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  1. Question about a Clinky...
  2. Question for Etsy sellers.
  3. Here's a Good Deal!
  4. Clear Resin Pegasi
  5. uummmmmm?
  6. Classic QH Stallion--Variation?
  7. Quite the Picture
  8. USPS - Very Very Slow
  9. Evil Bull is Cool!
  10. Gotta Chalky Clyde Foal?
  11. What is best way to send package to Canada
  12. A Liz Shaw Piece and....???
  13. Thank You Ads on MH$P - OK or Not
  14. ebay irks - Trail of Painted Ponies
  15. Auction selling breyers, HRs, and others
  16. Is this an oozie? Or a REALLY bad gloss job?
  17. Sunny Boy on ebay
  18. Darn it! Ebay auction
  19. Really Pretty Copenhagen!
  20. $53 for a liver chestnut FAF?
  21. Peter Stone Trotting Drafter Body
  22. New Ebay "Feed"..??
  23. Is there something wrong with this acution?
  24. New Ebay Format...GAAH!
  25. Okay, What the Heck???
  26. Wedgewood Running Foal On Ebay
  27. Oops! Dominoes!
  28. Color calibration in photos of ebay auction
  29. Does this look like a donkey to you?
  30. CM Sucession and Le Fire into foaling mare?
  31. Umm.. $810 Shasta Moon Breyer
  32. Ebay recommendations: people who bought this item also bought
  33. Kemosausage got a wee makeover
  34. Vintage collectors!! FAS in 5-Gaiter sorrel!
  35. All I could think of when I saw this was "Spider Horse, Spider Horse"
  36. Anybody part of or tried the eBay Global Shipping Program?
  37. Lol at least dust em off first!
  38. It's BREYER... therefore, it must be worth a ton of money by default.
  39. What is up with this guy?
  40. Cool Clinky Drafters
  41. Internet Sales Taxes in the Federal Budget voting this week apparently...
  42. Breyer Panda (?!)
  43. MH$P adds w/ bait and switch pics.
  44. Ebay help - buyer protection
  45. Priority Mail getting worse???????
  46. Another Feedback Question...
  47. WOW! Gypsy CM!!
  48. Resin with History - Sculpted for Hartland
  49. The horror.....
  50. Flat rates and eBay shipping - help!
  51. Is there a size limit in live shows?
  52. Preeeciousssss
  53. Joseph Originals Clinky Foal
  54. Oh Drool!! (Clinky)
  55. Please help me with my eBay selling fears
  56. Not the balking mules you're looking for
  57. Mystery Esprit on Ebay????
  58. ShipCover or USPS insurance or just go UPS??
  59. 60's "Sorrel" FAM on Ebay
  60. Questiuons about claims?
  61. Funny vintage unicorn foal auction
  62. Crystal Espirit
  63. Love this custom Smarty Jones!
  64. I do not want to know what happened to this box!
  65. Indian pony
  66. Would you.. or would you not
  67. Anyone need an Alabaster Western Horse Clock?
  68. Isn't this boy pretty?
  69. Breyers on Craig's List
  70. Check out these Breyer prototypes..
  71. I'm having issues with MHSP, help!
  72. Someone got a great deal...
  73. What do you think of this guy?
  74. Nice grazing foal variation on Ebay...
  75. Lovely HR Minii....(Rearing)
  76. Question: Help! Ebay Second Chance Offer? Or not?
  77. $1000 Shasta Moon?
  78. Yikes! Shrinky alert!
  79. Holy cow!
  80. Lost USPS Package...
  81. LOL another model made valuable by the box
  82. Prepped Orinocco for sale...
  83. Someone got a deal!
  84. Black Plastic Classic QH Stallion?
  85. Watch it...
  86. Can a pottery horse be a clinky.
  87. Nice belgian in this lot!!
  88. Chalky Grey Shire....
  89. How do you feel about...
  90. Very Suspicious Listing on eBay Adios
  91. Cool Clinky Knock Off!
  92. Fuzzy Wuzzy
  93. The opposite of a looker: the amazing emaciated rocky!
  94. Bronze Centaur!!!!!
  95. OMG!
  96. Just got an email from Paypal regarding increased protection for Sellers
  97. Is this reasonable?
  98. Nice price on Third Times a Charm Connoisseur
  99. FYI: Uline has boxes on sale
  100. Glossy CHALKY Dapple Grey Shire (1 of 6!) on eBay
  101. Help with ebay
  102. Model Horse people are the BEST!!!!
  103. Hobbyist Dispersal Auction (Not Me!)
  104. Deal or No Deal
  105. Ebay pop up issue?
  106. Photobomb!!!
  107. Cute new Sue Kern foal set!!
  108. Intresting natrual horsemanship halter "keychains"
  109. UP Orinocco!!!
  110. Chalky Glossy Bay OM PAF - anyone here get her?
  111. Need Stone Chips?
  112. Nice (Custom) Copenhagen Wintersong ...
  113. Seattle STEW?
  114. Question: Would you reconsider selling on non eBay sites such as MXC or Auction Barn again?
  115. Linder Palomino
  116. Shiny Mustang
  117. Ebay shipping charges completely wrong, what can I do??
  118. Chalky...maybe?
  119. Ceramic Breyer Bull???
  120. Be Mine?
  121. Anything worth snagging? Herd of Vintage Breyer
  122. The shrinkiest shrinky I've ever seen
  123. Is there ANY way to get ANY help with MHSP????
  124. chalky longhorn on ebay?
  125. Amazing Test Stablemate on eBay
  126. Thoughts?
  127. Chalky Yellow Mount needs some love
  128. Super BIN price on QVC Paradigm Huck!!!
  129. Question: Boxes and Shipping
  131. Help?
  132. Grab Breyer Rain!
  133. Royal Copenhagen Horse
  134. I'm not sure what to think.
  135. Chalky Sightings Thread!!
  136. Unusual variation ASHF
  137. Indiana Auctionzip Has Fiero
  138. Black and White Mon Gamin?
  139. OF OOAK Breyer Flockie?
  140. BF Crackle Purple Andalusian (2004 auction model)
  141. Getting No Response?
  142. Sleeping horse?
  143. Pretty PAM Variation
  144. Rare War Horse
  145. What am I missing?
  146. Zombie Horse
  147. CM Molly The Pony on eBay, Cute!
  148. This is great
  149. Is this auction going so high because...
  150. Look at this neat custom set!
  151. Is this starting price right ???
  152. Shrinky Breezing Dixie
  153. Shirt with breyer look-a-likes
  154. TSC "Dollor" who was looking?
  155. I'm a dork!
  156. WOW Neat CM Cattle!
  157. Confused--maybe I'm missing something?
  158. In good shape?
  159. UKMail Undercover video!
  160. Wow...
  161. Horse Trinket Box, Looks like Breyer Huck Bey
  162. I think they're a bit confused...
  163. Chalky donkey alert with blue ribbon!
  164. What's your opinion???
  165. Everyone needs to see this auction!
  166. Breyer Test Mule?
  167. Wishful thinking?
  168. In the Martinsville, IN area?
  169. Is this seller really optimistic or on track?
  170. Who are these guys?
  171. Interesting lots.....
  172. Worth the laugh
  173. Seen this little guy (resin foal)?
  174. Any interest? (local classified)
  175. I find this photo oddly horrifying
  176. Perhaps he last unpainted Stormwatch?
  177. What am I missing here - Ebay auction
  178. Opinions on if this tack will fit??
  179. MH$P Maintence This Weekend & Will Soon Be Overhauled with a New Name...
  180. Has anyone seen this MH$P ad "OOAK 2007 BreyerFest Auction Ethereal"?
  181. Think it's a shrinky?
  182. Buttercream from Breyerfest 2009
  183. Things that make you go WTH? :-D EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! *squeals in delight*
  184. Smart and Shiney...you look so different!
  185. Super deal on 2008 Color Crazy mares and foals!
  186. Pretty UP Peg Custom <3
  187. Firiona is a Breyer...
  188. Why so High?
  189. Is he OF?
  190. George Ford Morris "Labres" Castings
  191. Just a little outrageous...
  192. Ebay not allowing me to pay...asking me to change my address...
  193. surely that's a typo?
  194. Breyer "Breeds of the world" .... monster hands
  195. Using MH$P as MHHR... It's Getting Old
  196. USPS Prioirty Update--"Prioirty Getting Better"
  197. For a good laugh..
  198. Can someone explain the US Postal system to me?
  199. Latest USPS idea to save them money
  200. eBay Feedback advice...not model horse related
  201. Peraly Running Mare?
  202. Blond bears
  203. A little yellowed...?
  204. Very cool custom - Big ben wouldn't have been my first guess
  205. What a cool looking gal!
  207. Marking Items for Specific Buyers on Ebay
  208. "Unique Color Variant"
  209. ebay laugh of the day
  210. Sales Tax Charges on Ebay?
  211. Oh man. Would you buy?
  212. People who talk sellers into adding low BIN's to their auctions...
  213. Combined shipping-eBay NOT amazon ???
  214. Here's a pretty boy
  215. Look at this clinky
  216. Someone please buy this.
  217. What's going on with this guy?
  218. Cheap, broken Mindy
  219. Do I have to pay currency conversion fees on eBay?
  220. Drastic Kern Idocus's into Mustangs...
  221. 5 Gaiter Carousel Horse
  222. USPS First Class International Question...
  223. Son of Bloaty?
  224. Etsy Feedback Change??
  225. PayPal and International First Class?
  226. BLocked bidder eBay list not working?
  227. Thoughts? Package sent different method than what was stated w/ free ship?
  228. Question: How long to wait before filing a NPB?
  229. LOVING This Carlito!
  230. This seems way too cheap...
  231. AASHIQ Resin Painted By Judy Renee Pope
  232. Anybody looking for a (played with) Breyer Carinosa?
  233. How sad...
  234. Did I miss something???
  235. what to do?
  236. Ebay Newbie Here Regarding PayPal~
  237. can't get my photobucket pictures to load on MHSP
  238. What is going on....
  239. We buy Gold King of Prussia on ebay. Who owns these?
  240. "Extremely Rare" Breyers on Craigslist!
  241. Ebay Alert Blue Ribbon Sticker Clyde Stallion!
  242. Batal, Amira & Banat Eh Rih
  243. Who is this poor little ceramic fella on ebay?
  244. Great BIN on a Love Classic Family!
  245. Another possibly cheap Khemosabi resin on eBay!
  246. Shipping Costs Question - Overcharged or OK?
  247. Anatomy in Motion
  248. What *IS* this? I don't think it's a CM...
  249. PayPal holding funds?
  250. Possible Chalky Clydesdale Foal on Etsy