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  1. China Nahar Price - What A Shame
  2. Where's money when you need it
  3. Chalky Smoke Western Prancer
  4. How not to make an offer
  5. i thought i should share this find xD
  6. Interesting WG CM
  7. Wall for Breyer Jumping Horse
  8. Extreme CM PAM
  9. Lohengrin........really????????
  10. Is this a factory WPH or a CM?
  11. Wow! Awesome Weather Girl by ?
  12. Sharkhole Running Stallion!!
  13. Gorgeous Matador on MH$P
  14. Some more I wish I had the money for
  15. International Shipping from the US?
  16. Guess I've been booted from eBay
  17. Anybody having Paypal issues?
  18. Copenhagen Five Gaiter with Blue Ribbon Sticker - Scam duplicate auction?
  19. Has everyone seen this?
  20. Small rant
  21. Question: MLP on MH$P?
  22. eBay payment question
  23. This irks me a little bit
  24. Holy cannoli!!!!
  25. WHAT Exactly Are They Selling?
  26. Ebay seller limits?
  27. Spoilers! Hey FASsue, seen this one? I bet you have!
  28. Have y'all seen this yet? Casey Anthony Mask!
  29. I have to ask...WHY?
  30. Bit of a pet peeve!
  31. Bloaty cow????
  32. I love this lady!
  33. Hmmm...look familar to anyone?
  34. A little more sausage-like than usual
  35. Strange Seller Terms in description on their Ebay Listing for a Breyer
  36. Connoisseur A.P. Model?
  37. Gorgeous portrait Trigger
  38. Question: Help! Where did the watch link go on eBay?
  39. A Rash of Canceled Bids!
  40. Paypal/Ebay whoops with payment
  41. Rubber Band Man
  42. OOAK Fleetstreet Max - 2 blue eyes?
  43. Stunning Fraley piece from Lynn's own collection, ending today!....
  44. FedEx Ground/Home options gone?
  45. eBay BIN - Can I still make an offer?
  46. Arabian on steriods
  47. Question: Red pegasus on Ebay. CM or OF?
  48. Very cute Brighty!
  49. Multiple Purchases from a Seller .. Etiquette?
  50. Animal Artistry Shopping Cart/Check Out
  51. Cross Collectible
  52. A really cool vintage barn for Breyers!
  53. Rare Lucas Studio "Knut" Fjord
  54. Weather Girl to Zebra custom
  55. Still Mad At Myself!!
  56. Nice Myrold Custom on ebay - so tempting!
  57. LOVE this MH$P ad! I wanna join the party!
  58. Did anyone see this MH$P ad?
  59. What will hubley come up with next??
  60. Amazon Gold Box - Canon Point and Shoot for $49
  61. Best (or acceptable) materials to wrap models in?
  62. Pretty Victrix
  63. There are times for abbrv...and times NOT for abbreviations!
  64. Astronomical Shipping Fees - Anyone Else Encountered Them?
  65. Have a horse-crazy little girl?
  66. IMG: OMG! Someone is actually selling a Merlin!
  67. In the eye of the beholder
  68. eBay Sellers Who Say "Model Sold As Is"
  69. Stone ASB Bodies are now on Sale!
  70. A Very Breyer Wedding..lol
  71. Unpainted Oliver on eBay :)
  72. Wait, HOW MUCH?!
  73. Taxes / Sales / Recordkeeping
  74. Interesting Ebay Article
  75. FYI on the USPS
  76. MH$P down?
  77. OMG This pade me laugh until I cried! HAHAHAHAHA Poor thing :-( /:-D
  78. Excellent Restoration Project - Honey Bay PAM
  79. Gretel CM
  80. eBay Has Done It Again! - Unbelievable!
  81. New Cohen Eberl
  82. New resin Madoc
  83. CM and copy right?
  84. IMG: New Sue Kern Custom!!
  85. Awesome Wowza Espirit Custom on Ebay
  86. Am I missing something?
  87. I should have clicked Buy-It-Now!
  88. Why the high price on Odyssey?
  89. Huck Zipper Pulls
  90. WOW at the zebra Weather Girl
  91. Mare motel?
  92. Thoughts?
  93. Really cool CM FAS on eBay!
  94. Can I just Say? WANT.
  95. Breyer collectors guide 5th edition
  96. Can't send money via Paypal without adding funds?
  97. Beeson's "Grand Design" Valor
  98. Noble Cause, Horrible Execution
  99. Radioactive Model!
  100. Why doesn't MyAuctionBarn get more listings and traffic?
  101. Totally Amazing Appy by Liz Shaw
  102. Question: Paypal "Bill Me Later" - has anyone used it?
  103. Oh! I'm in love! Check this reiner out!
  104. Historic Calumet Farm Photos on eBay
  105. Please Revoke Shauna's eBay Seller Privileges
  106. Harry by E=MC2 on MH$P!
  107. Backbeat Thunder in Bronze! Be still my heart!!
  108. New "Collectible Critters" Store on MH$P
  109. Stupid Stupid Stupid me!
  110. Question: ShipCover Insurance for an eBay purchase?
  111. HAHAHA! Total eBay Seller Terms Win
  112. Question: Is this auction accurate?
  113. Oh my Goodness! The CUTE.
  114. FAS on TV!
  115. WTF Paypal? Placing a hold on a refund???
  116. I am going about it all wrong!
  117. my Victrix seems to have been stolen :C
  118. Did anyone else catch this eBay item?
  119. ebay mardi gras- real or fake?
  120. How would you sell them?
  121. OOAK Lonestar
  122. Hello... Marshall...
  123. Need some help w/MH$P's please.
  124. Thank you from Paypal
  125. Sheza & Lonestar
  126. Interesting SM CM's
  127. Sale on Schleich and Safari
  128. International shipping rates
  129. Does this seem a little fishy to anyone else?
  130. Appy WG Stallion
  131. Gorgeous glossy bay PAM and PAF on Ebay!
  132. Gorgeous glossy bay PAM and PAF on Ebay!
  133. Charge to sellers for shipping on Ebay???
  134. .. so... wrong....
  135. Up and coming artist's auctions on eBay!
  136. You CAN still find great BINs on Ebay!
  137. MLP - FiM Fans you have to see this plush!
  138. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's done this...
  139. UPS - Anyone Have This Happen?
  140. Almost $5,000 for an MLP Plush?
  141. mmmmm only 18 made? Breyer weg Fjord pony
  142. Encounters with the Postal Machine
  143. Info: Is this a real Breyer "Error"?
  144. So frustrated right now...
  145. What is the deal with the new Ebay thing
  146. LOL misty has the measles....
  147. Red Pegasus! Might be Custom!
  148. *drool*
  149. Good GRIEF! UPS is *Expensive*
  150. To Brush or not..
  151. Nifty Buffalo
  152. Is this guy worth the price.....
  153. Breyer Repaint CM "Crypt Keeper"
  154. Paypal and Shipping
  155. Semi-drastic Sherman Morgan
  156. Signed Misty and Phantom wings!
  157. Swooon - look at this beautiful Fraley Sadie Shoofly!!
  158. Selling as a lot?
  159. Is it just me....
  160. "Gitano" - Josine's AP Faran #2!
  161. Red Mill Clydesdale Foal
  162. Hambletonian on ebay - ending soon & cheap!
  163. New Rocky Mountain Horse on Ebay
  164. SM appy foal
  165. who knew rainbow was so expensive
  166. PayPal Business Account
  167. Did you see the Hallowe'en Retail Therapy??
  168. How adorable!
  169. Something for the Mustang lover
  170. Six Shooter on ebay!!
  171. Craigslist oh craigslist...
  172. Ummm...they can't do that, can they?
  173. Best Time To Bid On Auctions?
  174. PAF "shah" nobody bidding?
  175. Supernova Look Alike
  176. Need someone meaner than I am.
  177. Hartland Tests to Ebay
  178. Snowman on eBay
  179. Got to love those titles.
  180. Can anyone answer my question... Its about Ebay!
  181. Alabaster PAM
  182. Rubbed Out PAM
  183. Picture Box NIB Clyde Mare
  184. Question: Getting items from Germany in the US?
  185. Wedgewood Sham 1991 Raffle Model
  186. Unpainted Mink "Jax"
  187. Minor buyers?
  188. Wixom to Suffolk Punch by Kern
  189. Well Huck is sure in the spotlight these days :) Check out this Resin on Ebay.....
  190. Best Ebay post fail...Poor All Glory!
  191. Check out This Gorgeous Fantasy Model Kit
  193. Again..not my sale, but Huck (NIB) going at a good price..
  195. What is so special about this issue of JAH
  196. Gorgeous Beatrice by Sheila Anderson
  197. WG to Kathiawari by Kern
  198. Question on "Foreign" shipping
  199. Pretty roan!
  200. eBay VERY RARE 2010 Breyer Espirit in Dappled Chestnut Not Grey
  201. Rare Breyer on Etsy
  202. Model Horse Sales Pages
  203. Feedback left by ebay buyers rant...
  204. i'm gonna be so rich
  205. Yummm...Cindy's Kipling
  206. eBay Help?! Customs needs an Invoice?
  207. Possible chalky QH Yearling, $25??
  208. Breyerfest SR or Custom?
  209. Paypal vs. Regretsy
  210. Look out Paypal -- Dwolla.com is here
  211. Questionaire: Your eBay habits?
  212. Neat LARGE Barn on Austin Craigslist
  213. HOLY CRAP!! Showcase...
  214. Wouldn't it be refreshing....
  215. How do they know? (ebay stars)
  216. Who owns this photo/model?
  217. This is so not fair...
  218. WOW
  219. Shipping question
  220. Paypal glitch???
  221. Address Change? Ebay/Paypal?
  222. nice lippy on ebay!
  223. Merlin dragon
  224. WOW! Wood-grain Belgian on ebay!
  225. For Reals: Test Charcoal mustang?
  226. Wedgewood Commander Five Gaiter, Glossy Florentine Mustang, and more...
  227. Clydesdale Team?
  228. Breyer Ephemera- old print ads
  229. Help deciding between two models
  230. UP Sarah Mink Kotillion!
  231. Question: opinions
  232. Breyer selling Vintage Club on eBay??
  233. AWESOME OOAK Unicorn!
  234. UPS issue/miscommunication
  235. Bloaty Woodgrain Running Mare on eBay
  236. Ebay Shipping/tracking Question
  237. artst resin lazy hound dog
  238. Question regarding Color Formulas and Techniques Book
  239. Equine Images Magazine
  240. Barn & Washstall on Craigslist, In My Town, can do pick up!
  241. Worst case of tenite fungus I've seen
  242. Lot of Hartland Ponies?
  243. Setting up an additional PayPal account?
  244. did I miss something here?
  245. Here's a new way to display the classic bronco
  246. Unresponsive Sellers (RANT)
  247. Need Advice on Ebay Auction!
  248. craig's list of breyer's
  249. china horse by ron hevener
  250. BF 03' Prize Model Allegro Silver on MH$P