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  1. *VIXEN & IMP* CM Paint Slot Offering! They are almost here!
  2. New Yahoo Group for my Customizing, Painting, etc
  3. Painting books open next month
  4. Shadowbrook Creations Video 5
  5. Clinky Kathman Spinny available soon!
  6. Mindy by Jennifer Kistler ENDS 6/6/08!!
  7. Far North Studios Website Updated
  8. The first set of Saoirse Casts are HERE! IMG+++
  9. Available for Pre-Order: The Big Book on How to Fix Stuff
  10. Sneak Peek Of My New Website
  11. First Set of Mold#2 Aiyanas are HERE!
  12. Customs By Amanda open for 2 summer slots
  13. Introducing Rival, the new unicorn/horse mask by Sans Souci Studios!
  14. Wyakin closing up shop
  15. Mel Miller / Chinook Studios in progress stuff!
  16. Scarlett: Coming Soon
  17. Announcing new Reference CDs!
  18. Summer Indian Costume Slot Opening
  19. I Can Repair Your Breyers/Stone/Resin Horses!
  20. New Yahoo Group!
  21. Huck & KS Bases BEFORE Breyerfest!
  22. ROUSTAM - Micro Mini - Stallion
  23. News from my "studio" :) Lisa G (ETCs_Lady!) will be handling my transactions
  24. Cutter Pickup at Breyerfest
  26. Hazel at Breyerfest and Timepayment plans
  27. Beeson Sales Piece on Yahoo Group
  28. New Yahoo Group for Glyn Haven Studios
  29. Coming Soon! CMed Alborozo!
  30. Sneak Peek!
  31. LSQ Cm Slot available! Resculpting/Repainting!
  32. Victrix in grey coming soon
  33. 08 NAN Donation John Henry
  34. Important note from Minkiewicz Studios LLC
  35. Protect your Copyrights -- Write Congress NOW
  36. Chinook Studios/Mel Miller announcement and Breyerfest Sale!
  37. FINALLY have a website!!!
  38. & my personal congrats (& tx!) to NAN winners!! :)
  39. Beautiful and Unique!
  40. Desert Sun Studios... Announcements and For Sale on MH$P!
  41. Official Sales Notice w/BIG Photos!
  42. Ghost Wolf Ranch 10% off sale on harness and saddles
  43. Semi new Blog
  44. Customs By Amanda has a NEW Gallery!!!
  45. Dapple Grey Victrix up for Offers
  46. Morgen's Summer Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Sale!
  47. Vixen and Imp Paint Slots!
  48. New~new~new!
  49. New "Costumes In Progress" Page
  50. ji costume raffle donation complete!
  51. Mini Haggis finished by Liz Shaw - advance sales notice
  52. New Resin by Kathleen Moody
  53. Mini Haggis finished by Liz Shaw - benefit auction
  54. Vixen! YEAH baby! She rocks!
  55. 5P Customizing book edition CLOSING
  56. Venator pre-sale
  57. Emboldened looking for guest artists
  58. C.S.Richmond new Yahoo news group...
  59. Painted Cutter
  60. Pickle V2 Now Available.
  61. FREE painting slot opportunity with Liz Shaw - conditions apply
  62. Mini Indy edition ending soon
  63. Special Commission-trade opportunity for Mini Scarlett
  64. New resin - a Lusitano stallion
  65. Spirit of the West Studios Yahoo Group
  66. blog updates
  67. NEW C.S.Richmond Studios Yahoo Group......
  68. OF Ceramic American Shetland, "Jitterbug"
  69. COMING SOON: Guest Artist "Ima Sharpe Cutter"
  70. Running out of time
  71. *MINI SCARLETT* CM Paint Slot Offering!! ^.^
  72. Hazel and bitty bosco Summer Sale Ends Sunday!
  73. Jendayi Egyptian Dancing Horse by Kathleen Moody
  74. Paint Slot for MUSETTA!
  75. Mini Indy edition ending Thursday
  76. Mini Indy edition closing
  77. A fall PSA. Happy accidents!
  78. American Academy of Equine Art Donation
  79. Exciting resin prizes and new sales stuff coming for my "Oktoberfest"!
  80. October Special for Donkeys From Monarch View Studios!
  81. Casting Arriving Now
  82. Emboldened
  83. Got a nekkid Newsworthy?
  84. Win a FREE Jasmine resin!
  86. Sneek Peek
  87. The "SHE painted THAT?" Contest-win free paintwork by Dalpe!
  88. SM Commission Opening- Danza
  89. Please vote! (help an artist win a free resin) :)
  90. Win a free Saddle for Christmas!
  91. New Webpage for Vicky Norris
  92. Orgulhoso update!!
  93. & Scene contest up now too!! (both contest polls are running!) :)
  94. Flip This Horse Studios CLOSED
  95. A little "thank you" for your help!
  96. Hazel and Venator newly completed!
  97. Bogucki resin editions closing soon
  98. "OMBRA MAI FU" - Micro Mini - Piece Unique by Collection .. Katja Contu
  99. Fall giveaways at Chinook Studios!
  100. Festus flying the coop
  101. Donation for Region 4 Regionals
  102. More Giveaways at Chinook Studios!
  103. Share your Artist News!
  104. Website Blow-Out- $150!
  105. 11 days remaining to order Babaji and El Toro Bravo. . .
  106. New Website for Michelle Platt!
  107. Woven and Silver western show halters on the horizon!
  108. Heads-Up
  109. SM Morgan resin to be released
  110. Commissions Available
  111. No more ji website orders till Feb
  112. Black Friday Special Sale!!!
  113. New Mule Medallion!
  114. Bravio-Andalusian Stallion.....Finally!
  115. New Website for Hilary Schwafel!
  116. A Blog for Jennifer Kistler!
  117. The RESS 2009 Sculpture Exhibition
  118. Holiday Sale from Chinook Studios/Mel Miller
  119. Festus is jingling his way to homes
  120. Two top LSQ riders from !o-mi!
  121. Tack book open for 2 saddle sets in Feb.
  122. Jennifer Irwin is now Jennifer Scott!
  123. Rose Studios 2009 calendars
  124. New Limited Edition Resin Cache Cow
  125. Happy New Year early =)
  126. C.S.Richmond Studios Paintwork site:)
  127. Two new Eberl sculptures!
  128. New Website
  129. New yahoo group!
  130. Introducing (formally) :) "bitty bosco"
  131. Happy New year from DNC!
  132. Combined orders/Pick-ups of Eberl resins!
  133. Prepping slots are open
  134. Faith medallion finished by Liz Shaw
  135. NOW Accepting Preorders for ELNATHAN!!!
  136. Now offering Prepping Services!
  137. Doodlebug released
  138. Mini Ziryab by Laura Skillern
  139. Morgan Mare sculpture - in progress pics!
  140. Bravio's Progress
  141. Elnathan ALMOST sold out at RETAIL PRICE!!
  142. HALF PRICE sale on SM painting commissions! Only $25!
  143. Monarch View Studios Has A Yahoo Group!
  144. New SM Donkey Special From Monarch View!
  145. Copies of Cache Cow in stock!
  146. New Yahoo Group for Carol Huddleston
  147. SM English tack slot opening
  149. "Cabernet": Mini Scarlett X L. Skillern
  150. Doodlebug just completed!
  151. Pre-Order Medallion;
  152. Updated Morgan Mare sculpture
  153. Contemplating gender (poll) on Arabian sculpture (+info needed)
  154. Rose Studios Gallery
  155. Paintwork slot by Cindy Williams on Ebay
  156. Spanish Riding School Set ~open Tack Slot In SM Sz
  157. Stablemate Lovers Only tack books are OPEN!
  158. Huck and Keltic Salerino Bases Available Again!
  159. Paint Trade for Mini Ravenhill
  160. Books Closed Permanently
  161. Pebble English tack w/ Rider
  162. Look for more painted horses from me (finally)
  163. New SM Draft Resin
  164. Afterglow Studios BLOG ALERT!
  165. Huge Blog Update!
  166. New Traditional resin by Rhodes
  167. Giveaway - bracelet :)
  168. Coming Soon - Persuasion!
  169. X Tara Endurance Arab
  170. FS: Prospero aka Alborozo #1
  171. "Working Girl" new QH from Sarah Rose!!
  172. New Medallion!! [IMG]
  173. 15% Off Summer Paint Slots w/ Equine Confections Studio
  174. Chestnut Bitty Bosco by Dalpe up on MHSP!
  175. "Jellibaby" Mini Filly Resin!
  176. Teaser with what is next....
  177. Darcy - Morgan Mare Sculpture - Finished!
  178. Custom Books Open for the summer! Minis start at $50, Trads at $100! I also prep!
  179. Have you been to the PhazeStudio Blog?
  180. Website Easter Egg Hunt! :D resin goodness to be had! ;)
  181. Email down for The Unicorn Woman-Melody D. Snow
  182. deco RAFFLES! for 5/9 show in OK
  183. sm tack books might be closing in May...
  184. Brand New website for Sara Bercier!
  185. Collect all kinds of china?
  186. Performance Flexible resin
  187. OOAK Breyer Porcelain "Giselle" Custom Glaze for BF
  188. Check Out Clever Buckshot Studios!
  189. No new ji Website orders for a while...
  190. Introducing "Andrea" Yearling Draft Filly by Kathleen Moody
  191. New Website for Equine Confections Studio!
  192. New Morgan foal peek!
  193. Purple, pink or red?
  195. Win A Free Paintjob Drawing - RESULTS!
  196. New Thoroughbred Medallion: Special Derby Day Debut
  197. My NAN donation - pick the color poll!
  198. Elizabeth the Morgan filly - Now taking orders!
  199. NAN donation - Tetawken final color poll
  200. My blog up and running
  201. Pastelling and Customizing book edition CLOSING
  202. deco. raffle. WINNERS!!!!
  203. NEW PONY RESIN!!!
  204. XTara Official Release
  205. Tack Books Closing May 25th....
  206. Poll on upcoming mare's hair & a sneak peek at a bitty!!! :D
  207. First artist's proof bitty b :)
  208. Trotting hairy Draft Sculpt - Progress Pics!
  209. Karen Gerhardt now living in the UK!
  210. Elizabeth, Morgan Filly resin - new price and info
  211. Ragwood Acres Studio...
  212. Unicorn Woman Summer Schedule
  213. i has a blog.
  214. New Mini & a painting commission or two
  216. order of commissions
  217. Askuwheteau
  218. New name for my studio...
  219. Caution :) "WET PAINT"
  220. Mel Miller's NAN Vendor Table Sneak Peek
  221. Pebbles & Classic Scale Meadowbrooks for sale
  222. Ragwood Acres Studio's Show Debute
  223. New from CLF: Half Calves for 'Mired Calf' set ups!!!
  224. J. Kistler Huntseat Set at NAN?!
  225. Tack from !o-mi! miniatures
  226. Wyakin from big girl to itty bitty
  227. Coming Soon!
  228. New Pony Jumping Model;
  229. !o-mi! 'Don't go to NAN' Production Sale!
  230. Breakables Donation
  231. Arabian Tack Available! Just in Time for Those Live Shows!!
  232. Trad. MARATHON CART almost ready
  233. Sale on Reference CDs!!
  234. Spirit Bear Creations, 2 Slots Open
  235. XTara pickups at Breyerfest
  236. Classic scale cantering pony.
  237. Gallery & Site Updated, Books Open!
  238. Al-Maisan Medallion.
  239. Given His Packing Orders
  240. deco RAFFLE for Bucc. Live!
  241. Daisy and Buttercup - new medallions by Mel Miller!
  242. Kirsten Wellman offline for a week +
  243. Peek - upcomming LB Scale Stock horse!
  244. Afterglow Closing Studio Doors
  245. Buccaneer Donation Saddle Finished!
  246. New Equine Jewelry!
  247. Hazards of Love (Offers)
  248. Elnathan V2 COMPLETE!
  249. Searcher Studios Peresents Pete
  250. New stuff coming soon.. with a wee sneak peek! :)