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  1. What am I doing wrong??
  2. First pretty much finished CM...how'm I doing?
  3. Weathergirl CM'ing problems?
  4. Conformation book.
  5. Who's Signature is this?
  6. Customizing Skype Party?
  7. YAY! Found apoxie sculpt locally for less than online!!
  8. Sculpting eyes...
  9. Dremel Question
  10. When the muse hits.... Fjord
  11. Baroque Tail References, Anyone?
  12. What Do You Use?
  13. Color shapers...
  14. Casting and Sculpting? Help!
  15. Your favorite and least favorite part of...
  16. Magic Sculpt!
  17. Wondering if the Horse Crazy Colored Breyer SMs can be customized?
  18. Question: Rust-Oleum Sandable Auto Primer?????
  19. Question about micro minis
  20. And so it begins: my first original sculpt (Belgian Brabant in flying trot)
  21. Hair direction chart...
  22. Resculpting my first sculpt!
  23. help please, sculpting unicorn horns
  24. Dollar Store Wings
  25. Super Sculpey ...have I stuffed him completely?
  26. Need reference photo of a Fjord
  27. Book
  28. Plaited Clydesdale Tails for the Model Showring
  29. Measurements for sculpture
  30. My Run-In with Loctite Extra Time Control
  31. How do YOU sculpt apoxy ears?
  32. Model glue or crazy glue? The same?
  33. Looking for Saddlebred Yearling Refs
  34. Making Your Own Tools
  35. Help with filly and colt "parts" reference photos
  36. Acetone Safe To Use?
  37. Braids on the "wrong side"
  38. Question: Magic Sculpt or Amazing Sculpt???
  39. Question: Most weird and wonderful sculpting tools.
  40. Sculpted a Medallion head for portraits! Thoughts?
  41. A few newbie questions...
  42. No More Gapoxio?? AKA Martin Carbone. Is it still made?
  43. Mulinette Modifications
  44. Looking for good places for apoxie?
  45. Who's entering the NAMHSA Trophy contest?
  46. moving legs
  47. Looking for a tutorial
  48. Need a foal reference pics!
  49. How do you get motivated or inspired?
  50. IMG: Dangley Bits on Mindy--Yay or "Neigh"?
  51. Stripping HR China?
  52. Looking for gapoxio? here ya go!
  53. Starting an OS?
  54. Heat gun recommendations
  55. Pics of foalie tail flippage?
  56. My Hackney Weather Girl needs some help please!
  57. Finding a model that represents your horse the most?
  58. Why does this always happen with pastels?
  59. Acylic rod woes
  60. Apoxie/Magic Sculpt: Colors?
  61. Starting a bust
  62. Cool Poses Thread (2nd continuing thread - active)
  63. anyone ever tried insta morf plastic for sculpting?
  64. Steamjunk needs color ideas
  65. Dremel with Schleich and CollectA models?
  66. Magic sculpt help....
  67. Amazing Sculpt?
  68. Clydesdale mare
  69. Kicking Pony
  70. Seam splits - repairing?
  71. Starting a sculpture from scratch!
  72. cheap way to make a mold
  73. Sneak peek teaser!!
  74. Reference books
  75. Conformation Study For Model Horse Sculpting and CM'ing
  76. Question: Need help with custom
  77. Air holes thought/question
  78. Help with sculpy
  79. I'm New and Confused Help me!
  80. Magic Sculpt Help
  81. Plastimake - useful in customising?
  82. Help for a newbie?
  83. Stompy horse picture?
  84. Hyperextended stifle references?
  85. customizing Collectas
  86. Gypsy Vanner feather refs?
  87. Applying epoxy sculpt
  88. Magnets?
  89. I'm learning here....
  90. New piece, new challenge
  91. Help Choosing Swap Pony Color
  92. Need Reference Pictures - Neighing Stallions
  93. Customized SM TWH face? Repositioning legs? Suggestions?
  94. Question: PS Chips customizing
  95. Video of me airbrushing Annihilator!
  96. First steps into customizing :)
  97. Need help choosing nahar plans!
  98. Help with leg position?
  99. Equine Anatomy course?
  100. Adding "meat" to Lonesome Glory neck?
  101. Your favorite/best tools & tips for a newbie
  102. Making a sculpting tool from old brushes & clay shapers!
  103. Help! Where did I go wrong?
  104. An odd apoxie question...
  105. resculpting on Schleich models?
  106. mane sculpting help please!
  107. Sculpting for first timers
  108. Is this a thing that is acceptable?
  109. Amazing? Magic? Apoxie?
  110. Resin Heads?
  111. Reccomended blogs/info for braiding manes
  112. Gray Air-Clay...It is Apoxie?
  113. Evil laughs ok here?
  114. Heat Guns
  115. Mold help for Miniature
  116. Info: Pasteling Okami Amaterasu- Tips needed
  117. Amaco Air-Dry clay works on Breyers
  118. in progress pictures, just because
  119. In Progress!
  120. New to sculpting/cm-ing, olfactory observation
  121. Breeds of the World...Removing bases
  122. Need tutorial for nostrils Please!
  123. The worst (sorta) happened
  124. What are you working on?
  125. Question about customs and Live showing - Input appreciated!
  126. Question: Apoxie: What am I doing wrong?
  127. Question: Air Brushes?
  128. Does Michelle Platt allow customizing?
  129. Cutting legs of porcelain ponies
  130. The strange-looking horses thread
  131. Question: Drastic Cleveland bay custom: *IDEAS AND PICTURES WANTED!!*
  132. Highland Pony Medallion WIP
  133. Rugged Lark - Reposition Ideas?
  134. CMing a Stone
  135. Sculpting Fears
  136. Cracked Gapoxio on an old custom...fix it question.
  137. What can you tell me about working with colored pencils?
  138. Has Anyone Worked with Monster Clay?
  139. Where to get Silicone & Resin Other Than Smooth-on?
  140. First Mane Sculpt
  141. How do you organize your studio?
  142. Where to buy wings?
  143. Question: Best medium for fine detail ? and books !
  144. Question: Best color shapers ?
  145. Resculpting on Schleich, CollectA?
  146. Using Apoxie on a Papo or Safari model?
  147. Question: Removing mane from a breyer
  148. General info?
  149. Calling all Sculptey experts!
  150. Sculpting with Apoxie on top of Sculpey III?
  151. Anyone else using Plaster of Paris for Horse-Shaped-Objects?
  152. Jumping terrier mix sculpture WIP
  153. Apoxie Clay?
  154. The one reference picture...
  155. Armature
  156. Crumbling Fx Sculpt
  157. Lengthening a models back?
  158. What would you do to the LB drafter?
  159. Removing apoxie
  160. Brona, from 3D sculpt to resin casting.
  161. MagCraft magnets?
  162. Neck Set
  163. resculpting a FAS
  164. My attempt at digital sculpting
  165. Can I use really old super sculpey?
  166. Storing matte/glossy finish in cold places...
  167. Arab in Western Jog traditional sculpture idea
  168. Help needed with a semi-drastic custom
  169. First try at sculpting a dog... Smooth Collie!
  170. Horse Sculpture WIP
  171. Nokota questions
  172. Fraley's Wire to Whinny Workshop Questions...
  173. Reference Photos of Breyer Poodle 'Cut'?
  174. My first clay sculpt - German Shepard
  175. WIP Sleepy Kitty Sculpt - "Mini Margaux"
  176. "SKS Charlie" - Drastic CM Stone Weanling
  177. Need help with head position on othello custom
  178. Casting Costs?
  179. Taking a sculpting workshop!! What should I sculpt???!
  180. Custom
  181. Fresh eyes needed - my Lusitano sculpt
  182. Ceramic busts
  183. Need some pictures of angry stompy hosses :)
  184. Help with 1/9th scale measurement conversion
  185. Can this be done?...
  186. Painting over purity seal
  187. Question: Customizing Tools.
  188. Question: Has Anyone Tried ProCreate Epoxy?
  189. Not sure where to post this so...
  190. WIP Wins and Woes
  191. Customizing Alborozo
  192. When a ''simple" custom turns not-so-simple
  193. Apoxie/epoxie for tiny sculpting?
  194. Help! How to create feathers and flames?
  195. Portrait of my Friesian mare
  196. Roping calf project
  197. Classic Rearing Friesian
  198. Nose Wrinkles?
  199. Starting a model horse sculpture
  200. Winter coat Appy private bits?
  201. How do I fashion a new leg for a breyer classic
  202. Question: Ideas For Custom Zenyatta?
  203. Does anyone know this artist?
  204. What are your favorite products and brands when you custom? What do you love to us?!!
  205. Best sculpting clay/resin/etc.?
  206. Looking for tutorial on sculpting eyes
  207. Lost as To Where To Start With Customising??
  208. Best Foam to Carve?
  209. Fixing an OF Stablemates Leg
  210. How to shoe a show saddlebred
  211. Pasteling Problem-Workable Fixative Stains Model
  212. Discolored Magic Sculpt?
  213. How to Create a Dapple Gray
  214. Easy Kid's Activity?
  215. Anyone know what happens if...
  216. Build A Horse with Sue Sifton June 16, 2017
  217. Customizing Mini Winnies?
  218. Problem pony
  219. Interesting Shire Sculpting Video
  220. The best material for sculpting
  221. Help wanted: How do you mount a pony to wood?
  222. Suggestions for Sculpting Caparisons?
  223. Stripping A Model For Customization: How To?
  224. Egyptian Chariot Performance Set
  225. Looking for epoxy brand recommendations for the beginner
  226. Black Craft Foam- will red or green foam markers show up?
  227. What type of sculpting material?
  228. Painting Leopards and Appaloosas
  229. Cantering Arabian?
  230. My WIP Dog Sculpture
  231. Stablemate Western Saddle - work in progress
  232. Nice Armature Method
  233. Traditional Wings- casting, cost, interest, and whatnots
  234. Need shoe help!
  235. Why super glue and baking soda?
  236. Carving hooves?
  237. Polymer clay
  238. Flocking a model
  239. Removing part of a model's mane
  240. Question: Liquitex VS. Apoxie Sculpt
  241. Question: Acrylic brands?
  242. What do you think?
  243. Trad. size wings?
  244. Trad. 1:9 scale "other animal" resins