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  1. Can you please....
  2. Sooo... those CM kit horses. Inspire me!
  3. acrylic rods...
  4. CMs and bubble wrap?
  5. Tips On Sculpting?
  6. Very first try with pastels, would love some suggestions
  7. Help choosing a portrait model
  8. is it safe to customize
  9. Let's see your custom PAMs!
  10. I've been a bad bad girl
  11. Just finished this ASB Cubequine
  12. Question: HELP! Yellowed!
  13. Seeking A CM Artist Who Does Vintage OF Look-Alikes
  14. Headless Horseman set
  15. Lets see a picture of the `body box`!!!
  16. Newly Needlefelted Andalusian!
  17. Primer problem..something seeping thr
  18. Who's signature is this?
  19. Gender Changes - where do they go in workmanship?
  20. Looking for LSQ Peter Stones.
  21. :( broken North light resin...I greatly dislike you right now Canada Post :(
  22. How to remove droplets of thick paint?
  23. Well here is my first custom......
  24. 6 month pony :) does anyone know who painted her? possibly deb brown?
  25. Has anyone had an allergic reation to Apoxy scult or magic sculpt?
  26. I has a Silver Head...
  27. Live Blogging a Drastic Custom
  28. North Light Resin Questions
  29. Oh, WileyT...look what happened....
  30. Show me your G2 Morgan customs
  31. Love this Cigar custom!
  32. IMG: Help IDing Two Customs
  33. Anyone remember the Revell build-it-yourself models?
  34. A Round Tuit
  35. I haz a butt
  36. Jerry - value?
  37. Show us your BEST or most favourite Custom for 2012
  38. 2013 Studio Spam Thread
  39. 2013 Studio FINISHED spam thread
  40. What should I do with two of these bodies?
  41. Fasmask + Acrylics?
  42. What do you use for 'additions' (tails, parts, attached tack)?
  43. 2013 SM CM Challenge. Nominate a mould!
  44. Need mold suggestions
  45. I need a mane tutorial....
  46. Info: Which Eberl?
  47. Cast your vote! CM SM Challenge
  48. Which Primer to use during winter?
  49. WIP: King of the Weather Girls
  50. She is finally finished! The cantering Weather Girl :)
  51. Evelynn by Jennifer Kroll
  52. Question: CM gloss Bouncer damage
  53. Question: Quick question about casting customs.
  54. Allergic reaction to Apoxie, what should I do?
  55. Let's See Your Custom Wintersongs!
  56. Let's See Your Custom Stone Drafters!
  57. How much should I remold this body?
  58. Arabian manes...which side of neck?
  59. Apoxie Sculpt in Canada
  60. Let's see your Kathy McKenzie CM models!
  61. Let's See Your CM jumpers!
  62. Alborozo is now finished!! *WARNING* IMG overload!!
  63. Is Carol Williams still taking custom finishwork orders?
  64. IMG: Velocity is done! CM Lonesome Glory to Racking ASB mare
  65. Show off your pastel/pigment painted ponies! (Horses welcome as well)
  66. [IMG] Custom Valinor is done
  67. My Workspace!
  68. CM "rules" on etching?
  69. Which custom color would you like to see the Idocus mold in?
  70. Customizing clear models?
  71. I haz a studio now!
  72. PAM Customized into a Morgan Stud - I completely forgot to share him!
  73. Still Life of a Sausage
  74. Ferguson, little boy lost.
  75. IMG: Finished these guys just before the show! Phew!
  76. Custom MLP
  77. Does Deb Brown have a website?
  78. Let's see your First CM!
  79. I did it, I did it!
  80. Shades of Bey, A study of the Huck
  81. Wanting a very drastic custom ...
  82. He's here! He's here!
  83. Artist ID help? LSS?
  84. Let's see those vintage Diamonds! (Kathy Maestas)
  85. It started as a simple thing.
  86. Any guesses?
  87. Google Glass
  88. Help! Who customized me!
  89. Killer Cookie Jar
  90. Totilas #1!
  91. The Little Trigger project moves along.
  92. First commission excitement and packing question
  93. Most expensive customs?
  94. Question: Mixing Sealers
  95. Reasonable Prices for Small scale Customs?
  96. New Sue Kern custom
  97. Happy Birthday sweet Angel
  98. Help! need to ID artists...
  99. CM Totilas Thread
  100. Bluebird Totilas #3
  101. Custom Manors?
  102. some work by PixiePonies
  103. Custom Cl Lippizaner? Did Breyer ever test run it in palomino?
  104. Duplication and "copying" opinios??
  105. AA Cupid by Sue Kern
  106. Super Sculpey versus Super Sculpey Living Doll?
  107. Roly Pony!
  108. H-R Love knock off worth CMing?
  109. "The Painted Pony Project"- Now has a blog entry!
  110. Lets See Your Airbrushed Beauties!!
  111. The old grey mare
  112. My Old Pals Portrait Projects
  113. The Little Trigger Project- Finally finished Roy!!!
  114. IMG: Prowler the Unicorn... but what color?
  115. Custom showing question
  116. CollectA Thoroughbred painted to an Appaloosa/ CM
  117. Custom Foal Winners at No Frills Minis Show 4/20/13
  118. My Former Furry Friends project
  119. Question: Whose signature is this?
  120. Who made me?
  121. The Yesteryears Project: Baby Portraits of Rascal and Pokey
  122. I want to see your...
  123. Say hello to Bob
  124. Help IDing Artist on ADORABLE foalie!
  125. Having trouble - can you advise?
  126. And now a SM Drafter - LOL!
  127. Show your PAM CMs!
  128. Artist ID help
  129. HR Lippit to Dapple Bay WIP
  130. Question: Who did this Custom? JENSEN 91
  131. Suggestion for drastic customiser?
  132. Where to show...
  133. Some Pretty Mustangs! Help with Artist ID!
  134. Dumping ground of model horses
  135. My new girl!
  136. I want to see your hooves!
  137. Need advice.. Your thoughts about my Catalina Resin :)
  138. Karen Zorn pieces! Let's see them!
  139. Help deciding on portrait models (bodies)
  140. Flocking...
  141. Just wanted to post custom I just finished for my trainer's son.
  142. Bluebird's Totilas #4
  143. PAM Custom
  144. Gah, I thought I could do it.
  145. Question: Ideas for a CMing Stone Tennessee Walking Horse?
  146. Substitute stands or bases
  147. Drastic Sleipnir Custom progress!
  148. Pokey Pedigree Project
  149. Help pick a mold for a portrait!
  150. Sticky Finish Help?
  151. Mini Painters, how the heck do you...
  152. BFest door prize CC'88
  153. what color for translucents?
  154. Question: About Adios mane. Can I...
  155. A. Peach 2010 - Who is this?
  156. Question: Blue Ribbon Ranch/Blue Box Horses...customs?
  157. Not a horse but has tons of horsepower... looking for a CM artist to paint a model
  158. Asad in dark dappled bay - my first complete piece!
  159. New to customizing
  160. Question: More Artist ID Help
  161. Artist Id needed
  162. Need reference pics!!
  163. Magnifying glasses?
  164. photos of customized Breyer's ancient racehorse mold?
  165. inexpensive magic sculp...
  166. What mold to use for portrait?
  167. Need color ideas!
  168. Down the Mouth Photos?
  169. Reference photos - palomino with silver dapples
  170. Outdoor Photo Shoot! (IMG+++)
  171. New Little Custom Foal...
  172. Natalie's Roxy Project
  173. Portrait model - help with base model
  174. Salinero to Lipizzan
  175. aylalovesbreyer's Seabiscuit
  176. Isherwood - still here.
  177. Body ideas for miniature horse CMs?
  178. CM Sonic the hedgehog & Zombie breyer
  179. Favorite Artists for hair-by-hair full roans
  180. Thinking About Doing My Own CM
  181. Lets see your customs!
  182. Storing custom models
  183. Air-Dry Clay On A Breyer?
  184. A gift for a friend.
  185. QH custom mane
  186. custom adios
  187. Acrylic Rods
  188. Western Prancing Horse customs?
  189. Pony Pouch Lining for Customs/Painted Resins?
  190. Glue to put shoes on?
  191. Custom Dilemma
  192. has anyone tried this?
  193. Painter suggestion
  194. Suggested body for this portrait?
  195. The "Joey" Portrait Progress Thread
  196. stablemates into ornaments?
  197. IMG: Favorite customs!
  198. CM Classic by Jaime Baker - He's Home!
  199. Looking for Teke medallion thread, help please!
  200. CM Grand Champions: The Shadow of Olympus
  201. 2014 Studio Spam thread!
  202. 2014 Studio FINISHED spam thread
  203. Lets see those CM Models!
  204. Your favorite body
  205. Stone factory seconds
  206. Question: Have ????
  207. Sunburnt black references?
  208. Show Me Your CM CollectAs!
  209. Pics of CM Totilas!! Post em if you have em!
  210. What color should I paint my Pixel?!
  211. Plastic Prepper??
  212. Progress thread of first attempt at oils
  213. Very First custom/position change
  214. Help on ID/ info on CM
  215. new custom !!
  216. Question: Sculpted ?
  217. Attic find...my very first CM appy!
  218. Learning to create a simple repaint.... (long and rambling nonsense)
  219. Show off your haired models!
  220. Spring Swap time???
  221. Removing decals from Anatomy in Motion?
  222. First mane and tail!
  224. IMG: Arabian show-off customized Totilas
  225. Show us your BEB Suncatcher SMs!!!
  226. Does anyone still do haired models?
  227. Portrait model - help with base model please
  228. Spot-O-Ink: Models in print
  229. Touch up Peter Stone what paint to use?
  230. Drop The Base- CM By Cindy Evans and Betsy Groff
  231. Can I see your custom Cleveland Bays?
  232. Looking for info on this model
  233. Snaking Stallion customized Totilas
  234. Which Artist Are Taking Commissions?
  235. Norah's CM Micros
  236. WIP: Big-Me Version of G1 Morgan Stallion
  237. Rods
  238. "Dreamer" the pit bull (Help!)
  239. Lindy & Johy Made Me Do It... o.0
  240. Let me see your oil painted models!
  241. Marwari body - What to do?
  242. magnet bases?
  243. Different plastics in breyers.
  244. Secret Santa weanling wins Reserve Champion
  245. draft horse mane flowers
  246. IMG: body box freebie
  247. help, does anyone know who painted me
  248. Shauna! help
  249. First paint job...EVA!
  250. Rascal's Relatives Project