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  1. You will NOT believe this!
  2. My new resin!
  3. I love shopping at model shows!
  4. Lots of new stuff!!!
  5. Gorgeous new girl but who CM'ed her ?
  6. Independence by Schick
  7. Seth and a Clear Buck!
  8. Bint Soraya, Plus A Hollywood Style Costume
  9. New arrivals: Brio Sombra, Veronka, Double Trouble and Max!
  10. New guys! Petit Prince, Maj, Atahri, Cash...
  11. Catalina
  12. New OFs!
  13. Bodies and CMs, yay
  14. Christmas ponies
  15. Salty
  16. New-ish Stones
  17. "Julen" a 2nd-hand store surprise
  18. I thought I'd have to wait years...
  19. Sedona painted by Myla Pearce
  20. My Affinity <3
  21. Teaser: EL Monumento fresh off the press
  22. New from Heath Penn Youngman
  23. Woo-hoo a Kathy McKenzie painted Resin!!
  24. Finally!
  25. IMG: Beautiful Palomino Stone ISH by Boydston!
  26. At last!
  27. My holiest of holy grails
  28. More ponys for the Breyer Room...
  29. Enviado is finally home!
  30. YAY! Found me a Mistral!
  31. My "holy grail" finally danced into my collection...
  32. New to Vintage Acres Farm!
  33. Christmas from Blabbers!
  34. New from Sue Kern!
  35. Woodgrain Goodness!!
  36. Some newbies!
  37. Meet Grendel! Dafydd by Amanda! [IMG]
  38. CM G1 Drafter from Amy - New to Vintage Acres!
  39. Veronka by Sue Kern
  40. Oooooh - shiny!
  41. After 34 years, Mama's going to have her baby!
  42. CM Breyer Moritz by Boydston
  43. Another pony for the Breyer Room....
  44. Murdoch is home!!
  45. Nosferatu!!!! <3
  46. Just arrived today:
  47. My lil Jezebel is coming home!
  48. New Stones!
  49. IMG: Sexy makeover!
  50. Eberl Wisby
  51. IMG: Fatty Drafter! My first Sue Kern piece!
  52. New Faces!
  53. Meet the Prince of Big Butts!
  54. It had been too long since new Breyers had joined my herd - until now!
  55. IMG: New Stablemates
  56. Vincenzo's out of 'Jail'!
  57. Oh so pretty and difficult to photograph, new stablemates
  58. Meet Nighthenge Lance Stunning
  59. Roany pony
  60. Mod Edited: Envelope mailer surprise!
  61. IMG: Peter Stone Seeker - I finally got another!
  62. Talyn and Sumara, painted by Dani Becker
  63. Two handsome boys are here!
  64. A Pair of New Resins
  65. Two new ponies--a CM and an OF!
  66. Meet My #3, Sharif!
  67. New Drafters at Vintage Acres!!
  68. Oh my gosh. Can't beleive he's done. BUENO!!!
  69. My Miss America is finally painted!
  70. Meet Wild Blue Yonder
  71. Meet "Evil Poneh" :lol
  72. Presenting.....Time Share!!
  73. IMG: Peter Stone Mizz Scarlet - Amazing!
  74. Pics of new "ponies" and a moose...
  75. Meet "Talisman"!
  76. News You Have Been Waiting For! Spendytop!
  77. NOW I CAN FREAK OUT ABOUT IT - My Blaylock CM is here!
  78. Meet "Birthday Boy" and Fire!
  79. My clinky Disney grail! WDCC Pecos Bill on Widowmaker
  80. Desert Horizon Ranch welcomes...
  81. Tinker! Stone FCM ISH
  82. Anyone want some chocolate???
  83. A Morgan Joins the Herd!!
  84. At last!
  85. IMG: Affinity by Berg, PS ISH and pony!
  86. IMG: Animal Artistry chinas!
  87. Stone Roany goodness! :D
  88. HR Large Zara arrived!
  89. Kentucky Derby tradition chapter 2013 Orb
  90. My Grail Take Two: Now with a lovely coat of paint!! ***IMG INTENSIVE
  91. My New Models :)
  92. New Stablemate and a question
  93. Meet Ivangaia!
  94. My first custom in a LONG time
  95. Grail is herreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  96. Stones galore
  97. Meet Decadence
  98. My Jasper <3
  99. Grail Attained!
  100. Couple of Newbies!
  101. They're here. My Zorn pieces.
  102. My Catalina is here!!
  103. You never forget your first (custom)...
  104. My Max has a new coat!
  105. Christmas in June!
  106. Box from Amanda - Dante and Taboo!
  107. Twinky - My Little Man
  108. Palermeeners!
  109. IMG: My Second Kern Horse - Roxy!!
  110. Teke grail achieved!
  111. NAN Purchases
  112. Best mail day EVER.
  113. My New Decos!
  114. A GRAIL achieved! Meet SMOOTH OPERATOR-trad. Indy
  115. Flea Market Newbies!
  116. IMG: Cadbury and Aldrich
  117. Grand Champions Stallions
  118. Breyer My First Blue Ribbon Stickers!!!
  119. SM Mare Just an Illusion
  120. SM Mare Just an Illusion
  121. Poor Wapiti...
  122. Finally have pictures of my newest additions!
  123. a few beauties
  124. ChaCha finally danced his way home! [IMG INTENSIVE]
  125. Tiny
  126. Incoming!
  127. No Bull About this Find!
  128. Became Addicted....
  129. First painted Artist resin!
  130. IMG: New mare to the herd
  131. Breyer BF Walk of Fame, aka "My Preciousssessss"
  132. Donkey Conga
  133. Breyerfest finds! Picture Heavy!
  134. My First Blue Ribbon Sticker Breyer! A Western Prancer!
  135. IMG: my YCI - take two!
  136. New Bacchus!
  137. breyer (plus one other) haul from mini breyer fun day!
  138. Welcoming a new mare full of feisty energy....
  139. Breyer He's here!!!!!
  140. Donkey #5 and another Chalky He Is!
  141. My first PONY model--really...a pony!
  142. My New Brio Sombra!
  143. Another Vintage Piece for Vintage Acres Farm
  144. IMG: First Arabian resin! My Indian Silver is finished!! *scream*
  145. IMG: Two new ISHs!
  146. My two gals are home! Affinity & Babysitter
  147. New CM TWH!
  148. New Andalusians for the Conga:D Glossy Caliente and BF Auction piece
  149. Breyer Welcome surprise....Signed!
  150. Gomez by Josine Vingerling!
  151. Lady Phase and a Custom Stablemate!
  152. *dances* Third cobra mare has arrived with paint!!
  153. Swimming Into Vintage Acres....
  154. -screams with joy- Two happy packages
  155. Birthday present!
  156. Mindy has arrived!
  157. IMG: No more time payments! Eek - he's HERE! :D
  158. Deal of the Month!!
  159. A Trio of Mini Resins and a Pair of Palominos
  160. Adding to the conga line - Dillon!
  161. Zip & Zing
  162. Hi Everyone
  163. New Sue Kern Custom!
  164. Can't believe he is mine....
  165. Grane
  166. Superlumina & Mulahn arrived!
  167. My beautiful new custom Totilas
  168. HR Amir
  169. Heiress
  170. What a Beaut!
  171. Breyer A completed Conga! Zuni!
  172. IMG: Alborozo at last!
  173. Newbie Pacers
  174. Not here yet but.......
  175. Supernova by Mindy Berg!
  176. Arriving soon.....
  177. Another Eberl!
  178. Ahzam! The Holiest of Holies!
  179. IMG: Finally got pictures of 2013 Premiere Models
  180. Esperanza!
  181. Need Names But..
  182. new arrivals
  183. HA Jamil
  184. CMG Bjalla from HA
  185. It's been a while since I took some pics of new horses! IMG HEAVY!
  186. Platt Nimr by Jeannine DeCuir!
  187. Wind Dancer Insanity
  188. IMG: Finally some photos of kinda new additions
  189. New Kern CM
  190. Photo Spam of Mindy by Natalie Kilpatrick!!
  191. My "New-Old" Sheza Little Bolder by Sherry Clayton!
  192. Valko
  193. IMG: Roan Wee Wyakin and appaloosa Ruah finally at home!
  194. CM Idocus portrait of Davey
  195. They make a Nice Couple :)
  196. Not here yet but woo.. Hoo....
  197. "Battlecry" by Sue Kern
  198. Spanish walk Friesian custom from PZ14
  199. IMG: Aurelias
  200. Galileo is no longer naked!!
  201. My new resin donkey foal!
  202. Childhood Grail!
  203. Fausto resin
  204. Wang-The Most Epic Newsworthy EVER.
  205. Recent Additions!
  206. Mosaic - A Very Special Addition
  207. IMG: newbies
  208. Callahan by Kate Schick
  209. Finally got....
  210. IMG: New Show Horses
  211. Hello My Name is Inigo Montoya
  212. Thunderbutt!!
  213. Adonis by Josine Vingerling!
  214. Icelandic Prototype by Kathleen Moody
  215. My Newest Addition
  216. CM'd Breyer Marwari to Arabian
  217. IMG: my Breyerfest goodies
  218. Breyerfest Haul including two Grails
  219. Info: Help with identifying a model horse
  220. Finally one of my most wanted....
  221. Still Can't Believe It....
  222. New Members of the Herd :)
  223. Big and Little Horses in Vintage Acres Farm!!
  224. My brain's rejecting this grail
  225. Veronka painted by Sue Kern - portrait horse
  226. All my Icelandic ponies
  227. 2 new resins
  228. My first pieces by Tammy Myrold!
  229. First new models in...many...years!
  230. So I went kind of insane today...
  231. IMG: Chalky Bay Running Stallion
  232. Roy le Deuxieme painted by Carol Williams
  233. Poe is back home!!
  234. Chica by Carol Williams!
  235. Rocket has landed!!! Kitty Cantrell's newest sculpt!!
  236. Valor HP by Sandra Hottinger
  237. Gray Appaloosa Mustang!
  238. IMG: My new hairy Peter Stone ISH! <wink>
  239. Two pieces by Carol Williams
  240. Miss Twist Custom by Sue Kern
  241. Fuerte by Nikki!
  242. A couple of old fellas filling out the vintage shelves...
  243. New resins Khan, Vincenzo and Eberl QH mare
  244. An oldie but a goodie!
  245. Josine Vingerling AP Fausto #2!
  246. Eeee Backbeat!
  247. Renoviato by Carol Williams
  248. Quartermeister!
  249. New PS Arabian with a Butterfly =)
  250. New to Me - My first Sarah M-B paint job!