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  1. My vaulting set up for BreyerFest. What do you think?
  2. Newest Jump Set--Travel Theme
  3. New Micro Mini Jump!
  4. Question: Level for New Jump?
  5. Where/how does this attach (harness)?
  6. Stage Mom tacked up
  7. My oh so brief stint with performance showing
  8. Can someone help me with reining?
  9. Need advice on how to carry a Parade Flag correctly
  10. Costume Classes: "Performance" vs "Tack"
  11. More performance stuff than performance horses
  12. Trail Pattern Help needed
  13. How much do you pay for a scene for performance?
  14. Would this work?
  15. What do YOU want to know about performance showing???
  16. Question: Tacked up model with rider for permanent display
  17. Saddlebred question...
  18. Do WP horses canter when showing?
  19. Best WP stock horses?
  20. I so want to see this in a performance class
  21. Your favorite "Scene"
  22. Question: How do you make swirly dust clouds?
  23. All Specialty Performance Live Show?
  24. Harness experts--I need advice!
  25. Breastcollar - In or Out?
  26. Need Help on the Roxy mold, what is she doing? Loping????
  27. Showing Stallions
  28. NAMHSA Space Limitations
  29. Bronc saddles?
  30. IMG: New Dutch Jump from Kim Haymond!! :-D
  31. Stupid question about Stage Mom/Giselle
  32. Ref Pic for Arabian Saddleseat Canter
  33. Costume documentation
  34. Huntseat Saddle and Bridle for Bay Horse
  35. Neckwear for showmanship?
  36. HUS horse in WP
  37. Miss America in performance?
  38. Weird Idea - Can This Be Shown Succesfully?
  39. OMG! You've got to see this!
  40. Tack Boxes
  41. Arabian costume newbie
  42. Question: Is this tack in scale?
  43. Rodeo Documentation
  44. Model horse leather tack conditioner?
  45. New Natural SM Jump
  46. Does anyone make SM resin jumps?
  47. Snake Jump
  48. ground line question for hunter jump
  49. Would someone please consider making some trad. hobby sheep resins?
  50. Where Can I Buy an English Saddle Pad?
  51. Traditional Arabian Costumes
  52. Mare & Foal Halter Class?
  53. Performance Class guidelines?
  54. Animal props - pack of animals from Target
  55. Question: Banded mane in HUS?
  56. Parade Question
  57. Where to get extra-large stirrups?
  58. Showing the Stone Foundation QH Mold
  59. Cool Breyer Jump designs!
  60. New Stablemate cross country jump
  61. Question: Using Mini-Hold wax with tack for extended display?
  62. Question: Weather Girl in Arabian Costume
  63. Other Performance - Horse Boarding
  64. Parade Saddle Questions
  65. Documentation for this saddle set
  66. Where to find Diorama trees and such?
  67. New SM X-country Jump redux
  68. Question: Unknown Native American costume!
  69. Doll or no Doll?
  70. Sculpting mini cowrie shells from clay
  71. Question: Ringwraith Costumes?
  72. Any good
  73. Question: Another newbie question: how long is it safe to leave wax on models?
  74. "Limit Hunter" Class for Working Girl
  75. BF Performance: Which Roxy?
  76. Saddle idea
  77. Reined Cow Horse
  78. Missouri Fox Trotters - Bridles?
  79. arena footing base size?
  80. Ruffian's mane
  81. Scale Help Please
  82. IMG: D'Arry's Pony Penning Entry
  83. Question: Western pleasure molds
  84. Opinions on New Setup??
  85. Un-Natural Trail and The Use of Props
  86. Documentation
  87. Question about stock horse manes...
  88. Cutting description?
  89. Plotting My Show String-Opinions Please!
  90. Anyone making hunting hounds?
  91. reference links to eventing videos of low & high level divisions
  92. Hey Performance Junkies! I need Opinions
  93. Need Some Help
  94. Roping help needed urgently :)
  95. Proper Models?
  96. Dressage Setup Help Needed
  97. Help Please need to know if this is LSQ Tack
  98. Looking for the Perfect Performance Horse
  99. Harness Help Needed
  100. Jump standard holes
  101. Photo tent users - how do you use photographic backdrops?
  102. Jumped on the blog bandwagon...
  103. Tutorial: Creating the Perfect Performance Classlist
  104. Need the proper tool to make jumps...advice plz?
  105. Tutorial: Western Pleasure
  106. ASB help needed
  107. Question: Different ASB question
  108. Broken-leg models can perform
  109. Show Terms.
  110. AQHA Reining Pattern #7
  111. That's judged on a performance set up?
  112. Where would this saddle go?
  113. Mantracker set up?
  114. New Leadline Rider and Leader from Keren
  115. American Saddlebreds and Western Events
  116. Question: a Dressage horse question...
  117. Gem Twist or Roxy?
  118. Western performance ideas for Breyer Smoke & Mirrors Arab
  119. Strapless In Western
  120. Acrylic Trays for performance set ups?
  121. Trad Parade set - what model to go with?
  122. Question about colors of a costume for a horse???
  123. Question: Backgrounds in live showing
  124. show me your performance dolls
  125. Qestion here! Is there anyone who makes dolls for micro minis?
  126. Brown Sunshine
  127. Book ends as jumps - how to?
  128. Critique my FIRST ever set up!
  129. Opinions on a Western Saddle
  130. Jump Poles - length
  131. Performance Showing - how difficult is it to learn?
  132. Beginner Novice water obstacle
  133. Ranch Riding. Where would it go?
  134. How Does This Look? (Reined Cow Horse)
  135. Ban'ei - Japanese harness racing
  136. Question: Goat harness & cart set-up
  137. Pricing help?
  138. Are Mego dolls still being made?
  139. My donation for the Laughing Bear Live show, feedback welcome :)
  140. IMG: Sneak peek at an in-progress natural trail set-up
  141. Show us your water set-ups! trail, eventing, natural ...
  142. Show us your costumes & your breed halters!
  143. Newbie here! How do you put on tack?
  144. AQHA Pleasure Driving
  145. Let's see your set-ups for Western Division - stock work
  146. Question: "Skinny" Eventing Fences Dimensions?
  147. Marwari costumes... any advice how to make them *for real?*
  148. Classes for Affinity?
  149. Need opinions on footing options
  150. Dressage Arena Set--AKA we can make anything complicated!
  151. Endurance!
  152. Question about horse for Arabian costume
  153. Question: Trail Trials ?
  154. Can I just make this clear?
  155. What do I do with these reins????
  156. Doll how-to
  157. Real Life vs. Model Horses: What Bugs You?
  158. Another 'reins' question, this time Engllish
  159. My New Goodies for NAN - Jump and Halter
  160. Show off your customized-for-performance models!
  161. Do you HAVE To have explanation cards??
  162. Performance ideas for BHR Drafter?
  163. Trends in real shows happening now..spinoff from real vs model shows what bugs you
  164. Performance Idea for Standing Models?
  165. NAMHSA Rules about Bits
  166. Too Unrealisitic for Performance?
  167. Scene Idea Inspired By My Real Horse
  168. Help please - pix for documentation
  169. Bee's Knees in performance
  170. At a loss for Other Western Performance entry.
  171. Lonestar for Team Penning?
  172. Classic sized cattle
  173. What makes a setup a Diorama?
  174. Leadline Without Dolls?
  175. Doll Performance Outfit
  176. Friesian team: Original with Goffert?
  177. OF Horses as Props
  178. Help/critique harness tack up please! :)
  179. Love Performance? Read this! - Courtesy post copy
  180. Breyer resin Totilas
  181. What is the latest trend in barrel racing styles?
  182. References for Nudie Parade Gear?
  183. Reference pix for Trail Obstacles?
  184. Girl or women as rider?
  185. IMG: Saddle Seat Shoes on Morgans
  186. Can someone explain the Arabian costume class to me?
  187. Rider for little lonestar?
  188. Live Show Quality and to scale?
  189. 2012 pix of your best performance set-ups - shown or not shown
  190. Question: Jumper Flags/Markers: what is required?
  191. Choosing an appropriate calf for performance?
  192. Wood shavings footing, how do I get?
  193. Where to get Performance cards?
  194. Saddleseat Trail Class
  195. Tie-down Roping
  196. Costume judging - how much model, how much costume?
  197. Newbie Performance Questions
  198. Blab launching a Performance Photo Show - shortly! we need ...
  199. Performance Showing Peeves
  200. There is hope for Khemosausage....
  201. Reviews & critiques of entries for Blab perf. photo show
  202. Okay I've Got an Odd Question for You All :)
  203. Where to start ?
  204. Breeds for Parade
  205. Snow for set-ups?
  206. Breyer made harnesses?
  207. Show Off Your Foxhunting Scenes!
  208. Fine Harness Queries
  209. Show me your set-ups with galloping models!
  210. Let's see your Driving set-ups ...
  211. Anybody Need Some Cows?
  212. Anybody Have Pics Of Their Totilas In Tack?
  213. Show us your dressage horses under tack!
  214. Question: Schleich cattle..
  215. Scale Medical Equipment
  216. Smart Chic Mold and Performance suggestions
  217. Need "fashion" advice
  218. Saddle fitting on Max
  219. Question about parade set fitting a windswept peter stone pony???
  220. Question: COWS
  221. Help with breastplate harness showing ideas
  222. Western Pleasure Rein Question
  223. Ground pole lengh
  224. Crit and help for first ever show performance entries ^.^
  225. Trail reference - lope through chute?
  226. Eclipse and performance
  227. Need last minute advice on my scene!
  228. Anyone know where I can get plastic wagon wheels?
  229. English trail photos wanted
  230. Dressage Pix needed please
  231. More Fine Harness Qs - photos needed!
  232. Wax for performance showing
  233. "Unusual" Performance Question?
  234. Would this be classed as performance?
  235. Question: How many cows for cutting class?
  236. Lead Line - What Scale Saddle to Use?
  237. Let's See Your Dolls!!
  238. Riderless?
  239. Performance Question?
  240. I was going to wait but.....
  241. Tacked Up Stablemates?
  242. Number colars for cows?
  243. Something different... :-D
  244. Breyer John Henry as a Performance Horse?
  245. What is the SM G1 QH doing?
  246. Can You Please Help Me Regarding Western Parade
  247. Documentation Help--Arena fences?
  248. I'm crazy to think this is a good idea but I have perf. ?'s
  249. Quick Question on OOAK
  250. Performance Ideas for Roxy