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  1. New Quarter Horse Resin Idea
  2. Update on Neighing Arabian Stallion
  3. Zim in Progress
  4. Update on Trotting Trad. Arabian Mare Resin!
  5. Mephisto in progress!(IMG)
  6. It's pronounced "Franken-STEEN"
  7. Romulus is all done
  8. Remember this guy? SM Drafter in progress
  9. A Matriarch like no other...
  10. Festus would love for you to come and give him an ear-full
  11. New Flippy Tail Arabian Mare!!
  12. Luminoso--Andalusian Stallion
  13. Help with neck..?
  14. Mealy bay help
  15. Custom LG WIP
  16. Sunburned black - opinions?
  17. Help with Scarlett
  18. In Progress FOAL for Aiyana!
  19. Festus going the last round Img intensive
  20. Greying Chestnut...?
  21. New Arabian as an OF resin?
  22. Another person aksing for neck help...
  23. Extreme custom SM needs help!
  24. Obie in progress
  25. Help with PAM CM... Neck help!
  26. Etched pinto stablemate...
  27. Neck help again... Muscling
  28. New appy technique - thoughts?
  29. Bluegrass Bandit
  30. Standing Stablemate foal
  31. Need foal help!
  32. Is she too......
  33. Looking for comments on new arabian endurance sculpt!
  34. A different Desperado
  35. Pirate Pony is up for final evaluation!
  36. Semi-Rearing Appy
  37. Bay Roan G3 TWH
  38. A Bay and a Chestnut..
  39. What do you really think og this?
  40. Alborozo to war/bullfighting horse
  41. Gizelle in Black or Black Bay?
  42. My first medallion in-progress
  43. More foal help:)
  44. UPDATE on Neighing Arabian Stallion! IMG+++
  45. Have I shared the Lippitt fellow here ever?
  46. Critiques only please (IMG intensive)...
  47. What do you think of my first dapple grey?
  48. Critique for my first haired horse...
  49. CM Nahar "Breakfast of Champs"Thread.
  50. Need more input on Neighing Arab. Stal. resin
  51. CM Fresian SM
  52. Paulus II getting a makeover
  53. Draft color question
  54. "Blind Beauty"
  55. Just wondering.....Breyer Drastic Resculpt
  56. News of my Saddlebred sculpture
  57. What to do with Sham
  58. agh, not a good time to show him but...
  59. WIP PS Arab--need another set of eyes!
  60. Newly finished chestnut splash Pixie resin
  61. Haggis mane & tail
  62. Blue roan pintaloosa Flaxley in progress
  63. updated pics of Elnathan! IMG+++
  64. Another pintaloosa... critique please?
  65. Could I borrow some eyes for Askuwheteau
  66. Ideas for Elnathan version 2!
  67. My PS Arab custom
  68. CM Walking Foal
  69. Valiant Medallion;
  70. Need input on new arabian sculpture!
  71. Medallion Scuplt help?
  72. Sowhadayathink?
  73. "Flag" revised
  74. Not Feelin' the Rabicano
  75. I need muzzle/mouth help!
  76. New arabian stallion resin question
  77. SM Fjord
  78. New WILD arabian stallion sculpture! Need INPUT!
  79. First try at a medallion/cookie: Input needed!
  80. Classic sized arab mare.. sooo WDYRT?
  81. Critiques on Bucking pony?
  82. Need Input On Brighty
  83. "no-name" Bouncer CM
  84. First attempt at pasteling, WDYRT?
  85. Update on Elnathan V2
  86. Antico, take two
  87. WDYT? Wild mare for Ms Arabian?
  88. CM Idocus (new M/T) :) [IMG INT]
  89. First Pastelling Project WDYRT?
  90. Beginner at repaints - what to think of?
  91. WDYRT: Mini Horse in progress
  92. Custom Classic foal WDYRT?
  93. Making a CM Keltic- Plannig pictures, help!
  94. Thoroughbred sculpture - possible resin - help appreciated
  95. pregnant saddlebred
  96. Lack of impulsion?
  97. Northlight Friesian - WDYRT?
  98. Beginner of Schleich custs
  99. New Sculpture in the Works
  100. Pinto-can you critique?
  101. Updated pics of Elnathan V2- NEARLY COMPLETE!
  102. 3 new stablemates... (IMG heavy)
  103. 1st attempt CMing a Trad... feedback?
  104. Want to critique some micros?
  105. "Hometown Heartbreak" Roxy CM [IMG]
  106. Morgan medallion
  107. YAY! I can paint again...well...maybe
  108. My first black/white - I'm A Sharp Cutter resin
  109. Some of my work
  110. Wyakin painted by me
  111. First Airbrush Attempt/ Dark Bays ++IMG
  112. Spent all day on a "white" horse :)
  113. So...is Otto good enough to be my first sales piece? IMG INT
  114. 3 Custom Glaze Ponies
  115. Little baby black
  116. Still very much in progress arab mare resin
  117. Wind or no?
  118. Fallen
  119. Plans for Lonesome Glory..
  120. Ornament
  121. Tell me how crappy this sculpture is!
  122. White Pony
  123. It is a first :0)
  124. Feedback on an in-progress pony?
  125. Critiques on Portrait
  126. updated pics of in progress quarter horse
  127. What do you think?
  128. Hunter Mare - in progress
  129. 1st CM Painted SM IMG
  130. IMG: I need a couple hundred more eyes
  131. Please help! Alvaro... needs something else..
  132. Dance Mon Ami-In progress
  133. Brownie: Bucking or Rearing?
  134. VERY inprogress Colt resin!
  135. Very much in progress pics
  136. Cm HR Adelaide - spotted
  137. Hunter Mare - 98% complete
  138. Some recently completed pieces
  139. Question: What do you think for a Bronze?
  140. CM Stud Spider-Suggestions Welcome!
  141. Araloosa
  142. CM...any tips???
  143. Could really do with some help/reference photo please
  144. How Do These CM's Look?
  145. WIP Darcy
  146. WIP Mindy
  147. My stablemate scale Western Pleasure Mare... MULE Is she cute?
  148. Pinto Absinth
  149. Breyer American Saddlebred and National Show Horse CMs
  150. cm Strapless
  151. My Creations
  152. My website
  153. Crusher CM
  154. Adorable SM Scrambling Foal to Rearing Foal!
  155. Racing Man O' War
  156. update on new arabian stallion resin!
  157. First airbrush attempt
  158. First attempt at a full sculpture...
  159. White face markings or no?
  160. Chestnut Draft horse......... not sure if I like how its turning out????
  161. Draft Foal Sculpt
  162. IMG Intensive Dog sculpture in the works
  163. Mico Mini - Shading Evaluation
  164. Pinto Warmblood Horse
  165. IMG: Critique Please
  166. appy i'm working on
  167. Traditional Scale dogs?
  168. updated pics of Halim Cyril :)
  169. IMG: Got some guys on the bench, need opinions :)
  170. Going right Direction or
  171. IMG Intensive dog sculptures and custom in the works
  172. Boise Bound IMG intensive
  173. IMG: Wintersong remake: cantering! also... boy or girl?
  174. Roaning hair by hair.
  175. thoroughbred sculpt - need crit
  176. IMG: Original sculpture help!
  177. Oliver snowback Appy
  178. Drastic work on Jumper
  179. drastic Clydesdale mare custom - progress thread
  180. Gypsy Scarlet Almost Done
  181. New Pulling Drafter - Would love some helpful input
  182. IMG: Darfendi WIP
  183. IMG: Fuzzy cutness! Oliver WIP
  184. In progress Aiyana FOAL
  185. In progress mini Elnathan and in progress QH
  186. Johar wip
  187. trouble with angles, Img Intensive.
  188. Pain in the Neck
  189. My deco
  190. My first mane/tail resculpt - Aristocrat
  191. IMG: Echo medallion! (AKA, Wow! I painted something!)
  192. cm Bailador
  193. Foalies! (lots a pics)
  194. Dapple Gray Baja
  195. Candace Liddy's Red Fox Foal In Progress
  196. Etched appy in progress
  197. My first medallion, Critique it please! :D
  198. Need help with hairs
  199. New Sculpture - Pebbles Scale
  200. New sculpture - Heavy Hunter - Lots of pictures.
  201. Standarbred Trotter remake from Gisel/Stage Mom/Valentine
  202. Esprit Remake Needs Help...
  203. Overo etchie help
  204. Espirit CM
  205. HELP ME!! Palouse in progress
  206. SM Warmblood CM
  207. ANGRY arab mare needs HELP...
  208. Need some help with leg placement
  209. New in progress pics of trad. QH!
  210. Stuck on a Lippit Morgan Mare Drastic Custom...Img Intensive!
  211. First Go at a Medallion
  212. Traditional Arab Custom
  213. All That Jazz - I need some fresh eyes!
  214. Lazy horse
  215. Normandy Cob Drastic CM
  216. IMG: First customs...
  217. My work - Schleich Custs and more of a beginner
  218. Zebra Foals
  219. What to do? What do yall think?
  220. My First Medallion - Am I On The Right Track?
  221. My very first custom, ever!
  222. Dun
  223. My Draft Sculpture
  224. Medallions in the works
  225. G1 Arab Stallion with a little resculpting and some paint!
  226. Need some fresh eyes...
  227. First EVER Horse Sculpt
  228. Otto to Dark Brown Liver Chestnut in Oils
  229. update on in progress mini Arab Stallion
  230. CM Giselle
  231. Having a Go
  232. CM Smart Chic-need input
  233. Am I too little?
  234. Pulling Drafter - Jacob - Comments please
  235. Elmhurst portrait - Feedback Begged For
  236. Feedback Please! SM Running Iberian Stallion
  237. canky mare medallion
  238. Gizelles Blaze...spoils her?
  239. Very Little One in few spot roan appy
  240. Princess
  241. CM: Stonehenge
  242. Paso Fino medallion
  243. "The Kiss" medallion
  244. My first etchies
  245. Too Dark or Not to Dark?
  246. Need eyes: is neck too long for a mule?
  247. omg is it a giraffe hybrid or am I just crazy?
  248. Make over needs help
  249. New Challenging Project
  250. Proud Arabian Stallion to Lippit Morgan - Adventures in Insanity!