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  1. Artisan Gallery Finished Resin preview now up... :D
  2. Newly completed at 3B Designs...
  3. Out of town for the next several days: Crazyhorse Studios
  4. Twin Pines Studios Official Kickoff!
  5. CM Hoof Ornaments....
  6. IMPORTANT from CHRIS NANDELL - please read...
  7. new website for Daphne Mazuz/announcing Studio Spirans!
  8. KARA-KUSH: as finished as shes going to get!
  9. Just finished EC Clyde
  10. Guest Artist Oppurtunity...
  11. New Website for TPS!
  12. Breyer "Ruffian" and "Goffert' Have Something
  13. TMHR Books open To Public
  14. Introducing: YOU DETAIL IT resins on KYG sculptures!
  15. Mel Miller lottery deadline almost here!
  16. Painting Slots for work by Jennifer Kistler
  17. Order MERIBEL Draft Filly Resins Now!
  18. Few inprogress from 3B Designs for BFest....
  19. New Yahoo Group for Andrea Kessler/Lakeridge Studios!
  20. New resins by Liddy
  21. Mel Miller/Chinook Studios - Congratulations to the Lottery Winners!
  22. Maggie's Zim from Michaud is done!
  23. BreyerFest Presales from Studio Spirans!
  24. Artisans' Gallery sneak peak/pre-sales
  25. More pics of my AG Horses .. bidding & more now..
  26. T-Shirt Raffle!
  27. Mirror Bay Farms NEW logo unveiled!
  28. Stop by my table at AG!
  29. Sneak peek of sale pieces for Breyerfest!
  30. Crazyhorse Studios gone to North Carolina!
  31. NEW Book in the works!
  32. Shah Azim resins at the Artisan's Gallery
  33. KARA-KUSH at Artisan's Gallery :)
  34. Buster is Casting!
  35. She's a COVER GIRL!!
  36. New email addy!
  37. Aalef is casting!
  38. ji books open for a few painting slots!
  39. Plastic Pony Publication! Free Online Model horse Magazine!
  40. Twin Pines Studios Prepping Books OPEN!
  41. Moonriver Design Opens It's Doors!
  42. Eberl Arab AMELIA!
  43. Mel Miller "American Graffiti" Rose Indy preview!
  44. Web site updates on Dinky Duke & AG items.. more too I guess!
  45. New Bennett micro minis for sale!
  46. MERIBEL draft filly resins IN STOCK!
  47. **Rembrant is casting and available at last!***
  48. Afterglow Studios 2 Open Slots!
  49. KYG resins pass the half-way point
  50. New Resins from D'Arry
  51. Something BIG is coming......!
  52. **Timepiece is casting and shipping now!**
  53. New Traditional Scale Andalusian
  54. Equus Maximus!!!
  55. Something BIG is **FINISHED**......!
  58. New Resin Releases - traditional - pebbles - stablemate
  59. Slots open for paintwork
  60. Spookhorse Studios Yahoo Group
  61. Opus #6 coming....
  62. Member discounts and more
  63. Stunning New OOAK Showmanship Handler Coming!
  64. Price Drop on Danzante Resins!
  65. New Medallion by Liesl Dalpe -- Phaze Studio
  66. New inprogress photos
  67. Slipstream Studio custom books open
  68. Last week to order Flitwicks and a pic of Dinky!
  69. New Arab Release by Jahlee
  70. Just started my own Yahoo group:)
  71. Twin Pines Prepping Yahoo Group!
  72. Notice of discontinued/retired Maggie Bennett micro minis
  73. Mandi Hickmans Romulous
  74. EquinArt's sculptors accepted into AAEA art show
  75. Painting Slots Opening at Jahlee
  76. New (Sorta)Desert Night Creations Blog
  77. Win a free sm Deseo
  79. KYG Danzante resin edition closing at 60
  80. Coming soon to an eBay near you...
  81. You asked for it.. you..
  82. Web site updates and lots of new stuff!
  83. IMPORTANT announcement from Chris Nandell
  84. Andrea Kessler Offline for about a week...
  85. Pony Medallians now available
  86. Some Upcoming Show Donation Pieces
  87. Enviado sneaky peaky!
  88. Resins by Randy finally has a Yahoo group!
  89. Karen Beeson Finishwork Lottery
  90. Arabian costumes [Hollywood & Native style]
  91. Rose grey mini Nahar
  92. Coming Soon from Brindle Horse Productions!
  93. Danzante sculpture resin edition now CLOSED
  94. Chris Nandell NOW BOOKING Custom Painting Orders!!!
  95. Taking a few horses for
  96. Dinky Duke Durn almost Done!
  97. Aalef, new Friesian, completing casting!
  98. Trying something new with my website
  99. New Carol Williams Thoroughbred!
  100. New work out of my studio.
  101. Abbeyinc Studios Announcement
  102. Whew! Back online!
  103. "Peek-a-boo"
  104. New Stuff by Jenn!
  105. Breyer "Ruffian" and "Goffert' Bases Ready to Fill Orders!
  106. L'Inspecteur - Norman Cob Resin
  108. Danza Website.....
  109. Flitwick - Halloween Hoedown Donation
  110. Here's a Good Reason...
  111. 2 slots for tack sets, $75 preview price!
  112. Las Vegas Live 2007 donation
  113. A china Finn for charity
  114. Another new Yahoo group...
  115. Arab by Jahlee In Stock now!
  116. Much stuff...
  117. Breyer/Resin Stablemate Painting slot ***Special Offer!
  118. Coming Soon to Resins by Randy
  119. Saluki and Arab Picture
  120. A hand ful of Custom painting slots open for December!
  121. Taking Commissions Again!
  122. Grey Arab medallion
  123. Huck Bases! Can she get it done?
  124. Slots and Sneak Previews from TCS/Megan Kirk
  125. KARA KUSH! In her glory!
  126. open slot- SM English bridle & SM Western bridle
  127. I have a website! Yay!
  128. PCF Custom Tack books open to 4 saddles
  129. Monthly Drawings at Jahlee
  130. Two copies of Kara...
  131. New Website Finally Up!
  132. Khrysalis Studios Presents...
  133. KYG email and web DOWN!
  134. Two SM tack slots open
  135. GORGEOUS 'Streetwise' resin in oils x IRWIN
  137. Unbridled Joy
  138. My website is up and running!
  139. Stablemate Slots at Jahlee...
  140. Sneak Peek!
  141. PRIZE DRAWING and Giving Thanks!
  142. Horsing Around Christmas Sale
  143. Mink Feral Mare Medallion to Benefit Blab!!
  144. Tack books are open..
  145. Knightly Cadence Phase 2
  146. Ok, I'm bursting to share something...
  147. new designs in my cafepress store!
  149. Independence resin edition ending soon
  150. Arabian Costume Book Sneak Peek!
  151. Need a website?
  152. New Sarah Rose Arabian ornament
  153. Godiva sneak peek at last!
  154. Desert Night Creations Announcement Group
  155. My new Cafepress.com Shop!
  156. Updated my website...
  157. Prepping Slots Available and Website Updates from Equarius Studios!
  158. Hank McCoy Draft horse resin to Ebay
  159. Mel Miller back online
  160. ***Babette is casting and shipping!!!***
  161. Holiday Giveaway! Free Medallion Drawing from Equarius Studios
  162. Buyer's pick -SM dressage, english & twh bridle
  163. Studio Spirans' year-end drawing
  164. A little web site overhaul.. a big gallery update!
  165. Arabian Acres SM or medallion painting slot available
  166. New Flitwick Artist's Proof completed
  167. Flaxen Chestnut Independence Finished
  168. Dapple Gray Pastel Tutorial now available!!
  169. Unbridled Joy
  170. Medallion Giveaway from Mel Miller/Chinook Studios!
  171. Costume lovers/performance showers- Possible new project- if there's interest!
  172. New KYG sculpture: BRIONY Sporty Pony
  173. EYE CANDY - dappled gray Valinor by IRWIN
  174. ELKSBUGLE.COM Updated!
  175. First Cross-Country water jump by May Farms
  176. For those who liked Ann's sabino Valor...
  177. BRIONY Pony Resin: New braids and Painted!
  178. Crestwood Studios Yahoo Group now open!
  179. Excellent Advertising Opportunity for Equine Artists -Prix de Villes of North America
  180. Crazyhorse Studios (or~ life is a PITA!!!)
  181. Stablemate Lovers Only yahoo group...
  182. A public service announcement: beware!! ;)
  183. *important* email change for Natalie Wolfer
  185. New yahoo group for Jessica Funk
  186. Custom order lottery open for Mel Miller!
  187. Now taking orders on new resin - Depeche!
  188. New Yahoo! Group for Adiva
  189. Reworked website...
  190. New SM Resin-I'm Elusive
  191. Sneak Peek of Two Sales Items!
  192. You-Pick Semi-Commissions: Resins!
  193. Yet, another Yahoo group!
  194. A couple of slots availible :)
  195. **Picasso is casting!**
  196. And now for something completely different.. Sculpting Livejournal up!
  197. Current Painting Slots Open!
  198. Pre-Sale - You pick Color - Depeche Resin x Irwin
  199. Briony Sport Pony resins shipping!
  200. New Resin Release- Clydesdales!
  201. Arabian Costume Tack Available!
  202. 2 SM English tack slots opening
  203. New traditional Newfoundland Pony Resin
  204. Whats New Page updated and Updates For Heather Abounader/Desert Night Creations
  205. Custom orders being taken!
  206. Breyerfest is closer than you think - Breyerfest casting at DaBar!
  207. Just completed - VALOR!
  208. Announcing Recoloso!!
  209. Afterglow Website Update!
  210. Website back up...
  211. Arabian Style Show Halter Lottery For Heather Abounader/Desert Night Creations Tack
  212. Preview of Arabian Costume book available at MAR!
  213. PRE order the JI Arabian costume book now!!
  214. Mini Openings at Jahlee!
  215. Khrysalis Gallery
  216. Very excited to share this fellow! (many big pics..)
  217. CM Work in trade for SM resins!
  218. New resin releases:Tempest + Wee Lassie
  219. My First Horse - 1/24 scale
  220. Newfoundland Pony Painted Pics
  221. Taking painting orders...
  222. Last days for "dinky duke" and some other cool stuff!
  223. New Group for MAO Ceramics! Win a CM Glaze!
  224. Show awards coming soon & new etsy shop
  225. Hey, Remember Me??!! I'm Not Dead, Honest!
  226. WPDR 5 custom slots available!!
  227. Flawless Prepping
  228. Heads up! Resin editions closing!
  229. Sales at Arizona Live
  230. SPS Creations - how to contact
  231. join the Purple Pony Fan Club!
  232. Extensive Website Update
  233. New pieces and books opening SOON!
  234. Huck Bases Being Poured!
  235. Sneak Peek
  236. New Stablemates
  237. New horses added :)
  238. Pine Mountain Studios taking bridle commissions
  239. Driving and other props coming soon from O-mi!
  240. Painted set of Clydesdales for sale!
  241. Open for cm glaze commissions this summer
  242. New! Keltic Salerino Bases!
  243. **Igor and Derby are casting and shipping!**
  244. Commissionable Bodies!
  245. Traditional Ziryab Coming Soon
  246. Changes in the Lori Daniels/Crazyhorse Studios list
  247. “The Peasant Stomper” – new Boulannais Drafter Resin!
  248. Copies of Kara-Kush at NWC!
  249. My Father has Passed Away - Offline
  250. Comming soon to eBay - INDEPENDENCE by IRWIN