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  1. Best breeds for #57 western horse?
  2. Need a Breed
  3. Need an assisgnment for Color Crazy chestnut/red Wixom
  4. Wild Pattern
  5. Hackney Question
  6. NEED Bay Overo/Sabino Sport-type Pony reference pics!
  7. Question: Bravio?
  8. Need a couple breeds!
  9. Photos needed of dappled BLONDE belgian
  10. Red Fox Foal
  11. Drum Horse? Or Not?
  12. Suffolk Horses & Showing
  13. Hairy Shire
  14. Need a pic or several :)
  15. "Colourful" Standardbred in Sweden (img ++)
  16. Bay Roan Draft Help?
  17. Getting prepared - need some advice on Breeds
  18. Is this a good site?
  19. OMG too cute and so small!
  20. Belgians & Breed name clarification??
  21. Is the Peter Stone Arabian Cornell a Purebred Arabian????
  22. Red Carpet Royalty
  23. Really dumb Question
  24. Mold for Russian Heavy Draft?
  25. A Question Please
  26. What color is this?
  27. Saltire?
  28. Breeds for Breyer's Flash...
  29. Breed for Silver Bay Mini Scarlett (docked tail)?
  30. What color is this Quarter Horse filly?
  31. Can Champanges Have Regular Dapples?
  32. This horse looks etched!
  33. Reference photos needed of a bay going grey etc.
  34. Question: Sabino ASB?
  35. Breed help for Ms Mini Scarlett
  36. Breed for stage mom and child star?
  37. Need breed help for Santa Fe Renegade
  38. Something other than Grade...maybe...lol...
  39. A question for the Breed Judges...
  40. Shagya Arabians
  41. WEG driving mold
  42. What color do you see on him?
  43. "Overo" Andalusian
  44. Spanish Colonial?
  45. Breed for Red Roan Draft fun foal?
  46. Wow - Star Dapples
  47. Need "Other Sport" Breed for Someone... Help?!
  48. Welsh Sec D
  49. Question: Reference Photos needed of White Gray PRE Mares
  50. How do you define "breed"?
  51. Need Shire Pics
  52. looking for pix of Arabian x Paint sabino stallion
  53. name and breed?
  54. Breeds and show lists
  55. Breed help (2 wyakins)
  56. Cool Colour References
  57. Question: Clydesdale?
  58. Red roan paint, need reference photos please!
  59. Treasure Hunt Seasons breeds question and a palomino wintersong
  60. Question: Semi-rearing mustang-other breeds?
  61. Heavily dappled chestnut!
  62. Question: Regarding my Valor
  63. Help - pretty please with
  64. black mini scarlett (orig. version)
  65. Question: A different documentation question
  66. Breed / Color questions about a multitude of horses!
  67. Quick! Need arab question answered fast!
  68. CL Swaps + Roan or Appaloosa...breed ideas?
  69. Liver Chestnut Reference Pix Needed
  70. Question: Elsie and Olver as grade pinto pony?
  71. Pintaloosa Reference?
  72. Peter Stone "Lahaina"
  73. Need Appy references
  74. Chincoteague pony color help
  75. remember mystic!
  76. Photos please?
  77. Roan Connemara?
  78. Azteca Question
  79. War Bonnet? Medicene Hat?
  80. Eberl Sioux... Breed?
  81. Idocus - more specifically, Ravel
  82. Breeds/Colors for Etchies?
  83. WOW: Black silver dapple tobiano
  84. Varnish Roan App Pix Needed
  85. Breed Suggestions For Some Foalies
  86. Breed Help Please :)
  87. Question: Draft breed classes - confused...
  88. Buckskin Draft?
  89. Question: Breed for Valentine and Heartbreaker?
  90. Too Cute But What Color Will I Be
  91. Eberls Standing kladruber would he make any other breed?
  92. Question: Using Real Horse Names?
  93. Palomino Arabian
  94. Stallion Showcase 2011
  95. Are blue eyes possible on this guy?
  96. Help with Breed Assignment - Chips Andalusian
  97. Grab Bag Breeds needed
  98. Vignette
  99. Conformation wise, which breyer QH's do you prefer?
  100. BHR Hunter
  101. Poker Joe Pinto Pattern
  102. Breed Help - Pic Inside
  103. Help Finding more pictures of this rabicano-sabino arabian
  104. Check this Arab out!!
  105. Help Again - Cl. Mustang Mare
  106. Question: A buckskin Oldenburg????
  107. Brown (Black) Rabicano -- picture needed
  108. Hmm
  109. Breed for my scampolo
  110. Question: Pinto Nomenclature Courtesy of Lesli
  111. Your input on the ABC's of this resin
  112. What model best fits Fay? Egyptian related Arabian mare.
  113. What color will baby be?
  114. Haggis help
  115. Could he pass as a pure Arabian or do I need to show him as an anglo-arab?
  116. Meet Bug - Breed Question
  117. Abaco Barb
  118. Breed help for a CM and a resin
  119. IMG: Going Grey
  120. Need dark gray color refs please! Arab folks?
  121. Winter as a Noriker?
  122. Cobwebbing / Spiderwebbing
  123. Breed Assignment for Chips Drafter Creb?
  124. The Colorful Chincoteage Website
  125. Looking for pictures of "snaking"
  126. Phar Lap
  127. Breed for G3 Friesian
  128. Wild Mustang Appalossa
  129. Perlino Jellibaby
  130. Horse Color Help... two interesting and puzzling horses
  131. You have to check this guy out...
  132. An Interesting Bay: Pretty horse to share with ya
  133. Question: What Color is this guy?
  134. Chestnut Andys...
  135. Breed Assaignment for Gathering Storm
  136. What would you show this as...pony?
  137. Breed for TH Spring..
  138. Breed for G4 SM Drafter
  139. Here is an interesting one: what breed can this guy be shown as?
  140. What breed or cross for this guy?
  141. Need breed for Winter & Silverado
  142. What Color is she...exactly??
  143. What color is this model?
  144. Moody Andalusian Caliente
  145. Tobiano or tovero?
  146. What color is this?
  147. Pattern Question
  148. Question: which classes would these breeds go in?
  149. Silver drafters with docked tails?
  150. Breed for Splash Nomad
  151. last minute help
  152. Dark-Legged Tobiano?
  153. New born pale Palomino?
  154. IMG: What's up with Tobi Shetlands Anyway??
  155. Breed Help??
  156. What color could Mom be?
  157. Dun Drafter Dilemma...
  158. What Color?
  159. Breed for Dappled palmino Valentine and Foal
  160. Breed for Eberl Shogun resin?
  161. Welara?
  162. "Big Lick" TWHs...
  163. Breed for PS Pony Blue Roan Appy
  164. Argh this Strapless
  165. Breed/Name for Melange?
  166. Breed Help For G2 Palomino Clydesdale
  167. Need Breed help with Esplendido resin
  168. Photo Help?
  169. Breed for Oliver?
  170. Fuzzy appaloosa or roan pony pics??
  171. Interesting study of Sorraia genetics
  172. Paint Ideas for Traditional Crusher
  173. Pinto Sport Horse, American Warmblood or other?
  174. Reference pictures of Grullo Blanked Appaloosas (for Reiner)
  175. Breed help please - 2 ponies and 1 other
  176. Silver Bay Warmblood (Stone Spago DAH)
  177. Paint pain in the hiney
  178. Breed For Khepri?
  179. Wild Bay Pics! {IMG INT}
  180. Flea-bit grey Warmie from stone.. what cool thing might he be?
  181. Reference photos of a wild roan sabino?
  182. Question: Breed for Breyer Glossy Valentine
  183. Just checking - will Breton work?
  184. Breed for Rompadeux
  185. Breed for Classic Andalusian Stallion?
  186. Question: Nutcracker prince
  187. Splash Overo - Dark Eyes?
  188. Reverse Dappling
  189. Breed for...
  190. Sooty buckskin tobiano, got any reference photos?
  191. Arab Cross?
  192. Warmbloods and sabino?
  193. Sharing some cool mules/donkies
  194. Breed for mini?
  195. Question regarding Fraley's Chet
  196. Summer Symphony a Holsteiner?
  197. Valor breed question
  198. Question: Dunalino for a Native American horse?
  199. Backbeat Thunder as an Appy Noriker?
  200. Pictures of miniture horse wanted
  201. Some dumb live show is tomorrow last minute questions
  202. Last minute breed needed - sorry!
  203. Question: Silver Bay Warmblood?
  204. Can Idocus be a Friesian?
  205. I Need A Breed for This HR
  206. More breed advice/help needed for 2 resins
  207. Charcoal reference!
  208. Dapple grey refs please!
  209. Question: What to show this little guy as?
  210. New horses need parents
  211. Breed for Silver Dapple Esprit?
  212. Need Breed for Mini Bay Silver Peasant Stomper
  213. Please help, i need breed documentation and breed for breyer winter :-(
  214. New Trotting Arabian Mold
  215. Carthusian Horse is it a gaited breed
  216. Need help with breed assignments.
  217. Breed suggestions for classic foals?
  218. Rabicano Standardbred?
  219. Proper Tabianos
  220. Pics of Morgan X QH?
  221. I feel silly asking, but...
  222. Under the gun: Breed for a drafter
  223. POAs?
  224. Mini Mosaic
  225. Need Pinto ASB Reference Pix
  226. Horse Color Generator
  227. Breed For Jewel
  228. Light or Sport?
  229. Breed for Tiki?
  230. rabicano photos
  231. Pattern help! What might his other side look like!?
  232. Question: Is there a better breed assignment?
  233. Re visiting Harmonie breed assignments please! (And Mon Gamin)
  234. Question: Lucy Resin?
  235. Breed for Polaris?
  236. Need help with NAN breed assignment for this Lonestar resin.... IMG intense
  237. Looking for a Daddy
  238. Breed for Splash White G4 Paradressage model?
  239. Smart Chic Mold
  240. Breed for Limerick? SR Palomino?
  241. Carrot Cake: What breed and color?
  242. Is there a better breed for this guy?
  243. Need breed and color idea for pony
  244. Breed for these guys?
  245. Sabino reference photos
  246. New blog about horse color
  247. Dappled dun draft breeds?
  248. Some Unusual Crosses
  249. Any chance Jungleheimer could be something other than grey?
  250. Paint Horses?