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  1. photos of Spanish Normans???
  2. First Decorator
  3. IMG: Couple of commissions
  4. another Unicorn Foal
  5. Huck/PAM CM
  6. My lament...
  7. Ok I need opinion's please
  8. another MLP Autumn Unicorn
  9. i have tried Deco!!!
  10. MLP Nebula pegasus
  11. Poor Khemosabi, no one <3s him
  12. Sculpting manes and tails
  13. IMG: Pretty Pony Dress-up!
  14. IMG: First Dapple Grey! WooHoo!
  15. IMG: Show for the Cure Donation - Breyer Cleveland Bay (IMG+++)
  16. More Cleaning Finds - Carousels IMG +++
  17. IMG: Holly, your G3 Pony is complete!
  18. Wandering through customization...
  19. Rocky Mountain Unicorn
  20. MLP pegasus Flower
  21. CM Esprit help
  22. Question: My 1st Etchie -opinions please
  23. Pasteling?
  24. Spin off~Other odd CMs
  25. Just the right amount of hair...
  26. My Deco colors
  27. DeerCorn
  28. IMG: Zeus is home!!! (IMG INT!!!+++)
  29. Question: Who made me?
  30. How to apply SM wings to breyer
  31. IMG: G3 Thoroughbred Mold
  32. hairing the craft horse?
  33. My etched Classic is finally done!
  34. "Khonsu" Drastic CM Sham
  35. Info about this artist? Model signed "Leach 88"
  36. 2 new MLPs
  37. I GottaFeelin'
  38. My First Bainbridge
  39. CM PSAxPAM
  40. mustang cm
  41. IMG: CM Roxy in Progress
  42. I had a productive Saturday!
  43. Classic Mustang Foal
  44. CM ISH
  45. How much are new mold classic CMs going for these days?
  46. My New Bainbridge Glossy Huck!
  47. Another CM done
  48. Cm PS TB
  49. Show me your CM EX-unicorns!
  50. To tuck or not to tuck
  51. Oh Lonesomeglorylover (you guys can lookie too)
  52. More CMs finished this week!
  53. Etched Wintersong Finally Finished!
  54. Show off your older mold customs!
  55. CM restoration project
  56. fighter unicorn
  57. Sable the Unicorn
  58. 1st Custom in 11yrs
  59. IMG: "Sliabh" the Unicorn of the mountains
  60. 2 more CMs out the door
  61. customizing chips
  62. Quagga foal
  63. FriesianFury Your Mustang Is Done!!!! IMG++++
  64. CM SM Friesian FINALLY Done! IMG++++
  65. Sir Lancelot Dafydd CM
  66. A couple of stablemates in progress
  67. cm Keltic
  68. Bring on The ISH! :D
  69. Color suggestions needed.
  70. Mini Talyn placed!
  71. Another cm Keltic
  72. Guess who! - Custom
  73. Need a color for the baaaaaaby!!!
  74. IMG: Constantine/Esprit
  75. Arabian bust
  76. Meet Merlot
  77. Colors references needed?
  78. IMG: Introduce your newest CM model.
  79. Should he have Templado's tail or Keltic's?
  80. Would he benefit if he had wings?
  81. A few new customs
  82. A couple of 'Corns..
  83. Show me your first custom, the one that started it all!
  84. A few "non-corns"
  85. What do you think tail wise, sorry another one of those questions
  86. Old Mold Quarter Horse Mare
  87. Custom I got by Claire Williams a couple years back
  88. kicking horse photos?
  89. CM Alborozo
  90. A new CM :)
  91. Some of my Cm horses.
  92. IMG: Just finished a few CMs
  93. LauraG One Of Your Ponies Is Done!
  94. My First Mini Whinny! :D
  95. IMG: Working Girl(s)
  96. Peruvian paso
  97. Color? Breed?
  98. MCS Undisclosed Desire
  99. Sneak Peek at Keltic
  100. Sneak Peak - NAN Donation - PICS++++
  101. Need help identifying this mold
  102. Wolves Realm Sneak Peaks!
  103. Molly Pengra !!! Your Cheveyo NAN'd last week!!!
  105. Blue Roan Esprit "Lakota"
  106. Maybe painting isn't my thing...
  107. Here he is finished!
  108. Murchadh the Warrior of the Sea (Unicorn) LOTS of images
  109. Question: Need artist names for initials
  110. IMG: TONS done!
  111. What Color Should my WP mare be? Having a hard time deciding... hehe
  112. Your Studio
  113. Custom Ethereals?
  114. Custom Sm Arabians
  115. Question: CM help
  116. CM initials needed
  117. Coat Help, Please?
  118. IMG: Finally! Finished Chips Friesian Mare
  119. Shoes?
  120. Strapless Customs!
  121. PBM Deco thread?
  122. So, answer a question for me...
  123. IMG: Love by me (and you!)
  124. The Smell of Paint
  125. IMG: Leopard Esprit done!
  126. NEW MEMBER NEEDS HELP!!! Check out these HAUNTEDHORSESINC horses...
  127. ONE MORE THING FROM NEW MEMBER!!! I forgot to ask something else...
  128. Opinions on what model to use
  129. Meet "She Wore Blue Velvet" !
  130. IMG: Need Help: Can't decide on head position for this girl =/
  131. Who knows a good resource for etching?
  132. More Glow Ponies!
  133. Cm Breyer Silver
  134. The last horse I ever finished!
  135. Flutterbye babies
  136. IMG: Updated In Progress Pictures of NAN-Donation HR Swaps (IMG+++)
  137. Drastic CM Jumping Pony
  138. Handsome Wintersong.
  139. My first haired stablemate!
  140. Show me your Sue Kern Customs!
  141. Introducing: Laredo!
  142. My latest etchie
  143. I did my first comission! Very cool! :)
  144. Portrait Customs
  145. IMG: Dapple grey PAM in progress
  146. Portrait Models!
  147. Finished these...
  148. Is the Polo pony popular at all?
  149. WHO is this horse?!
  150. Thoughts on color?
  151. IMG: Just finished this gal...
  152. New Unicorn "Wild Fire"
  153. Show us your favorite cm done by you!
  154. Show Me Your G4 Stablemates! :D
  155. Is it possible...
  156. Celtic Blues
  157. Handmade Fimo Live Show Prizes
  158. Humidity and Customs, please help!
  159. Share your links?
  160. Anyone recognize this signature?
  161. IMG: Extreme G3 Arab completed =)
  162. Who does a great dun, buckskin, etc?
  163. Stocking the Studio
  164. Meet "Scoops" - a G4 stablemate by Mel Miller! (IMG INT)
  165. Question: Tobiano, Overo, or Tobiano ? ? ?
  166. IMG: Introducing... Roustabout! The first Desert Fish collaboration! ^.^
  167. Question: Studio Names?
  168. Salinero x Idocus = lusitano stallion
  169. Thank you Sue Kern for my portrait mare of my Standardbred!
  170. Question: Referencing photos from DeviantArt?
  171. Cm Esprit
  172. M. Love QH Dilemma!!
  173. "King of the Wind" (in progress)
  174. A few horses I'll place here
  175. Look what I found!
  176. Cigar as Lava Man?
  177. braids on a show morgan?
  178. IMG: My (Maybe?) NAN Donation - CM HR China Swaps (IMG+++)
  179. Two Things
  180. "Sue Toad" CM Maydee (img intense) plus a sneak attack.
  181. Na'vi Horse
  182. What's the easiest model to customize
  183. Norwegian Fjord CM (Schleich)
  184. My FIRST CM horse!!!!!! Little Schleich Foal
  185. Question: Remodelled Blue Grass Bandit- New resin head and tail - A girl/boy?
  186. Question: To hair or not to hair - this is the question?? thanks
  187. Question: To braid or not to braid this is another question?? Cheers guys
  188. Question: Cream or white or grey mane and tail please?? Your thoughts needed
  189. Question: Need to know where to get Matte spray in the UK
  190. I could eat him...
  191. My Breyerfest Sales pieces:)
  192. IMG: Etched ASB to roan--my first etchie!
  193. Sandicast Quarter horse CM
  194. First CM Horse in Pastels !!! [IMGS]
  195. Anatomy help
  196. Finished "King of the Wind" NAN Donation
  197. Nom... nom... NOM!!!
  198. IMG: "Avi" PS Arabian Unicorn
  199. Jumpers with crossed front feet
  200. Meet Salizar! A custom of a different breed...
  201. Which colour?
  202. Color ideas for Gilen/Child Star?
  203. Love QHs
  204. Chestnut Draft horse......... not sure if I like how its turning out????
  205. Jessie's Girl (Custom Roxy)
  206. Craig's List - "original breyre retail case from breyer creations" ?
  207. Colors ideas for deco WS!
  208. HELP! - Primer Bubbling?
  209. Flea Bit Grey CM.
  210. IMG: Sharing some customs
  211. IMG: Had a photosession with my customs [img+++]
  212. Body Filler
  213. Meet "Feather" and "Jilly"
  214. How old would you say Star Child is
  215. Morgan in park
  216. Safest packing material?
  217. So Much Love!
  218. Ref Help Needed (img heavy)
  219. Me likies
  220. Question: Chipping paint
  221. "Heartbreaker," some little HR mustang thing CM
  222. Two Odd Questions for my fellow customizers
  223. how's this color working?
  224. Gave it another shot, what do you think?
  225. Looking for a book
  226. Sunday Silence portrait on the Ruffian mold
  227. Apoxie on OF help
  228. CUSTOM Stage Mom/Child Star....WOWZER!
  229. Tutorials: What do *you* want to see?
  230. Yup here is another horse :)
  231. Youngman Gallery
  232. Ankur~~CM Marwari Foal by Desert Fishes Team!
  233. Kelso mold legs?
  234. Custom question
  235. Didn't know if I should put this here or resins :) got a cm resin by sue kern
  236. Share pictures of your Smokey customs!
  237. Looking for...
  238. Need opinions - haven't CMed in over 10 years!
  239. Question: Breyer Classic Frolicking Foal
  240. Who can pull off this grey?
  241. Messo Questions
  242. IMG: A Sea Horse!
  243. a new DeerCorn aka Nembi
  244. Autumn
  245. CM Horses on the Wintersong mold! Please show off!!
  246. Otto is done!!! ;-)
  247. Artist Recommendations..
  248. Opinions Please
  249. CM Cleveland Bays: Who has 'em and wants to show me?
  250. Who did/does...