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  1. !o-mi! Custom Books OPEN!
  2. New email for searcher studio
  3. Wee Wyakin
  4. Officially closing shop permanently
  5. I'm back!!
  6. Cat Resin + Nightmare Pendant
  7. New Medallion Fire! By Soltice Art Studio
  8. 4 Wheel Viceroy style Show Carts-- Trad.
  9. New Medallion - THE KID
  10. Paint work slots open
  11. New Jumper Sculpture Progress Pics!
  12. Possible Collie in Resin
  13. New Pearl White Unicorn Mask by Sans Souci Studios
  14. Books Opening Soon
  15. A few new faces - one available now :)
  16. Website Services
  17. Callin' all artists casting minis.....
  18. New Website
  19. Please go test my website while I have 2 :)
  20. Bitty Bosco edition closing a little early...
  21. Sneak Peek - Vistoso by Mel Miller
  22. Snow Bases for Nutcracker Prince!
  23. Some free sold-out minis for ya... ;)
  24. Jezebel-New Rose resin!
  25. A Stormwatch...
  26. Aart
  27. Painted Trad. Spanish Resins only $325!
  28. Help the artists - please vote!
  29. Do I Dare? Yes, I do! My first sales piece on Ebay!
  30. Help owners win free resins now! :)
  31. New pony foal resin now ready!
  32. TD scale Circus Wagon is complete & on ebay
  33. Graylea Whisper resin release
  34. Pinto Painting Slots
  35. Cat Resins have arrived
  36. One paintwork slot available by Cindy Williams
  37. Centaur Girl "Calla"
  38. In the hands of Mountain View Studios
  39. Classic/Pebbles scale Dog Carts
  40. Donation piece by Liz Shaw 100% proceeds to cancer research
  41. A micro mini surprise for Myopic Madness!
  42. Dreamflite Design: books open for 2010!
  43. MAO Ceramics Givaway Contest
  44. Flip This Horse Studio Website Update/Policy Change
  45. New Mini Mare!
  46. If you're interested in buying tack by me...
  47. Interest in free commissions?
  48. Offering One FREE Commission!
  49. New Bucking Pony Resin
  50. **ONE in a MILLION** Mule medallion... 100% donation in memory of Tessa!
  51. A "how NOT to" video! (so helpful)
  52. DaBar publicly announces the resin release of "Parvadean The Governor" by Kristina Lu
  53. Winter Sale at Chinook Studios!
  54. One commision slot available!
  55. Exclusive Horse Jewelry!
  56. Field of Dolls Studios Holiday Sale
  57. Christmas Pony Raffle!
  58. I made a new website!
  59. Aponi
  60. Adiva Arabians New Website Debut 2010
  61. Commission Opportunity Available!
  62. Centaur Girls Arrived
  63. website down
  64. Blog Posting Returns!
  65. New CD! Model Horse Shoeing 101
  66. New CD Model Horse Photography
  67. Free CM SM G2 Warmblood for the Holidays
  68. Treasure Hunt at Chinook Studios!
  69. New website for Tibbi Searcher
  70. Commission Work Available
  71. FREE Commissions - See inside!
  72. Customs by Amanda aka "Bayside Studio"
  73. Clever Buckshot Studios - Book Open!
  74. RESS new "Big Show" format
  75. Afterglow Game Plan & Completion Dates
  76. Haras de Falde tack slots available!
  77. FriesianFury back up
  78. Accepting 2 new commissions!
  79. Westerly Design now on Facebook!
  80. 2 Indian Costume Slots Open
  81. Glory editions closing sunday
  82. New Cat!
  83. Trading LSQ Paint Work for Unpainted Resins!
  84. One Elnathan V2 is currently IN STOCK !
  85. Sculpting and blogging again. . . FINALLY!
  86. Special Sale!! Limited Time Offers!!
  87. Classic- Doll house scale Landau Carriage
  88. Hanblechia Etsy Shop
  89. Anyone interested in some commissions?
  90. Commission me Jellibaby!
  91. Sneek Peek for 3 new resins
  92. Are you looking for SM tack? Books open!
  93. Art By Morgen has a Facebook studio page :)
  94. New resin "Iaret" now available off website:)
  95. New medallion "Peace" By Soltice Art Studio
  96. Afterglow Studios Now on Nerdbook!
  97. Now taking commissions!
  99. Cutter resin - Close Out
  100. New Website
  101. Working Girl edition ending soon!
  102. Chris Jolly is NOT retired!
  103. New Kitties are Here! Centaur Girls Marked Down!
  104. User friendly stablemate tack
  105. IMG: "Help me keep my car" Commission Sale/Emergency
  106. Painting slots available!
  107. LSQ Commission books open for 2010 + 20% off discounts!
  108. Traditional Pinto Slot $50.00
  109. Painting slots with Mel Miller on rare resins now available!!
  110. !o-mi! Production Sale coming to MH$P/Books Open
  111. Last of wee Wyakins to Equinartcreations
  112. NEW Instructional DVDs Available for the Model Horse Artist
  113. Improved Blog! + ceramic hedgehogs this week!
  114. Winners Gallery/Site Updated/New Egroup...
  115. NEW RESIN: "Lil Pumpkin"
  116. One commission spot available for the summer!
  117. A New Bronze
  118. Liver Chestnut DVD now available!
  119. Sparkling-New IARET by Kilbourne/Gatcombe
  120. Paintncrazy/Lori Daniels/Crazyhorse Studio CLOSED for good!!!!
  121. Info: commissions, dolls, new email and life in general
  122. Check out the Hall Of Fame!
  123. SM Painting Slots $20.00 each!
  124. EHS Studios Summer Finishwork Blowout! 50% off LSQ/NAN'd/NAN Top Ten work!
  125. Traditional scale kitty resin now available by Myla Pearce
  126. IMG: New Resin Medallion Sculpted by Rebecca Turner!!!
  127. *Vincenzo is available
  128. NEW Dappled Sooty Buckskin Instructional DVD
  129. Punjabi resin by Cindy Williams on Ebay now
  130. Check out the RESS blog!
  131. Resin Prepping Service
  132. Westerly Design/Karen Gerhardt has moved her blog!
  133. Unicorn Woman (Melody D. Snow) off-line unil July 15 (or so)
  134. I'm baaaaaaaack ;)
  135. New Foal and Cat Set by Candace Liddy at EquinArt Creations
  136. My Newest Needlefelt Horse in awhile..................
  137. Unicorn Woman Email Problems
  138. CELEBRATION Deal on XTara and NAN win pics!!
  139. Packing up studio
  140. Unicorn Woman Closure From August 4 - 16, 2010
  141. Ailín release
  142. Commission spot open!
  143. Commission slot opportunity with Liz Shaw 100% donation...
  144. Red Fox and Kermit, new filly and cat sculpture
  145. Keep Up To Date!
  146. Painting Books Open Again
  147. An Open Invitation to Resin Artists
  148. Mira Bell Productions Announces Donations to OMRH with EVERY Purchase!
  149. Creations By Mit Yahoo Group & Facebook Page
  150. $25.00 ANY SCALE Black Pinto LSQ Paint Job!
  151. New Kitty and SM Foal Coming Soon! Preorders Open!
  152. Commission slots open
  153. 40% off LSQ paintjob prices for popular hobby resins!
  154. Introducing Laddie
  155. Two New Tutorials on my Website!
  156. EHS Studios Discounted Finishwork BLOWOUT
  157. OMG I made the front page!
  158. "Flying Free" Release!
  159. Michaud recent work : )
  160. Lori Daniels/Crazyhorse Studios announces (FINALLY)!!!!!!!!!!!!
  161. ROLAND - New Resin Release
  162. 30% off discounted LSQ slot, for ANY Trad sized resin!
  163. South Down Studio.
  164. Halim Cyril is COMPLETE!
  165. I haz a facebook page!
  166. I tweet! (& really have no idea much what that means).. ;)
  167. NEW Instructional Videos! Varnish Roan Appy, Black, and Bay
  168. Cat's already out of the bag but I have some new faces :)
  169. Name the New Medallion - Contest
  171. Painting Slots OPEN!
  172. *NEW* - "Teddy" Medallion - Batch 1
  173. ENORMOUS Gallery Update for Mel Miller / Chinook Studios!
  174. Revamped website and general updates
  175. Another edition wrapping up for me - just a couple of Iarets left!
  176. New tutorials on my blog
  177. IMG: Morgan medallion - BLUE - yes, that one!
  178. Updated this am -> directory listings to find a painter for your resin (or custom!)
  179. Keilatan Studios - Natalie Kilpatrick
  180. NEW Yahoogroup for SWAPPING finishwork on MEDALLIONS!
  181. Teddy Medallion - Batch 2
  182. Black Friday SALE on Instructional DVDs!!
  183. Pipsqueak!
  184. HUGE Winter Sale on all resins at Chinook Studios, cheap seconds available!
  185. Website Back Up-Dottie Hayes
  186. New resin release... Faran, PRE stallion
  187. Updated website!
  188. "Bug" to ebay just after the New Year! Sneak Peak
  189. ROLAND - painte by Sheila Anderson - OMG what detail!
  190. Chinook Studios sale ends Monday, plus even more seconds!
  191. Newly finished and up on Ebay - BINT SORAYA x Scott
  192. !o-mi! Miniatures now open for orders
  193. Friesianfury Studio is open for paint work
  194. mini Arabian by Rhodes!
  195. Ginger new Sm mini pony by Rebecca Turner now available for orders!
  196. Abd-Al-Mulligan! Arabian Medallion
  197. Lori Daniels/Crazyhorse Studios
  198. Attn: Artists working in Pebble & smaller scale....
  199. Morgan Medallion 'BLUE' on to second mold!
  200. Get your NAN 2011 Gear NOW!!
  201. Just made live - Johann edition (& time payment option)
  202. Books are open!! 4 paintwork slots available
  203. Painting Slots available with Natalie Wolfer
  204. Flip This Horse Studio is now on Facebook!
  205. New email
  206. Added 7 new painters - are you looking for someone to paint your resin?
  207. *NEW* URL for JENN DANZA's site
  208. Boise
  209. New Yahoo Group with Jayne Sabino and Janet Bonney
  210. Commission books open, will trade for unpainted resins....
  211. Accepting new orders, Weather Girl trades welcome!
  212. Important notice ~ people with Commission slots with Liz Shaw ~ Tick Tock Studio
  214. Name That Cat Contest! Win a FREE Cat Resin!
  215. Books Closed!
  216. Ponies in Patina! 3 Spots available!!
  217. New website
  218. Taking commissions : 3 spots available!
  219. Unicorn Woman News -- Storms, no internet, details here
  220. Bluebird Studio Website *new*
  221. Name That Cat WINNER!
  222. Custom model dog services by Dragon Ridge!
  223. BRAND NEW Prepping DVDs, 2 Disc SET!
  224. Unicorn Woman back on-line
  225. One Commission Slot Available
  226. Open for commission for charity shows
  227. Fiero, New Stablemate Andalusian Resin
  228. Ben - Sleepy Draft Medallion! Limited available for reservation!
  229. New sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy foal resin!
  230. Rogue Horse Studio - new facbook page!
  231. The Unicorn Woman Black-out Dates
  232. "LEGGS" is now available! 1:9th scale stock horse mare by Dalpe
  233. Rose Studios has a new look!
  234. Painting books are now open
  235. Painting Books Closed - Re-opening Fall 2011
  236. Introducing a new donkey medallion "Gleep" - bookend style medallion
  237. Customizing services- books are open for summer 2011!
  238. Ready To Order: Old Dreaming Lady
  239. A totally silly contest/challenge - Dilapidated Ductile Duke Dilemma! (from blog)
  240. Run to the Wire, new medallion
  241. Church Cat new medallion bas relief!! by Soltice Art Studio
  242. I have a Blog...
  243. New resin Tivoli
  244. One Slot open for Paintwork - June
  245. Progress updates and offline from June 4-12th
  246. Open for Commission
  247. Last Stock of Resin Cats/Foals Before Breyerfest!
  248. C.S.Richmond Studios prepping and painting workshop
  249. Marcimello and Habina now available!
  250. New release coming soon - Morgan Relief medallion