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  1. Introducing BT Design! :-)
  2. New draft and pony resins by Soltice studio! Fall Sale!
  3. new traditional mustang "Wah-hoo!" by kitty cantrell
  4. new loping quarter horse mare
  5. Chris Flint - Beau Cheveaux Creations is MOVING!
  6. "Lil Rio" large trad Miniature Horse Stallion by Jen Kroll
  7. Armada - Iberian stallion in the works!
  8. Artist Q&A is open!
  9. New Artist Resin Release: "Leela"
  10. Rogue River Studios is on Facebook!
  11. New Akhal-Teke Gazyr and Asman. Size 1: 9
  12. Recently Released Resins by Hazel Vickers
  13. New resin release--Hotwire
  14. TANK, Trad.-sized foundation-type QH stallion sculpture ,by Guy Evans.
  15. New Akhal-Teke Asman. Size 1: 9
  16. Today is the LAST DAY to order Mini Khemo!
  17. Commission me: DJANGO! 2 slots available
  18. Model Horse Artisan Guide
  19. Emma Harrison Tack sales on MH$P communications
  20. NEW SCULPTURE - Malikai, a curio scale grade gelding
  21. Sharks! Tiger Shark and Great Hammerhead by Caroline Boydston
  22. The Nemesis sculpted by Kitty Cantrell
  23. Tabletop Studios Props (and more) offered to benefit USET!
  24. Unicorn Woman Model Horse Tack News
  25. "Serendipity" New trad scale Arabian mare by Kitty Cantrell
  26. PRE-ORDERS OPEN NOW!! "I.C.E" Akhal Teke Foal x C. Riley
  27. New large teke medallion!
  28. NEW! Custom "Make Mine A Draft" Heavy Glass Mugs & Decals Now Avaialble!
  29. Art by C. Riley Black Friday -> Cyber Monday Sale Going on NOW!
  30. New SM Gypsy Vanner Foal "Curly Q"
  31. Model Horse Artisan Guide
  32. PECHENEG, traditional scale wild Bronc stallion by Anna Zaharenkova
  33. NEW RESIN RELEASE: Angry Mustang Medallion "Straggler"
  34. New Resin Release: "Soraya" The gentle Arabian Mare
  35. Next new one "Lilith" The Mystic Unicorn
  36. Maestro - new bowing Stablemate scale resin
  37. Cirque de Pony IS NOW OPEN! :)