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  1. Question: What's under the paint?
  2. Question for Baking Soda and Super Glue Experts
  3. Shauna needs your help
  4. Apoxie Not Cooperating With Me Anymore
  5. oh the possibilities!
  6. Need help with tail suggestions on CAS
  7. Question: Sculpting Newbie
  8. Question on materials from an oldbie
  9. Ether Wax Question
  10. Need help finding photos of a type of tail braid
  11. First Try at Sculpting a Medallion-Type Thing
  12. skin wrinkles...
  13. Wanted: Pictures of angry horses!
  14. Ref photos for wrinkles
  15. "Pooky" Upper Lip
  16. Sculpting Books, Tutorials, Lessons?
  17. What to do to a Wintersong?
  18. sculpting references
  19. First ever original sculpt - help!
  20. How customizable are Sandicasts?
  21. Better Quality Hair Growth Chart...
  22. Stretched Neck Arab
  23. Drafter
  24. Customizing Stablemates
  25. Need help with saddlebred shoes
  26. Veining on Sm's?
  27. Moving legs
  28. Bases - a Possibly Unique Peeve
  29. Help with original sculpture
  30. IMG: Cthulhu F'htagn! (or, Adventures in Drastic Customs)
  31. Europeans - What Do You Use for Resculpting?
  32. Dremel bits for Customizing
  33. Question: How to cut up a body (lol)
  34. WINGS!
  35. Need Opinions - Rose Miss America
  36. Question: Heavy horse standing?
  37. Great US Source for Viscose
  38. And it Begins Again
  39. Question: I have a Question for sculptors...
  40. Etching up my Thunderstorm - Pattern Help?
  41. Possible remaking ideas... help?
  42. Eye Sculpting
  43. Possible CM ideas... help?
  44. Etching?
  45. Question: The word on CM material
  46. Goodbye RESS Forum
  47. Super Sculpey v.s. Original Sculpey
  48. Quick Question: Baking Epoxy over Super Sculpey
  49. Show off your WIP sculptures!
  50. Roman Nose Proflie - HELP!
  51. Stablemate scale wings?
  52. Andalusian medallion WIP, critiques wanted!
  53. getting the edges off a medallion
  54. Hair structure?
  55. Hacking up a traditonal grazing foal?
  56. How To Make Detachable Wings
  57. Going to jump right in and start a new scuplture after a 3 year break.
  58. How Do You Connect Two Resin Halves?
  59. Valentine & heartbreaker positions?
  60. Frustrated by limitations - Veining
  61. Anyone Have Pics of Real Horses in This Pose?
  62. Customizing Papo Horses
  63. Diary of a Heartbreaker
  64. Does my head look big in this?
  65. Marketing Artist Services to the Real Horsey Set
  66. Question: CMing H-R's ??
  67. Reviving Super Sculpey?
  68. Angry/Freaking Out Horses
  69. Weather Girl to STB
  70. Wonderful Video dissection
  71. Warcraft + Horses = Win?
  72. SMB unicorns
  73. Very Thin Horses
  74. SMB Jumper plaque
  75. which mold should I use?
  76. Question: CMing Bold Endeavor
  77. In-Process Buckskin Morab
  78. My first repositioned horse...
  79. Working with apoxie sculpt!
  80. Dremel bit question
  81. What do you think??
  82. Am I on the right track?
  83. how to attach acrylic rods
  84. The Making of "Not Dun Countin Stars" > Breyer Secretariat To A Pretty Yawning QH
  85. Cool Poses thread
  86. Mold making supplies
  87. Amazing Sculpt and Chavant NSP Clay... question please
  88. Andalusian Braided Tail Sculpting
  89. IMG: Learn from my mistakes - Shoulder Boo-Boo!
  90. Need a little help
  91. No leaking!
  92. OMG my first real mold
  93. hocks. I need pictures of hocks.
  94. My First Traditional Scale Horse is coming to Life! 3.5 hours into the project.
  95. Embossing gun vs heat gun
  96. EARS Reference Photos - From Straight Forward to Pinned Back
  97. I sculpted my first pair of TR Scale Equine EYES! Progress photos shared.
  98. model compound
  99. Question: Jamie Baker's Dapple Gray & Buckskin DVD's?
  100. Border Collie custom
  101. Sculpting The Naughty Bits...
  102. Wooo!! Merry Xmas to Me!!!!
  103. Question: Advice for fixing a paint job ding?
  104. Best Xmas present in forever! Clay help needed.......
  105. Braided manes/tails
  106. Medallion
  107. Opinions please for the expression on Time Lapse
  108. Mare #134 the beginnings
  109. Cocked/kicking hind legs?
  110. Ear help needed
  111. What's in your body box/pile?
  112. Better???
  113. Braiding Question...
  114. testors changing dullcote?
  115. Remaking a PAS?
  116. Love Mustang Mare ideas?
  117. Ref photo help please!
  118. Question: Opinions for ASB Hooves
  119. Eyes for Santana - eyewhites or no?
  120. G3 Belgian - Finding Flaws to Fix
  121. Pangare being knocked down by sealer
  122. Too Long Now?
  123. Model Horse Shoes
  124. Posting for a Friend: Do any artist host a sculpting class
  125. Resculpting the G3 Warmblood Head
  126. Andalusian Sculpture WIP
  127. New medallion in progress - Gallega
  128. Grumpy Drafter WIP
  129. Apoxie not drying?
  130. worth sending to someone to customize?
  131. Senellier pigments vd Earth Pigments
  132. WIP Custom Ariat! Input needed!
  133. Pearl-ex for Silver Dapple
  134. Arab Medallion WIP
  135. Time Lapse 2 - In progress
  136. Would love some input on WIP
  137. Gender of Classic Halflinger-Can it be changed?
  138. Need help with this guy!
  139. Need some input and help with molding and casting
  140. Filling in tiny pits in a resin - What to use?
  141. Mastering foal manes?
  142. Customising Goffert Q
  143. Painting a white horse
  144. Signing a black horse
  145. Apoxie Sculpt....?
  146. Best paints for plastic Breyers?
  147. Amazing sculpt troubles!!!!!!!
  148. How am I doing so far? I'm painting Semi-Leopard Appaloosa! Whew.
  149. Fighting horse early stages WIP
  150. Sculpting shoulder area - help!
  151. Question: "Moral" question about fantasy sculpts
  152. Skin thickness or does it really matter...(unrealistic horse)
  153. Question: What color paint do you use for....
  154. Shading white?
  155. dapples :(
  156. Smokey Black
  157. Clear Pegs..
  158. My stablemate Quarter Horse... pondering how to finish him up.
  159. Roached manes - in what breeds are they common/acceptable?
  160. How long should a tailbone be?
  161. Odd question on making a new lower half of a body hollow using Apoxie Sculpt
  162. Customising a glossy Chip - is gloss a problem?
  163. Horse Tail Bone
  164. OMG poor guy! :( This Alborozo needs help!
  165. WIP strapless mare :)
  166. Andalusian Sculpt Bailadito
  167. Painters Tape + Super Sculpey?
  168. Rainbow Zebra foal!
  169. Barrel Racing Horse In the Making...
  170. Attempting to restore Alborozo..
  171. Supplies needed for waste casting?
  172. Help?
  173. Blind horse eye?
  174. Anyone Ever Used TruForm Armatures?
  175. I really need help.. :(
  176. Probably an obvious answer to this question for performance showers
  177. Working with Acrylic Rods
  178. Creating a laying down horse
  179. Anyone here of Jewelry Clay?
  180. Should I or should I not??
  181. Suggestion for SM Halflinger
  182. I need help
  183. Help me with my S. Justadream custom!
  184. Weathergirl custom help?
  185. casting resin
  186. I can't believe this...
  187. Looking For Teke Necklace Refs
  188. New Quarter Horse in the works -
  189. Apoxie and Primer Question
  190. Mold Making Help Please :)
  191. Pearl Ex Question
  192. Three horses in the works: CAF/SM Swaps/SM drafter
  193. Trotting reference photos
  194. Cantering reference photos
  195. Apoxie Sculpt Question - Quality
  196. Reference photos available for sculpting parts (and painting!)
  197. Nose & Mouth Sculpting Tutorial?
  198. Updates on Andalusian Sculpture
  199. what do i need to get and what do i do
  200. Making a base. Is there anything Aves Apoxie won't stick to?!
  201. Standing Quarter Horse project - in dire need of reference pics :-))
  202. Critique on my Medallion?
  203. I'd love some advice on my WIP Akhal-Teke
  204. How to do a filigree pattern?
  205. Body question
  206. OMG! Gloss resistant to Lestoil!?
  207. How to make an amazing custom... easy, right?
  208. Post pics of Breyer Customs!
  209. Applying Glitter.....
  210. working on this fellow, Bat winged
  211. CM's with Pearl-ex on them
  212. Necking Help?
  213. is this working or should I call it a disaster
  214. long tail or lions tail?
  215. Old Rose Unicorn
  216. Breyer Pharlap, where to start ?
  217. Done with a first try to sculpture...
  218. Epoxy, Apoxie, Epoxie...suggestions please!
  219. you should never!
  220. Question: Need help picking an alright dremel.
  221. Rescuting a resin's mane?
  222. Metallic pastels?
  223. So what's the deal?
  224. First time sculpting, and boy did I choose something easy!
  225. Question: Best dremel attachment to use for carving hooves
  226. PS Standing Drafter - Breed Suggestions & CMing Ideas?
  227. Best medium for a newbie? oils? pastels?
  228. Totally ridiculous studio epiphanies
  229. Epoxy help
  230. Shire horse reference library
  231. Ref request: Trotting - Chest, Hind: Straight-On
  232. A new hairdo for my running draft horse!
  233. Krazy Glue Advanced Gel - Smoking & Fumes ?!
  234. Bucking Pony pics?
  235. Sculpture/Custom/Medallion for this pose?
  236. Weight Management
  237. Sculptey + rum and egg nog = cartoon ponies...
  238. advice on foreleg/shoulder position
  239. Why stripe?
  240. Why strip?
  241. Pebbles ASB as Natural Saddlebred
  242. Dead Models :(
  243. Customizing Pony <3 HELP
  244. Question: CMing mane/tail on Traditional Nahar resin... need ideas!
  245. Blue eyes?
  246. WHAT ON EARTH!!????
  247. Sculpey armatures?
  248. Removing Apoxie?
  249. stripping a bisque china
  250. Removing a skicker