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  1. Gathering Storm
  2. Breeds for Spring Break, Nottingham, Joey
  3. Teke foal color
  4. Help with Reference Photos
  5. GG Valentine
  6. Foal age
  7. Breed assignment for Trad. Fighting Stallion?
  8. Tobiano Or Overo?
  9. New guy needs a breed!
  10. Alborozo
  11. In Need of Breed Suggestions
  12. New TB DW line
  13. Color/Breed for Dafydd?
  14. Dun (Under Blanket) in Knabstruppers?
  15. Help with Spanish breeds?
  16. Embarrassing question - but need to ask it - lol
  17. My embarrassing pattern question!
  18. El Capitan - Color?
  19. Color Help?
  20. Breed ID help, please
  21. Stone Warmblood breed?
  22. Other breed suggestions for Lirico?
  23. Breed help needed please
  24. Breed suggestions for Strapless
  25. Breed options for Tiny resin
  26. Lusitano sire... dam... color help?
  27. Found a Breed Reference...in a book for class!
  28. Looking for References for Brown Dun Horses
  29. Proxy needs a breed for this lil gal!
  30. Breed for Apollo?
  31. Color & Breed For Autograph Horse On The CB Mold?
  32. Breed Class List for Vincenzo???
  33. Breed Help - Appaloosa blanket on mold with feathering?
  34. Class placement suggestions!
  35. Sabino or Dominant White
  36. VToo breed?
  37. Breed For Zenyatta's Foal?
  38. Leopard Appy Foals
  39. Breed for Black Running Fun Foal?
  40. Esprit with sabino/paint markings as Azteca?? please help!
  41. Model horses with old scars
  42. Need breed asignment for Rock
  43. Help finding a model to match a horse?
  44. What happened to the Cream Gene site?? :(
  45. Question: Need help with a few Breyers for breed assignments
  46. striped hooves
  47. Any reccomendations on breeds for these models ?
  48. Color reference for Mulberry Grey
  49. Breed for Breyer Event Spring Break?
  50. Help with breed assignment on Palouse
  51. What is Patrao's Mane braid Style Called?
  52. Custom Giselle Help!
  53. Breed Help for SM
  54. Question: What about Carrick´s breed?
  55. Show this weekend - a few queries
  56. Morgan Help??
  57. Starting to go a little crazy with breeds...help??
  58. Need Rabicano ref pics
  59. Classic Terrang as a STB?
  60. Lovely Arab!
  61. Need Breed Suggestions for Breyers!
  62. Bloody Shoulder Markings
  63. Breed Help for Odd-Colord Lonsome Glories?
  64. I need breed help!
  65. Desi Horses --I think I'm in love! <3
  66. Too many WBs
  67. TWH folks - what the take on this guy?
  68. Clydesdale foal white belly marking
  69. Question: Showing as both QH & Paint?
  70. Question: Breed help for Strapless
  71. Matching some RL horses to models
  72. Two Step (BF Dun Desatado)
  73. Help, Need Reference Pix
  74. Anyone need good nose wrinkle help?
  75. Info: Dapple Grey Quarter Horses?
  76. Bay Roan Bacchus
  77. Strapless as a Trakhener?
  78. Do you think this guy is a dun going grey?
  79. Breed for Roxy Shuffle Grulla
  80. Appy Othello (winter) as an Appaloosa Gypsy Vanner? or x....
  81. The Sugarbush Draft Horse
  82. American vs. Spanish Mustang help
  83. Looking for a certain bay
  84. Roan Marwaris?
  85. Minnie Pearl
  86. Bluebell on the Totilas mold- Saturday Raffle
  87. Color Question - Silver Bay and Rabicano
  88. What a wierdo color... snow cap appy?
  89. This Stone horse is not an Anything, right? (appaloosa on saddlebred mold)
  90. Reference photos - Pintaloosa
  91. Need Help With This ISH
  92. Fleabitten lightly dappled rose grey
  93. Appy foal breed?
  94. Cool Color References (2nd thread)
  95. Smarty Jones
  96. Morgan Tobiano... what to show him as?
  97. Flitwick-Shetland or Mini?
  98. Custom Stablemate--What Breed Would He Be??
  99. Let's see all the rabicanos!!!
  100. Drum Horses - draft or other carriage breed??
  101. Gypsy Horses--just how many types are there?
  102. Maureen Love Classic Man o' War, breed?
  103. Tiger Horse? Which class?
  104. Stablemate CM Pony--POA or ????
  105. Breed Help for Leopard Ashley
  106. Mongolian Horse class?
  107. Really? Why can't I find a paint reference for both sides of the same horse!?
  108. Roan Standardbred?
  109. A breed for vixen
  110. Breed assignment help needed
  111. Breed help for a gorgeous Palouse?
  112. Chestnuts...to dapple or not to dapple
  113. Oliver!
  114. What Breed is this Custom?
  115. Zippos?
  116. New custom - trying to decide on his breed - help!
  117. Breed idea for pinto Stoneleigh Flash?
  118. Pinto Sporthorses
  119. Lionheart--What the Heck to Show Him As......
  120. Big Bens?
  121. Breed assignment help, please.
  122. Pintabian or Too Leggy?
  123. Breeds for the Stone Thoroughbred other than TB?
  124. Breed Help?
  125. The Oregon Wonder Horse
  126. What Color Is This Horse?
  127. What color is this horse? Liver chestnut roan...???
  128. Greying Horses - How Long Does It Take?
  129. Class for Best Actor
  130. Blue-eyed Shire...hmmm
  131. Need breed assignment for my gorgeous new pony!
  132. Breed for this guy?
  133. Appaloosa? Appaloosa Sport horse? Or....?
  134. Totilas Breed Problems - He sure is stubborn!
  135. Carrick...
  136. Help! I need a color ref for a dapple gray tobiano ASB, please
  137. Blue Roan!
  138. Anybody have more pictures of this horse?
  139. Breed and colour help~
  140. Roan Sabino Draft Horses?
  141. Pinto hackney horse?
  142. Determining colors for a foal resin?
  143. Palomino Draft Horse
  144. Question: What Breeds for these Guys??
  145. Buckskin Stone Arabian....
  146. Appy spots on mules?
  147. Walkaloosa?
  148. Dun Warmblood?
  149. Horse color blog "live" again
  150. Reference call: Sabinos or Lacey Overos!
  151. I sthis horse wearing make up??? looks odd
  152. Chestnut vs Sorrel...
  153. Breed help
  154. Buckskin Marwaris?
  155. Appaloosa Drafts
  156. Breed help for these two :)
  157. Breed Help -- Shire or Gypsy?
  158. Breed for Stone Conqering Tide "Legion"??
  159. Cremello Goffert- breed ideas?
  160. Say wha…?
  161. Question regarding Markings
  162. Breed for Rompaduex
  163. Weather Girl Jasmine....
  164. A discussion of Albinos and eye color
  165. PS Arabian in unconventional colors, what breed?
  166. Prince Jester--Should I Document?
  167. Need some breed suggestions!
  168. Para Dressage Stablemate....
  169. Need some suggestions for Breed on this guy
  170. How can you not LOVE a welsh????
  171. Flurry Breed?
  172. Breed help for Sarah Rose Cheveyo
  173. CollectA Breed Help
  174. New Rose Drafter Breed/Colors?
  175. Whoa - This is Different - Truly White Rings around Eyes
  176. Breyerfest Sprinkles Reference?
  177. Bays - looking for links to some pretty, pretty bays
  178. Bouncer as American Shetland
  179. Bay Roan Cantering Warmblood Stablemate...
  180. Peter Stone Santa Fe Morgan Breed Help
  181. Stoneleigh Surprise models as Quarter Ponies
  182. Over 1500 Reference Photos
  183. Breed help for Sheza Carnival
  184. The most desired coat for a warmblood.
  185. Irish Draught - carriage or draft?
  186. Question: The Grazing Mare and Foal...
  187. Dun + champagne- possible? Pics?
  188. Breed suggestions for this heavy boy ?
  189. Reference photos needed - dappled Belgian-y chestnut!
  190. Breed assignment for a horse in a novella
  191. Morgan color markings question
  192. Braided Mane Reference Photo?
  193. Pedigree Assignment?
  194. Would a Nez Perce work for Union Jack?
  195. Possible breeds for some micro drafters?
  196. This poor fella has such odd conformation
  197. Breed Book Enquiry
  198. Flaxen mane and tail for a foal??
  199. Stone 2014 line Saddlebred or Braided pony; which would show better?
  200. Praline Breed? can he be a Standardbred?
  201. Newsworthy breed?
  202. Updated naming system for pinto patterns
  203. I feel like I always ask about Palouse...
  204. Shagya - PBA, sporthorse, or what?
  205. So are there sabinos anymore? (More about modern pinto nomenclature)
  206. Another question about a Palouse...
  207. Breed for Aurelius?
  208. Dun Pinto Dorsal Stripe Question
  209. Bouncer Breed?
  210. help needed!
  211. Blue eyes question...
  212. Am I totally off seeing Marabella as a Chincoteague?
  213. Need a breed for Wapiti (Idocus)
  214. Breyer 2013 Christmas horse breed?
  215. What color are these two real horses?
  216. Breed Ideas for this Nokota
  217. Cantering Welsh Pony CWP alternate breeds?
  218. Quick Question for a show tomorrow
  219. Interesting Appaloosa Color.... Whar color/patterm is he?
  220. Sabino 1 foal coat to adult
  221. Breed Ideas for Cafe Au Lait?
  222. What is considered good documentation?
  223. DAH pattern question
  224. Atlantis Bey...
  225. Limerick Breed Assignment?
  226. Most popular color for Knightly Cadence?
  227. Topsail Reinmaker and Totailas
  228. Need Help With A Couple Models!
  229. Breed help for this appaloosa?
  230. Breed help for cob type
  231. DAH: Would this be realistic?
  232. Breed help for CM Gretel
  233. Desatado mold breeds?
  234. Breed for my Union Jack
  235. Breed for Ethereal Earth?
  236. Need help with Documentation for Standardbred
  237. Draft colors??
  238. Big Ben
  239. Breed help for the show jumping warmblood
  240. Breed/Color Help For The Premier Brishen Model
  241. Leopard App hoof pics please
  242. Breed Identifier: Turnbridge Wells?
  243. Prince of Chintz
  244. Help with pattern names
  245. What is realistic?
  246. Does the Classic Shire have a docked tail?
  247. Breyer Brishen
  248. Breed for Appy Hazel?
  249. Designer Workshop Mustangs
  250. What on Earth is He?