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  1. Parking Pass Available
  2. SR Ticket Swap - 11-12 Sunday
  3. WANTED: Repair Artist!
  4. Old Mold Stablemates and Excellent Old Mold PAM without Breyer Mark and Pink Nose!
  5. SR ticket trade - Friday 1-2
  6. Room 333 Sales Start Today!
  7. Rare Western Pony Light Sorrel Variation with Snap Saddle
  8. Breyer Clydesdale Lamp with Original Shade and Base! Pinking!!
  9. Have lots of Friday and some Sunday ticket times -- need to trade for others
  10. Have extra childs 3-day admission buttons + Sat night show tickets -- $10 for both
  11. BreyerFest pick-up spots still available
  12. room 510 is open
  13. Open for Business in 516!
  14. Carrot Cake!!! Room 311
  15. Room Sales 211
  16. Time to Party, Celebration' Pop The Cork red roan, etc....
  17. Mosaic for sale in Room 516!
  18. WTB Haute Couture at Breyerfest
  19. For sale - 2014 single day stablemates $25 each
  20. Enchante wanted !!!
  21. LOOKING TO TRADE: my 2014 volunteer for your 2015!!
  22. WTB: Volunteer Model
  23. Special run tickets for sale!
  24. Breyer Premier Club Mini Falhofnir - $75obo
  25. Special Run ticket Sunday 12-1 for sale
  26. En Chante Wanted! Can pay in full Monday!!
  27. WTB: Breyerfest 2015 Appaloosa Stablemate
  28. Models I brought for sale
  29. Glossy Dun Tobiano Quelle Surprise for Trade!
  30. Wanted to Buy the Glossy Dun Tobiano Quelle Surprise
  31. Trade Glossy Dun Quelle 4 Glossy Appy
  32. Wanted: Glossy BF live prize Totilas!
  33. Wanting to Buy Shelf LG Surprise Model and Single Days
  34. Room 311--Carrot Cake, Glossy Totilas, Silver Knight, more!
  35. Trade Glossy Picasso for Glossy Totilas!
  36. Wanted Sailor! Any color
  37. WTT: Glossy Mr Chips for Matte
  38. SR Saturday Ticket for Sale
  39. Wanted at Breyerfest! Matte Falhofnir
  40. TRADE: My Buckskin Tobiano Quelle Surprise for your Cremello!
  41. Long shot I'm sure, but want to buy Surprise Lonesome Glory Appy.
  42. Rooms Open on Sunday?
  43. Wanted Glossy Prize Totilas
  44. Seeking a Glossy Totilas!!!
  45. Wanted: Chanel, Art Nouveau
  46. Wtb Caves of Lascaux
  47. My Matte Buckskin Quelle for your Appy?
  48. Wanted: Breyer Glossy Totilas
  49. For Sale or Trade: B'fest 2015 Crystal Horse
  50. Wanted: JAH Copenhagen and Gold Charm Saddlebreds
  51. Trade matte chestnut pinto for any other color suprise
  52. Trade Matte Chesnut Pinto Surprise for Matte Appaloosa Surprise
  53. Glossy Mariah prize model 1/20! Palo Clyde Volunteer model! FCM Stone ISHs!
  54. TRADE - Surprise Cremello / Perlino LG for Any Other Surprise LG Color!
  55. Chanel-For Sale at Cost.....
  56. Breyer Trade my Matte chestnut pinto surprise
  57. trade chestnut surprise model?
  58. Two Tent Slots available
  59. Surprise Models for sale
  60. trade: surprise tobiano buckskin for appy
  61. Anybody Have An Oration For Sale That Will Be At The CHIN Tonight?
  62. For Sale -GLOSSY Perlino Quelle Surprise
  63. Have Chestnut Pinto Quelle Surprise For Sale
  64. Trade Surprise Chestnut Appy for ANY other color... PLEASE?
  65. For sale many 2015 BFEST SRs including Caves
  66. For sale: Haute Couture
  67. For sale Enchante - $135
  68. WTB at cost
  69. WTB: Caves of Lascaux
  70. Trade matte appy surprise for perlino
  71. Wanting to trade Surprise models
  72. Trade Matte Appaloosa or Chestnut for Perlino
  73. WTB: Blue Breyer Duffle Bag
  74. WTB matte Appy Surprise model
  75. WTT Glossy Cremello Surprise for Glossy Sorrel Overo Pop the Cork
  76. wtb: matte appaloosa surprise model
  77. TRADE: Pop The Corks for Quelle Surprise models
  78. WTB: XL Striped V-Neck Shirt from Pop Up Store - Pay or Trade SR SM's / Stone CHIPS!
  79. Glossy Appy Surprise, Chanel and Versailles for Sale!
  80. Breyerfest 2016 Model Pick ups-6 slots only!
  81. Breyerfest 2016 Pickups!
  82. Breyerfest 2016 Pickups! Limited Slots Available!
  83. Trade BF 2016 Sunday SR ticket for Friday or Saturday
  84. Wanted Breyerfest Pickups
  85. Looking for Breyerfest buddy
  86. TICKET TRADE NEEDED: Have a Saturday, need to trade for Sunday OR Friday!
  88. TICKET TRADE NEEDED: Looking for Saturday before 3:00
  89. Trade BF 2016 ticket?
  91. TRADE BF 2016 Sunday ticket for Sat or Sunday
  92. BF pick up?
  93. Looking for a roommate for Breyerfest!
  94. Breyerfest Pickups Available as well as Swap Meet/Room Sales Pickups!
  95. BF SR tix wanted!
  96. WANTED: Special Run Tickets
  97. Seeking spare 3 day buttons.
  98. Want To Buy: Breyerfest Volunteer Model
  99. BF Tent Ticket Trades - have Friday, need Saturday/Sunday
  100. Would like to trade my SR tickets/buy tickets for a different time
  101. Looking for Friday 9am or 10am BF tickets - have Sat/Sun to trade!
  102. Need to trade my Friday SR tickets for either Saturday or Sunday
  103. WANTED: Special Run Tickets
  104. Ticket trades needed!
  105. Saturday Celebration of Horses Tickets for sale!!
  106. Consignment Room Sales - What do you think?
  107. Want To Trade: Saturday 4PM
  108. Want To trade tickets
  109. Wanted..
  110. WTB Celebration Model
  111. Breyerfest Want List! Can Start making payments now!
  112. ISO Single Day SM Pick Up Person...
  113. Need Ticket Trade!
  114. My Want List and FS/Trade
  115. SR tickets WANTED! Pay or trade Breyers!
  116. Breyerfest Pickups Available - Traditional, Stablemates, and Everything In Between!
  117. WANTED: Saturday 10am and 11am BreyerFest SR Tickets! Will buy or trade!
  118. WANT TO TRADE AT BREYERFEST-- Persimmon, Holly, & VC Storm
  119. Need someone to sell a few models for me!
  120. Want To Trade: Sunday 10am Ticket
  121. Breyerfest SR Ticket Trade Needed
  122. Breyerfest Adult and Child Buttons and Gala Tickets For Sale
  124. Pickup questions and pricing
  125. Pick-up wanted on Dag Dia!
  126. Ticket trades needed
  127. Sun 1am and Sat 12pm tickets for an early Friday!
  129. The MASSIVE Breyerfest Sales List!
  130. Breyerfest Clarion Sales List-ENTIRE STORE! MASSIVE!
  131. Can't make it to Breyerfesy this year. :( Selling SR tickets and stuff
  132. Tent trade needed, Model & Tent Tickets wanted also
  133. Breyerfest Sales List (I can ship, too!)
  134. WTB: Breyerfest Volunteer Model
  135. Wanted List
  136. Sales List for Room 218
  137. Clarion sales list - take a look!
  138. Breyer Wanted: Breyerfest Crystal "Girl From Ipanema" Croi mold
  139. Wanted...
  140. Breyerfest Sales - ROOM 327
  141. BF ROOM SALES--CHIN Room 315--TONS OF GOODIES!! Vintage, SR, Newer, HTF, and MORE
  142. WANT TO TRADE AT BREYERFEST-- Ivy (Dappled Green) & VC Storm (MOW)
  143. Few things bringing to sell at BreyerFest, HTF Artists
  144. CHIN ROOM SALES # 537
  145. Three Celebration of Horses Performance Tickets, Anyone Need Them??
  146. Copacabana pick-up needed
  147. Want List - Breyerfest 2016
  148. Ticket Trade Needed!
  149. Wanted: Your Extra Adult BreyerFest 2016 Button!
  150. Would like to trade Sat ticket for a Sunday
  151. Models For Sale - Can Bring to Breyerfest if Someone is Interested
  152. ONE more ticket trade needed!!
  153. Breyers For Sale! Will Only bring to Breyerfest upon request!!
  154. BreyerFest SR Ticket Trade
  155. Needing an Adult BF button
  156. MORE Room Sales....Room #223 at the CHIN!!
  158. BF Stuff
  159. Pickup Wanted: Single Day SMs and Mercado items
  160. For trade at BF: World Cup Strapless & BF Raffle model
  161. Breyerfest Ticket Trades Needed
  162. Also for sale in ROOM 315
  163. Wanted: Room at the Clarion
  164. Breyerfest SR Ticket for Sale, Sun 1-2
  165. Breyer Breyerfest SR Ticket Trade needed, please!
  166. Anyone Need Last Minute Pickups?
  167. Sandy A. & MagicGothElf's BreyerFest Sales List
  168. BF Special Run tickets for sale
  169. 2016 BreyerFest Sales List
  170. SilverShip's Breyerfest 2016 Want List
  171. Wanted: Breyerfest Crystal Horse "The Girl from Ipanema"
  172. I buy you Diablo DC, you buy me Crystal
  173. BFest SR ticket trade needed, please.
  174. Touch-up services at BF?
  175. BF Want List
  176. Clarion Breyerfest Sales Room 209
  178. Massive SWAP MEET Sales and Trade (AND a short Want List!)
  179. Wanting to buy Dag Dia
  180. SR Tent ticket trades needed!
  181. Jenny B.'s "BreyerFest Most Wanted" List!
  182. BreyerFest Room Sales -- Room 655!!
  183. For Sale At Swap Meet!
  184. For Sale - To Deliver at BreyerFest!
  185. Small College Prep Sales/Trade List!
  186. BF Saleslist (OF, CM, mini AR, bodies)
  187. Saturday Ticket Trade needed!
  188. ROOM 207 - Sales List!
  189. Selling Breyerfest SR ticket Saturday 4-5
  190. WANTED: Artist Resins and Customs
  191. Room 213 - a little bit of everything!
  192. SR Ticket Trade Needed!
  193. For sale in Room 510
  194. sillysallys Breyerfest 2016 Wanted List!
  195. WTT my Friday 12-1 SR ticket for your Saturday 2-3 ticket!
  196. BreyerFest Room Sales- Room 560
  197. Wanted and Looking For at BreyerFest
  198. Ticket Trade Please!! Have Fri 10-11am!
  199. Trade Saturday 2-3 ticket for another Saturday time
  200. For Sale: Saturday SR Ticket 11am-12pm
  201. Ticket trade Sun 12-1 for a Saturday
  202. For Sale At Clarion at Breyerfest
  203. Single Day SM Pickups!
  204. CHIN Room Sales! 315!
  205. WTB: Hermes and Silver Fox!
  206. WTB: SR Tent Tickets
  207. SR Ticket Trade Needed
  208. Trade Needed: My Friday Celebration of Horses Performance for your Saturday
  209. WTB: One extra Tent Ticket!
  210. Possible Sales List.
  211. Would anyone be interested in buying....
  212. JohyH's Sales/Want list for BF
  213. Non-Breyer Stuff- Fred Stone
  214. Ruffle Scarves for sale in room 515
  215. Pay Tonight Get 10% Off
  216. Not attending but looking for older FCM Stone Trotting Drafters
  217. Info: SWAP MEET Lists
  218. New Models Added To Room Sales In 218
  219. Last Minute Ticket Trades Needed!
  220. Ringil's Breyerfest 2016 Want List
  221. Sr ticket trade needed
  222. Ticket Trade Desperately needed!
  223. Looking for an exceptional Tregoyd Journeyman
  224. Looking for 2 SR ticket trades
  225. Charl's Wishlist + Trades/Sales
  226. Sales in Room 544
  227. Looking to trade Saturday ticket for Sunday Ticket! Also Sunday tickets wanted!
  228. Room sales question
  229. Touch Up Services?
  230. SR Ticket Trade Needed!
  231. Mica's 2016 BF Want List :)
  232. Wanted: Diorama Contest Buckshot!
  233. Running Stallion *JADE* wanted for BF Pickup
  234. Room 317 sales list (laughingmareacres and EWV22)
  235. Brunello SR Loose mane w/ blanket and pin
  236. 3 Day Button Wanted
  237. Looking For Friday Special Run Tickets
  238. Honeysuckle for sale at Breyerfest
  239. For sale - special run ticket
  240. Looking to TRADE for an Earlier Saturday SR Time!
  241. BreyerBuyer's Most Wanted List :)
  243. Breyer "Ivy" on the Flash Mold FOR TRADE at BF
  244. SILVERFANG sale list
  246. Sr ticket FRIDAY 4-5 $40
  247. Swap Meet Sales List
  248. Wanted at BF
  249. For Sale Or Trade For OF Breyers, Will Bring To Breyerfest