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  1. Stripping non-OF paint off a porcelain
  2. Input On Spray Paint?
  3. Matte Sealant Between Acrylic Layers?
  4. Air drying clay, OF with repainted eyes, Phar Lap in performance
  5. Prepping Issue: Honeycombed Krylon Primer
  6. Best oils to use?
  7. References for Color - How do you prefer them?
  8. What brush or tool do you use......
  9. Color/Pattern Question
  10. Prisma Colored Pencils
  11. Talk Milky To Me
  12. Bubblewrap damage to finish
  13. Help! Sealer for OF finish repair?
  14. What color mane bands to use?
  15. Glue Preferences For Mohair
  16. Looking for resin re-touch painter to paint scratch
  17. Painting Question
  18. Stripping OF Breyers
  19. White acrylic?
  20. Various Repair Question
  21. Best Eartip Rub Repair?
  22. Sunning to correct yellowing
  23. Recommended Brushes For Acrylic, Oil and Earth Pigments
  24. So...About Those 3D Paint By Numbers...
  25. Which brands/products have a reaction to Dullcote?
  26. I fixed my Norita :)
  27. Looking for Oil Painting Tips
  28. Thinking about buying an older CM but it has Epoxy lift
  29. Anyone tried the Vallejo Aerosol Primer?
  30. Jeweler's Floss?
  31. Artist Advice :)
  32. Breyer Horse Repair Advice Needed
  33. Problems With Finishing
  34. Any tips for repairing an ear tip?
  35. Finishing Schelich in Gloss?
  36. Question: Krylon matte reactions on OF Peter Stones?
  37. Removing Silver VIN Numbers?
  38. Help! Lestoil got inside body cavity of horse, now what?
  39. Can a Shrinky become NOT a Shrinky?
  40. Beswick porcelain ear break....
  41. Question: Safely cleaning an old plastic custom?
  42. Dealing with seams on custom decorators
  43. Does anyone know if Boydston repairs her older work?
  44. Which colors to use for repairing a scratch
  45. Best finish for Collectas?
  46. OF Paint Splatter?
  47. Can A Flockie's Leg Be Reheated?
  48. Need help, paint damage?
  49. Prepping a CollectA
  50. Hobby Spray Booth recommendations?
  51. Liquitex Spray Paint?
  52. Residue on Repaired Ear?
  53. Question: Airbrush Help/Repair?
  54. Removing markings on a CollectA/Corral Pal?
  55. Anyone have luck removing permanent marker?
  56. Help needed with repairing/refreshing paint on a resin
  57. Help with controlling pastel dust
  58. Gritty primer?
  59. How do you reattach a Shermie tail?
  60. Can you use real butterfly wings on a CM?
  61. Touch up paint markers
  62. Recommendations Requested-repair for a decorator
  63. Best paint marker?
  64. Question: Spraying a dull spot on a glossy OF Breyer - what to use .... HELP!!!
  65. Question re removing paint splatter from glossy vintage FAM!
  66. Bit off more than I can chew!!!!
  67. Repairing Pearly Paint??
  68. Tips for using a blow dryer to straighten legs
  69. Question about removing a fabric stain
  70. Best tool/bit for making air holes?
  71. Getting ink off of a model?
  72. Prepping and Customizing a Glossy Model?
  73. Question: Looking for Help