a Sellers Perspective
  85. Shipping Rant...
  86. Question: MH$P Benefits?
  87. Nifty 3D Horse Painting-medallion artwork thingie...
  88. Spaghetti Legs
  89. Pretty Dapple on MH$P
  90. Pretty Valentine Cm by Jayne Sabino
  91. Uh... wrong category there, bud... :)
  92. Cool oddity for the Breyer Indian Pony collector...
  93. Strange requests or questions you've had on sales items
  94. These are too cool!
  95. Craigslist LOL
  96. not one but four smoke belgians on ebay
  97. What gait...
  98. I love this model
  99. Who is this?
  100. That's odd...
  101. Cool Breyer Fest Pharaoh Sham!
  102. Cool WB by Jen Read on Ebay
  103. TEST Fighter on Ebay: Not mine
  104. love sick brighty customs!
  105. seems like a wedgewood no one wants: ebay mustang
  106. Wow, is this common for the Companion Animals?
  107. A Breyer "bigwig" just won my ebay auction...
  108. Buyer's doing a chargeback?
  109. eBay/PP fail with old email address
  110. 'Glossy' Wixom?
  111. Question: Postage Question
  112. This Ebay seller is looking for some advice,is it a test?
  113. Check out this knucklehead trying to circumvent fees
  114. Gold Charm Running Mare
  115. Putting Models On Hold
  116. WOW, Beautiful Mink Custom Wixom on MHSP
  117. *SQUEAL*
  118. If Malibu Barbie Was A Horse
  119. Albany Mill Reef! And others!
  120. Shipping location PSA
  121. Wow! Quite A Sales List!
  122. Question about Customs Fees in Canada
  123. WANT!
  124. So...
  125. US customs inspecting parcels going to Canada? *Rant warning*
  126. Info: New Ebay Fee Changes
  127. Really Ebay?!? grrrrrrrr
  128. Breyer Salesman Demo unit
  129. Shipping a Breyer to Portugal?
  130. Not A Test Run to Me...
  131. Wedgewood Five Gaiter
  132. Anybody use Craigslist?
  133. Hunky Wixom Remake
  134. Interesting Vintage Horse
  135. Dang! look at this CM Wixom!
  136. Anyone notice this about MH$P today?
  137. PRETTY Matriarch!
  138. cool! a CM from the 50s!
  139. Woodgrain Racehorse
  140. I need someone for Lynn Fraley's sale!
  141. flip side
  142. Sunshine Celebration Sales/Trades for those interested
  143. CM's where art thou? (or: No Custom Model Horses on Etsy?)
  144. Grail! RR Park Arabian
  145. Bidding wars with multiple days before auction ends
  146. Sold out Lynn Fraley unpainted resin on my Auction Barn!
  147. Insured by Auctiva??
  148. Keep or Sell, what would YOU do?
  149. shopgoodwill.com finds!
  150. Gorgeous Gypsy Horatio! Sue Kern
  151. how much?
  152. Shipping Question on Free Models
  153. Black Dapple Belgian on Ebay!
  154. Shipping materials cost
  155. Oh my! Gorgeous CM Wixom!
  156. TH Winter WITHOUT his spots!
  157. Sunny/Partly Cloud ON SALE $25.00 Each
  158. UPS Insurance Question
  159. Buncha Vintage Glossy Breyers
  160. Gorgeous Customs
  161. Fine Arts Donkey & Jenny
  162. Huh..wonder what models are included!
  163. Josine's AP Faran #1 - who got him?!
  164. Swaps look alike
  165. Submitting offers
  166. MH$P problem
  167. Alright Blab Detectives...
  168. umm...erp, I didn't think of this...
  169. So, how would you have shipped?
  170. Express Mail for *Expensive* Items = Astonishment?
  171. $35 original Sucesion/Le Fire!
  172. Breyer Stablemate Knock-Offs on eBay
  173. Grayingham Lucky Lad
  174. Really? What are they thinking?
  175. Question: Local pick up Ebay BIN auction help needed
  176. Funny Auction
  177. Sending paypal payments to Australia
  178. St Louis Blues on MH$P for offers
  179. Question: Glossy Grey Semi-rearing Mustang, but.....
  180. Netzky by Liz Shaw!
  181. ebay bid retraction
  182. I hate it when people do this...
  183. Other Sources for model buying/selling?
  184. Can I just crab a little?
  185. Esplendida by Cindy Williams
  186. Look at this FAS Knockoff!!
  187. A Hutton Is Up For Sale!
  188. Amazing tack!!
  189. Anyone heard from Carrie (of MH$Ps)?
  190. Non-hobbyist ebayer attitude
  191. USPS Pricing... what is up?
  192. BREYER HORSE on eBay
  193. The Hat - ebay auction for charity (royal wedding Princess Beatrice famous hat)
  194. Chinese ebay seller FAIL
  195. Disturbing equine sighting
  196. Nice decorators on eBay.
  197. Wow!
  198. eBay Emails issue?
  199. Fake Rainbow?
  200. How long do you do your auctions for?
  201. Are We Supposed To Be Stupid?!!
  203. Anyone need a cheap Poker Joe?
  204. SPINOFF: How long do you keep an auction / ad listed before you...
  205. Check this guy out!
  206. Ebay feedback question?
  207. For those who like the larger models
  208. IMG: The "I Can't Believe It Has Bids!!!" Thread
  209. "Unique" Colored Hanoverian
  210. UGH! I hate finding this in ads...
  211. Sell or not?
  212. Found A Vintage Collector's Dream on AuctionZip
  213. No discussion on this one yet??? What do you think?
  214. Who's at fault?
  215. Steampunk
  216. Can you spell
  217. Anyone have $1500 I can borrow?
  218. Found this via a friend, $9 for a pair of movie tickets!
  219. I almost like this
  220. Holy Bloaty!
  221. Breyerfest 2009 20th anniversary stablemate set - going prices?
  222. Fraudulent Listing/Photo Theft
  223. Good Online Source For Shipping Boxes?
  224. If you can read this, you're too close.
  225. Don't you wish you could 'flag' MH$P ads?
  226. USPS Money Order Question
  227. MHSP Problems anyone?
  228. Lovely Appaloosa on eBay!
  229. Shrinkie!
  230. Want to say something but not sure if I should?
  231. Mental Conversation I Just Had
  232. Cristoffle Mare and Colt
  233. post office insurance claims
  234. Problem!
  235. A $39 Million Breyer
  236. eBay BIN etiquette?
  237. Anyone else having problems w Paypal lately?
  238. MissionFish on eBay? Have you used it? What did you think?
  239. Merlin on MH$P!
  240. Seller trying to charge me for insurance
  241. best misslabeling ever
  242. Refunds on ebay...
  243. Love this one
  244. Question: Fake Alborozo?
  245. Has ANYONE ever had renewal on MH$P work?
  246. POOL - Jaime Baker's Weather Girl
  247. This isn't really a good idea IMO...
  248. Rising hopes price?
  249. Prices om MHSP - Will There Will Be a Return to A Balance?
  250. Fake MH$P page on Facebook