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  1. Advice on a Weird Transaction/Commission, and what are/are not my rights?
  2. Question: what kind of feedback...???
  3. Springtime Greens to Muggyscugglemeyer (Margaret Loesch)
  4. Bright Greens for Heather Puleo/Beautygirl1510!
  5. Greens for Des Corbett!
  6. Super GREENS to Dagmar Anderson (Mora-78 on blab)
  7. Wonderful spring green for Jennifer Buxton
  8. GREENS for Kristan Bretscher!
  9. Help! I don't know what to do about this :(
  10. Greens for Margaret Suchow
  11. Green for Tibbi Searcher
  12. Greens for JulieB! (Julie Brooks)
  13. Green for PixelPerfectStable (Amanda Reed)
  14. Bright Spring greens to Kathy Wiggins!
  15. Greens for Joy Hohenshelt/firefly
  16. Spring Greens for Vicky Anderson
  17. Greens for Kim Abbott, Patricia Nugent, Sharon Mossy and Tracy Martin
  18. Spring Greens for Alicia Miller!
  19. Question: Can't find seller
  20. Green for Marilou Mol
  21. Greens for Jule Matz/Dragonwing
  22. Greens for lots of people!
  23. Greens for Scarlet Nicely :)
  24. Greens for Lori Shaw!!
  25. Greens to Sandy Anderson!
  26. Green for Heather Boyce
  27. Greens for Bonnie Marcey (Bonnieboo12)
  28. Glossy Greens for Townsend Arts (Leslie Ann Rothaar)
  29. I seriously don't know what to do..
  30. Questions for artists and customers- preferred methods of communication?
  31. Any Feedback for Amanda Mills?
  32. Package lost by USPS: who is responsible?
  33. Greens for Sarah Merrill
  34. Anyone hear from Stacey Tumlinson lately?
  35. Greens For Airen
  36. Package sitting at a Sort facility?
  37. Bright Greens for Eleda and June!
  38. YELLOW to Russell Peterson, eBay seller: pbenlynn717
  39. Ebay help?
  40. Green Lights for Royal Mail UK and what would you do ?
  41. Greens for MHSP seller...
  42. Neon flashing greens for Vicky Norris
  43. Belated beautiful greens for annimac/Annie Leidig!
  44. warning - Breyerloveshorsesmoore Fio posts hateful messages under other's names
  45. Neon greens for Lindsay Diamond
  46. Airen is nice! :)
  47. Trade greens for Fran Cagnoli (Somethingroyal)
  48. MAJORLY Emerald Greens for JulieB / Julie Brooks
  49. Kate/Katie Boren?
  50. Bright and shining greens for Kristin Arendt (LittleBlueBMW)!
  51. Many Greens! Balto, Barb Ness, Gina Hyatt, Robin Cosby
  52. USPS claim
  53. Toxic Seller - Thoughts?
  54. Brite Spring Greens for these sellers!
  55. Magic Greens to BayMagic!
  56. GREENS For Heather Puleo (Beautygirl1510
  57. Greens for Daphne Mazuz
  58. Greens for Linda Lee
  59. Yellow-Orange lights for Kirsten Haley-Nettles
  60. Brightest Greens for Margaret (Muggy) Loesch!
  61. Greens for Heather Bochonok!!
  62. BRIGHT Greens For Jennifer (Shahbazin)!!
  63. Bright Greens for Martin Pateman
  64. Rant: I HATE the Ebay seller's shipping form
  65. Green for Nancy Kelly
  66. Green for ksmith5151(KK Equine Creations)
  67. RED LIGHTS for eBay seller bluepapillon68
  68. Green for Randy Dean
  69. Greens for Parish, Kroll, Schwafel
  70. Greens for Jennifer Dodd, Emily Reynolds
  71. Green for Sherry Edwards!
  72. Not really lighting the seller but saying this is NOT how you treat potential buyers!
  73. Bright Greens for Danielle Johnson/Gardengirl!
  74. Green for Amanda Reed
  75. Green for Lindsay Diamond
  76. Green Light to Shannon Ball
  77. Bright Green for Norah Wooldridge/soupyhorses!
  78. China People - Anyone Dealt with This Selller on Ebay?
  79. Greens....
  80. Red Light - Julia Schultz & Marina Krawack, Germany
  81. Thinking I may have a problem...:(
  82. Bright Greens for Sharon Walbridge/sharonl!
  83. Greens for Janet Bonney
  84. Greens for ebay ID: irishrunnoar1
  85. Greens for Heather Bochonok (HeatherB)
  86. Greens for Patricia Hentzel
  87. Greens for Kathy Hillard
  88. Greens for Ann Lemon
  89. Bit of a Heads Up about Amber Cavanagh
  90. Bright Greens for Jessica Mashburn!
  91. Super Greens for Amy Widman (akwidman)
  92. Grand Greens for Glenda, Gina, and Emily!
  93. Greens for Brooke Southgate!
  94. SUPER greens for Margaret Loesch/muggy! :-D
  95. Bright Greens for Amy Rawlins
  96. eBay Global Shipping Program - buyers and sellers please read
  97. Green lights for Haleigh Penca!
  98. Green for Amy Rawlins
  99. Did I react okay?
  100. Green for Kerra Gray
  101. Green for Paula Reinbold
  102. Super Greens for Becklitscher!
  103. Has anyone dealt with ebay Pickles2221??
  104. GREENS: Emily Reynolds/BreyerLoverFor Life
  105. Bright Greens for Kirsten Anderson (afleetalex)
  106. "Borrowed" photos on eBay...
  107. Greens to Laura Duarte
  108. Need some selling advice! Taking offers has become a big mess!
  109. Jennifer Johnson?
  110. 2 connosieur bulls ending on EBAY soon - same photo?
  111. super greens to April Caldwell
  112. Greens for Julie Matz & Katie Merritt
  113. Warning Red Lights for Gerald Simning, Cautionary Yellows for Vicky Anderson
  114. Discussion...Shipping First, Third Parties, Putting Your Foot Down
  115. GREENS: Kelsie Suter/micamoney
  116. Posting a HUGE red light for Lisa Bickford
  117. Strong Yellow for Lisa Bickford
  118. Glowing greens for Gay Mahlandt
  119. bright green light to Champagnehorses
  120. Angry Red for the US POST OFFICE
  121. Angry Red for the US POST OFFICE
  122. Super bright greens for Sherri Sansone
  123. Positive - Jennifer Dodd (mechanicaljen)
  124. GREENS: Ravensgate, Trilei & 4ever_Unbridled
  125. To Be Fair...maybe a yellow for me?
  126. Any dealings with Corinna Clarke?
  127. GREENS: DestrierModels
  128. Green Light to Pamela Murray
  129. Bright greens for Evelyn Lauer (Eviejean)!
  130. Long overdue GREENS
  131. Yellow Lights- Heading to Red - for Sylvia Grandison
  132. International Shipping?
  133. GREENS: Heather Bochonok
  134. Rena Moss
  135. Alison Greenwood need references for her
  136. Stone OOAK with clumpsy foot?
  137. Jeff Francoeur, has anyone had dealings with him?
  138. Bright Greens for Vonda Shilling, fergus59
  139. Cautionary yellows for Constanze Tippmann
  140. Bright Greens for muggyscugglemeyer!
  141. Big bright greens for....
  142. Bright greens for Landshark!
  143. Bright greens for Gail Schuenemann!!
  144. Cautionary Yellow For Billie Campbell
  145. Greens for Neena Bickram!
  146. Greens- Hilary Rossow, Stacy Kianese, Lynda Ann Miller, Barb Trainor, Joan Fauteux
  147. Cautionary yellows for Kristen Onken
  148. Greens to Terri Figgs
  149. Greens to Barb Bacon
  150. Greens for Cat Applegate
  151. Greens for Barbara Connors
  152. Greens for Julie Harris
  153. GREENS for Marlene Race
  154. "Bent" Legs?
  155. Brimstone REDS for Dotty Walsh, Samantha and Donovan Hurley
  156. Elle Hannamen
  157. Greens for Amanda Crist
  158. Bright Shining Greens for Sue Kern of Sakori Customs
  159. Sparkling Greens to Chris Flint of Beau Cheveaux Creations!
  160. Several Bright Greens!
  161. Greens for Caitee Cox
  162. Yello Lights for Kristi Hanvelt / Sharon
  163. Bright Greens for Amy Wilkerson (Highadventure)
  164. Greens for Debb Parrish
  165. Green Lights for HorseRN/Jen!
  166. Red Lights for Ashley Applegate (Southwinds Studio)
  167. Summer Greens to Lauren Hoeffer
  168. Greens for Heather Bruen
  169. Greens for Jennifer Floyd
  170. Many, Many Greens!
  171. Summer Greens for Muggy / Margaret Loesch
  172. GREENS for Jasmin Ruhland (Jasmin83)
  173. Greens for VAFLindsay / Lindsay Diamond
  174. Greens for Martha Bechtel
  175. Some belated greens for my wonderful buyers!
  176. Attn: Sarah White
  177. L Sokol-Brown transaction completed
  178. Need Ebay advice, models arrived damaged. (Images inside)
  179. Time payments and unsure of how to handle this transaction
  180. Bright Greens for Amanda Augello!
  181. Bright Green for Seunta LLC
  182. Greens for Zelimira Juric
  183. Amber Weatherly : anyone know her/done biz with her?
  184. Bright greens
  185. Reds for ebayer mrtman723490
  186. Green for Sue Stewart
  187. Glowing GREENS to Pamela Murray
  188. Should I or shouldn't I leave negative/neutral feedback.
  189. Greens for Glenda Fine
  190. Red Light for Laura Sokol/Brown of Alaska
  191. Greens for Ruth Klatz
  192. Super Duper Awesome Neon Greens for Charlotte Pijnenburg
  193. Bright Belated Greens for Pat Henry!
  194. Lovely Greens for Amanda Reed!
  195. Ultra Shiny Greens to Ruth Beck, Simone Becker and Claudia Woyda
  196. Greens for Bonnie Marcey
  197. International bidder won auction but can't pay?
  198. Glaring RED for Amber Weatherly !! Beware!
  199. Sparkly greens to Liz Cassel and Beth Patterson
  200. Summer is Here Greens for Bonnieboo12 / Bonnie Marcey!
  201. Neon Greens for Margaret Loesch
  202. Ultra green lights for Zane Lahdenranta / Veide from Finland
  203. Greeeeens for Christina Riley (RobinHoodFan)
  204. Info: Kootation.com RED LIGHT
  205. Green for Pamela Murray
  206. GREENS for laughingmareacres
  207. Green for Sharon Fulcher
  208. Green for Linda Elkjer
  209. Green for Amy Widman
  210. Anyone worked with Robyn O'Leary?
  211. Bianka Muji of Germany?
  212. Green Lights for SmallTownDreams (Jessica Wheal)
  213. Red Light: Stacey Tumlinson
  214. Stacey Tumlinson: has anyone ordered a 2nd release Catalina and received it from her?
  215. Bright Green for Jennifer2
  216. Bright greens for Paparazzi (Ivy Creahan)!!!
  217. Question: How much bad rep can you tolerate if buying from someone?
  218. Bright Greens for Seth Baran aka Nanaki!
  219. Glowing Greens for Glenda aka Hard Times!
  220. Super Summer Greens for Pam Dowling
  221. Another "lost" package... Help?
  222. Greens for: Danielle Duggan, Laurie Angel, Susan Natschke!
  223. Mary Lowry?
  224. Linda Elkjer- Anyone Worked with Her?
  225. Advice wanted about a transaction with Kirsteen Haley
  226. Lots Of GReens!
  227. Bright Greens to Marina Krawack, Germany
  228. Anyone heard from Amy Christopher lately?
  229. Jaime Baker - fabulous, as always!
  230. Jessica Greer - wonderful!
  231. Lindsay Diamond - great buyer!
  232. Green for Renee DeVore!
  233. Greens for Martha Wells
  234. Shiney green lights for Dorn Carran
  235. Great transaction with Shannon Poss of TX
  236. Glowing Green for Anja Schmidt
  237. Multiple Greens (buyers, sellers and trade)
  238. Question: Has anyone dealth with Rita Tuper?
  239. Green Lights to Sarah Martin!
  240. Green Lights for Beatrix Sieglar (Germany)
  241. Transaction question
  242. What's with the "tirekickers" phrase?
  243. Bright Shiny Gold Stars to Courtney Griffin of Australia
  244. Green for Lisa Sents
  245. Anyone have any experience with Christine Jones?
  246. The Ginger Horse, How are they?
  247. Bright GREEN for Sarah White!! :)
  248. Has Anyone Ever Bought from John Miller from TX?
  249. Glowing greens for Erin123373!!!!
  250. Buyer Greens for HorseRN and PineRidgeStables