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  1. IMG: Scrambling for Breeds!
  2. Question: Genetics of heterochromia?
  3. An example of incorrect color info online
  4. White on the feet without White on the Face?
  5. Welsh Section D and white markings
  6. Info: Bowland?
  7. Breeds??
  8. Anybody have a Fenwick/Flitwick they want to do a fun Western Performance entry with?
  9. Stuck on a Cross!
  10. Dun Welsh Cobs?
  11. Need Help with Som Breed Ideas for some models....
  12. A Breed For Party Time?
  13. CM PS Pony and a CM Nokota - Breed needed for show this weekend. Thanks!
  14. Breed for Moritz?
  15. Breeds for some oldies please! :)
  16. What color is this horse?
  17. Cave Horses
  18. Does Silver Bay do anything beside's lighten a mane/tail?
  19. Some more cool "Belton" markings on horses
  20. Do Tekes come in dun?
  21. Help me with breeds please?
  22. Braiding up a Little Lonestar, have a question
  23. Looking for Documentation (roan+tobi, overo with dark eyes)
  24. MFT Pierrot--Desperate for Reference Pics!
  25. Ref pics for grulla paint, lots of white & interesting markings
  26. Question: Stone Thoroughbred?
  27. Need some help here....
  28. Stumped! Wildly Marked Boreas - Can't be Classified as Percheron - Ideas?
  29. Strapless Models
  30. Need some help with breeds for models
  31. Nighthawk and Starlite Jumper as Anglo Arabs
  32. Bay Tobiano Hansel
  33. Breed help for Jingles
  34. breed for Tejas?
  35. Strange Horse Color Week
  36. Stone jumping horse - yes I need breed help for it...
  37. Real quick color question
  38. sport vs light type ponies
  39. Do Indian Ponies every do well at live shows?
  40. Looking for breed for a silver bay Stone TB
  41. Breed help, pretty please!! Call for a reference photo as well..
  42. Sooty buckskin on TV show :)
  43. Mandiba
  44. What color is this draft foal ?
  45. Color Me Confused...
  46. Really Cool Colour Calculator!
  47. Bay Doodlebug - Breed Assignment
  48. GG and Heartbreaker?
  49. Mosaic - breed assignment?
  50. I have breeds figured out but which classes are best?
  51. Odd Tail colour - Not silver bay?
  52. The Gait is in the genes!
  53. Bouncer Mold- Need help deciding a breed!
  54. Help a newbie out?
  55. I need some greying Buckskin refs!
  56. Breed Ideas for Taskin
  57. Stirring things up in the color world
  58. Help with a few last minute breed assignments?
  59. Urgent! Help with breed for my Hadrian!
  60. Russian Heavy Draft references needed
  61. So.. "warmblood" breeds... Question!
  62. Red roan Peruvian?
  63. Where do Appendix Quarter Horses go... ?
  64. Breyer classic Terrang
  65. Grey horse references?
  66. Stone Chips Drafter
  67. Breed help: Grulla in warmbloods?
  68. What colour is she?
  69. Tobiano Pattern Help Please!
  70. Question on Grulla Color???
  71. Appaloosa Foal hooves & legs
  72. Tahiti as a full morgan?
  73. Question: Breyer Noelle Breed
  74. So....Lionheart?
  75. g2 Warmblood Breed Suggestions
  76. Breed Assignment for Jazz Fusion
  77. Starlight- Flash Mold- Good Breed Assignments?
  78. Please help me with breeds ;_;
  79. Need breed help for CM Swaps
  80. Tobiano Buckskin Stone Standardbred?
  81. The Blab Horse - Stone palomino "Palouse" mold
  82. Real colors for these Clydesdales?
  83. Comparison - Saddlebred, Standardbred, National Show Horse
  84. Horse Breed Naming guidelines?
  85. White dapples (in the white part of the coat)
  86. Marshall needs a breed
  87. Docked Tail Refrences
  88. Question: What are these guys??
  89. Grulla in Lusitanos?
  90. What color is this?
  91. I need the perfect dapple bay!
  92. Need ideas for a Breed
  93. Breed and Color for my Roll Resin
  94. What color is this and what could he be shown as?
  95. Confused by these results....
  96. Breed Suggestions needed on a few horses!
  97. Interesting papers on the origins of breeds
  98. NSH or ASB?
  99. What is up with this gypsy foal's color??? STRIPES???
  100. G2 Paso Fino SM
  101. Marsh Tacky Question
  102. Need Breed/Color Assignment Help
  103. Spotted Saddle Horse
  104. Breed help for Dante please!
  105. Stone Pony and Arab Yearling Breeds
  106. Breed help for Peter Stone Drafter
  107. Irish Cob question
  108. Rabicano Questions
  109. Breed for braided PS Arab Yearling
  110. Breed for Breyer Tempest
  111. Breed for Stone Pony "Duncan"
  112. Can donkey's come in palomino spotted/pinto patterns?
  113. Silver half thoroughbred?
  114. 3-Gaiter ASB question
  115. Will this horse turn white one day?
  116. Stone TWH as a RMH?
  117. appaloosa mottling
  118. some colour/breed questions!
  119. CM Ruffian
  120. This horse's name?
  121. Rocky mountain foal
  122. Breyer Paint by Number resin
  123. Bay Roan American Belgian?
  124. Colour?
  125. Grulla ASB
  126. Breeds for some OFs?
  127. Any ideas?
  128. Help with Color on my OOAK?
  129. Paint problem
  130. Breeds for a few horses?
  131. Grey or Grulla
  132. Need sire and dam
  133. Can Hanoverians be silver bay?
  134. I'm Stumped
  135. ~~Double Check~~ My OF Breyer Breeds PRETTY PLEASEE :D
  136. Neptune?
  137. White splotches on horse's spine??
  138. Breed for CM classic Ginger
  139. Dun no longer a dilute
  140. New Year- New book in full color!
  141. Breed suggestions for Premier Carrick?
  142. Breed for the Peter Stone Chips Pony?
  143. Well, don't I feel silly (dorsal stripes)
  144. Breed for Zenyatta's Colt?
  145. Flaxen Chestnut Drafter- What is he?
  146. Cedric?
  147. Realistic pinto pattern?
  148. Question: Colors! I have no idea!
  149. Draft Blooded Mustangs?
  150. Shire vs. Clydesdale
  151. Does this color exist here?
  152. FREE! Appaloosa Journals for color/pattern ideas!
  153. Time for Some Clueless Questions
  154. Breed Assignment for Models on Strapless Mold?
  155. Knabstrupper?
  156. Swedish Warmblood Reference Question
  157. Palomino Irish Draught?
  158. Ethereal Earth - Some sort of pony breed?
  159. Rare Color Effecting Showing? Rose Gray Part-Friesian
  160. Does the CAS ever show well as anything?
  161. It's something I've always wondered... but never bothered to ask
  162. Flash - Pony? Morgan?
  163. Breeds :)
  164. What color/patten is this NSH?
  165. Looking for some Breed ideas
  166. Info: Chincoteague Pony References
  167. Need Breed Help!
  168. Is this possible?
  169. Need some help on breeds!
  170. Stone- Dark Chestnut
  171. Debonair
  172. Breed for Pinto Veronka?
  173. What Breed is best for the Gilen mold?
  174. Draft breed for CM G1 Drafter
  175. White Mane on Bays
  176. Breyer Hackney Mold - Pony or Horse
  177. What color was he originally?
  178. Short Poofy Tail?
  179. Okay customizers, I dare you....
  180. Breed/show class for Sadie HELP!!!
  181. Cream dilution in TB's
  182. Is he Splash or Frame?
  183. Breed For Galahad?
  184. Help with Breed for Biggs Peter Stone Pony
  185. Dun minus Dorsal stripe?
  186. Breed for a Buckskin FNN
  187. Need help with finding reference picture
  188. Breed Input Needed Please and Thank You!
  189. Breed for a Blue Sabino Drafter
  190. possible new dilution gene.
  191. Please help with a few breed assignments, my first show in YEARS is coming up!
  192. Crabbet Arab
  193. Stone & Breyer Breed Help~
  194. Pebbles Arabian Mare Breed Help
  195. Need Breed help for a show TOMORROW :D
  196. How Far is Too Far (Unrealistic Markings)
  197. Breed needed for my Mini Scarlett
  198. Breed suggestions for Change of Hart Resin.
  199. Need a breed for my PS trotting draft
  200. Breyer Silver Breed?
  201. Breed for Lionheart and Nottingham
  202. Help! Breed Assignments Needed!
  203. In need of a photo reference for a color
  204. Spinnaker Resin Breed Help!
  205. Another Breyer mold breed inquiry--the Indian Pony
  206. Breed help! For Mr Shadow
  207. Homozygus tobiano foal specifics
  208. Breed help? Brishen & Arosa
  209. Wanted: Reference Pics for Buttermilk Buckskin
  210. Breed for Spot On?
  211. Rum Runner - windblown ISH
  212. Breed For Kipling
  213. Custom Esprits - Breeds?
  214. What about Ancient and Extinct breeds?
  215. Ref Help Wanted: The Phantom of the Opera NSH
  216. Stripes on baby vanner?
  217. What breeds can Elsie be?
  218. Question: Help In Identifying?
  219. Custom Breyer Silver needs a breed!
  220. Super Sooty Palomino with a ton of countershading?
  221. Breed for my Custom Eberl Pony?
  222. Draft breed and color
  223. Good reference video!!!
  224. Question: Do buckskin Morgans have a dorsal stripe?
  225. Question: Help with a few Draft breeds!
  226. Bouncer Breeds
  227. Breeds of WB that accept dun?
  228. Usage of mold- appropriate for breed?
  229. Interesting color on this horse!
  230. Can he have a dorsal stripe?
  231. How does one breed model horses?
  232. Breed for Le Fire mold
  233. JCP Pinto Bouncer Mare - Breed?
  234. CM and AR Breed Help
  235. Tobiano Question
  236. Breed for Golden Boy?
  237. Stone Trotting Draft, a better shire or clydesdale?
  238. Stone Chips Drafter Breed Assignment
  239. Rabicano references?
  240. What color...
  241. IMG: Needs a little help with breed assignments..
  242. Stone Morgan - Other Options?
  243. Breed Help- Kladruber x Swedish WB
  244. A Few Models That I Need Breed Help With
  245. Book on prehistoric horses?
  246. Something artists do with dun I've been curious about for awhile...
  247. What color is this horse?
  248. Help with Breed for Biggs Peter Stone Pony
  249. Breed for Gone Fishin'
  250. Stock Breeds for Idocus?