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  1. What color parents do I need for these guys?
  2. Appaloosa Question
  3. Breed for FCM Shoal
  4. What is a good breed for the Wintersong mold?
  5. Lady C?
  6. NAN Entry Question
  7. Breyer Royal Blood/Whitejacket breed?
  8. Breeds for Eberl Inga
  9. Brumby Horses- Ethereal?
  10. Progression of a young Pintaloosa's coat
  11. American Cream Draft Models
  12. Need Breeds for Some Mini Customs :)
  13. Arabian Question
  14. Does his conformation suit an Appaloosa?
  15. Adios ABC's
  16. Wapiti - American WB or Australian Stock Horse?
  17. Spago - homozygous tobi with cat tracks. What breed?
  18. How do you choose a breed?
  19. Liver Chestnut refs
  20. Need Pics Of Blue Roan Appy Mustang
  21. striped hooves on socked legs?
  22. IMG: Neat Zebra color mutation!
  23. Another breed for Artorius
  24. What do you show the appaloosa arabians as?
  25. Breed for Sand Dollar
  26. Breed for Athena
  27. Breed for Platinum Star?
  28. Breed for Tornado resin?
  29. Make a Wish mold?
  30. Breed for Wapiti?
  31. Sabino roan welsh cob
  32. London Pride Breed?
  33. IMG: spanish horses with the sabino gene??
  34. Is there a book or place that has all/most draft breeds?
  35. Brabants or Ardennais with white feet?
  36. Name assistance...
  37. Question: Hanoverian Color Help
  38. Roan G1 Drafter
  39. Grulla CL Mustang Foal & Dun CL QHF Breed help needed
  40. Breed and Color for Breyer Raffle Model Tiramisu?
  41. Now that's a paint-y pony! need full description of his color
  42. 2008 Ginger Horse American Quarter Horse on Smart Chic Olena
  43. Breed Help for Stoneleigh Surprise Flash Models
  44. Need help on breeds for multiple horses!
  45. My Andre - Which Breed?
  46. What OF models do well at shows?
  47. How to show Aintree
  48. Help With Color Presentation
  49. Breed for BF 2010 SR Red Carpet Royalty?
  50. Breed question for Breyer Classic Shire Flurry model
  51. Question: Silver Bay Selle Francais?
  52. Hanoverian Braid Question.
  53. Breed suggestions for my CM
  54. G1 Draft Breed Idea - does it work?
  55. Question: Breed for Harley D Zip
  56. Need breed help for this guy
  57. Champagne Paints?
  58. Zenyettas First Foal as a Standardbred?
  59. Thunderbutt resin
  60. Gaited or Light?
  61. Need Breed Help with 2 Customs
  62. Really bad at this, so could use some help... please :)
  63. Breed Ideas for chestnut TH Wintersong
  64. Pinto Newsworthy?
  65. Breed for Tempest
  66. Question: Breed for this CollectA
  67. KT Gun in a Million...some answers about that foal from WA on FB....
  68. Irish Draught Vs Irish Draught Sport Horse
  69. Breed for Matrix?
  70. Stock or Sport Breed?
  71. Breeds with Silver Dapple/Silver Dilution Gene
  72. BreyerFest 2014 SR Jubilee
  73. Breed for Hampden and Tahiti?
  74. Reference picture of a dapple black? or very dark brown black?
  75. Breed Assignment For The Esprit Mold
  76. orType of QH for Wyatt
  77. Pato Horse vs. Polo Pony
  78. Question: Breed Assistance?
  79. I Know This Guy Has Been Posted on Here - But I Can't Find Where
  80. Valentine
  81. Breed type - Seunta Showtime?
  82. Swedish Riding Pony - Documentation needed?
  83. PS WPH Breed assignment...
  84. Breed for my DAH Pony
  85. Breed for my CM
  86. Breed for DAC Pony
  87. Breed for Demeter
  88. Welara for classic morgan mare?
  89. Palomino Marwaris?
  90. Need help with a few breeds.
  91. Breyer molds that work as a Standardbred
  92. Breed and Color Recommendations?
  93. Spirit Question; help, please!
  94. Breed for Champagne Toast...
  95. Paddingtons Mark Of Distinction as a NSH?
  96. Slipped tobiano?
  97. Fjord query
  98. What is this on his head?
  99. Breed for Black Caviar?
  100. Reference photos
  101. Breed for WindTalker
  102. Thoroughbred or Appaloosa??
  103. Percheron question
  104. Can Bluegrass Bandit and the PS TWH show as another breed?
  105. Breed for Old Timer
  106. any breed suggestions for 10 Cleveland Bays?!
  107. Sabino / Rabicano Question
  108. What colour would you call this mare?
  109. Mustang?Breyer SM G2 WB
  110. Need Red Dun reference pictures please
  111. Need Breed for Leopard Appy Moody Andy Please
  112. best breed for stone chip wb
  113. Breed Assignment for Breyer pony from the 2010 Halloween playset
  114. Alternative Breeds for Lady Phase?
  115. Breed Assignment for Buckskin G1 Drafter???
  116. Mangalarga Marchador Question
  117. Paint x Draft - Which Class?
  118. Breed Assignment for Four Seasons (Othello)
  119. palomino draft
  120. Breed for Wyatt?
  121. Breed For Breyer Travis?
  122. Tunbridge Wells...
  123. What is this color?
  124. PS Morgan as Fox Trotter?
  125. Breed for Aintree??
  126. Two stupid questions?
  127. Mangalarga Marchador clip from RFD
  128. Pinto Draft Horses
  129. Silver Bay NSH
  130. Breed for Sherman Morgan
  131. Breed Assignment for Backswimmer?
  132. What makes a cob?
  133. Photo of a Mule that Looks like Lucy? and Breed?
  134. Breed ideas for PS TB
  135. What breed was National Velvet's "pie"
  136. Breed ideas
  137. Hanoverian/Noriker?
  138. Schwarzwalder?
  139. Freiberger from Switzerland
  140. Breed for Cloud Nine
  141. breed ideas for pippin, kandinsky, PS drafter cybeeno and ps pony silver bay
  142. Carrick mold...what to do with this guy?
  143. Breed For El Capitan?
  144. What age for a 1:6 scale Breyer Springtime foal?
  145. Show Breeds! Need Help!
  146. G3 "Highland Pony" Stablemate breeds?
  147. Favorite Seal Bays!
  148. What is chrome?
  149. Share Your Dapple Greys
  150. Black/Blue Eye Akhal-Teke References
  151. Tennessee Titan and Oliver Breeds?
  152. Breed for VRE Paparazzi?
  153. Mosaic and Thrillseeker Breeds?
  154. General Breed Question for Amber and Ashley Molds
  155. LB Drafter
  156. Looking for that right breed, this is a tough one. Stone draft
  157. TSC Travis
  158. What color is this?
  159. Any breed suggestions for this boy?
  160. Breed help for some members of the show string
  161. Breed Help - Grullo Pinto Misty
  162. Breed for this CM?
  163. Another CM needing a breed...
  164. Breed Assignment for Kilbourn's Kat
  165. Breed Assignments for a Pair of Shezas
  166. Croi Damsha custom breeds?
  167. PS Truffles Breed?
  168. IMG: Markings in Interesting Shapes
  169. Breed For Breyer Solar?
  170. What breed is Palouse?
  171. Could Huck pass as a Welara?
  172. Could Stone Palouse Pass as a Rocky Mountain?
  173. Looking for pics of Dun colored Australian Stock Horses...Please help!
  174. Help! I have too many ISHs!
  175. Can a National Show Horse be silver bay or silver dapple?
  176. New shower needs OF Breyer help
  177. looking for percheron on belgian/ paint cross pix
  178. Clinky foal breed help
  179. What type of Arabian is the Eberl Sharif?
  180. Classes for a Warlander?
  181. Looking for a pic of a POA/Hackney Cross
  182. Tennessee Titan Donkey - need the experts please!
  183. Show Breeds! Need Help!
  184. Breed for Stone Standing Drafter
  185. Cassiopeia - Breed ?
  186. Breeds for Liam and some foals
  187. Question: Breed assignment for a rare colored PS Palouse
  188. Peter Stone Marwari
  189. Quarter Horse Yearling?
  190. Breed Ideas Needed for Breyer Orion
  191. Golden Boy Breed Help
  192. Impressionistic Page...what is he?
  193. Mustang refs anyone?
  194. Breed Ideas for Galloping Good Times (Dun Ruffian)??
  195. Help with Breyer breed assignment
  196. Coldblood Trotter / Dl / Nordsvensk for this CollectA CM?
  197. Dun Mariah? Breed?
  198. Breed for an appaloosa Stone ASB
  199. OF Pattern Help Needed
  200. Help needed for a few models
  201. Breed for Argyle?
  202. Smokin Doubledutch?
  203. Breed for BF '04 SR El Viajero?
  204. Can Thoroughbreds be silver bay?
  205. Breeds for these 2 Flash models?
  206. Show Percherons
  207. Lanark's Rosebud Help
  208. Riding pony references
  209. Breed Help Needed
  210. breeding stock appies?
  211. Breed Options for Vixen?
  212. Tag Assignments
  213. When a Model Fits More Than One Breed, How Do You Choose?
  214. Question: I don't know where to begin...
  215. Breeds for Ethereal mold?
  216. Breeds for London Pride or Carling?
  217. Breeds for Newsworthy?
  218. Buckskin Marwari References
  219. Breed assignment PS Standing Drafter
  220. Breed assignment for Murphy?
  221. Breed for Light Grey Flush
  222. Breed for Tunbridge Wells
  223. What class would an appy sport horse go in?
  224. Breed for Del Mar?
  225. Breed for BF SR Versailles?
  226. Corazon breed?
  227. Creative Breed Choices for Stone Ponies
  228. Anyone have reference photos for this cross?
  229. Breed assignments for TH Othello Spring & Fall
  230. Help, I need pictures of a bay roan
  231. Help Me With Breed Assignments Please?
  232. Breed for Chestnut Overo Quelle Surprise?
  233. Breed Suggestions for Connoisseur Golden Boy
  234. Akhal-Teke Photos and Reference Shots
  235. Brindle Spanish Breeds
  236. Help with a breed assignment for Tout Suite Hackney
  237. Looking for references on Brindle Paint x TB cross
  238. Haute Couture breed?
  239. Breed Help
  240. Criollo?
  241. Does anyone here offer a dog, cat, cattle or other animal sire/dam list?
  242. Need Help with Breed Assignment
  243. Thoroughbred cross?
  244. Need help on Black Pam
  245. Croi Damsha - successful breed?
  246. Need a Breed :-)
  247. Tesoro De Oro breed?
  248. Sheza Carnival
  249. Breed for Four Stars
  250. Newsworthy