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  1. Way cool horse color news!
  2. Applejack?
  3. Breed for Sinclair AR?
  4. Breed needed and/or validated for SM G2 Drafter
  5. Breed for Mirrors?
  6. Can this pattern even occur in horses?
  7. Eberl Carlito - what breed?
  8. Breed Help for Sir Buckingham?
  9. Show me your Old-Style Morgans!
  10. Did anyone read this in the news yesterday?
  11. Help For Live Show! (Breed wise)
  12. Division/Class for Anglo -Arab?
  13. Breeds Vs Models
  14. Question: A few Stones I have coming to me...
  15. Best way to document this?
  16. Marwari colors...
  17. Need a couple breeds please :)
  18. Breed thoughts for Melange?
  19. AHHH! There is no breed for this guy!
  20. Pinto Arabians
  21. Color Refrence needed for a jumping mule.
  22. Please help me :)
  23. How'd you get Arabian blood in your registered Quarter Horse?!
  24. Nice TB Reference!
  25. Question: Breed for Thrillseeker?
  26. What color is it?
  27. Show me your dark dapple/rose greys!
  28. Hazel, Miss Cheryl Lee, Smittyn, Barcardi
  29. German Riding Pony - Breed or Type?
  30. The American Warmblood
  31. Roan TBs?
  32. Okay, dumb noob question time...
  33. What colour am I?
  34. Looking for Picture - dun appy fjord mix
  35. What color am I?
  36. Zemaitukas?
  37. Sheza as a Part-Bred Irish Cob??
  38. Rather interesting pintos
  39. Possible Crosses for Crusher and Other Unusual Drafter Types
  40. Idea.. Lavitian horse..
  41. More new developments with splashed white
  42. Appydaze?
  43. Blabbers! Need your help for color choice!
  44. Call me the Draft-Dummy! Help needed!
  45. Trakehner Mold
  46. Looking for info on Boulonnais
  47. Need pics of sooty/smutty palominos please
  48. Stone's DAH tobiano pattern
  49. Fjord crosses?
  50. Looking for Bay Roan Standardbreds
  51. Best breed for Freedom? (PS Pony)
  52. What about a breed for this guy?
  53. Buckskin vs. Dun Gene in Welsh Ponies?
  54. The Stone TWH as... anything else?
  55. what real color is oxydol rodeo horse and lakota pony?
  56. Breed Assignments for Difficult Molds
  57. Why do there seem to be no current color genetics reference books?
  58. Breed suggestions?
  59. Stone Trad ASB showing alternatives?
  60. Reverse Dapple Rose Grey Saddlebred?
  61. Draft Breed Question
  62. what color is this horse, really?
  63. Cool Eye References
  64. American White Draft?
  65. Breed Ideas??
  66. Breyer Running Mare and Foal...what breed?
  67. Question: Any other breeds ideas for Tango?
  68. RW Palomino - breed
  69. Photos of overos withOUT bald face?
  70. Colours for Welsh As?
  71. I need a breed for Squeak! Please help :)
  72. Breyer Breed Assignments.. Help..!
  73. How best to show Indian Pony
  74. Reference Photo Request - Light Fleabit Grey with Black Points
  75. Looking for reference pix--overo Paso cross
  76. Stone Standing and Trotting Drafter
  77. What class/division does she belong in? (with pic)
  78. Reference for Pittin On the Ritz and Silverado
  79. Grulla with dapples?
  80. Guess that breed/mix!
  81. Having trouble figuring out a breed for this SM Pony
  82. Help for a Draft breed please!!
  83. White Saddlebred Weanling - any realistic explanation for color?
  84. Stone Pebbles Arab - Mulberry Gray Willow Creek
  85. I need a breed for this breyer! :)
  86. Can this guy be pure bred?
  87. Best Breed For Affinity Resin
  88. 2 Cobra mares!
  89. Purebred Arabian?
  90. CM Swaps Breed Ideas
  91. Need Ideas for Breeds
  92. My ignorance of draft breeds continues
  93. Question: Sport Breed Help Please :-)!!
  94. Question: Is this Color REAL for a horse?
  95. Grazing Foal
  96. Genetic diversity
  97. What is a good breed?
  98. More good breeds?
  99. Some Quick Questions.
  100. Help! The horse without a breed!
  101. In need of some more breed help please!
  102. 1/2 or 3/4 Friesians
  103. Breed for my sculpture, Turko
  104. Wich Way for the breed?
  105. Please Help with A Breed :)
  106. Breed of British Appaloosa
  107. Question: Breed question
  108. Palamino gene existing in the Welsh breed..?
  109. Horses on the Ben Hur Movie
  110. Stormwatch as a Lac La Croix Indian Pony
  111. VToo Breed Assignment
  112. Silver Dapple Arabians?
  113. HELP Breed Assignment for a few horse
  114. Colored stock/Other stock at South Fl Live classes
  115. Dappled chestnut photos - light breeds
  116. Any have good liver chestnut refs?
  117. Draft or Draft Cross?
  118. Arab x Vanner?
  119. Saddlebred question
  120. Breed help please?
  121. Some help needed please :)
  122. New color mutation - "Macchiato"
  123. Breed for sabino Sadie Shoofly
  124. Which pony breed would you use?
  125. "Breed choices for classic haflinger mold?
  126. Oberon - Vladimir Heavy Draft?
  127. Breed for Appy Poquito
  128. Mini Scarlet - Breed options?
  129. Breed for Stone Standing Drafter in Palomino
  130. Need Silver Red bay color references
  131. Can Peruvian Paso's be Pinto?
  132. Bloody shoulder arabian reference photos?
  133. HELP! Need a couple of breeds!
  134. Is the silver gene in German Riding ponies??
  135. Calamity Jane?
  136. Paso Finos- any color restrictions/genes not present?
  137. Question: Bay Roan Genetics in Andalusians?
  138. Is this foal black?
  139. Question: Dunalino - colouring
  140. Best Breed to use for Buttered Rum
  141. Painted myself into a corner- Appy, Dapples, Grey?
  142. Miniature Horse question
  143. Facial markings reference thread
  144. Question: Varnish appy = no spots?
  145. Starting a new group "The Equine Reference Source"
  146. Breed help, please!!
  147. What do you show your Rose Cheveyo as? (breed)
  148. Rabicano Andalusian
  149. Can pinto Mules have blue eyes?
  150. Looking for Pics of Light Colored Silver Horses
  151. Need photos of braided grullas
  152. Appy ponies? Blankets, not leopard or varnish
  153. Color Experts - Help needed ID-ing colors
  154. Looking for Pics of Lacy (not Roany) Sabino Belly Spotting
  155. Extreme/Maximum Sabino or Sabino Overos?
  156. Looking for clear/close pix of fleabitten greys
  157. Esprit
  158. Polaris?
  159. Very pretty liver chestnut Standardbred
  160. Info: Breeds for Smytten?
  161. Breed help for a Skippy, Kong and SM Max.
  162. Pedigree Assignment Feature Added to My Site
  163. Request for pictures: Cantering Draft
  164. White Standardbred Colt Born
  165. Fancy Enuf - breed Ideas needed
  166. Improvising/Winging it?
  167. Dark spotting on a white background
  168. Thrillseeker?
  169. What color is this?
  170. Blue eyes on a roan appaloosa?
  171. Chart of OF models/Breed assignments?
  172. Yukon horses and silver dapple
  173. Need pics of Red Dun Minimal Frame/Sabino Mustangs!
  174. Lakeshore Marshall
  175. Hope you can help with breed placement for upcoming show
  176. Bashkir curly breed...
  177. Dappled rose grey question....
  178. Pintabian, 99% arab?
  179. French Anglo-Arab?
  180. Registered OVERO TWH mare/foal on Dreamhorse
  181. Need some breed ideas!
  182. Pullings drafts question
  183. Red Velvet Breed help
  184. Breyer Classic "Grullo Morgan"
  185. Breed assignment for dapple grey Johann
  186. Breed help for this custom
  187. BREED ASSIGNMENT. Desperately seeking help for my Elsie resin!
  188. Lil Pumpkin resin, would she work as a British Spotted Pony?
  189. Breed Assignment for my lovely Sheza?
  190. Break out your Pinto references!
  191. Breed help for my Gran Baille, please.
  192. What color would you call this peruvian filly?
  193. Breed for my CM Classic Drafter?
  194. is "riding pony" a breed or a type?
  195. Oldenburg brands, need pics please
  196. Stone Pinto Enhanced Morgan
  197. Is this color possible?
  198. Question: Mistletoe Kisses questions
  199. color reference needed
  200. CM SM Breed ideas?
  201. Pics of pretty colored BAY horses, please??
  202. Breed for Chestnut Wintersong help please.
  203. PS Western Please Horse question and NHS question
  204. Which PS mold...
  205. Breed for Wickham
  206. Color help?
  207. Breed Help for LG Goin' for Gold?
  208. Breeding Stock Paint goes... where?
  209. Arabian color question
  210. What do you call a Arabian X Appaloosa?
  211. Breed for Pamplemousse
  212. Joey and Paddy breed?
  213. Appy eye and nose pics...
  214. Breeds for Valvella, Tinsel and more?
  215. Color Suggestions?
  216. All Glory the morgan?
  217. American Cream Draft
  218. Big Chex to Cash
  219. Peruvian Paso with Appaloosa coloring
  220. Horses Standing in Tall Grass References?
  221. American Drum Horse- Carriage Breed or Draft Horse?
  222. What color is this?
  223. Gomez-Breed Assignment Help!!
  224. Question: How to pick the right stallion to breed to my mare???
  225. Norman Cob...what class?
  226. Tunbridge Wells
  227. Who's Up For Some Breed Assigning?
  228. What Color should I get my Winston painted?
  229. Breed help please
  230. Got a couple of modles that are stupming me at the moment
  231. Quick Question About the Color of this Horse...
  232. Once Upon A Time breed assignment
  233. Need help finding photos of this horse!
  234. Breed Assignment Help
  235. Question: Grulla Stoneleigh Suprise Flash. Breed??
  236. Breed Fir North Light
  237. Breed Assignment Question
  238. Breed assignment for these two
  239. Help! Newsworthy and Bouncer
  240. Taskin - what gender
  241. Breed Assignment/Color Help?
  242. *sighs* Stone FQH help, please...
  243. Aintree and pinto Stoneleigh Flash
  244. Help me complete my little Arabian family! Color ideas?
  245. Need help on breed type for Grulla draft peter stone
  246. CM and OF little guys that need breed suggestions!
  247. Grade Draft or?
  248. Breed for Cheerio
  249. Breed For Tinseltown
  250. Does AQHA allow blue eyes?