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  1. Doll scale advice needed.
  2. Dare I try?
  3. Show Us Your Arena Fencing!
  4. Performance ideas for ISH?
  5. I am apparently sticky-wax challenged....
  6. Question: Western Sidesaddle Advice
  7. New at performance
  8. Showmanship?
  9. Scale Questions
  10. Hunter Courses
  11. Stone Arabian Performance?
  12. Resin dog sculptures
  13. Condition of model?
  14. Roping/Gaming Reins
  15. Who made this doll? Aussie help needed!
  16. Arabian Costume
  17. Which Horse for Western Pleasure?
  18. Fantasy performance classes?
  19. Acrylic Trays for Performance Showing
  20. Breyer Strapless in Performance?
  21. Card race? Or cards in trail?
  22. Ranch Pleasure?
  23. Trotting in Jumpers?
  24. Western Saddle pad fit?
  25. Performance Things That Makes You Happy
  26. fake water for prop?
  27. AQHA Ranch Pleasure
  28. Calf Roping Q
  29. Standing models in endurance...
  30. Silly Performance Set Ups You Think Should be Done..
  31. Half-Pass Help!
  32. Performance Question - Riders or No Riders?
  33. Looking for a trail class pattern...
  34. Would this be a good set-up?
  35. Jumping Horse Class Ideas
  36. Making a diorama/base - need insight!
  37. trail junkies
  38. Bell Boots
  39. Cross Country Boots- HELP!
  40. Roxy or Latigo? Western horse
  41. Children on a stallion?
  42. Favorite performance horse
  43. Bluegrass Bandit Performance?
  44. Other Performance for Salinero?
  45. Performance Show Questions
  46. Spanish Walk Models
  47. Glossies in Performance?
  48. Drill Team performance entry?
  49. tack makers
  50. Steer wrestling question
  51. Portuguese Tack in English and Western Divisions?
  52. BOTW Totilas Movement
  53. Question: Performance Ideas for Cleveland Bay
  54. Show me your Performance Setups!
  55. Western Arena Trail Bridge Questions ...
  56. Custom Doll
  57. Overos in performance?
  58. TB Racing Tack References Needed
  59. What kind of saddle could I use this for?
  60. Question: Base and rod for Starlite Jumper?
  61. Horse-drawn snow plow idea for performance
  62. Sidesaddle in Hunt Seat Pleasure?
  63. Horse Churns Ice Cream
  64. Question: Dioramas: Is there a market for them?
  65. Giselle mold in performance?
  66. Mules & Performance Can You Help Me I Am Going NUTS!
  67. Can I do this?
  68. Anyone ever use the Breyer Meadowbrook harness in performance?
  69. Help with Western
  70. How much should I charge for a rider commission?
  71. Piaffe vs. Passage?
  72. Pleasure Classes--Manes
  73. Extraterrestrial Scene Idea?
  74. Worth Saving?
  75. Push Polo vs Equine Soccer
  76. Little to no tack ideas for performance
  77. Need to find skiis for a skijoring set up
  78. OF Performance - Animal Props Question
  79. Border Reiver tack references!
  80. Where to find these performance related items?
  81. Question about showing a Percheron
  82. best resource for beginning model horse performance classes - tack, setup, etc...
  83. Pine Tree Tutorial!
  84. polo performance set up, critique me please
  85. Western pleasure/trail tack setup critique please..
  86. Performance reference photos & videos
  87. How to make flowers for pots.
  88. Now THIS is a performance set-up !!!
  89. Storage of tack/dolls/other props
  90. Question: Traveling and showing
  91. Getting back into Preformance-gentle critiques please
  92. Christmas with Max and Juno! (1/6th scale diorama)
  93. English riding boots help?
  94. Rio rondo western saddle
  95. Latigo/Harley D Zip in Peformance?
  96. Alternative for Tacky Wax?
  97. What Kinds of Events in Other Performance?
  98. Cinches for Western Classes
  99. Arabian foal showmanship?
  100. Performance models & 'Fake Dust' ...?
  101. Help please! I need a tutorial for how to put on model sports medicine boots.
  102. Getting my feet wet in Performance Classes....
  103. Extreme Cowboy Race
  104. Trail with Balls?
  105. Zippo in Performance?
  106. Question about Western Saddles
  107. How to Create a Good Trail Entry
  108. Roxy's Lead
  109. Stablemate Scale Dolls
  110. Help! Native Costume help needed!
  111. Arena Footing?
  112. Mego Dolls
  113. HELP! Need a crash course in performance judging!
  114. Carriage showing braiding question
  115. Saddle pad size?
  116. Hunter/Jumper Turnout Tips
  117. Judged trail class entry: leading another horse
  118. Sculpted tack in performance?
  119. Pleasure Harness Tack Fitting Tips
  120. Eventing Cross-Country Performance