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  1. Paypal Credit/buy now pay later question
  2. Uhm...an unknown variation maybe?
  3. Question about post sales post.
  4. Interesting eBay auction...
  5. Why are these HRs going so high?
  6. Amazon to enter the homemade market.
  7. Why do my funds take so long in Pending?
  8. Look! A sharkhole!
  9. Maybe I should sell mine!
  10. Interesting appaloosa
  11. 1974-75 Reeves International Toy Retailer Catalog
  12. Very Cheap SR Appaloosa Classic QH Stallion!
  13. P. Stone's Signatures on Breyers.....Yes or No?
  14. Cast Iron Breyers
  15. The elusive DOPPLE PAM!
  16. Whoa! That's a pricey Duchess!
  17. Neat Piece of Breyer History
  18. Interesting uhhhh mare
  19. Is there something special about this?
  20. This ain't no Companion Animal
  21. How cool is this?! Translucent purple Running Mare!
  22. Anyone else having difficulty entering tracking numbers intonebay system?
  23. Uh Huh.
  24. Are these Western Horses legitimate Breyer issues?
  25. Anyone looking for Moon Warrior? Ending soon, no bids
  26. That's some nice woodgraining!
  27. looking for a lisa rivera
  28. Copenhagen Running Mare and Foal Spotted on eBay
  29. Translucent Marabella
  30. Wood carving? Of a Fighter
  31. Somewhat curious...
  32. Breyer needs to do THIS for the Vintage Club!!!
  33. "Breyer" china Donkey? Any info on this cutie...
  34. Horse looks like a bra
  35. Too good to be true?
  36. Was anyone bidding on this?
  37. Woodgrain Diablo
  38. poor baby...
  39. eBay Bid Retraction Question?
  40. Something good for once...
  41. What in the what? 3 day eBay auctions now cost $1.00?!
  42. Open Letter to Sellers Requesting Personal Payment on PayPal
  43. The wall decoration you never knew you needed...
  44. ISH - super price
  45. FAM's delusions of grandeur
  46. Something else good for once...
  47. Who is this stablemate??
  48. Horsing Around Checkout Question?
  49. Glossy Elska?
  50. Dappled Grey Clydesdale Stallion...what's so special?
  51. Ebay model horse listing... a tree stump
  52. Glossy Mariah's Boon On Ebay!
  53. Presentation QH Yearling On Base...
  54. Mystery Golden Scrambling Foal on ebay!
  55. Bryer Woodgrain Stretch Morgan with Sticker on Ebay! Ends Sunday!
  57. Voyeur in an eBay Listing!
  58. Interesting old timer knockoff.
  59. What makes these stablemates so special
  60. Craigslist with blue running foal
  61. Misty's Missing an eye...
  62. Is this a true test Diablo?
  63. SILVER SNOW Up For Offers On MH$P!!!
  64. eBay: PAF-Woodgrain
  65. And Valegro sells for...
  66. Signed Baby Flo on Ebay
  67. Poor FAM
  68. Wrong Sock Matte Secretariat...
  69. Chalky ?
  70. Don't you hate it when.....
  71. 2016 VC Prancer Inspiration??
  72. Rare PAM Alert
  73. Poor Mesteno...
  74. I LOVE this PAM!
  75. Rare PAM on eBay
  76. Appaloosa PAM, PAF & FAS set on eBay
  77. Ebay entertainment - ads that make you snort
  78. Info: hobby terminology guide to evilbay
  79. The perfect book
  80. Hmm...anyone need one???
  81. I giveth you...
  82. But, but, but... Where are his PANTS?
  83. Anyone looking for an affordable older Running Mare with eyewhites?
  84. This is my nightmare
  85. Possible test Classic rearing stallion?
  86. Looking For A Chestnut Appy QH Gelding No Sock Variation? Here He Is!
  87. Reasonable price for a no star variation travis?
  88. Custom half rearing Mustang??
  89. Another strange model
  90. Lots for not a lot...
  91. More Tests from China on Ebay
  92. Anybody seen this clear ASB on ebay?
  93. Genuine andalucian test model or not?
  94. Test Black Decorator Five Gaiter Spotted on Craigslist 1960s piece Good deal?
  95. Now THIS is articulation!
  96. Viajero COA
  97. Child Labor...
  98. Glossy Nokota at a bargain price, but unfortunate damage- is this normal?
  99. eBay Advice
  100. Five Gaiter Lamp by Griffin
  101. Look at this FAM...
  102. Antique store finds
  103. Question: How can I sell a large number of horses quickly?
  104. Question: Has anyone used EBID auction site? 3% final value fees!
  105. Check out this LG CM! WOW!
  106. These are pretty cheap prices
  107. Identity help please
  108. For Reals? A third Copenhagen Belgian
  109. Question: Ebay's Global Shipping Program
  110. Looking for person with e-bay name handhwc
  111. whimper...
  112. Puttin' on the Ritz at a Goodwill
  113. Anyone looking for this Plum Fury Prancer?
  114. MIB Silver Saddlebred - Thrown in for "Free"?
  115. Another one to whimper about
  116. FAS with Benefits
  117. A Silver Snow On Ebay!
  118. Question: Since When Does eBay....
  119. A Thread Dedicated to Tinnggg....
  120. Question about eBay transaction
  121. These are a riot!
  122. BreyerFest Prize model Old Timer "Jake"
  123. What happened to the boxer ?
  124. Check out this Woodgrain FS!
  125. Looking for info on a MH$P Vendor
  126. If Breyer ever did this color on this mold...WOW, I'd buy it!
  127. Stunning Custom Huck!!
  128. Retracting Bids On Ebay
  129. Another Chinese Factory Leak
  130. An amzing kick butt Wyatt CM
  131. Shipping Box Size suggestions
  132. Question: Does anyone know the history of this model?
  133. PSA: Problems In Ebay App
  134. Check out these Raffle and other rare SRs for low prices!
  135. BF 03 Prize Gold Charm Western Stallion and Wedgewood Fury On EBay!!
  136. George Morris & Rio Special Run?
  137. Ghost on Ebay...
  138. Is this real or something else?
  139. A CM on Smarty Jones - Breyer, are you Watching?
  140. Chalky Morgan On Ebay Ending Tonight!
  141. CM on Croi of Misty...(not my ad)
  142. Goofy Arabs!
  143. Ummm...Weathergirl?
  144. In the total entertainment catagory
  145. Is this guy real?
  146. Why are these guys going for so much?
  147. Opinions on Buying from Ebay?
  148. Looking for a Rare Transitional Western Horse Saddle Cheap?
  149. Are 2014 BF silver horses dropping in value?
  150. EBay Help
  151. Best Ebay Deal Ever
  152. Which Paypal Account Type?
  153. Why are they going so high?
  154. Tons of Breyers at an Estate Sale in Orlando
  155. 1950's Breyer sets on ebay
  156. Rare Glossy Shetland Pony?
  157. Real or Custom?
  158. The saddest shrinky I've ever seen...
  159. Breyer wolf... or toy dog?
  160. Look at this GORGEOUS Othello CM'd into a Fresian!
  161. This guy is so sweet!!
  162. Eh?
  163. Two test FAS's?
  164. Your daily ebay giggle
  165. Learn something new every day...
  166. PSA
  167. Ebay: HTF Decorators!!!
  168. Confused?? Silver Filigree Icelandic Pony
  169. Variation of Buckskin Cheyenne?
  170. I sure hope...
  171. Aspen...um what?
  172. Asking about international shipping.
  173. Another Chalky Morgan On Ebay!
  174. Are these dapple grey belgians no longer desirable?
  175. Stores near Memphis?
  176. Did this guy come out of the Factory Like this?
  177. eBay BIN Rant
  178. Shrinky Azteca?
  179. What a looker!
  180. What is so special about is PAM?
  181. PAM...real or oddball?
  182. Anything Worth Buying?
  183. Souviner FAS on EBay
  184. Aww...another poor shrinky?
  185. Best way to sell "common" models?
  186. Why so high?
  187. Am I Seeing This Wrong Or...?
  188. I want this persons luck!
  189. Congress Legionario - surely that's not right?
  190. Oh the humanity!!!
  191. Glossy Dapple Grey running mare and foal
  192. Woodie Clydesdale Stallion on eBay! Ends Tomorrow!
  193. Michigan Blabbers look at this sale!!!
  194. I think we used the same reference! :)
  195. Who's the brahma?
  196. Black Breyer Shetland?
  197. Does anyone know what these are?
  198. Do you see it?
  199. Alborozo custom
  200. Sam I Am on Etsy
  201. Inexpensive Fury on Etsy?
  202. Woodgrain FAF lamp on etsy
  203. Okay, I'm mortified someone would consider a woodgrain 5-gaiter for custom bait
  204. Gorgeous Amazing CM Mule
  205. I find it hard to believe....
  206. I want to cry... Who got this lot on eBay?!?!
  207. Isn't this running foal gorgeous?!
  208. Cool FAS
  209. Flocked Cutie! (Stormy)
  210. Who is this!?
  211. Is this guy OF
  212. More BHR Goodies
  213. eBay Transaction Advice Needed
  214. Sam I Am on ebay!
  215. Raffle 2009 Strapless Tiramisu on EBay!!
  216. OF Man o War?
  217. Riata ranch set - ebay
  218. PayPal or eBay?
  219. Fantastic CM Gem Twist!
  220. PAF New in box
  221. Geronimo in a solid color...
  222. Pinto Indian Pony Box......
  223. Super cool CM stallions fighting
  224. Very intriguing CM Bull!
  225. Does this running foal have a bloated head?
  226. Check out this Bay FS!
  227. Super splattered Lucky!
  228. Bet this one goes for a pretty penny!
  229. Shenanigans on eBay with COA $99.00 ENDS THURSDAY 7/14 6:45 pm EST
  230. When to initiate non paying bidder report on ebay?
  231. Test Saige - Nice!
  232. Possible chalkies on CL
  233. MH$P's OOAK Auction Pieces
  234. Pally fighter with sticker
  235. Anyone know what's up with these?
  236. Bedouin CAS
  237. Steel Dust?
  238. Very Neat Fella
  239. Glossy Dappled Black Nokota CM
  240. Flocked Blue Fighter
  241. Auction Question
  242. Auction Fighter!
  243. Help looking for possibly stolen collection
  244. Custom semi rearing?
  245. Life-Size Horse Lamp
  246. US Post Office updates
  247. Ruffian fans!
  248. Nice woodgrain PAM on eBay
  249. Sobbing pitifully...
  250. Poor little bloaty on ebay. :(