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  1. Help: What pattern is this?
  2. I need some breed help
  3. Breed suggestions for my little guy
  4. Breed For Fighting Stallion Besides Mustang?
  5. Any other possible breeds for Breyer's MFT mold?
  6. Valentin as Dutch Draft - Anyone familiar with the breed?
  7. Question: Valentin as Dutch Draft or What?
  8. Color question: Buckskin vs. Rose Gray, and Morab vs Arabian
  9. Is this possible - red dun pinto markings
  10. Question: class for Lippizaner
  11. Marwari vs. Kathiawari
  12. Breed Suggestions for my Mare?
  13. Pintabian vs. Spotted Saddle Horse vs. NSH
  14. Marwari colors
  15. Could an Arabian or a Morgan be this color?
  16. Breed for Cafe Au Lait
  17. Stone Morgan Strangeness
  18. Breed for Breyer Monarch Shire?
  19. Breed for Goin' for Gold?
  20. Breed for this black tovero cutie
  21. Stablemate Foal Help
  22. GG Valentine breed to German Riding Pony? Comments?
  23. Does Croi show well?
  24. Stablemate question - rearing andalusian
  25. Reverse leopard foal coat?
  26. Breed Choices for my 2016 Show Horses
  27. Forever Saige mold
  28. Breed ideas for the Idocus mold?
  29. Breed for Mini Hermosa?
  30. Breeds for Anna and Tuari
  31. My Fortissimo...what breed?
  32. First time shower - need breed and color help!
  33. Help with breed assignments
  34. Is this guy an overo... or not... or what
  35. Question re. Ganache
  36. Aintree - Dun on Cigar mold
  37. Stallion catalogs
  38. Could somebody please help me out with Silver Bay
  39. Pinto Morabs
  40. Pete Resin as a Sugarbush
  41. What breed to show Persimmon
  42. Stone Morgans - with white... creative breeding?
  43. 'Chocolate Roan'' in the stock horse?
  44. Roan Stablemate Cantering Warmblood?
  45. What is our Blab Honey??
  46. Underbelly of splashy sabino?
  47. New colour in North Swedish Horses?
  48. Help with a couple breed assignments
  49. Last minute assignment needed!!! Tunbridge Wells??
  50. Breed Assignments for Palomino Clydesdale Mare, Bluegrass and DG Strapless
  51. Breed suggestions for Apropos (stablemate version)?
  52. Breeds with Leopard Complex
  53. Classic Warmblood Mare pacing?
  54. Breed suggestion for Esmeralda?
  55. So... what color is this foal?
  56. White hooves on dark legs?
  57. Last minute breed assignment!
  58. A colour question that's a bit of a twister...
  59. paint breed question
  60. Australian Warmblood?
  61. Four Stars?
  62. Thunderbutt
  63. Need breed help for a few horses
  64. How much do brands matter?
  65. What breed class for Scampolo?
  66. Breed options for Inga?
  67. Breed suggestions for Casseopia?
  68. Wow!
  69. Alternate Breed 4 JW Duke?
  70. Breed Mix for Mon Gamin?
  71. Mule breeds/genders?
  72. Huck w/Blk Legs x Beige Hooves
  73. What IS this color?
  74. What breed do you show your G3 Standing Foals as?
  75. Help with breed assignments and names
  76. Do I need to document a Pintabian?
  77. Types of mustangs?
  78. Question: Breed for Jesse
  79. Can anyone help me out with a colour?
  80. Which Breed Should I Assign?
  81. ISH Color Help [IMGS]
  82. Copperfox Welsh Cob
  83. Mini Ted Resin Breed?
  84. Breed Help for Zeus
  85. Woodbridge with Appaloosa pattern
  86. Breed Help For Wapiti
  87. G4 Driving SM Breed
  88. Halp! Having a moment! Questions re Spanish Barb and Caipirinha
  89. Help with several SM molds?
  90. Breed For Triton?
  91. Ethereal Fire
  92. I just saw a picture of Pele- How cute is he
  93. Best Breed Assignment EVER
  94. Extreme Justice?
  95. What would you show this G1 Arab as?
  96. Stumped on bay Glossy Fall Wintersong
  97. Breed for Lakeshore Houdini and Miz Charisma ??
  98. Help with Trad molds this time!
  99. CM Arabian - Rearing and CM Shetland Pony?
  100. Question: What breed is the porcelain Breyer FIREBIRD supposed to be?
  101. Does anyone have a succesful breed assignment for BFest sr Mamacita?
  102. Customizing Kit Breeds
  103. Spanish Portugese PRE Andalusian Lusitano Alter Real experts please tell me.....
  104. Breed/Color Assignment for a CM'd Sheza Carinval?
  105. Unusual Face Marking Reference Pic?
  106. Breed for Stone Trotting Draft?
  107. Question: Breed Help
  108. Need breeds for several Stone Horses (and a few others)
  109. Color for a Stablemate?
  110. I Show X As ...
  111. Breed Ideas For G2 Thoroughbred
  112. Minimal Pinto Question
  113. Right. Let's talk Tarpan.
  114. Breed for Haute Couture?
  115. (Another) Question Regarding Class Placement
  116. Breed help: Black-Eyed Susan
  117. Breed for Stone Forever In Love
  118. Breed Assignment Help
  119. What books or websites are your favorite breed guides?
  120. Breed assignments
  121. Classic Silky Sullivan
  122. Breeds for Samba Surprise Models
  123. Breed assignment for Tinkerbell
  124. The Difference Between Paso Finos and Peruvian Pasos
  125. Breed for Populus
  126. Breed for Turnbridge Wells?
  127. Looking for striking black bay images
  128. Looking for unusual saddlebreds!
  129. Working Cow Horse aka Bobby Jo, other Stock horse Q's
  130. Breeds Assignments
  131. Need help with breeds for my new customs
  132. Pebbles Warmblood - Show as WB or Sport Pony?
  133. Buckskin vs dun??
  134. Breyer Quarter Horses
  135. Help with Mini QHs!
  136. Breed for Breyer Matrix
  137. Breed for Gloriioso
  138. Greyer Hackney
  139. Breeds for a Couple Stablemates
  140. Breed for Breyer Mamacito y Chico?
  141. Breed for Yasmin?
  142. Breed for Leopard Santa Fe Morgan
  143. Breed for Shenanigans and Frappe?
  144. Splash?
  145. Breed For This Girl?
  146. Cyra's Breed Thread
  147. Breed for Mini Quarterflash
  148. Sugarbush Draft. A breed or a type trying to become a breed?
  149. American Draft Breeds, so we have more than one?
  150. Rainier as a Drum Horse ?
  151. Breed Help
  152. Friesian question
  153. Breed for Chickory (Breyer event SR)
  154. Breed for Siren on the Wixom Mold
  155. Foal Ages
  156. Smarty Jones Appaloosas - Sport or Stock?
  157. Another breed for Friesian resin?
  158. More breed help please!
  159. Looking for Welsh Pony - Type A Reference Photos!
  160. More breeds needed!
  161. Drum Horse ???
  162. Help needed ... Fontainbleau
  163. Is this crazy?
  164. Strapless?
  165. Anglo-Arabians - is this possible?
  166. Vintage Splatter Dapples - regular color or decorator?
  167. WTF Reference Photos for warmblood with high stockings?
  168. Breed Assignment for.....
  169. Friesian Sport Horse
  170. G3 Standing TB?
  171. PS rearing chip?
  172. North American Spotted Draft Help, Please?
  173. So what colors ARE in the Lipizzaner gene pool, anyway?
  174. Breed help please!
  175. Breed ideas for Scotty?
  176. Othello Breeds
  177. Splash Morgan? Or?
  178. Gotz Morgan Stallion SM Breed?
  179. Best Breed for Totilas?
  180. Breed for classic Haflinger mold?
  181. Age/Genders for Traditional Breyers
  182. Part Arabian Percentages
  183. Breed for Terrang?
  184. Breed for SM Corazon/Hermosa?
  185. 2011 Breyer Resin - Prince Charming
  186. Alternative breed ideas for Stone Arabians needed
  187. Benicio color help
  188. Breeds for Momacita
  189. Breed and color options for Dartanian?
  190. Breeds for some BF 2017 models?
  191. Horse or Pony?
  192. Breed for Pinto Friesian Stablemate
  193. Is it a breed?
  194. Does "Jasmine" Weathergirl make a good Polish Seglawi strain Arab??
  195. Vivaan Breed?
  196. Breed help for upcoming show
  197. Arabian Breed documentation...yes or no?
  198. Types of QHs?
  199. British Riding Pony help
  200. Classic Love QH mare
  201. Woodland Splendor Color??
  202. Breed for Connoisseur Scallywag
  203. Jazz Fusion
  204. Age Assignments
  205. Breed assignment for Jacy
  206. Pintaloosa pony?
  207. Red dun in European breeds?
  208. Name Ideas: offering and asking for
  209. Flemish Horses anyone?
  210. Breed help! :(
  211. Breed Help For Upcoming ShowI'm
  212. Questions re: this Hackney resin
  213. Breed assignment for Cantrell's Applause pony
  214. Need Breed Assignment for Carina and Selene
  215. Question: Breed Help for Breyer Red Velvet Andalusian
  216. Breed Assignment for.....
  217. Beautiful brindle color reference
  218. What's in your "show reference" file?
  219. Stone TB Help?
  220. Stone Drafter Help
  221. Need some last minute breed assistance please!
  222. Question: Help finding a breed
  223. Need Breed Assignment For.....
  224. Draft mule colors?
  225. Striking black overo mustang but odd markings
  226. Options for True North Breed
  227. Markus: What breed suits him best?
  228. Breed suggestions for Apollo
  229. Exmoor or not?
  230. Breed Suggestions for an Appaloosa Alborozo
  231. Appaloosa CM on the new SM Cob
  232. Breed ideas for Kaibab?
  233. Breed suggestions for Puuku?
  234. What color am I?
  235. Which OF Breyer mold makes the best Shire?
  236. Breed ideas for Koh-I-Noor?
  237. GG Valentine as a German Riding Pony?
  238. Stonewall Sporthorse "In the Wild"
  239. Feathered horses - showing clipped leg
  240. Sorrel? Chestnut?
  241. Goblin resin breed?
  242. Suggestions for Copperfox Connemara and Irish Sports Horse?
  243. Breed Help for New Stone Irish Draught Appy
  244. Need some breed ideas, please!
  245. Breed for Vahana?
  246. Is there any hope for Boomerang?
  247. Breed help please! :)
  248. Breed Help for Silver Wolfe Fjord mold
  249. Fantasia Del C Breed
  250. Breed Suggestions for the Tobiano Smarty Dark Horse Surprise model