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  1. VOTE FOR Heza Classy Chic in the ACA Peoples Choice Award!!!!
  2. REPAIR at NAN (Danza)
  3. Commission Slots open for my Bailadito Sculpture
  4. I haz a Facebook/limited commission slots open
  5. Free Bailadito Giveaway
  6. First time offering my paintjob to the blab community!
  7. Accepting Commissions
  8. MODEL HORSE ART CLASSES with Karen Beeson! July 11 - August 20, 2013
  9. Paso Fino Resin - Releasing at Breyerfest Next Week
  10. Hamlet available for pre orders
  11. Mel Miller's Artisan's Gallery Sales!
  12. KHP Artisan's Gallery
  13. Special Announcement from FriesianFury Studios and Sara Gifford
  14. Mel Miller's Artisan's Gallery ONLINE Sales!
  15. Mercury (Carrick) Silent Auction
  16. Gemini (Totilas) Silent Auction
  17. IMG: New release! SM Arabian Stallion 'Asad'
  18. Will Paint Your Kinrin Resin by Viviana for a blank one!
  19. Sara Gifford aka Friesianfury is out of state
  20. Esme: Morgan Mare!
  21. Tack: CharArts books are open!
  22. Beau Cheveaux Creatiobs Studio NEWS!
  23. Sunshine Glory Studios Is open for a few commissions!
  24. Check out the Creations By Mit Facebook page!
  25. Playful Mare Resin In the Works And More!
  26. Zula - Traditional Mongolian Mare
  27. Lilly - Shire Filly - Second Mold Half Sold Out!
  28. OMRH Presents A New Medallion: Remember
  29. "Like" Tabletop Studios on Facebook!
  30. Help me name him & get one free!
  31. I Quit!
  32. Salinara to be recast
  33. 1 commission slot left until 2014!
  34. Equine Reference Photos For Painters, Sculptors, Tack Artists, and Other Equine Art
  35. Repair at show in Horseheads, NY
  36. "Like" KSmith Equine Creations on Facebook
  37. 50 Likes SM Paint Job Giveaway
  38. New in Unpainted (white) Resin Bust & Sneak Peeks...!
  39. Model Horse Repair at the Harrisburg Show!
  40. New QH Resin Hickory!
  41. Giveaway fun!
  42. Should my Juniper gypsy cob sculpture be released in resin? Vote in a Poll.
  43. Upcoming traditional sales piece from Winter Glen Studio
  44. Need beta testers for a new newsletter
  45. New release, Tot the sitting Miniature horse!
  46. Broken and bored
  47. LIVE SHOW REPAIR! Leesport, PA show
  48. Jaime Baker Customs on Facebook has moved:)
  49. Fluido Paso Fino Resin
  50. Its time for FriesianFury to leave!!
  51. Karen Gerhardt's studio name going back to Westerly Design
  52. P I X E L! (duh me!)
  53. HOLIDAY SALE on Instructional DVDs on pastels/pigments, prepping, white markings, etc
  54. Runaround Sue New Resin Release - Black Friday Resin Pre-Sale!
  55. Holding my annual Letter Hunt in a few hours!
  56. Mini Elnathan IN STOCK!!
  57. Gabriel - Christmas Medallion!
  58. NEW Artist Resin Foal "Cocolona" By Candace Liddy
  59. Gentle James - a german shepherd
  60. Sarah - a mummy labrador
  61. Desktop Stables has a Facebook Page...
  62. Kardinsky Dino - a playful rottweiler
  63. New modern-type Morgan mare resin OPEN for ORDERS
  64. Abstract Art Horses
  65. 3 new Medallions from Becky Turner Solice Studio!
  66. New Warmblood Resin - Le Champion
  67. Pricing info. for Earthquake/Richterscale! Or Earthscale/Richterquake....or..... :)
  68. Andre from Sarah Rose edition OPEN!
  69. FREE Custom Micro Giveaway Contest!
  70. Tiny edition closing FEBRUARY 12TH!
  72. open Hackturday
  73. LAST DAY to order TINY!
  74. NEW Medallions "Egret & Demitri" by Amanda Brock
  75. New Arabian Resin: Umbra!
  76. New Cow from Laura Skillern...
  78. 'HERITAGE' - the Old School Morgan! NOW AVALABLE!
  79. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! "Tiny" Just completed & up for auction soon :)
  80. Blakhlee Studios on Facebook
  81. MANDARB by Candace Liddy Now Available!
  82. Introducing a big new resin! :D
  83. Resin Cattle Still Available!
  84. MF Studios on FB
  85. TempestWind Studios is on Facebook!
  86. REPAIR: Bloomsburg PA
  87. Buck- resin calf addition closing SOON
  88. Heathen - The do it all SM resin calf available for order!!!!
  89. DER ROTTWEILER by Michelle Platt Now Available
  90. New Welsh Cob resin! "Benedyct" by Jen Kroll PLUS Spring Discount!!
  91. Egret - Akhal Teke Medallion - Available!
  92. Come see what's going on in my Studio and Website! "Like" My Facebook Page.
  93. Free SM Giveaway!
  94. Andre edition closes April 30th!
  95. 'Like' Five Paws Studio on Facebook!
  96. Today is the LAST DAY to order Andre!
  97. REPAIR: Plastic Pony Parade in the Poconos
  98. Spoilers! WORK IN PROGRESS: Dappled Grey Knightly Cadence
  99. New website for Winter Glen Studio
  100. NEW MEDALLION RELEASE! Little Mule Foal, "Miss FabMULEous" Available now!
  101. Destrier Models website frozen at the moment!
  102. Murmur Medallion
  103. Follow Kentucky Equine Creations on Facebook!
  104. Check out my Gyrfalcon Studio's Facebook Page!
  105. Sencillo in Fine Bone China!
  106. Mel Miller/Chinook Studios retiring
  107. KSmith Eqiune Creations Website Update!
  108. Tabletop Studios Giveaway---Show Photo Spectacular!
  109. NEW Little Bits sized Mustang model, "Zephyr"
  110. Chris Flint - RETIRED FROM LIVE SHOWING - BIG Sale!!!
  111. STOIC ~ Mustang Bust by Rayvin Brewer of Khrysalis Studios
  112. NEW MEDALLION~~ Tanoka
  113. Artists of all types! Have I got something for you..! (All hobby aspects as well) ;)
  114. KNC Studio's books are officially OPEN
  115. NEW from Laura Hornick Behning: Classic scale lying Morgan foal resin!
  116. New FB page for Jen Johnson-Now and Then Studio! Check it out!
  117. Mel Miller BreyerFest Sale Early Info
  118. mini Marwari edition ends August 7th!
  119. Charm City Creations has a Facebook page!
  120. Prairie Dream Studio Closing Down
  121. Enter the Tabletop Studios Giveaway!
  122. *NEW RESIN RELEASE* Micro Mini Frolicking Draft "Bliss" [Avalable as Seconds only]
  123. Dilly-Dander from Kitty Cantrell
  124. Last Hours Of Quartermeister's Edition Now: Ends Sept 9th
  125. FTH Studio is on Facebook!
  126. Nightmare from Kitty Cantrell
  127. China Repair: Jenn Danza's Studio is OPEN
  128. Equine Confections Studio now accepting commissions!
  129. Bridle Giveaway!
  130. CharArt facebook & website - tack will always make it better!
  131. New LE resin "Ranch Mare" by Morgen Kilbourn
  132. Micrite Studio mini tack and models FB page
  134. New mini Historical Lippizaner in Levade- Poll!
  135. First medallion! halloween themed
  136. Taking a few new commissions! Wyatt, Arabian resin, CMs, etc
  137. Geordi LaFjord pre sale!!
  138. Rocket has landed... shipping now!
  139. Etsy Shop Holiday Clearance!
  140. Night Heather is being MEGAFIED!
  141. Sneak Peek of Acquiesce - New Classic Scale Trail Horse Mare In Progress
  142. New Artist's Blog - Yellow Bird Acres
  143. *New Horses ar Resins by Randy!
  144. NEW Traditional trotting Akhal-Teke Stallion resin! (lots of IMG inside)
  145. Facebook Studio Contest Give Away!
  146. New Medallion by Soltice Studios, Becky Turner
  147. Art by C.Riley Studio Newsletter!!!
  148. Holiday Savings from Kitty Cantrell Studio
  149. New Ornament but only a couple left now!
  150. NEW Horse Head Bust - Resin NAME Contest
  151. Boydston - commission opportunity on "Rocket"
  152. Waste molding and resin casting photos
  153. Notice from Jenn Danza Studios
  154. Ronan resin cheaper than ever thanks to conversion rates!
  155. 'Henriette' Fjord Pony Mare Medallion **COMING SOON**
  156. Trad Suffolk Punch Stallion WOODBRIDGE, by Kitty Cantrell
  157. Pre-introducing Makeba!
  158. New Traditional Trail Horse from Sue Sifton - HAPPY TRAILS
  159. New 3D Printing Service (within our hobby!)
  160. Introducing my Trail Class Show Version of Acquiesce. NEW Classic Scale Resin
  161. Mini Khan by Sarah Rose edition now OPEN!
  162. Sales piece coming from Winter Glen Studio :)
  163. Welsh Mountain pony (sec A) in progress.
  164. Spoilers! Updates and a new resin warmblood in the works!
  165. Jacob Resins available - Here is one painted by Lynn Cassels - Caldwell
  166. New Traditional Pony from Sue Sifton... so cute!
  167. The Littles Collection from Kitty Cantrell... more cuteness!
  168. Fire & Ice Pre-Order Special from Kitty Cantrell!
  169. Check out my awesome AD!
  170. Last Alliance Studios now on Facebook!
  171. 'Azucena' ~~ Andalusian Mare, Classic Scale, COMING SOON :D
  172. In Progress... Stablemate Scale Pryor Mustangs! Fun Story Contest... Join In!
  173. Muffin Top - Mini Sitting Pony
  174. Misty Star Studios now has a Facebook page!
  175. New dressage warmblood resin now available!
  176. Last 2 Days to Get Your Ranch Mare! $285ppd or $23.75 mo!
  177. First piece available in years, more coming- stay tuned!
  178. Youtube Commercial for the 2015 Hobby Directory...
  179. New Drafter colt resin!
  180. New Resins- Baroque Stallions in Levade- Adagio & Arpeggio!
  181. Twister resin through Seunta!
  182. MOXIE: brand new stock horse by Rose!
  183. Misty Star Studios Commissions Open!
  184. New Pewter Micro Minis now AVAILABLE!
  185. New Hippogryph from Kitty...
  186. Custom Books: OPEN
  187. Running Akhal-Teke Amelit size Traditional !
  188. Many new horse! The new studio from Russia on facebook!
  189. Last Tyme by Rebecca Turner and Sommer Prosser!
  190. Zombie medallion
  192. Info: New Rio Rondo Etched Parts
  193. new Seunta website...
  194. Testing the waters of taking commissions :)
  195. 2015 holiday Sale from Kitty...
  196. Commission Books Open....Pics of Recent finishes...
  197. Seunta 2015 Holiday Sale - 3 new releases!
  198. Cyber Monday Special! Commission Books WIDE OPEN for ONE DAY ONLY!!!
  199. New horse from Russia. Studio "DELIR"
  200. Unique "Soraya" hairing version up for auction!
  201. Two new Akhal-Teke models now available!
  202. Possible New Resin - SAMIHA
  203. Amethist - new stablemate-size Andalusian stallion.
  204. Edition closing Feb 1st! Sly Lassie
  205. The Treasure Chest is now opened... have a peek! :)
  206. Resin Release: "Merryweather"
  207. From Mira Bell Productions
  208. Two new horses from Studio "DELIR"
  209. Armadeo, traditional-scale resin foal
  210. Sly's edition ends Feb 1st! Cute handful of mare with lots of sass! :D
  211. New Icelandic Horse Sculpture coming soon
  212. The Unicorn Woman Throwback Thursday on Facebook!
  213. Mini Khemo RELEASED!
  214. Mini Khan ENDING Feb 16th!
  215. Coming Soon from Art by C. Riley-- Horse Coloring Books! (Adults & All ages!)
  216. !!!GIVE AWAY!!!!!WIN a Kays Critters original scultp character horses!
  217. Opening in Commission Books
  218. Closing Roland's Edition - Reduced to $105!!!!
  219. Equine Coloring Books Now Available for Pre-Order!
  220. Laiqaroch Studios - Open for business!
  221. Introducing the Resin Futurity Program!
  222. Attn Hobby Artisans of All Types -> the 2017 Hobby Directory April deadline is near!
  223. New traditional Yakutian mare, "Kutuyah"
  224. Commission me to paint you this Unicorn foal :3
  225. Repair at BERKS CO, PA Show
  226. Drastic Custom Wixom into Boulonnais Mare
  227. New Traditional Arabian, "Anubis"
  228. New Mule from Kitty Cantrell, "JT Cornpone"
  229. New Shire from Sue Kern, "Benicio"
  230. AppyArt Studio books open for a limited time
  231. "Feed Me!" - new from Kitty Cantrell
  232. Custom Stands/Bases for Breyer Totilas, Huck, Salinero Models - $10 each
  233. New sculptures by Kitty Cantrell, "Socks & Sneakers"
  234. Equine Sculpture Workshop with Susan Carlton Sifton
  235. Now Shipping! Anubis, new Arabian
  236. Coming Soon from Seventh Seal Studio!
  237. Traditional Arabian Mare, Jendayi - from Kathleen Moody
  238. Traditional Wings by Kathleen Moody now available!
  239. Summer Sale 2016! Woodbridge, Falkirk, Mule, and many more...
  240. New yearling Clydesdale Filly from Kathleen Moody!
  241. Newsletter for Breyerfest Sales Coming Soon! Sign up Now!
  242. New resin Heads! and a Mink remake
  243. Yasirah pre-orders
  244. The new model studio DELIR - mare mustang Pippa
  245. NEW Resin Customizing Parts!
  246. Breyerfest Aftermath! (Remaining Sales Pieces).
  247. New Website!
  248. Introducing Castaway Farms Equine Creations
  249. Rogue River Studios Accepting Commissions - Limited Time
  250. Tea Biscuit Resin by Kristy Thiessen!