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  1. CM Imperador Das Aguas
  2. Deco rainbow peacock Appaloosa!
  3. Buyers - do they read descriptions ???
  4. China Breyer Seller
  5. CM Ashquar....wooza!
  6. Who is this FAF?
  7. eBay Pricing - need feedback
  8. Do you think this can be saved?
  9. This is Bayberry & Roses right?
  10. Seller says this Paddock Pal is "RARE"- is it?
  11. This can't be Moritz, can it?
  12. Halla No Star Variation on Ebay
  13. Breyer flockie in harness for Coors
  14. Gah! This Poor Atlas!!
  15. Pretty Nice CM 2016 Celebration Horse
  16. Ebay and inaccurate descriptions - I just don't understand
  17. Showcase Collection Running Foals!
  18. Novelisto Is Really Listing HIGH!
  19. Sellers, PLEASE! Post photos of what you ARE selling!
  20. Stone Sterling Jewelry????
  21. Bloaties!
  22. Poor San Domingo!
  23. Look at this shiny boy!
  24. Why is EMMA being called a doll on ebay?
  25. Check out this horse room!
  26. PayPal dispute query
  27. Craigs list ad- Cranes
  28. Don't you hate it when....
  29. Ebay Sellers, is there a way to... (shipping label question)
  30. Bloaty FAM!
  31. Second Guessing pricing on an eBay item....
  32. Neat Original Sculpture
  33. Angle of camera or shrinky?
  34. Deco Sherman Morgan on MH$P!
  35. Stop sending Friends/Family PayPal Payments!
  36. Rio Rondo and Credit Cards (nothing bad on their part)
  37. Mustang Night Light ob E-Bay
  38. Am I bidding against a Blabber?
  39. What do you do when you underestimate International Shipping...BAD? on eBay?
  40. WOW: This sold for a bargain
  41. Little gem of a site
  42. Is this shirt actually a Breyer product?
  43. Donations in PayPal
  44. A Bothersome Auction
  45. Does anyone else get second thoughts on selling?
  46. Should I avoid this Ebay seller?
  47. CM Steampunk Horse...
  48. Breyer Trakehner?
  49. Wow! Someone Listened!!
  50. Ebay Feedback
  51. Flocked Belgian?
  52. Who's This? (SM rearing Arabian)
  53. Anyone looking for BF Prize Model Tom Thumb?
  54. Could This Be Legit?
  55. Sales/auction descriptions that bug you...
  56. Gold Prize Model Western Horse
  57. Strong horse
  58. Has Anyone Had an eBay Listing get "spammed"?
  59. Anyone see the Adorable Flockie Frolicking Foal on eBay?
  60. Yep, She Looks Kinda Bare!
  61. Check Out This Beautiful Copehenhagen Breyer Set
  62. Okay, I'm Crying "Foul!" On This One!
  63. Did a Blabber win this Adios???
  64. Look at this poor guy!
  65. Purple Pony!!!
  66. What do y'all see?
  67. I'm going to cry....
  68. Paypal Shipping Label OOPS!! What happens now?
  69. Is this an ISH knockoff?
  70. Test Fighter on Ebay!
  71. This poor girl...
  72. Etsy Direct pay, question for sellers
  73. Galaxy Gypsy Vanner/Brishen!
  74. PSA: This is NOT an In Between Mare
  75. These Riegsecker flocked Belgians are cool!
  76. Is this lamp the real thing?
  77. Stunning Valegro CM!
  78. Drastic Custom Wintersong...WOW!
  79. Evans and West collaboration piece for sale
  80. Decorator Stablemates!
  81. Is this guy OF?
  82. Question: eBay - offering International shipping after auction close?
  83. Galaxy Wintersong/Othello!!!
  84. OMG Just TOO CUTE!!!!
  85. Nice animal figures
  86. What's going on here?
  87. Not Sure How I Feel About This One...
  88. Paypal Policy Update = Higher fees
  89. Glossy Mariah on eBay .. no sale?
  90. Sales tax on Ebay??
  91. PAM - custom blaze and gloss?
  92. You don't see this one for sale that often!
  93. Has anyone seen this website for searching Ebay?
  94. Anyone know this eBay seller?
  95. Check out this Croi CM!!
  96. Interesting Mule!
  97. Oh the unobtainable teases...
  98. Rash of Ebay Paypal chargebacks?
  99. Why is this fellow so expensive?
  100. In between mare on eBay!!
  101. Paypal "Pay after Delivery"
  102. Amazing Cattle models
  103. Legionario in old Blister Pack box!!
  104. Florentine running foals!
  105. GORGEOUS Custom Mamacita/Chico on ebay!
  106. Beautiful Custom Wyatt!
  107. Breyer on Etsy
  108. Gorgeous Blue Copenhagen!
  109. Have you ever seen a Reeves Breyer Green Dagon figure?
  110. OKay...so is this fellow chalky?
  111. Cody Ranch Horse - interesting mistake!
  112. Pricy Grazing Mare
  113. For those Croi fans...check this one out!
  114. I thought this would go ALOT higher.
  115. Holy Cow!
  116. BF SR resin?
  117. Where is that money tree?
  118. What Western Horse is this - Copper?
  119. A little clarity would be nice...
  120. Where are good places to sell online these days?
  121. Orinocco By Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig for sale on MH$P
  122. Anyone for Everglades or Allegro?
  123. Looking for these artist resins....
  124. Looking for these artist resins....
  125. Sherman variation
  126. What is going on with this fella?
  127. Why so expensive?
  128. Proper Etiquette for Offers
  129. Email address to send something from a seller to Ebay?
  130. Real Glossy or Aftermarket (i.e. fake)?
  131. Oh Dooowiiiiiiiki
  132. I'm drooling over this one! BEAUTIFIL Steam Punk Weather Girl.
  133. ebay user agreement update -- auto list????
  134. Classic Triple Crown Set II!!
  135. Have you seen the "dabbles"?
  136. Huh?
  137. Third-Party Marketplaces for buying model horses
  138. Glossy Classic Shire / Corgi set
  139. Test Mule
  140. Modernistic Deer Set by Breyer
  141. Flocked Midnight Sun
  142. Hunting in the Wild
  143. Who needs him??!! :)
  144. Anyone looking for Silver Carrick, Andalusian or Latigo?
  145. Boxing up stuff; help!!!
  146. Anyone for a Mudflap?
  147. Peter Stone Arabian with Stars?
  148. Not a Thelwell, but a Star Hill pony.
  149. Black PCM - is she the real deal?
  150. ebay bidding strategies?
  151. E-Bay Best Offer
  152. Ebay shipping high and low on same day....
  153. Copenhagen San Domingo!
  154. For Doo Wiki
  155. EBay feedback question
  156. Here's one you don't see every day..
  157. SR Triple Crown Classic Set #1!
  158. Test Run Proud Arabians??
  159. How long do you wait?
  160. Glossy Copperfox Henrietta On Ebay!
  161. Vintage Hartland Lovers!!!
  162. If You're Looking For Sold Out Copperfox Models, There Are Some On Ebay Today!
  163. Confused. Am I Missing Something?
  164. Amazon Prime Day + Breyer & Schleich
  165. OH Doowikiiiiiii
  166. Moritz for a steal!
  167. Fury knock off?
  168. Oh My! What is going on here?
  169. Check out this Hide Mustang
  170. Another Everglades!!!
  171. Super Cool Indu Variation!
  172. Mustang!
  173. Amazing Marwari CM!
  174. Phar Lap on the LG model!
  175. INSANE bidding war
  176. Wow... you want how much for Fylkir?
  177. Someone rescue this FAS
  178. Glossy BF "prize" model on eBay.. factory leak?
  179. How rare is the Fury music box?
  180. Is this model really worth that much?!?
  181. HELP! Experienced eBay-ers, tell me about the Global Shipping Program!
  182. ...homemade?!
  183. Test misty? $5000
  184. Xavier unicorn on ebay $25
  185. oh my..
  186. Carousel Horse Auction - in my Home Town!
  187. Models on Ebay for YEARS?
  188. This Garage Sale is Back. I Might Go.
  189. Need shipping cost help for ebay!!
  190. Why so much for this Adios???
  191. What is up with this elephant?
  192. Micro Mini Breyer Knockoffs
  193. Share Your Most Awe-Inspiring, Unusual, & Interesting eBay / MH$P Finds!
  194. Holy Smokes!!! Congress Arab FAMILY...
  195. Darker than normal Big Chex to Cash?
  197. Why?
  198. Model Horse Auction Barn PIN Issues???
  199. Opaque plastic, chalky plastic or a trick of the light? El Pastor.
  200. Toy stores in Portland
  201. No More Watermarked Photos on Ebay!
  202. Wow!
  203. :mad I am really mad at ebay!!!!!
  204. Question: Seeking assistance about some resins
  205. Haunted horse for sale......eBay has everything!
  206. Thoughts on evolving eBay seller terms
  207. Anyone going to this estate sale ( Dallas Texas)? Lots of HSO objects availble
  208. 16th in Luvjeordie's "Nightmare Series"!
  209. Cool oddity running mare
  210. Anyone see this...blister pack Legionario!
  211. Sarah Rose new ASB
  212. Is the Breyerhorses.com site secure on your screen?
  213. Anyone know this SD?
  214. Rash of Non-Paying Bidders on eBay?
  215. Looking to Paint Models for side money.
  216. Interesting Running Foal
  217. Buckskin Family Arab Mare?
  218. Warehouse Find SHM
  219. Check the bidding on this Glossy Liberty on EBay **not mine
  220. Ad Sales Terms: Is It Just Me?
  221. Cool PAM bloaty...
  222. Gold Charm 5 Gaiter on Shop Goodwill!
  223. Really cool and awesome looking Fighter!
  224. HELP! Need advice on eCheck issue with international sale…
  225. ASHF semi gloss appy
  226. eBay changing my listings??!
  227. Anyone seen this Morgan?
  228. First Time Seller-Things to Know about Shipping!
  229. Really pretty FAM
  230. PAM, no FAM mistake, I think!
  231. HELP not sure what to do :(
  232. Shetland Pony cull
  233. Not Getting What the Fuss is All About....
  234. Now this is just down right cool!
  235. 1958 Sears SR PAF Set
  236. Smokey I didn't know you had it in ya ..
  237. Interesting Family Arabian Mare
  238. MH$P Seller Subscription Question
  239. Hollywood Boulevard!
  240. Breyers in need of rescue!
  241. Expensive Morgan...
  242. Galahad.... Goodness Gracious!
  243. Gah!!! Born to run!
  244. Crescent City anyone?
  245. Ohhh pretty!!
  246. PayPal -- Friends&Family vs Goods
  247. Oh, my! How I wish.
  248. Test Copperfoxes on ebay.
  249. Boy does this bring back memories...Mr. Ed!
  250. If legit, one heck of a grail!!