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  1. Fantasy/Mystical Creatures - Lets See Them!
  2. Epic Fail Studios railess thread of non progress on your "horses"
  3. Qing Dynasty Horse, my new project!
  4. winged stablemate "Court" Blue
  5. Moved to Facebook!
  6. Fantasy Experiment: Breyer's AQHA Colt to Unicorn!
  7. bat winged stablemate
  8. MLP custom "RockSTAR"
  9. for PoodleGirl a custom unicorn
  10. "Court's" mate and their first foal
  11. this fellow has been on my work table for 2 years
  12. Unicorn Question
  13. Cernunnos the antlered God *lots of pictures
  14. "Eldon" Fairy Friend
  15. Old Rose Unicorn
  16. The GreenEyed Unicorn Customs By Shandi
  17. question about pricing a custom request
  18. Horsenfeffer Hobbies by Airen
  19. Hunter's been huntin'! [IMG]
  20. IMG: Ragequit is here!!
  21. Bloomin' Fairies!
  22. Is she melting?
  23. Draconis felis...
  24. Pink foal in the fridge.......
  25. Skinless?
  26. pink foal update
  27. Seunta and Son of- Boydston
  28. Show us your Sparkly/glittery customs!
  29. CM Copenhagen Belgian
  30. A Doc-umentary
  31. Mer-horses! Let's see 'em!
  32. Shipping Things With Wings...
  33. Attaching wings...
  34. Angzara..err.mentary?
  35. For Ravensgate and Rivnro ---
  36. Unicorn tail types
  37. Seeking Info on 2007 Tricked Out Pony Prize Model (Pix Included)
  38. Reference Photos- Birds
  39. True Blue
  40. Unicorn (of course)
  41. Star (custom order Unicorn)
  42. Beibercorn demands homage
  43. Pink SM Pegasus
  44. Airen's Alborozo to Firebird WIP thread
  45. seahorse in progress
  46. Two of a Kind ( Unicorns)
  47. Help me decide my alicorn's color!
  48. Pam Unicorn and foal
  49. Paso Unicorn
  50. IMG: Purple Zebra
  51. Legacy Studios "Elerrasse" horses
  52. Sharing here for no good reason other then...
  53. Ziggy Star Dust Update
  54. where to buy fantasy attachments?
  55. CM Centaur!
  56. first customs - progress thread
  57. 2 finished today
  58. Unicrono by tokidoki
  59. Introdoucing Inferno! CM resin
  60. Metal Gears & Steam Punk Thingamabobs?
  61. "Vulcan the Golden" Seahorse ( he deserves his own thread)
  62. re-hairing MLP, help
  63. first mlp (not haired yet)
  64. Custom MLP My first one!
  65. Rowan
  66. WoW mounts?!
  67. kneeling or bowing unicorn
  68. strike unicorn
  69. Ivan the Hippogriff
  70. MLP's in progress
  71. First Unicorn (all the pictures)
  72. Hey Shauna...
  73. Calling Shauna and all other wing nuts!
  74. Deco Dogs
  75. Wings
  76. Blue Unicorn CM finished
  77. Prowler: the Angry Golden Striped Unicorn
  78. Let's see your BEST equine fantasy photos!
  79. Lady B Breyerfest or Bust Brighty
  80. Oh RobinHoodFan -
  81. How much information is too much information?
  82. My new Unicorn - by Jenn Danza
  83. Stablemate Foal Wings
  84. Latest Old & Weathered SM's
  85. Some Neat Carousel Animals
  86. New Kirin by Viviana from Russia
  87. New Deco Idea??
  88. Show Off Your Deco & Fantasy Models
  89. Are Unicorns and Pegasuses the Only NAN Qualifyable Fantasy Models?
  90. The GreenEyed Unicorn Studio
  91. Thestrals?
  92. Carousel Inspiration
  93. the mare that rides men mad
  94. Crazy. Fun. And crazy fun. Let the carouselification begin!
  95. Smarty Pegasus
  96. DEath Rides a Pale horse
  97. SeaBorn
  98. Show us your scary Halloween models!
  99. Let's see your Autumn Theme Decorators!
  100. The Amaterasu Horse is done!
  101. Saphira Unidragon Horse
  102. Need color ideas for Oceania as a peg
  103. Nomad horsemen of Kazakhstan
  104. Warrior cat model horse
  105. Sonic the hedgehog Deco or Okami Deco?
  106. Christmas customs
  107. Okami Wolf CM
  108. Breyer Classic Unicorns, Bella and Mozart
  109. Pictures of 'Killed In Action' the zombie horse
  110. IMG: Season's Greeting from a not so thrilled Ragequit
  111. Let's see your Christmas & New Year's decorators!
  112. What kind of sculpting material do you use?
  113. CM Nokota: Who's ready for some FOOTBALL!? Broncos Deco!
  114. The Decos of Desert Sun Studios...
  115. IMG: Oh Shannon... This Poor Misguided Fella needs your help...
  116. Steampunk Centaurs
  117. Christmas Breyer Ruffian
  118. What Would I Show This Fantasy Resin As?
  119. Hunger Games Mockingjay Deco
  120. Elements and gods - ideas wanted
  121. Gumby Centaur... Wait... Waaaaaat!?
  122. Where to buy SM Unicorn horns?
  123. To wing or not to wing?
  124. Warrior Cat CM
  125. The Decos Of Silver Lion Studios
  126. Twiilght Saga Customs
  127. How to mangle your dragon
  128. WIP Dragonhorse Othello
  129. Just for you Shauna...
  130. Mandala Phase
  131. Any carousel lovers around?
  132. Wings for custom fantasy moels?
  133. Fantasy anatomy??
  134. Pokemon Customs
  135. Just wondering
  136. Critique my carousel horse
  137. Saw this beautiful dbl-decker carousel today
  138. Gold Belgian
  139. tips on sculpting wings
  140. Real Wings Reference Thread
  141. Captain America Horse
  142. Radiation themed Horse
  143. What is the strangest deco/custom concept you've ever done?
  144. Marvel Decos!
  145. More carousel horses, or: Things get weirder
  146. Follow up on Radiation themed horse thread
  147. Just an Idea...
  148. Yet another commision from Silver Lion Studios
  149. One-horse carriage set with Kilbourn's Quartermeister
  150. Painted Kirin resin
  151. Four Horsemen: Pestilence WARNING: GROSS
  152. The Three Hedgehorses Of Sonic 2006
  153. Wings--removeable or not?
  154. Anyone ever order from here?
  155. Stablemate Pegasus
  156. Info: Wings'n'Things and Where to get them
  157. Meet Ichabod! The Headless Horse(notMan)
  158. Dragonhorse Bouncer
  159. Question: Attaching a pre made unicorn horn
  160. Need How-to method for painting Silver Filgree or other splashy spotted Breyers.
  161. I want to see some unicrons.
  162. The elusive wolf cow!
  163. Survey: Have you seen this? Patina on Atlas
  164. Cm zombie unicorn medallion
  165. Danny Phantom Decorator...To commission or not comission
  166. Birth of the Firebringer: Aljan CM
  167. What is your favorite decorator color? What new color do you wish Breyer would make?
  168. What color should I paint this Running Foal?
  169. *faints*
  170. My first decorator
  171. Luau and Sunflower horses
  172. Pegasus Drafter
  173. What color should I paint these PAFs?
  174. What color should I paint this mustang ( semi-rearing )
  176. Question: Five Gaiter sponge paint? Alabaster Albino?
  177. Some Whimsical Creations ~
  178. Unicorns as big as Mountains?
  179. Zombie unicorn resin custom
  180. Amaterasu SM Custom WIP
  181. Hast thou seen the Windstone PYO Hippocampus?
  182. The nekked Unicorn brigade has arrived!
  183. Someone help me! I have too many ideas for fantasy customs!
  184. Nail Polish ponies, anyone?
  185. More dragonhorses!
  186. IMG: Animal Print Customs (With Mythical Additions)
  187. Adventures in splatterdom
  188. Spotted Moose & Meows...
  189. Question: Peter Stone ISH Lapis Lazuli
  190. The Mockingjay Has Landed
  191. Danny Phantom & Saphira
  192. Are high gloss models realistic?
  193. *bounces up and down*
  194. Breyer Question about Web Special Banff
  195. Spoilers! Current Zombie WIP!
  196. Deco / Unrealistic Studio Spam Thread
  197. WIP: Uchchaihshravas The King of Horses
  198. Carousels!
  199. Making a kelmpie!
  200. (Cyberpunk Horse) Inspiration, Motivation, but...
  201. Chibiterasu, Amaterasu and The Chestnut Pegasus
  202. The Blackest Stallion
  203. Sleipnir WIP!
  204. Nail Polish Pony Creators - Blab would love some prizes done by you!
  205. Painted Ponies...
  206. Wolf Horse: Need Some Opinions!
  207. Look, Clearware Collectors!
  208. Spoopy halloween deco
  209. Ragequit's getting a brother!!
  210. Potentially ill conceived holiday horse alert
  211. Reindeer custom WIP
  212. Sculp-i-corn!
  213. Purple pony
  214. Wolf Horse!
  215. Question about Alida and Elidor set
  216. Decorative Stablemate Unicorns
  217. Skele-Go-Round (michaels/ashland)
  218. Lightning McQueen Pegasus custom?
  219. My "flying foal" work in progress
  220. Fjord deco conga
  221. Red Dead Redeption: Horses of the Undead
  222. Othello Christmas Horse Shipping weight
  223. Guys HALP. Time to make another Hippogryph!
  224. Wedgewood test model????
  225. Unicorns: what do they look like?
  226. The Winter Stallion
  227. Painted ponies art contest
  228. Fu Komainu
  229. How to Clean Vintage Models With a Gold Finish
  230. Nuckelavees?
  231. Halloween Friends!
  232. How the honk do you paint an opal, anyway?
  233. Gemstone pony (ponies? We'll see...)
  234. Frozen Ice Pony!
  235. The Rhinocerhorse
  236. Just Like Fire (Drastically Clearware CM)
  237. lock down custom "Uniquities all that glistens"
  238. Unicorn Adventures, links to posts
  239. Halloweeny Stablemate
  240. CM Greyson unicorn: "Sea Treasure"
  241. Nailpolish Unicorns!
  242. the Potentially Ill Advised Holiday Horses concept thread
  243. Lighting Up Breyers
  244. Show off your suncatcher SMs!
  245. I want to see your Clearware!
  246. I want to see your custom zombies! :)
  247. Nail Polish Ponies (take 2!)
  248. 1:9 scale Mesohippus custom I just finished
  249. Finished my Ice Age Equus/Przewalski horse on a traditional Breyer zebra body
  250. My latest custom project - the Quagga