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  1. IMG: Looking for a ref pic: Cantering
  2. trad scratching foal....
  3. CM portrait of 'Moorlands Totilas' salixidocus
  4. Time for me to drool in jealousy...Show me your Nokota/Ethereal Customs!
  5. Pricing?
  6. CM Breyer Stablemates ** PICS**
  7. IMG: A new Leo Horse, another project and a question ;-)
  8. CM Huckleberries! What Can You Do With A Huck?
  9. Echo Has Me Stumped
  10. IMG: (Maybe) WEG Donation Lonesome Glory for Akhal-Teke Booth (IMG+++)
  11. Question: Who Painted Me?
  12. Tobiano, Sabino, or Solid?
  13. Alborozo so far.
  14. One of my CM horses got NAN'ed and won Ribbons!!!!!!
  15. My guy did great his first show, Star Child or is it Child Star
  16. Who has drastic custom books open?
  17. How would you customize Adios?
  18. IMG: Zahara: the Zorse!
  19. IMG: Bay Roan Esprit finished!
  20. Meet OAK
  21. recent Deco customs
  22. IMG: Newer What's In Your Studio thread, only posts with pics!
  23. Gladys Brown Edwards QH
  24. Question: Safety Goggles
  25. Palomino Yankee II
  26. Painting Question?
  27. Another drastic CM
  28. Tips for Beginner Customizers Thread
  29. What breed of horse is this ?
  30. What to do with a...
  31. need opinions on stand vs. peg
  32. IMG: Sue Kern does it again - Meet "Apache"! (IMG +++)
  33. Finished!!!
  34. The Last Unicorn (Stallion)
  35. Galaexy the Wonderous,the watcher
  36. Color for Stone Warmblood?
  37. Let's See Your Most Drastic Customs!
  38. Rose's and vine's Custom.What do you think?
  39. Halloween COSTUME parade!!!
  40. Two Vintage Customs By E. Bouras Mine! All Mine!
  41. Alborozo #2
  42. Doll Question
  43. keltec salinero and SW
  44. CM Drafter finished.
  45. What model could make this symbol?
  46. IMG: Meet Feather!
  47. IMG: Need Crit. and Suggestions
  48. Anyone recognize this baby?
  49. Idocus Customs?
  50. Need color/breed ideas for CM Swaps!
  51. Value for a Marie Spinella CAF?
  53. My New Salinero Custom!
  54. Thank You Jaime Baker
  55. And Again......A Wonderful Piece from Sue Kern!!!
  56. Finished my first 2 pastelled SM's
  57. Show off your firsts.....IMG
  58. Primering question
  59. Spanish Customs by Sue Kern!
  60. My First Custom - "Midnight Fury"
  61. PAM black Point? good price??
  62. So I will never be able to afford a real one but...
  63. Do You Recognize This Signature?
  64. Starry Ethereal Night
  65. What is considered "old work"?
  66. Thinking of dipping my toes in the resin pool
  67. The feeling of arriving closer toward goals as an artist...
  68. I need mane suggestions for this snotty arabian,Im at a loss................
  69. Question: Is there something wrong with her? Opinions needed.
  70. I finished 2 more "practice" horses
  71. The Hairing Thread
  72. Be gentle with me (pic heavy)
  73. CM by Sue Kern!!!!
  74. Sliding Stop reference photos
  75. Stripping new OFs
  76. You guys where right!
  77. my resin foal I painted
  78. I just want to paint, which model should I use?
  79. My First Custom - #2
  80. CMing Ideas...
  81. Who CM'd This???
  82. Funny little Brighty
  83. Don't you hate it
  84. Anybody still do CMs on commission?
  85. Whos the Vintage Artist on this piece - I forgot!
  86. CM Esprit
  87. Finished FAM custom. IMG intensive.
  88. Question about Customs
  89. IMG: Pegasus is done!
  90. More Customs from Sue Kern
  91. Smart Chic Olena Customs?
  92. Anyone Know Who Painted Her?
  93. Etchie Questions
  94. Cloudy Draft Unicorn
  95. Stone Standing Drafter CMs: Let's see 'em!
  96. Thoughts For CMing This Old Gal?
  97. My new Sue Kern custom!
  98. IMG: "Sprite" My Very First Custom Is Finally Complete!
  99. 1st CM in almost 5 years! Gillen x Scott
  100. Appy pattern needed
  101. Does anyone know who did this CM Drafter?
  102. Question: What are those Dots that are painted on the legs?
  103. My Sweet Little Pony Needs a Name - or.....neat custom by Sue Kern!!!
  104. Cowboy Casanova -- WIP
  105. Amazing Sculpt
  106. Post pictures of your idocus, wintersong, newsworthy, and nokota cms
  107. Another drastic CM to show off--this one's a FAS!
  108. Apoxie - refunded?
  109. Your Keltic SALINEROs!
  110. IMG: guessing snippets
  111. First finished attempt at fantasy horse...suggestions welcome!
  112. 2011 New in your Studio Photo Spam Thread..
  113. Spray finish orange peel help.
  114. Acquired CM grails!
  115. Anyone want to play Guess....
  116. Dream custom by Sue Kern!!
  117. Western Pleasure and Zippo...
  118. More Sue Kern Magic
  119. Help IDing a CM model - initials MEM '05
  120. An idea: premade braids
  121. Any CM's of the Breyer Best in Show Arabian?
  122. Website of artist signatures??
  123. What do you do...
  124. Custom Drafters in the old TRR Newsletters
  125. Lets see your custom Wintersongs!!
  126. IMG: Rose Grey Strapless for Show for the Cure (IMG++)
  127. CM PAM by Sue Kern
  128. Question: Mohair Manes and Tails for Foals
  129. IMG: Show Brag :)
  130. Poll: Stablemate Wings (pics!)
  131. CM Stone TB , What tail for him
  132. How's this for utterly bizarre! WG's paint coming OFF!?
  133. Woodland Unicorns :D
  134. New Sue Kern CM! SQUEE!!!!!
  135. just finshed mini caprice. cremello
  136. IMG: Twinkle the non-unicorn
  137. Drastic CM... a mare this time!
  138. Ugh, need trotting mule pics!
  139. First attempt at a detailed appy
  140. No Sales or Wanted ads/posts in the forum.
  141. What do you think?
  142. I wanna see your carousel horses
  143. My Sue Kern custom Wintersong!!!!
  144. Glitter fixes everything! IMG +++++
  145. Weather Girl by Sue Kern!!!
  146. You know the song...
  147. Glossy CMs?
  148. Does anyone recognize this artist's signature?
  149. Tips for striping a previouly CM model?
  150. Help with roans
  151. Questions on pastelling
  152. I painted this !!!!
  153. Need your thoughts! Giselle/Valentine?
  154. Safari/Schleich Plastic
  155. What do you think?
  156. Sue Kern is amazing! CM Matriarch and PS TWH!
  157. Tips for finish type?
  158. IMG: G4 Stablemate WEG Dressage Horse
  161. Who Owns this ISH?
  162. Please Don't Laugh, I Tried Really Hard 2011
  163. Question about customizing/repairing a foal
  164. What to do when...
  165. Finished a few
  166. Anyone know who painted this?
  167. Performance Horse Sealant?
  168. Question: Storing and Showing Haired Models.
  169. Some Outdoor Photos of my Kern Customs! IMG+++
  170. Squee! Fuzzy Stormy!
  171. Question: Which side to put his braids on?
  172. Happyness is........
  173. A Business Decision
  174. UNBELIEVABLE! >:(
  175. IMG: Amazing Commission from Dottie Hayes of Flip That Horse Studios
  177. Question: First Pastel Attempt: Seeking Advice!
  178. April In Paris (WIP)
  179. What to do with Adios?
  180. Question on Moving Weather Girls Neck or head???
  181. Is less more?
  182. Show me your drastics!
  183. Extremely Early Breyerfest Preview
  184. Trying to find artist name
  185. Should I or Shouldn't I?
  186. Awesome hair references???
  187. The Arrogant Phase CM-okay,critique please!
  188. Custom Cl Black Stallion and Black Beauty
  189. Need a quick anwser
  190. Did anyone see this new custom from Sue Kern?!?!
  191. Racing Standardbred pictures?
  192. You Only Have Yourselves To Blame
  193. Artists who do resculpting/re-positioning for others to paint?
  194. IMG: Promise you won't laugh?
  195. Lifting on model
  196. 2011 New in your Studio Photo Spam thread Take 2!
  197. Erin's Grumpy Pony [IMG INT!]
  198. In a rut... Suggestions for a CM?
  199. Whaddya think?
  200. IMG: Black Sabino Weather Girl CM
  201. Drama Llama
  202. IMG: Khemolicious Weather Girl!
  203. IMG: Guess who needs color?
  204. Sue Kern custom
  205. New to the Herd: CM Stage Mom by Sheryl Leisure
  206. CM Foal By Sue Kern
  207. can I get some opinions?
  208. Jonesbug's Ben-Cam
  209. Eye Color Poll!!! Blue.... or Brown??
  210. A Custom 6 YEARS in the making!!!! Or....
  211. Clear Wings?
  212. Lumpy coats D:
  213. What kinda camera?
  214. Not-so-Early Breyerfest Preview... New pics. ~.^
  215. IMG: Finished! "It's Reining Men!" Weather Girl Slider!
  216. SM cutter color poll
  217. Dottie paints winners.
  218. First repaint in ages
  219. Dangerous/Poisonous Substances in a CM
  220. Drastic Normandy Cob CM
  221. Mr. Snickles needs some clothes!
  222. Check out the latest custom by Jayne Sabino
  223. OK, I may be way behind on this but....
  224. What a DIFFERENCE... a new forelock makes!!!
  225. Any Black Beauty Customs?
  226. "Call Me Trouble" new Ringo by Mel Miller
  227. Any cool colors ideas?
  228. My first painted resin!
  229. Show Off Your Desert Sun Studio Customs!
  230. Question: Glossing original finish models.
  231. Serious Commitment Issues!
  232. Lets see those first customs!
  233. birthday gift of CM painted horse
  234. Stitch's Inferno Cam
  235. Stone ASB Bodies on Ebay
  236. Customizing Artist's Business Cards?
  237. Customizing the Mesteno molds?
  238. Which would you pay more for?
  239. Can anyone identify this vintage CM?
  240. Glow in the dark paint
  241. Worst Paintjob Ever
  242. Signature Help!
  243. Quick Question from the left coast
  244. Mini Star!!
  245. Custom Bouncers! Let's see em!
  246. portrait model - suggestions for body please
  247. She's done! Gisel/Valentine to a STB Trotter!
  248. Customs by Janne Denner?
  249. Question: Question(s) about Re-Sculpted Customs.....
  250. Great CM SM on MH$P