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  1. Oh no! My horse has box rubs! So? Just etch it!
  2. So which do you think is easier to ...
  3. Another Random Disscussion
  4. Let's see horses with extensive veining!
  5. Pasteling my medallion
  6. I ordered some wings....
  7. Pinto, Appaloosa, or Solid Foal?
  8. Etched Appaloosa-need opinions
  9. Broken neck Palouse?
  10. Polo Pony mold problems?
  11. IMG: New From Clever Buckshot Studios - In Memorium
  12. Pasteling a dapple gray
  13. Has anyone heard of the nightmare series?
  14. Can dust damage customs?
  15. IMG: Custom classic arabian mare
  16. Donation SM Sized china model to Spirit Horse all Mini Live
  17. Comming up with a price list...
  18. Custom Weather Girls by Deb Brown (UK)
  19. Donation:AAQH Congress Model Horse Show: Wixom as a North American Spotted Draft
  20. Lets see your Deb Brown (UK) Horses!!
  21. Need help IDing an artist
  22. Lets see your Jayne Sabino & Janet Bonney custom horses! :)
  23. What is the best method of touching up ears on a model???
  24. Has anyone done a survey on most popular/wanted bases?
  25. Andrea Kessler
  26. Drastic custom, Breyer Ideal Oldenburg
  27. Mr. Shadow color poll
  28. Body with no mold mark - bother to id?
  29. Does anything happen to white over time?
  30. Does Anyone Know Who Owns
  31. How long do they 'last'?
  32. Anyone use air-dry clay instead of epoxy?
  33. Sealer question
  34. Flagged Arabian Tails
  35. A Spoiler Thread..
  36. Show Me Your D'Arry Jone Frank Customs!
  37. Government Hooker (Gigi) aka Swishy ISHy is done!
  38. best mold
  39. IMG: A Breyer worth licking!
  40. A Trip in the Way Back Machine! Old School Customizing In Pictures
  41. IMG: Let's see your Hansel and Gretel Customs!
  42. CM Micro Minis :) Anyone a fan?
  43. Another, What mold for..., thread!
  44. custom appaloosas: not as popular as they used to be?
  45. New Weathergirl custom by Ashley
  46. if you could custom any mold, in any manner ... what would it be?
  47. Squeeeweeewhat? I got 2nd!?
  48. Alborozo to Marwari
  49. Im stealing Shauna's work
  50. Anyone play with these yet? Blue Ribbon Collectibles by Sarfri
  51. Need a ID for this horse...
  52. Show off your Shannon Mayfield cms!
  53. Question About the Cold?
  54. IMG: 2011 Customs By Clever Buckshot Studios
  55. Whose signature?
  56. Blast from my past
  57. "Gyspy Serenade" (Goffert model) In progress.
  58. Show Me Your BODIES!!
  59. Ears, Heads, and Tails--Oh My!
  60. IMG: Need a color, help me pick!!
  61. Anyone one else customise schleich?
  62. IMG: Stone Seconds, close up and personal
  63. Etchies!!!!!
  64. What do you think??
  65. Traditional or Classic?
  66. I Want to See Your Custom Micro-Minis!
  67. Customize?
  68. Looking for an artist
  69. 2012 Studio Update Spam Thread
  70. Please Don't Laugh, I Tried Really Hard!
  71. Portrait model suggestions?
  72. A model for my horse?
  73. Caution: Cuteness Overload
  74. Carol Williams?
  75. Show Me Your Custom Peter Stone Chips!
  76. Found something neat while cleaning
  77. Commissioning a custom questions...
  78. Who customized this?
  79. Deb Mcdermott collecta repaint.
  80. My Little Nenya
  81. Finished customs! :D
  82. Question: Glossy customs ?
  83. Shoes with toe clips, some questions
  84. Can I see your grays and bays please?
  85. What Do You Guys Think?
  86. Chalkboard Horses
  87. My Marigold CM
  88. 2012 Studio FINISHED spam thread
  89. Confidentiality in Customs
  90. Stablemates: Hollow or Solid??!
  91. Seperating yourself from your work
  92. Unknown Artist - WVO
  93. You know we all have one -
  94. Splitting them up
  95. Be honest... is it worth saving?
  96. What Mold To Use
  97. Questions about Customizing micro minis
  98. IMG: Finally finished: Romping Weather Girl!
  99. Your Opinions please? Leopard appy varnish roan
  100. Custom Durability
  101. Show Me Your Custom Longears/Exotics!
  102. Lets see your custom Ariats!
  103. Lets see your G2 SM customs!
  104. Lifting Epoxy
  105. what would you change on Romulus?
  106. I Want to See Your First Custom!
  107. Artist for Painting a Stormwatch
  108. Too much touching?;-)
  109. Pick a Color Time! This Micro Needs some skin...
  110. Rosie the Riveter
  111. Can the Stone ASB be a 3-gaiter?
  112. Have at 'er!
  113. Show Me Your Models Painted/Customized with the Help of Instructional DVDs!
  114. How hard would it be...
  115. Which body for this portrait model?
  116. Some recently completed work
  117. Where to buy wings? Classic scale?
  118. Plain or wild colors?
  119. Patriotic Pony.
  120. Your Fav G1 Molds?
  121. Your best custom?
  122. Deb Brown Customs :D
  123. In progress...new Breyer Haflinger
  124. Info: Any idea on the artist of these customs?
  125. Question: Splash or Not?
  126. Question: Paint stripping of breyer models?
  127. Custom Elephant!
  128. A new kind of custom?
  129. CMs by Amy Beale Photoshoot!
  130. just curious..... customs :)
  131. Question: Question: Customs VS Re-sculpted Customs in Showing
  132. So which model do I use?
  133. What color for this guy?
  134. Brush on Primer for Micro Minis?
  135. What to do??? If you had a Roxy to unleash on...
  136. Starlite Customising question
  137. Let's See Your Bainbridge Pieces!
  138. How to find and hire the right artist to paint UP resins?
  139. Just Finished!!! Tell me what you think?
  140. sport horse customs - let's see them!
  141. Does anyone know who this guy is?
  142. youtube video of custom
  143. Show off your windblown customs!
  144. NEW custom flash!
  145. A warning about Pinesol...
  146. Weather Girl to Show Stallion
  147. 2 Drastics in progress... my "just go for it" tests.
  148. Kandy's Katmai Portrait Saga
  149. Looking for the artists of 2 SM's!
  150. Info: Safari custom question.
  151. Stone and Breyer bodies-- how much?
  152. Want to paint a portrait of a real horse - but can't find a mold that suits it!
  153. updating old work?
  154. Appaloosa hooves
  155. Stone Factory Seconds
  156. Share your etchies!
  157. A Big shout out to solticeart... Congrats!!!
  158. My new Sue Kern custom
  159. I Know You're Out There! Maybe... (Delaware)
  160. Painter Question
  161. Big Orange Bash 2012 - Show Donation finished! :D
  162. Painting day! North Texas People!
  163. Can I See Your SM Customs?
  164. Breyer Companion Animals Repaints - Phase II :)
  165. Question: Who Am I?
  166. Sweet Onion Live 2012 - Show Donation finished!
  167. Let's see your Etchies!
  168. Place to buy wings/horns?
  169. Living a life with a customizing serial killer
  170. Custom Valentine and Ideal and Marigold.
  171. I love me some Kim Burd.
  172. So what is your ...
  173. Shauna's Blackveil
  174. Desert Fish Studios... Breyerfest preview.... {IMG INT}
  175. IMG: Newly Finished PS Drafter!
  177. Desatado...Custom?
  178. WIP: New Love QH Custom
  179. Let's See Your Custom Ideal Stock Horses
  180. Lets See Your Appaloosas :)
  181. Arabian man - references?
  182. Let's See Your Custom Keltec Salineros!
  183. Any one have any Hansel customs?
  184. Can anyone give a 12 year-old crit. on her customs? :3
  185. What's the going rate for hoof repair?
  186. Constructive Crit. please?
  187. Constructive Crit. on my Union Rags Portrait Model?
  188. Super glue & baking soda - long term?
  189. Keep or Strip
  190. IMG: Just finished: 2 x classic Welsh As! (Lotsa pics!)
  191. Looking for suggestions on mold/model for portrait
  192. Unrealistic CM's!
  193. IMG: Recent Customs!
  194. Portrait model - recommendations for body please
  195. Please critique
  196. The Infamous F Bomb
  197. Show me your fabulous fauxes!
  198. Guess the weight win a PRIZE
  199. Franken - stable lass ...
  200. 6 year olds first palomino
  201. Finished Le Fire Custom *STUNNER*
  202. Where have I seen this before?
  203. Let's See Your Drastic Drastics!
  204. NEEDED!!! Photos of Hacked up Bouncer before Dawn!
  205. Considering Commissions - Questions & Words of Wisdom
  206. Anyone Artists that Paint Silver Dapple Bays???
  207. Looking for the artist that painted this Esprit in 2010, initials DW (pic inside)
  208. Let's see your Legionario customs!
  209. How to measure for new necks?
  210. I had to show you these ponies...
  211. IMG: What Color for the Cutter?
  212. Question: Leg straightening for CM models
  213. Show me your Love CL CM's!
  214. Show of your merhorses!
  215. UH Scenery?
  216. Is there any difference in painting/prepping a Breyer porcelain?
  217. Dapple Gray Andalusian G2 Sm-Just Finished!
  218. workmanship class question
  219. Question: Does anyone do custom gaming-mini horses?
  220. Blab Photo Show - Custom Division Overall Champs!
  221. I made a few bits ...
  222. Help me with a small project please?
  223. Let's See Your Breeds of the World Customs!
  224. Help Finding The Thread From An Older Custom
  225. Painting hooves tutorial
  226. Question: Showing CM or Resin?
  227. Just Finished!!! Huge stack of new CM's!
  228. Dead Artist - Model Touchups - Etiquette?
  229. Lets Go Racing gift set
  230. Which OF color is easiest to strip?
  231. here are all the custom bodies I have to work with...
  232. Does anyone know who this is? (signature)
  233. Stargazer-New CM
  234. If You Were Going to Add Antlers/Horns to a Breyer
  235. IMG: Mystery custom - any info appreciated :)
  236. Is lady Roxana so wonky she could be...
  237. So.. What would you do?
  238. a little project I've been working on ...
  239. Breyer Legionario mold to Norwegian Fjord Pony. Please provide me with tips!
  240. Help?!
  241. Horse by Hubby - The Speck-tacular Story of Scary Gary
  242. Arab foal progress...
  243. Show Me Your Horses Painted by Mindy Berg!
  244. Suggest an artist?
  245. Lets see your Lady Phase CMs!
  246. Boom! is Back!!!
  247. Help ID'ing Artists
  248. CM/Chips sized mane bobs?
  249. Show us your Purdy horses!
  250. Air Hole?