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  1. Unicorn Woman back to work!
  2. New Equine Confections Studio Website!
  3. Update from Resins by Randy
  4. Coming soon!
  5. Change of Plans
  6. SALE on Instructional DVDs
  7. FREE Roaning/How to use the Kolinsky Brush Video
  8. "Tot" Sitting Pony Mare - coming soon
  9. New Facebook Page
  10. Tack Raffle!
  11. Roundabout British Show Cob Resins: Special UK-Residents Sale
  12. Artists, have a new mini scale resin you'd like to promo~
  13. Webcast - Monday at 8pm EST - Tune In to watch the opening of Bill LIVE!!
  14. HUGE STUDIO MICHAUD website update!!
  15. Equine Confections Studio on Facebook!
  16. Studio Facebook Page Updated!
  17. One Paint slot open for AUGUST
  18. Little Lonestar released!
  19. Small number of SM slots up for grabs
  20. Westerly Design is now officially Wizard's Vale Arts
  21. Commission slot opportunity with Liz Shaw to benefit cancer research
  22. Commission Opening
  23. ONE Painting Slot Open - $30.00 ANY SCALE
  24. Get ready... for a Labor Day "LONGEARS" sale!! ^.^
  25. September edition "Kipling" the pony now available!
  26. "Humphrey Bear" Available now.
  27. FREE Paint Job For Your Little Lonestar!
  28. Info: Commission slot for Queen's carriage & harness in SM scale
  29. Adelaide by Michelle Platt Now Available
  30. ROST Medallion for Preorder
  31. Muley Medallion NOW AVAILABLE AND SHIPPING: Abe & Eli!
  32. Info: open books for SM tack/props ~limited slots
  33. Creations By Mit has a Facebook Page!
  34. Unicorn Woman Website down 9/27/2011
  35. Mama Mia, that's a cute donkey! New Artist Resin by Candace Liddy
  36. sot ice art studios new emails and website!
  37. Kipling edition extended to Oct 2nd (due to website being down last weekend)
  38. Trad Pleasure carts and Marathon driving carts ready this week
  39. OMRH Presents: Elmhurst Medallion by Art by Morgen!
  40. Phaze Studio/Liesl Dalpe... on Facebook!
  41. Teddy has gone to mud!
  42. 4 wheel Viceroy Carts for Trads.
  43. IMPORTANT NAME CHANGE!!!!! Please read!
  44. My New Website!!!
  45. Mustang Magic II
  46. Napoleon Cat Resin - Closing?
  47. 1 Commission Slot Open - Natalie Wolfer
  48. Art bt Dottie Facebook Group
  49. Medallion Painting Slots Available $10.00
  50. Available TOMORROW: Trixie!
  51. TRIXIE now available!
  52. Info: Books open for stablemate tack, props, and bases
  53. Heza Classy Chic Deposit Slot release --- heads up!!
  54. Commission Opening (NOV) Jenn Danza
  56. Beeson Appy Sporthorse CM - sale coming soon!
  57. Commission slots open
  58. Strapless Available for Commission Slot
  59. Maestro New medallion by Soltice Studio!
  60. Holiday DVD Sale Starts NOW!
  61. "Khronos" Friesian medallion by Amanda Brock NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!
  62. One LAST 2011 Painting Slot Left
  63. Vasily: Akhal Teke medallion
  64. Superlumina: Arabian Mare
  65. G1 Stablemates Available For Commission - $20
  66. A New Way To Get News from me! :)
  67. 2 Classic Haflinger Mare's Available to Commission
  68. Follow me blog :)
  69. My Facebook Page!
  70. 2012 Custom Slots Open + Etsy Store Open!
  71. 5 Medallion Painting Slots Open for January 2012
  72. New Year - New Horses! Introducing "Eros" & a new SM on the way...
  73. Creations By Mit has a Facebook Page!
  74. KNC Studio has a Facebook page and an Etsy!
  75. Lopin' Leggs... moving FAST!!
  76. Mare #33 Contest
  77. Books open 2012
  78. Into the Sun Studio has a brand new website!
  79. Jacob - PULLING DRAFTER - ready for Pre Order
  80. stablemate tack/base/prop books are now open =)
  81. Todd to be released soon
  82. Affinity TB resin by Rose released!
  83. Commission Books open
  84. CharArt - Books are closed
  85. Posters by Josine Vingerling
  86. YO mini artists....
  87. Introducing Gemini
  88. Announcing - Winter Glen Studio
  89. Two new Medallions
  90. Lopin' Leggs still available!
  91. Sneek Peek Pics of Cesaro - Paso Fino Stallion
  92. Half a million and counting
  93. Bluebird Studio is now on Facebook
  94. Spoilers! Jockey (Traditional scale) to be professionally cast in resin! New release for 2012!
  95. Todd is RELEASED!
  96. Knight's Tale Studio Banner and Logo Contest!
  97. Like Siren Studios on FB! :)
  98. Affinity orderining deadline extended to April 15th
  99. Two new medallions!
  100. Commission book open for Bluebird Studio
  101. Mel Miller custom books opening!
  102. Kirsten Wellman accepting 2 new orders for spring
  103. Keilatan Studios' Web Site Upgrade
  104. 2 Commission Spots available from Siren Stuios!
  105. Commission slots open for spring/summer
  106. Meadowview Artistry on Facebook
  107. C.S.Richmond Studios updated links...
  108. Scammer Notice: Schendel Landreneau tried to use a Unicornwoman.com email.
  109. Info: New Website for Ponypainter Studio | Tracy Eilers
  110. Stablemate tack books closing tomorrow 3/21
  111. Impromptu Instructional DVD Sale!
  112. Big Red Horse Productions on Facebook
  113. Dreamflite Design: now on Facebook and Yahoogroups!
  114. Mountain Home Models has a website and Facebook page!
  115. Commisions
  116. Coming soon.....I love Big Butts!
  117. Siren Studios Books OPEN!
  118. Micro Mini Yahoo Group! Kingyo Stables.. and others!
  119. Radan Arabian Medallion By Travis Skaggs RELEASE
  120. G3 Warmblood Fantasy Custom Slot Sale (2 slots, 25% off each)
  121. Santa Maria and Sendai, ASB Mare and Colt available now
  122. Will You Hate Me?
  123. Kingyo Stables... and FACEBOOK?
  124. KNC Studio's Painting books are OPEN
  125. Affinity-deadline TOMORROW!
  126. Announcing: Red River Resins, hollow casting services
  127. Art by Dottie Slots OPEN!
  128. Open Show/Charity Donation Slot
  129. Attention People who Ordered Radan!
  130. Introducing "Max"!
  131. Gallega - new medallion
  132. Mountain Home Models books temporarily closing May 1 through June 10th!
  133. New Medallion - Gallega Released
  134. Seamus, New Gypsy Vanner Artist Resin at EquinArt Creations
  135. It's been a while since I've shared this around.... ;)
  136. Jacob finally in casting!
  137. Roundabout Cob resin edition CLOSING July 1st
  138. Summer fun and chances to win free props on Mountain Home Model's Facebook page!
  139. Do You Have Show Photos of Horses Painted by Natalie Kilpatrick?
  140. Karen Beeson - New Blog!
  141. Claybody CM CAPRICE at benefit auction
  142. Jacob - New Pulling Drafter Resin - AVAILABLE - READY TO SHIP!!!
  143. Commission Books Currently Open (pics of recent pieces)
  144. New performance resin by Rhodes!
  145. Creations By Mit - Facebook Page!
  146. Books reopened! One spot available for early July!
  147. Trenzado: New PRE Stallion!
  148. FYI: Darla Dolls on Facebook
  149. New C.S.Richmond Studios/Sandra Hottinger sales and commissions studio newsletter....
  150. CharArt is helping to "Bring Trouper home"! Read the story inside.
  151. My Commission Books Are Open And I Have A NEW Website!
  152. New Facebook page - North Star Studio
  153. ACE STUDIOS Equine art and Tack by Ayla Robinson- Facebook Page!
  154. Commission Books: OPEN (recent pics)
  155. Breed Color Book - finished at last!
  156. Tabletop Studios Books Opening after BreyerFest
  157. Painting Books OPEN & Website/Facebook Group Updated!
  158. Bacchus Now Available for Pre-Ordering!
  159. Bursting - must share Breyerfest offerings! :D (crazy picture fest!)
  160. I has a blog! :D
  161. C.S.Richmond Studios newsletter
  162. Breyerfest pieces, previews and such by Jaime Baker and more talented artists!
  163. Mini FB Competition :)
  164. Come and visit with us at the CHIN this week!
  165. "Elsie" 2012 workshop
  166. Unique opportunity!
  167. Changed Facebook Page Name & Link
  168. Facebook Page Updated!
  170. "Like" Templewood Studios on Facebook!
  171. LAST DAY to order Little Lonestar AUGUST 15th!
  172. Experiment: My first official sculpt, SM Unicorn, on Kickstarter for casting!
  173. Two slots open!
  174. Books Open - WolfSong Studios
  175. Little Lonestar edition CLOSING AUGUST 15th!
  177. Commission me Wintersong or Weather Girl!
  178. Kipling in FBC & I deserve some kind of moron award for thinking this! :D
  179. Commission Books: OPEN (See newest finished pieces!)
  180. Cesaro resin release - New Paso Fino!
  181. Two slots open for Jasper & Whispers Medallions :D
  182. Avaiable for Order Micro Mini Resins
  183. Murdock Presales!
  184. CharArt goes Facebook!
  185. Winter Glen Studio - On Facebook !!
  186. The deed is done... FB page for 4ever Unbridled Studios
  187. Soltice Studio has a new email!
  188. New Medallion Dreamer is open for orders!
  189. My New Equine Customs Website!
  190. KIT FOX by Candace Liddy
  191. AWESOME **NEW** Stock Horse Resin Edition - "FLINT" by Chris Flint!!!
  192. End of the Commission Era for Ponypainter Studio/Tracy Eilers
  193. Appaloosa Painting Workshop w/Karen Beeson in St. Charles, IL
  194. Website for 4ever Unbridled Studios!
  195. Custom Base for Breyer PP size NEW Clydesdale
  196. Two Prop slots open for the Holiday season!
  197. Resin - miniature pinscher (and soon rottweiler)
  198. Mini Elnathan IN STOCK at EquinArt!
  199. CHAMPAGNE WATCHOUT Artist Resin by Michelle Platt
  200. Murdock half sold out!
  201. On The Spot Repair at CRAB!!!
  202. Annual Holiday Resin Giveaway; My Letter Hunt times are posted now!
  203. Win a free western bridle by CharArt!
  204. WolfSongStudios (Jess Sneeringer) taking ONE commission slot in December - all scales
  205. Friesianfury out of state
  206. Bonita Manglarga Marchador Still Available!
  207. NEW DVD!!! White Markings: A How-To Guide for Smooth White Markings and Patterns
  208. New Traditional Spanish resin, Altair
  209. Open Hackturday Jan 5th (Calgary)
  210. New Release: Evelynn the itchy Gypsy Cob
  211. 2013 Commission Books Open!
  212. Mini Lonestar coming from Winter Glen Studio :)
  213. My Website for painting and tack making!
  214. My workshop with AAEA in March - details on their site now!
  215. Facebook Updated and Slots Open
  216. Taking comissions!
  217. New Breyer tack shop!
  218. Sugar and Spice - NEW TB Mare Resin!
  219. New Website + Now Accepting Commissions!!
  220. NEW RESIN RELEASE - SM Lusitano Stallion "Patrao"
  221. New Mini Resin - Bailadito
  222. Friesianfury time out
  223. "Tiny" by Sarah Rose released!
  224. Totilas custom commission
  225. Paint A Trenzetter For A Trenzetter
  226. Model Horse Repair at the Bloomsburg Show
  227. New yahoo group!
  228. Natalie Kilpatrick / Keilatan Studios Website Updated for Customers
  229. My work! :D (Beaded Arabian Halters)
  230. FREE Horse Color Pigment Recipes! New Updates!
  231. Patrao Update!!
  232. ATTN: Model Horse Sculptors and Painters! WEEKLY Large Horse Reference Photos Shared
  233. Stable Stalls : Available to Order!! Video Demo too!!!!!!!
  234. New resin heads for remaking from Soltice Studio
  235. New Medallion ! Taking orders NOW!
  236. Two new additions to Resins by Randy!
  237. Prepping, Pastelling and Polishing the Plastic Pony EBOOK RELEASE!
  238. NEW at EquinArt Creations - COCOLONA by Candace Liddy
  239. 3 Super Cheap CM Slots available!
  240. Wanting experience and to give back to all of you.
  241. Books temporarily closed due to severe illness in the family
  242. Natalie Kilpatrick / Keilatan Studios Update for Customers
  243. i want to be an artist.
  244. Have some love to give?
  245. Swimming mare "Oceania" now available!
  246. Announcing Rogue Horse Newsletter :D!
  247. Jaime Baker's weekend workshop! October 5-6, Lebanon, TN
  248. KK Equine Creations Website
  249. Check out my new website!
  250. Heza Classy Chic In ACA Final Exhibit!