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  1. Can I see your custom Roxys?
  2. Tips for a *weird* custom
  3. In progress: Boise Based
  4. WIP Custom Stablemate
  5. Need Advice on unusual custom
  6. Should I jump on it?
  7. Color suggestions for Sugar & spice
  8. Highest Humidity
  9. What do you want to see painted on these guys??!! opinions please!!!
  10. Color Suggestions for Delilah resin?
  11. Breyer horses not drying
  12. Question: Help with choosing a high gloss finish/sealer?
  13. Etsy and CM models
  14. Need color ideas for Breyer TWH!
  15. Summer Project: The Golden Chariot!
  16. IMG: Outdoor Photos - Customs! Pic INTENSIVE!!
  17. Prepping a Rough-Coated Model
  18. Resin custom
  19. Favorite brushes for pastel?
  20. Famous Spots in Appaloosa History
  21. Gentle criticism on my first etchie
  22. Hunger Games CMs
  23. Another Grand Champions Custom Spam Thread
  24. What color would be good on Cody Mold?
  25. Mold For Link's Mare, Epona
  26. Share your odd HSO paint jobs
  27. Info: Breyer Mold For Amaterasu CM
  28. Northwind Caprice CM
  29. Eponda CM started
  30. I am puzzled with this part
  31. Acrylic Rods
  32. Amaterasu CM- What color should the mane be?
  33. Advanced Sculpting Workshop at Fest
  34. New Sue Kern Drastic CM
  35. Help me pick a color?
  36. Looking back now..
  37. Drastic CM Salinero WIP (critiques needed)
  38. Input needed
  39. Advice?
  40. The Paradox of Commissioned Work vs. Creative Inspiration - your thoughts
  41. First Custom in 25 years (critique and advice welcome!!)
  42. A little more input please
  43. Saphira Stablemate CM
  44. Sharpie Hoof Stripes?
  45. Artist ID needed
  46. Question: Your Strengths and Weaknesses?
  47. Looking for MY Finishwork
  48. Making Stands
  49. Drastic Zenyatta custom
  50. The Goddesses and the Golden Apple
  51. So..... I received a nice custom and the packing material is stuck to him
  52. Mascot of Artsy Equine Studios
  53. two newly complted custms
  54. Yummy Arab by Chris Flint!
  55. Can I "Improve" an painted resin?
  56. Current Etchie
  57. What Mold?
  58. What Mold For A Werehorse?
  59. Who artist?
  60. Making A Resin ?
  61. Anyone do anything with the horses from the breyer customize kits?
  62. Cool Custom Ideas
  63. Rejoice To Perlino Tobiano
  64. How do you like your black?
  65. Show Me Your Custom Breyer Resins!
  66. Breyer Belgian Mare CM critique
  67. Customizing Help Needed
  68. Werehorse Model
  69. SM Critters - plastic
  70. Looking for the artist of this roan CM Salinero (signed S.J)
  71. Question: Beginner color for SCO with airbrush?
  72. Pricing your Customs?
  73. Looking for more photos of horses in this pose
  74. Need Color Ideas to CM Proud Arabian Family
  75. Favorite spray-on primer?
  76. Badger Face Smart Chic
  77. Customizing and Repairing Tips Wanted Please
  78. WIP on PIF to Rocking Horse
  79. Help! - Identify these little micro cuties!
  80. Customizing an oozie?
  81. Horses with slightly tacky finishes?
  82. Thoughts on "Sacrificing" LE OFs for Drastic Customs
  83. Fighting the Dullcote Headaches
  84. Paint cracked on Custom? What the heck?
  85. Portrait model - help us choose a mold
  86. Meet Rum Runner! IMG Intense!
  87. Wash N' Wear overo by mistake
  88. What Makes A Piece LSQ vs. PSQ?
  89. Custom Ponies and Spanish Horses!
  90. STOP... Hammer Time!!
  91. The "Off-Side" Appreciation Thread!
  92. Polo Pony Base
  93. Thunder
  94. Need Ref for Pissy Mare
  95. CM Gilen by Tibbi Searcher
  96. Tacky Wax vs Sticky Wax/Displaying a tippy custom
  97. Anyone recognize the artist of this cm?
  98. Custom Classic Andalusian Stallion to Fjord
  99. Hippo's medallion project
  100. who should be my next etchie victim
  101. 2015 Studio Spam Thread!!
  102. 2015 Studio FINISHED Thread!!
  103. What holds your customs back from completion?
  104. Show off your painted SovaeArt(R. Wake) resins!!
  105. Info: Blick art supplies winter sale!!!
  106. start of a traditional etchie
  107. Show me your Liz Shaw horses please!
  108. Meet Lia and Triss! (IMG+++)
  109. Acrylic Rods
  110. artist identification? initials SLR
  111. Custom Unicorns ~ I would love to see some of your work!
  112. Black arab stallion customized (pastels/acrylic) to bay mare
  113. My first roan
  114. Etched Appaloosa Totilas.
  115. What Commissions Do You Have in the Works Right Now?
  116. Adding horses to home insurance?
  117. Is there going to be a Spring CM SM Swap this year?
  118. Sassy Horses!
  119. Custom stablemate
  120. S and O scale horse figures here...
  121. Seeking Jeanette Garey Custom tb.
  122. Who Is Taking Commissions?
  123. Huck Custom Idea
  124. Custom Brighty
  125. Airbrush Color?
  126. Help me!
  127. Wing Armature Help?
  128. Hobby Heroes "The Sound TWH Challenge"
  129. Critque/Thoughts on new WIP: Drastic Camila to Long Ear
  130. WIP first custom paint job...
  131. CMing get together
  132. Anyone use these?
  133. My first grullo, on the Idocus mold
  134. Collectas and sticky primer?
  135. Do CollectAs customize well?
  136. Do you have a Zorn?
  137. What artists do repositioning on a commision?
  138. Looking for CM unicorn from 2014 NAMHSA
  139. mold suggestion
  140. Repair help for a friend
  141. Best Place for Resin Wings?
  142. What do you think of Stone's new Andalusian?
  143. CMs painted using Chris Nandell's Trade Secrets's CMing book?
  144. Help Me Help Stubby (WIP/Critic/SOS)
  145. Base model help please
  146. Donna Whiteaker? Anyonw familiar with her work?
  147. New Hair for Totilas?
  148. Pinkhagen Running Mare!
  149. Let's see some DRASTIC CM's!!!!!!!
  150. Does anyone offer custom work?
  151. Question: Shipping a tacky to the touch custom?
  152. ID this artist
  153. Question: Anyone know this artist? Lisa Hockett ?
  154. Beet-oven's FINALLY painting...again!
  155. Buck has Finally Finished Her WWMP Red Silver Etchie! Varnish Roan Appy!
  156. Has anyone ever stripped a custom Hartland?
  157. Looking for critique
  158. My First Flockies!
  159. Do any of you make a living from customising?
  160. Can anyone point me to the threads on repainting translucent Breyers?
  161. Look at my newbie! :D
  162. Refs needed for Frankel etchie!
  163. Need some opinions on my LSQ prospect. Is he good enough?
  164. Would anyone like to mentor me??
  165. Etching Tips for Beginners?
  166. stablemate drafter dapple gray etched wip!
  167. How do I get feedback on my CMs?
  168. Anyone know what artist this is?
  169. 2016 Studio Spam Thread
  170. 2016 Studio FINISHED thread
  171. Painting Filigree and Florentine Finishes
  172. Kay's Critters character horses
  173. WIP Dun Flash Etchie! Critiques welcome!
  174. Holy Cow
  175. SM Customizing Contest!
  176. Water Mixable Oils Sticky?
  177. Seam splitting question
  178. Stones Tricked out pony constest... thoughts?
  179. Sculpted on Tack?
  180. So has anyone tried to etch any of the 2016 black models yet?
  181. Pony Chop Shop...WIP
  182. What earth pigments to buy for chestnut colors?
  183. Anyone ever use this stuff?
  184. My Personal Etching Gallery Site is Now Up!
  185. Not horses, but Look at these two!
  186. Dragon wings?
  187. Paint models with large white areas?
  188. SM Customizing Contest winners
  189. Question: Red,White,and Blue!!!
  190. Question: Help with starting my *1st!* Drastic custom.
  191. Does anyone know anything about CM artist Nathan Ball
  192. I cant decide!
  193. Dr. Zhivago Reference Photos
  194. Who is the artist?
  195. Buckshot customs
  196. Glossing OF Models?
  197. Does anyone Flock? I want a Flockie
  198. Anyone know this artist?
  199. PS Etchies?
  200. Appaloosa ISH by Eva Bradley
  201. Needing a custom fixed and not able to ask the original artist
  202. Open Show: Thestral or Dracolich?
  203. Fixing Damage to Pastel Work
  204. Etchie Paso
  205. Imperador Customs
  206. NSH shoes? CM PS Arab mold
  207. Nose Pinking Methods?
  208. Working With Decals?
  209. Breyer Dapples/Ponies Customs?
  210. Reddish Epoxy?
  211. Breyer Henry Help
  212. Question: Tips Please
  213. Let's see some early customs!
  214. Carrick CM - a semi-blog
  215. Very first custom
  216. Help with artist initials and name please!
  217. Shades of black
  218. How to pack customs?
  219. Pegasus Wings
  220. OF breyer model for a custom
  221. Cost of customs help
  222. Who painted these lovelies?
  223. Custom Sue Kern YouTube Video
  224. Can this western horse live again? I'm going to try!
  225. Trying to ID MODEL, WCMHCC Raffle Model?
  226. Taking commissions and why that's a bad idea for most artists
  227. Need Tips, Didn't know where to put this
  228. Brought Back to Life!
  229. 2017 Studio FINISHED Thread
  230. 2017 Studio Spam Thread
  231. Drastic Customizing Tools
  232. My first attempt at semi-drastic.
  233. Horse pulls
  234. Portrait Commission by Sue Kern
  235. Question: Newborn Foal Refs?
  236. Suggestions for artist(s) to paint my mini Khemos?
  237. Thoughts so far on Breyer Belgian to rearing Draft
  238. Just "hear" me out...or how to make an ear.
  239. Great references of horse bellies
  240. Ideas for portrait horse
  241. Website how to sculpt wings
  242. Anyone recognize this signature?
  243. Collaboration customs
  244. Packing Customs for a Show
  245. Info: Looking for the perfect commissioner..
  246. Models of Fictional Horses?
  247. What sealer should I use?
  248. Straightening CM legs?
  249. Show us your Custom Copperfox Models ...
  250. Need suggestions on a Deco!