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  1. Dullcote going shiny?
  2. Dullcote Troubleshooting - Help please
  3. Jewelry files?
  4. Crazing Help!!
  5. Question for oil painters (white paint and sealers)
  6. Anybody used either of these primers?
  7. What epoxy, primer and paint should I use on a CollectA?
  8. Dullcote going on Shiny
  9. Strapless with seam splits
  10. Re-attaching tail on Breyer foal
  11. Totilas Prep Saga
  12. How to repair ear rubs?
  13. how many of the same model mold have you done?
  14. Oil Painters need some help
  15. Colour Formulas?
  16. Pastel Shaver!!! Cool!
  17. Brush Help
  18. Thinning Acrylics?
  19. Embroidery Floss mane and tail pics
  20. Prepping Stone bodies
  21. Question: Adios mane...can I...?
  22. Help with refs for Jasper Medallion? (Leopard Appy)
  23. Question: Primer?
  24. CMing in the Summer......
  25. Bubbles In Resin --When to dig em out & when to leave em be?
  26. Cleaning question
  27. How do you do roans?
  28. Need advice on oil painting brushstrokes! PLEASE!
  29. Recommendation For A Good Gloss Finishing Spray?
  30. Weird Question: Can You De-Gloss A Model?
  31. Golden Airbrush Colors being replaced by Golden High Flow Acrylics
  32. Question: Upright mane: How do you go about it?
  33. Priming! URGH!
  34. What medium do you prefer?
  35. Need Mane and Tail help please...
  36. Question: Hobby blades: How do you protect yours?
  37. Blast. Sealer frosting....
  38. Modifying another artist's paintjob?
  39. Airbrushing basics-anyone have a good place to look??
  40. ceramic paints
  41. Pastel and Acrylic Help
  42. Chinaheads! Please help me fix my sentimental-value broken Beswick!!
  43. Can a Hartland be fixed?
  44. How long can a model stay in Lestoil to Strip?
  45. Kolinsky Sable Brushes Banned from Import
  46. Finish Artists, How Do You Feel When....
  47. Sealing WAX?
  48. Removing CM Gloss from an OF?
  49. Repairing a Glossy OF (Peter Stone)
  50. DickBlick is out of stock! Need another place to buy...
  51. Question: ISH mane/tail advice wanted
  52. Brushing primer on to resin?
  53. Classic Champagne Dangly Bits Reference?
  54. Help with shading whites!!
  55. Help Me Pick A Color For Lilly!!
  56. Non-Yellowing Sealers?
  57. DIY Stone Portrait Horse
  58. The nooks and Crannies!?
  59. Dryer
  60. Repair work on a horse that needs to be repainted
  61. Trenching Necks
  62. Prepping Question - Should I primer over Oil paint or strip?
  63. What do you charge for prep?
  64. Earth Pigment Recipes
  65. Really stupid question...
  66. Are your books open? Why or why not?
  67. Badly warped Resin horse??
  68. Anyone know how to remove epoxy adhesive?
  69. Why is airbrush work 'unfashionable'?
  70. Best way to strip a resin airbrushed and glossed?
  71. Which Color For My Mini Marwari?
  72. Pigments/patel artists, need color help!
  73. Water based oil paint question
  74. Pastel Artists, Brush Cleaning advice?
  75. Customizing/painting in an apartment
  76. Pastel Artists-Bay going grey question
  77. Prepping Tips for Micro Minis
  78. Help! Broken ear :(
  79. White Painters touch primer
  80. spray/venting booth
  81. Tamiya Primer Help
  82. First time painter needs help!
  83. warped base
  84. Need a Tail Repaired
  85. Mold Release, Pinholes or Bad Resin?
  86. Removing Primer?
  87. FIrst custom gone wrong
  88. Need help!
  89. Sadie warping?
  90. photo references for the underside of a roan horse
  91. Light to apply pigments/pastels by
  92. Suede texture Spray paint
  93. Giving Prepping a go...are all these air bubbles normal???
  94. Dumb question maybe, but....
  95. Best site to buy Magic sculpt
  96. Vallejo primer
  97. Prepping materials & fillers?
  98. fixing rubs, scratches, and black marks
  99. Air bubbles?
  100. Leg Breaks and Glass Eyes
  101. amounts of earth pigments needed for kimsmith's pastel recipes
  102. Ok very dumb question here.
  103. The prepper's nightmare (err stallion)
  104. What kind of acrylics do you use?
  105. Polar Fleece Stuck to Finish?
  106. Oil tutorials?
  107. Boo Boo on one of my favorites...
  108. Suggestions for making horse shoes
  109. I am gonna do it! Trying out Oils!
  110. Harder & Steinbeck Airbrushes
  111. Show me your eyeballs!
  112. Oils and LSQ
  113. How long to soak in Lestoil mix?
  114. Pinholes after stripping that weren't there before?!?!
  115. Andre - Color & Tail Question for Breed
  116. Question: Airbrushing 'studio'?
  117. Removing paint
  118. Mayday! Terrible primer problem...
  119. Signing models
  120. Where To Get Sticky Wax?
  121. Pigments
  122. Looking for Help! How to get started on repairs on OF models...
  123. Question: Is this Original Finish or custom?
  124. !@^#$%& Gesso!! I need primer help
  125. Bacchus Butt Woes...*sigh*
  126. Daniel Smith Oils?
  127. Dapples
  128. OMG! This is SO frustrating!!
  129. Paint for repairing a gray OF?
  130. Model Restoration
  131. Airbrush Acrylic Thinners
  132. Am I doing something wrong?
  133. Rebending Legs On Translucents?
  134. How to avoid brush marks when painting?
  135. Its the Pits
  136. 2 Resins & 1 OF Repair Question
  137. WDCC Pegasus Family Repair Progress Thread!
  138. Removing acrylic paint from a Stone Chips and prepping it
  139. Yellow Box Stains
  140. IMG: Park Arabian restoration
  141. Question: Logo Removal?
  142. Hand Painted Acrylic Base Coats: Possible or Not
  143. Oil painters, did you know...
  144. Resin Striping?
  145. Prepping Minis
  146. Primer problems
  147. BEWARE! Primer that eats details for breakfast!
  148. Brush on Primer?
  149. How popular are SM etchies?
  150. Magnets in hooves for models that need a base
  151. Base Coat Question
  152. Bakig Soda, An Unintentional Paint Remover.....
  153. Seeking Help! Need to Repair a Resin...
  154. What the heck happened with my matte finish?!?!
  155. Stripping acrylics off older resin
  156. Commissions & Sales Pieces..How do you balance?
  157. Testor's (Model Master) Dullcote vs. Tamiya Flat Clear Spray
  158. Prepping "Chiseled/Bumpy" Style Sculpts
  159. Prepping issues with Primer + Matte sealer
  160. Primering in Cold Temperatures
  161. Shiny models?
  162. Moldy Gesso?
  163. MicroMark masking stuff?
  164. Question: Pastels vs oil vs airbrushing ?
  165. Question: ok more questions lol models
  166. Question: Prepping Job?
  167. Question: Painting brindle ?
  168. Painting a bay with Acrylics. Need help!
  169. AA Rearing andalusian construction questions/issues
  170. Prepping with brush on resin
  171. Oil Issues ....GRRR! Help please!
  172. Lestoil vs Easy Off -- A Stripping Experement
  173. Can you paint over Polycrylic?
  174. Two unrelated fixer-upper questions
  175. Finally tried my Tamiya Primer...
  176. Rustoleum sealer?
  177. "Thank you" from Charlotte Donahue
  178. Need a repair artist
  179. Help me choose between 2 cameras!!
  180. What colour should this Shetland be?!
  181. Testors Dullcote Leaking?
  182. Question: Airbrush not working, experienced advice needed
  183. Alternatives to Dullcote?
  184. Matte Finish Cracking?!?
  185. Cold painting ceramic models?
  186. Sealer for Oils
  187. Need help with palomino mane/tail coloring/depth!!
  188. Sealer wrinkled? Is she ruined?
  189. primer problems with Mink cubies? Info?
  190. Looking to have a Taboo Resin Repaired
  191. newbie question - what sealer to use
  192. Prepping, Priming and Sealing q's?
  193. How do you customize a porcelain model?
  194. What to do ? How to glue this tail back on -
  195. How to Strip OF Paint Off SBH Pheonix
  196. Kremer pigmente?
  197. I need tips
  198. Question on veins, whisker bumps, and chestnuts
  199. Spectacular Bid and Bleaching Some Stains with Success
  200. Vallejo Model Color Acrylics
  201. Question: Ceramic Pony - How Can I Repair A Missing Leg?
  202. Can you paint/pastel Sterling silver?
  203. Will new paint degrade if the body horse was yellowed?
  204. Tips for restoring a woodgrain
  205. Recipe / method for removing Breyer factory paint
  206. Introduction to overglaze china painting class at Breyerfest
  207. Is Dullcote still the Rx for sealer gone sticky?
  208. Question: How to Fix Small Dots/Rubs
  209. How to remove shiny marks?
  210. Gesso alternative? Hello all
  211. Looking for Nan Wagner or Sheryl Leisure
  212. Glossy model repair
  213. Repairing a Resin - recommendations?
  214. Best way to repair/prevent further cracking?
  215. air brush
  216. Preppers out there???
  217. Fixing a leaner? Resin AND plastic
  218. Fixing uneven paint
  219. Earth Pigment Starter Kit
  220. Testors Dullkote vs Krylon Matte
  221. Tamiya color mixing for airbrush
  222. Resin airhole? Help!
  223. Prepper for Eberls?
  224. Vintage rider restoration!
  225. Favorite Finish Work Artists?
  226. Question: Graininess Prevention While Using Earth Pigments?
  227. White and oil painting
  228. He Won't Strip for Me!
  229. How Do You Strip an OF Breyer?
  230. sanding question
  231. Help! Primer turned sticky, acrylic paint cracking!I real
  232. best primer?
  233. Question: How many layers of sealer do you put on?
  234. Windex on resin?
  235. Matting a Glossy Icicle
  236. Glue to repair china?
  237. Pastels on a Mostly White Horse
  238. Removing Nail Polish? Help!
  239. Drier medium preference for oil paints: Liquin or Galkyd or...?
  240. Water mixable oils, going sticky?
  241. OK to show ref pics for commission or not?
  242. Airbrushing tips
  243. Border Fine Arts - anyone ever remove one from the base?
  244. Stripping Acrylic off of Resin?
  245. If one wanted to get started airbrushing....
  246. Advice on Bent Legs
  247. Searching for a Prepper
  248. Bent Legs on Resin?
  249. Advice on to Repair or Customize
  250. How to repair a leg with acetone