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  1. Western show outfits- ref pics needed!
  2. Signing Dolls
  3. What am I missing.. (showjump critique required)
  4. Mini Whinnie barn prop anyone???
  5. I need a doll...
  6. Racing Backdrops?
  7. Is This Big Enough?
  8. SM Dolls?
  9. Considering Diving into Prop Making. Any suggestions?
  10. Trad. Jump Pole Diameter?
  11. Making Breyer Jumps LSQ
  12. What size can for barrels?
  13. Mini Whiskey Barrels?
  14. Most Recent Diorama...DONE!
  15. just wondering..
  16. Doll for pole bending Chaps? or no Chaps?
  17. Any Trad. Size Doll Makers Out There?
  18. Budget Props
  19. Flowers & pots?
  20. Sue Kern Dolls - Patterns?
  21. Doll Clothes Book
  22. Hairing dolls?
  23. Do you think she would be willing to trade? lol!
  24. Talk to me about dolls
  25. Miniature Hay Bales
  26. Would you buy a book about prop making... jumps specifically?
  27. Dr Quinn Medicine Woman dolls?
  28. Asian ball-jointed dolls
  29. Balloons?
  30. Diorama help! :)
  31. Question: Question about Breyer's classic sized dolls
  32. Question: Begginner Questions
  33. Modifying Dolls
  34. Straw bales
  35. New fences/jumps I made!
  36. London Bridge is falling down...
  37. IMG: Newest Jump Set--Wild West Theme!
  38. Do you think -- Scale of Schleich/Safari/Papo
  39. Sue Kern Tyler Question
  40. The importance of dolls...
  41. Who makes great props?
  42. Jump Cups
  43. I need a Porta-Potty!
  44. Where can I find classic scale birds?
  45. Large Traditional jump/base needed!
  46. Acrylic Rod and Base for Wee Jay
  47. Experimenting with dolls!
  48. Question: Show me your Juliet dolls!!!
  49. Dressing For Dressage
  50. Micro Jump
  51. New Hunter Jump w/Lattice Standards
  52. Doll question
  53. New Patty's Day Jump!
  54. New Gazebo Jump
  55. Another New Jump!
  56. Mini Dolls
  57. making props?
  58. IMG: My background fence
  59. New Jump for Newsworthy
  60. Metallic Blue Jump
  61. Hunter Jump w/some Natural Lattice
  62. Easter Jump!
  63. Plants/flower pots
  64. Jacob's Ladder
  65. IMG: New Pond Diorama Photos
  66. Question: Newbie to Schleichs + Props
  67. What is the standard length for Tradtional size ground poles?
  68. Arena Diorama
  69. IMG: BreyerFest Workshop Jumps!
  70. The right model for cavalry set-up?
  71. Who's got barn scenes?
  72. Time to brag a little: Sicilian Donkey Cart
  73. Dead horses CAN perform!
  74. Question: Re-hairing dolls?
  75. Bill Duncan's Model Horse Vehicles
  76. IMG: New Diorama--Midwest Fishing Pond
  77. Model Horse Jumps
  78. Air between riders leg and horse
  79. Beautiful Stone Wall and Flowers
  80. Question: Mounted Shooting Balloons
  81. Storing Dolls?
  82. Keyhole Jump Cups and Track
  83. Show your Diorama
  84. The Prop Work Bench
  85. I went bonkers and bought a bagillion cows.
  86. Latest diorama starting to come together, thought I would share pics!
  87. Diorama bases - flat or box?
  88. Most Unique Jumps
  89. Cart makers
  90. Water obstacle success!
  91. IMG: New Diorama--Shallow Pond Bank w/CC jump!
  92. IMG: My donation for Walla Walla Sweet Onion Live
  93. Scuba Horse performance setup?
  94. Jump standard size - Prop maker advice!?
  95. IMG: Just finished--Stream Diorama with Bridge!
  96. My First Jump
  97. My first diorama(s)
  98. Winter Diorama
  99. New Diorama, with water!
  100. New stuff in progress! :)
  101. Question: Making cones for performance set-ups?
  102. Show us photos of your favorite perf. set-ups! :D
  103. Fresh off the kitchen table!
  104. Ode to Super Glue for Wood and Leather
  105. Question: Props: Fencing
  106. Question: Props: Dolls
  107. IMG: New Classic Scale Jump Set
  108. Dioramas made in Germany :)
  109. My 1st Diorama...
  110. Just completed a pretty hunter piece
  111. Tips for making dioramas
  112. IMG: New Cross-Country Jump--Shogun's Hollow
  113. Who is the go-to for dioramas?
  114. My new Dio from Tabletop Studios!
  115. Height for Jump?
  116. Weathered Fencing?
  117. IMG: New Cross-Country Jump--Ditch and Brush
  118. IMG: New--Olympics Dressage Set
  119. IMG: New--Traditional Jump Set and Trail Props
  120. My newest - Trad scale Dressage arena (with lotsa pics!)
  121. Start to Finish--Murdock's Jump In Progress
  122. IMG: New--Lattice Arbor Jump Set
  123. IMG: Oval Lattice Hunter Set--Traditional Scale
  124. Question for other Dollmakers..
  125. IMG: Pink Flowers Dressage Set
  126. New 8" Poseable Doll Available
  127. Traditional Scale hosing?
  128. Tote Boards
  129. Does anyone make trad scale wooden fence sections?
  130. 7" action figures vs 8" dolls?
  131. IMG: Stadium Jump--2012 Olympics Tower Bridge
  132. Plastic trays for dioramas?
  133. Anyone ever built their own barn?
  134. Would this be ok for a diorama?
  135. Poseable Doll
  136. IMG: Spindle Standard Hunter/Jumper Set--Traditional Scale
  137. IMG: Pond Edge Diorama
  138. IMG: Shallow Water Cross-Country Diorama
  139. IMG: Curved Lattice Hunter Jump Set--Traditional Scale
  140. Diorama Size Question
  141. IMG: Log Hunter Set--Traditional Scale
  142. IMG: Hanging Basket Hunter Jump Set--Traditional Scale
  143. IMG: Steeplechasing Diorama--Traditional Scale
  144. IMG: Log Pile Hunter Jump--Traditional Scale
  145. IMG: Soft Pink Dressage Planters--Traditional Scale
  146. Very proud of myself!
  147. LB/large SM scale props
  148. Look whatt I Made!
  149. Felt creative..it paid off
  150. Feeling Beachy....
  151. IMG: Rebecca Farms Carrot Cross-Country Jump
  152. IMG: Rebecca Farms Mountain Jump--NAN 2014 Auction Donation
  153. Newest Jump!
  154. IMG: Rebecca Farms Fish Cross-Country Jump
  155. Stand for dolls
  156. Artificial Water Recommendations??
  157. backdrop for photos
  158. IMG: Diamond Show Jumping Set
  159. IMG: London Olympics Horseshoe Cross-Country Jump
  160. New SM scale Dioramas
  161. Flower Pots and Boxes Help
  162. Business Logos and Signs Wanted
  163. Hunting Scene Diorama Project
  164. Horsing Around SM riders?
  165. Newest Creation!!!!
  166. tutorial for water diorama?
  167. Question: What sort of props are you interested in?
  168. Doctors Buggy flocked classic seg
  169. Wheel Jump
  170. Diorama tips??
  171. Pole size?
  172. bases for a diarama