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  1. For Sale in Room 440! (And my wish list!)
  2. We are OPEN for sales in Room 321!
  3. One SR pickup available!
  4. Looking to see if I can find some last minute pick- up help
  5. Looking for Friday SR Tickets
  6. How to find me at the swap
  7. Cameo is SOLD!
  8. Going To College Sale in Room 239: 100+ models (EVERYTHING MUST GO)
  9. Got a Room at the Clarion for Sat.! Come and look-buy:
  10. 551 opens thurs by 3pm! Herd reduction sale, hundreds of models and My Little Pony!
  11. I'm not staying at CHIN but you can still buy my stuff! :)
  12. Breyerfest Live Showers - ISO Prize Model (Brunello)
  13. Urgent! Two last minute Friday SR tickets available!
  14. CHIN 440 is OPEN!
  15. Back at Embassy Suites for 2018! Many models for sale.
  16. WTB Glossy Sierra Rose PAM
  17. WTB Autograph Adios
  18. WTB SM Rivet
  19. Trade: My Glossy Bay Pinto Dark Horse for Your Glossy Appaloosa, Sabino or Decorator
  20. Trade: Matte Sierra Rose for a Glossy
  21. WTB BF Saturday Raffle Model Woodford
  22. Looking to buy Saturday SR ticket, any time :)
  23. 50% off in room 633
  24. WANT TO TRADE: Matte Bay Pinto for any other color
  25. WTT Matte Sierra Rose + $50, for a Glossy
  26. Request for Future Breyerfest Subform: Roomate Matches/Traveling Companions
  27. Glossy Hwin! Trade for the glossy Brunello please?
  28. Anyone staying at the LaQuinta next to the Cracker Barrel?
  29. 2 volunteer models wanted! Room 551 will trade or buy!
  30. Breyer 2018 volunteer model wanted, have Caprihana or Assam or others to trade
  31. ISO Glossy Black dark horse surprise
  32. WTB Volunteer Horse - Cash in Hand!
  33. WTT: matte bay pinto for palomino pinto
  34. WANTED: Volunteer Model! Will pay cash!
  35. WTT matte bay pinto surprise for deco!
  36. WTB Straight Bet SR Model
  38. WTT Matte Tobiano Surprise for Matte Appy
  39. ISO Single Day Ruffian
  40. WTB Inari the BF Elk
  41. Matte Appy Dark Horse Surprise
  42. Still Open in 443!
  43. WTB/WTT: Diorama Prize Win, Place, or Show
  44. Still in Lexington?
  45. WTB: Matte Black Dark Horse Surprise
  46. WTB Glossy Appaloosa and Glossy black Dark Horse Surprise models
  47. WANTED: Saturday Raffle Woodford
  48. WTB: Single Day SM Ruffian
  49. Volunteer Model For Sale
  50. WTB straight Bet
  51. WTB: Ichabod Crane
  52. Breyer WTB: Breyerfest Born To Run - Clearware Classic
  53. WTB Julep & Pim - or trade with Straight Bet
  54. Breyerfest Pick Ups Available!
  55. Breyerfest 2019 Pickups Available! We're Back! :D
  56. SR tickets wanted
  57. BF Pickups Wanted (Celebration Horse + Diana)
  58. Pick ups available! Also collection downsizing in room 551, some Rare!
  59. Bf '19 tickets & sr tickets for sale
  60. 2019 BreyerFest Pickup List is open, Team AlaWisFlorgia at your service
  61. Wanted: Someone to do pick up for me.
  62. Ticket Trade needed
  63. Wanted-Celebration&Store Special pickup in trade for Tent Ticket
  64. WTB-Breyerfest Ticket Packets-Complete or Just SR Tickets
  65. ISO: Someone to sell my stands out of their CHIN room!
  66. Wanted - someone to pick up single day stablemates
  67. FS - Air conditioned lounge passes Fri Sat Sun
  68. Want Single Day SM Pick up- I'll buy tickets
  69. TACK TRADE for BFest Single Day SMs
  70. ISO BF pick-up stablemates
  71. Pick-up for 3 breyerfest stablemates wanted! I pay tickets and pick up fee.
  72. Would like a pickup of all 4 SM
  73. Room 128 is BACK! Come for the pineapples, stay for the pretty ponies!
  74. Pick-up wanted for SM set
  75. ISO models at BF
  76. WTB at breyerfest
  77. Chelsea's Model Horses Breyerfest Sales-We're Back! New Location!
  78. Breyerfest 2019 Want List Thread
  79. Wanted: 2019 Volunteer Model
  80. Pickups needed!
  81. Breyerfest Swap Meet Sales list!!!!
  82. Need SR Ticket Trade!
  83. Special Tent Ticket Trade Needed
  84. Special Run tent Ticket trade wanted!
  85. SR Ticket Trade Needed!
  86. Models for Sale That I can Deliver to Breyerfest
  87. ISO Single Day Stablemate Pickups
  88. Wanted: Glossy California Chrome
  89. For Sale at Breyerfest 2019 - Must Message Me By July 4th!
  90. Ticket TRADES NEEDED!!
  91. Saturday ticket trade
  92. WTT Navya mint with bag, for Andante Single Day SM
  93. Ticket trades needed!!!
  94. Two Friday SR Tickets FOR SALE
  95. WTT Fruitcake Fillies
  96. Other Tickets FOR SALE: Adult 3day, Kid 3day, Oliver, Sat Show, Parking, Sun Lounge
  97. Still Looking for Danielle Johnson: RE-Deposit for BF SR Pickup!
  98. Limited Breyerfest Pick-ups Available
  99. Extra Tickets For Sale
  100. MAJOR ISO!!!
  101. Breyerfest Sales-Question for Attendees at the Clarion
  102. Special Run tickets for sale - Friday and Saturday
  103. #438-don't be late! 500+ from multiple estates!
  104. Sunday 1-2 Special run ticket for sale
  105. BF Sale Ponies!
  106. Breyerfest Pre-Sales ROOM 321
  107. Room available at the Clarion Hotel
  108. WTT my braided Beau for your loose mane Beau
  109. Urgent Ticket Trades Needed!
  110. BreyerFest 2019 Sales List Room 515
  111. BF tickets for sale
  112. Anyone going who doesn't want Rico?
  113. WTB: 2 Breyerfest SMs
  114. Wanted Friday evening show tix
  115. Trade-Saturday SR Tickets 3-4 for Friday or Sunday Tickets
  116. Tons of Goodies in room 315! Multiple sellers! OF, RR, SR, Prize, Volunteer horses!
  117. Clearing the shelves for Breyerfest
  118. Looking for the following during Breyerfest and have the following for sale as well:
  119. Tack for sale at BF...also looking for
  120. Moooorrrrreeeee goodies in room 315!! Captain jack sez come check it out!!!
  121. Looking for Special run tickets (Friday or Saturday!)
  122. Breyerfest Presales!
  123. Ticket trade needed
  124. Room 567 Sales!
  125. Wanted: Breyer Catalog / Brochure 1970 - 1972 range
  126. Room 556. models and books
  127. WTT LaFitte for Quinn
  128. ISO A room to sell a few models out of at the CHIN
  129. Look for at Breyerfest
  130. A Few Swap Meet Sales Pieces :D
  131. Room 618 .. Breyer OFs & North Light (Couple of Chinas Too!)
  132. Fairfield Inn Room Reservation up for Grabs
  133. Come to RM311 for your Custom Shirts, Decals and Model Horses!!!!!
  134. Ticket Trade
  135. HSOs & Whatnot for BF Delivery
  136. Friday SR Ticket Trade Needed!
  137. LOTS of Goodies in Room 890 (443)
  138. Room 516 Sales
  139. No CHIN Room, But Sale Ponies!
  140. No Room at the Inn, For Sale at Breyerfest
  141. For Sale at Breyerfest
  142. Jassy's and Autie's Room Sales ~ CHIN #622!
  143. No CHIN Room, but can bring to BF!
  144. Gunsmoke in Room 561
  145. TICKET TRADE: My Saturday 11am for your...
  146. TICKET TRADE: Sunday at 9am for any time Friday or Saturday
  147. Ticket trade Sunday for any Friday or Saturday!
  148. MUST SELL: Swap Meet Vendor Table!
  149. Room 551 Over 200 models Extreme downsizing-will have Free candy;)
  150. HELP! Really need to trade 1 friday and 1 sat 11am tickets for another time!
  151. Can bring GLOSSY DECO DARK HORSE (flaws) -- $200
  152. 2018 and older BreyerFest SRs AT OR BELOW COST!!
  153. 2014 Pop-up Tent SR Pink Deco Stablemate "Birthday Cake" new in bag -- $40
  154. Looking for a pick up person!
  155. Last Minute For Sale including Special Run ticket
  156. Last Minute Clarion Sales Volunteer Models, Connoisseurs, Glossy Surprise, etc
  157. Dapple Grey Grace Vintage club gamblers choice
  158. Want to trade appaloosa calvin for palomino lancelot
  159. Embassy Suites room 305! Take the Breyer shuttle from CHIN or KHP!
  160. ISO Pinto Diana (Roxy)
  161. Breyer WTB: Glossy Oliver and Pinto Roxy (Diana)
  162. 2019 Volunteer Totilas Wanted!
  163. WANTED: ALL colors of Glossy Surprise Andalusians! Will buy outright or trade!
  164. Celebration Model Oliver for Sale
  165. ISO: Blue/Green Banner, Quill Variations, and Pinto Diana!
  166. ISO Blue Banner!
  167. Selling: California Chrome Glossy Prize Model!
  168. ISO - Grey Pinyo SR Line Clydesdale Mare
  169. ISO: Huckleberry Stands + models
  170. Looking for:; SR Andalusian Stallions
  171. WTB: Bucky
  173. ISO Pinto Rocket Variation
  174. Embassy Suites Room 319 On Saturday Evening
  175. ISO VC Quinn
  176. For Sale: Glossy California Chrome prize model
  177. WTB Glossy or Pearl(???) Rose Grey Andy Surprise on Time Payments
  178. ISO Blue Banner
  180. WTT Glossy Gray Surprise Horse for Matte Rose Gray
  181. Wanted. Sunday tent tickets.
  182. Want Rose grey Surprise Andy
  183. WTT: Rose Grey Surprise for Matte Pinto Surprise
  184. WTB: Banner, Alt Natasha, Deco and Rose Grey Andy!
  185. Selling: BF 2019 Volunteer Model
  186. ISO! Banner, Glossy Hero’s Welcome & Single Day SMs
  187. For Sale or Trade
  188. Desperately needed MATTE Quill
  189. Desperately ISO Pinto Diana
  190. Wanted: single day Chiffon
  191. For Sale: 2019 Volunteer Model
  192. Offers Glossy Rose Grey Surprise andalusian
  193. WTT Braided mane Diana for loose mane
  194. Who’s open Sunday night at the Clarion?
  195. Wanted appy surprise
  196. Surprise model trades
  197. Extra Natasha Availble!
  198. Trade my red Banner for rose grey matte Andy ~ CHIN Rm 617
  199. My Oliver has fingerprints... advice
  200. Wanted: Glossy Pinto Surprise
  201. Wanted: Leap of Faith Customs Trad or SM
  202. WTB: Decorator Andalusian Surprise Horse
  203. WTB 2019 BreyerFest Models
  204. Beethoven NEEDS Bluegreen Banner For Hubby!
  205. Wanted: Rocket - plain ol' regular Rocket
  206. ISO: Glossy Champagne surprise Andalusian
  207. Help! ISO Oliver!
  208. Breyerfest Left Overs Sale????
  209. Wanted-30th anniversary BF poster
  210. BF Leftovers Pick up - 1 slot available
  211. Does anyone know how many Oliver BFest Celebration horse, were made
  212. Breyerfest swag sale
  213. Breyerfest 2020 Pickups Available! We're Back! :D
  214. Room sales wish lists 2020!!
  215. For Sale - can bring to Breyerfest or ship
  216. Swap meet list for sale
  217. Loads of giveaways at BF!! Experience the majesty :D
  218. Chelsea's Model Horses Presents: Virtual Breyerfest Extravaganza!
  219. Offering virtual pick-ups
  220. Breyerfest 2020?
  221. Lots for sale in virtual room 551!
  222. Question: Virtual BreyerFest shopping?
  223. Paper Rex's Virtual BreyerFest Room Sales-Trade-Want Lists
  224. Sandy A. & MagicGothElf Virtual Room Sales
  225. Giddy up, giddy up, 409! Virtual room sales!
  226. Virtual Breyerfest sales
  227. CMY's Want List
  228. ISO - Diorama Prize Model Feis - Can PIF!
  229. Yoha's Virtual BF Sales!
  230. Silverfang Studios Virtual Room sales
  231. Best of Breyerfest Breyerfest Stablemate WB and Django
  232. Wyllow's Virtual Room Sales - meander away!
  233. Unlimited Post Editing in BF Room Sales sub-forum!
  234. BF Room Sales sub-forum - New Thread Issue is Fixed!
  235. Breyer Wanted - Breyerfest Surprise Model 2020
  236. My Ash for your Brighid/Beltane?
  237. Extras (Ash, Thorn, possibly Surprise) for trade for Oak & Brighid/Beltane
  238. Tyr's Virtual Room Sales!
  239. Want To Buy: Ash
  240. Wanted: Skye
  241. Oddball WTB Request: Green Gold Gradient BF2020 Logo Tee XXL
  242. Tonight is the Last Free Access to BF Forum!
  243. Skyes for Trade: Orkney and Jersey
  244. Hamish for Oak or Surprise model
  245. wanted matte Benelli
  246. Beethoven NEEDS Slainte PLEASE!!!
  247. I Want Slainte surprises!!!! Buy/trade
  248. Trade Slainte Surprise for Lugh or others on my want list
  249. WTT
  250. Wtb: Glossy palomino surprise