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  1. Four new Medallions / reliefs
  2. My Model Horse Email Address is Changing
  3. Sneak peek Peasant Stomper #2
  4. Now Taking Custom Orders!
  5. "Talyn" Friesian Stallion Resin - # 1 Artist's Proof - Available
  6. Arabian Decadence!
  7. Chrome Lotus Diorama books OPEN!
  8. Aiigh! My eyes!! My EYES!!!!
  9. Arabian Acres finishwork sales - advance notice
  10. 2007 ji $1 raffle costume- sneak peak, and ticket sales open!
  11. CHANGE to the 2007 ji raffle costume!
  12. RESIN Pixie Edition now OPEN
  16. Info About Heather Moreton-Abounader/Desert Night Creations
  17. Introducting the NAN donation: "A Day on the Farm"
  18. A new medallion
  19. NAN donation pix: Henry VIII and steed
  20. NAN Donation piece Posted!
  21. Sommer's Books open to CM Orders
  22. Prepping Books now OPEN
  23. **New gaited filly "Natalee"**
  24. Sneek Peek - SMB Pixie in Red Dun
  25. KYG BreyerFest News
  26. Purple Pony Fan Club T SHIRTS!!! + news
  27. Custom Books Open- 10 slots max
  28. The Goat
  29. Congrats to Lynn Kibbe! Winner of the ji costume raffle!
  30. 1st Peek at new Cutter Resin
  31. Kangaroo Leather Lace HERE & 2 wk Shop Closing
  32. Do you have a mini winner....
  33. Alvaro Completo!
  34. TILES at BF and you can order one too!
  35. Demos and new pieces at Breyerfest!
  36. *Balewou is casting and shipping*
  37. Twin Pine's First Creation!
  38. Jasmine resin complete - sneak peek!
  39. Blue Egyptian Dancing Horse Costume for sale...my group members get first dibs!
  40. FireHorse Designs yahoo group
  43. New web site and yahoo group..
  44. Custom By Amanda Books are Open!!!
  45. 1 Painting Commission slot open, 5 Diorama Commission slots open!
  46. Costume For Sale & Other News!
  47. Bill Duncan not at BF, so he is having a sale!!!
  48. CHRIS NANDELL now booking CM Painting Orders!
  49. New Trotting Arabian Mare Nadeerah Presale :-))
  50. New rudimentary web site
  51. Heather Abounader Out and Unavailable Starting Thursday
  52. El Toro Bravo and Babaji FINALLY being officially released!
  53. Beeson Finishwork Commission Slot - Cat Shelter Benefit Auction!
  54. "Carter" SM Champ X Skillern on eBay
  55. Aiyana Salome release!
  56. Photography!!
  57. SNEAK PEAK: El Dorado by Kitty Cantrell!
  58. Update on "Stubbs"
  59. Alvaro casting
  60. New Fjord medallion
  61. New sm Mustang
  62. Donation piece to benefit Childhood Cancer Assoc...
  63. Crazyhorse/Lori Daniels off-line for a week
  65. Accepting commissions now. =)
  66. Hanblechia Studio Artist Studio Blog
  67. Equine Confections Studio Announcement List!
  69. "Flair an Ice" Rasam by Mel Miller
  70. Westerly Design now has a Blog
  71. Introducing "Nitro" by Kitty Cantrell
  72. Natalie Wolfer/Equarius Studios taking 2 commissions this fall!
  73. Custom Books Open- temporarily offering slots!
  74. My Gallery site
  75. New EL DORADO by Kitty Cantrell over half sold out!
  76. Westerly Design Blog: Now THE way to get KYG
  77. New website!
  78. 2008 RESS Finishwork Exhibition
  79. Gallery Completed!
  80. New classic scale Takhi stallion
  81. October is CMG China Commissions Month!
  82. Jumping on the blogwagon. . .
  83. Nitro - new bucking horse by Kitty Cantrell, now ready for ordering! :)
  84. New top LSQ WP rider almost ready!
  85. Also jumping on the blog-wagon
  86. Recoloso Casting and Available!!
  87. Paloose Art & Designs Books Open
  88. Sponsorship Opportunity for your business
  89. Accepting a few new CM orders!
  90. Jasmine edition info!
  91. Two classy ladies for your horses from !o-mi!
  92. Hand Embroidered Arabian Costume
  93. Gizelle Resin with Commission by Sheila Anderson
  94. Join the Templewood Studios Yahoo Group!
  95. Updating Website
  96. Win a *painted* Peasant Stomper for $5!!!
  97. Taboo resin benefit auction
  98. Purdy Spooky, 50% donation to HHD!
  99. Stablemate Lovers Only Breast Cancer Fundraiser Pieces
  100. Sculpting and casting clinic
  101. Calamity Jane is casting!!!
  102. Don't wait till the last minute... Peasant Stomper Raffle!
  103. I'm offering up a mini Indy commission...
  104. New top LSQ custom driver and western side-saddle rider!
  105. ji custom costume slots available!!
  106. $5 Win a paint job by Myla Pearce $5 & help save a mare for $5.00
  107. Custom Paint Slot with Carolyn Smith to Benefit Animali Farm
  108. Reg10 Regionals Feral Mare Medallion donation
  109. Stormwatch to be painted by Myla Pearce 100% to Animali
  110. Commission Me Mini Indy!
  111. NEW Resin Filly "Suki" by Sommer
  112. UPDATE: Peasant Stomper Raffle!
  113. Update on Recoloso!
  114. Blogging Boreas China glazing this week!
  115. Paloose Arts Web Site Moved
  116. A new look for JI!
  117. Mel Miller's new resin, new website, new blog!
  118. Available to custom glaze chinas this spring!
  121. P. Stomper: A *HUGE* Thank you
  122. Special offer on Arabian costumes!
  123. Need some resins painted? Trading paintjobs for unpainted resins!
  124. New Resin Plaque of Knight and Horse
  125. Magical Mystery Mistretta Mindy
  126. Sugar, new resin, special precast sale
  127. Abel: New Morab Resin, casting now!
  128. Hope Medallion ready for orders!
  129. Commission me Shah Azim!
  130. New website for Studio Spirans/Daphne Mazuz!
  131. Offer: 2 donations for 2008 live shows in Europe
  132. Natalie Wolfer Taking Commissions for December
  133. You design the sculpture in Mel Miller's blog
  134. Pony or Mini lovers check this out!
  135. Heather Abounader on Hiatus as of Dec 1,2007
  136. Western side-saddle rider from Keren/!o-mi! miniatures
  138. Micro minis!
  139. Afterglow Announces OOAK Release!
  140. Cheap Commissions-Dec only!
  141. The Stage Coach Project Website
  142. Rose Studios Blog!!!!
  143. Karen Beeson Commission Slot - lottery!
  144. New Web Sites and Designs by Jen Wilson
  145. December Mini Special!
  146. AmandaTollesonStudios Yahoo Group
  147. New "Painter's Directory" (are you a painter or are you looking for one?)
  148. Afterglow Online Christmas Party!
  149. Update on Aiyana --Shipping!
  150. Christmas Ornaments
  151. Haras de Falde CM Tack books are open for 2008!
  152. !o-mi! miniatures book open for riders!
  153. Clay sculpt finished of Sencillo - mustang stallion! To be released in resin soon
  154. Ghost Wolf Ranch tack books are open
  155. New Medallion - Frodo the Shetland Pony
  156. RESS Finishwork Exhibition
  157. Kirsten Wellman offline for a week
  158. Karen Gerhardt's Westerly Design is Moving On!
  159. Have Yourself a Merry Little...
  160. Tack Books Open
  161. A CHRISTMAS WISH...with a pic!
  162. New Resin Release - Traditional Cutting Horse
  163. New (sort of) resin pony "Timoteo" by Prosser!
  164. Aidan
  165. Sale on Huck and Keltic Salerino bases!
  166. Cheap Commissions-last chance
  167. NEW Customizing and Pastelling book and Reference CD!
  168. To Casting
  169. Website Update
  170. Accepting commissions for 2008
  171. Horror of all Horrors!
  172. Mindy in Dapple Grey!
  173. Equineart Creations...
  174. Sugar, new resin for the new year
  175. Update on Aiyana Resin Arabian Mare
  176. Anyone casting "mini" resins...
  177. Want a say in the new instructional videos?
  178. Prepping & Priming Slots
  179. Ruffian in Rabicano
  180. 3 LSQ painting slots available!
  181. Coming soon to eBay! GORGEOUS!!
  182. CM PS Draft!
  183. Historical ... Subjects
  184. Main reason I'll be at Breyerfest this year
  185. [finally!] :D meet "Zaphiro"
  186. Otto finished by Liz Shaw
  187. Kathi Bogucki offline for awhile. . .
  188. I have some openings for customs
  189. Update on Aiyana castings and new mold!
  190. Abel: New Traditional scale resin
  191. New welara mare! trad size by Becky Turner
  192. Wyakin
  193. Vicky is
  194. New tutorial added to my Yahoo group
  195. Custom books open!!
  196. Dragon Ridge Studios books are open!
  197. Out of commission for a week or two
  198. D'Arry's new site design!
  199. Update on Bids for CM Aiyana resins!
  200. Several Slots: One of my horses, or your own!
  201. Chris Jolly's computer crashed
  202. Custom Websites?
  203. New Yahoo Group for tack slots & sales!
  204. Show Donation!
  205. Gallery, updates on Mel Miller's site!
  206. Riversong Saddlery Offering Custom Work Openings!
  207. Taking Commissions! Trade for resins!
  208. Smittyn Sneak Peek!!!
  209. Need advice on Aiyana Mold Prototype
  210. Mini Reining horse
  211. "Hazel" resin sales info all up now! :)
  212. Tom Bainbridge Raffle Donation Announced!!
  213. Medallion Naming Cometition!
  214. Need Input on '08 NAN Donation
  215. Closing Shop!
  216. Chinook Studios/Mel Miller Spring Sale and new medallion!
  217. Oh boy, Im paintin, Im paintin!
  218. Opening my books!
  219. Sheila Anderson Family Emergency
  220. Now Accepting Preorders! Saoirse Arabian Mare!
  221. Accepting SM commissions
  222. Thank you to my customers and friends. . .
  223. Paintwork books are OPEN
  224. Update on Aiyana Mold # 2!
  225. Painter's Program DAFYDD by Katie Younger-Gehrt!
  226. Shipping Queues Now On Website!
  227. Tack Books Closed
  228. Has anyone heard this?
  229. 1st painted Hazel! :) (big pic warning)
  230. Some "Commission-Me" opportunities on nice resins: Nitro, Enviado, Stormwatch...
  231. "KHAPTIVATE!" now at auction!
  232. Webshots FINALLY overhauled! & Looking for Proxy Shower
  233. The Unicorn Woman Closed for 3 weeks beginning May 21
  234. Dragon Ridge Studios books are open!
  235. Antca! new Friesian mare medallion mate to antico
  236. Coming Later Today...
  237. Poll Re: My NAN Showstring Sale
  238. Special offer by Dragon Ridge Studios
  239. New Artist's Site! :)
  240. NEW CM'd Stormwatch x IRWIN
  241. Svelte Resin Edition Closing
  242. Belgian Scarlett x Dalpe for sale!
  243. !o-mi! miniatures - production sale, riders & more
  244. Now taking pre orders on JI Arab Costume book!!!!
  245. In the works - DVD Instructional Videos
  246. Weekend Winner Updates
  247. Commission-me Stormwatch! Taking offers...
  248. Painting Books Are Open
  249. Coming Soon: Rose & Fraley
  250. Update on Saoirse Arabian Resin!