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  1. Color Formulas & Techniques Book / RESS Techniques Books - Opinions?
  2. How in the heck...
  3. Help with Dark Dapple Grey....
  4. Photoshop "rough drafts"
  5. Coming soon.....Equus Maximus....
  6. Blue Eye Reference
  7. Which airbrush???
  8. Slow drying paint...
  9. Stripping paint?
  10. Slight customer rant...
  11. Testors gone amok
  12. Airbrushe help needed...again!
  13. Epoxy Lift
  14. Easy Off Help!
  15. does anyone have an Iwata Power Jet Lite?
  16. BHR prepping
  17. Pearl-Ex Jacquard pigments
  18. Please some help Majestuoso has bad spots
  19. Guest artist
  20. G3 Drafter mane?
  21. Got a bunch done!!! IMG INTENSIVE
  22. Tips on Painting Foals
  23. Oil painters- HELP! Bizarre thing...
  24. I just finished up a pastel tutorial
  25. to bay, or not to bay...
  26. Broken ears
  27. El Rabia got beat up...
  28. Florentine/Copenhagen?
  29. Airbrushing project...
  30. Finishing spray options?
  31. What color to paint Hereford?
  32. Prepping Tips
  33. Are these the final RESS results?
  34. More projects heading out the door!
  35. painting corn spots and scars
  36. Need color ideas for PAMs
  37. Seeing Spots IMGI
  38. Coming soon.....
  39. How do you attach AA's to their bases?
  40. Lint free environment????
  41. Painting in oils
  42. How do I achieve this color? - liver chestnut
  43. Prepping/Painting new Breyers
  44. roan manes?
  45. Breyer 2007 New molds and prepping...
  46. Is it ok to primer over oil paint?
  47. Removing added gloss from an OF
  48. Couple of questions regarding pastels...
  49. Update on CM Creata Trad Reining Horse
  50. Works in progress at 3B Designs...IMG INTENSIVE
  51. Does anyone here restore, or know someone who does?
  52. Colored Pencils for Touch up?
  53. Question about chestnuts (the colour)
  54. Question for Spinnaker owners
  55. Airbrush spatter question
  56. anyone used Daniel Smith acrylics?
  57. Heavy Duty Air Purifiers?
  58. Heading to Resins by Randy...
  59. Great photo references of spotted WBs
  60. Memphis Belle - WAY TO GO TRISH
  61. Help! I need to do a minor touch up, not sure how to do it.
  62. Looking for a finishwork artist..
  63. Pavo Real Needs Painting!
  64. Why is my Dulcote GLOSSY???
  65. Fixative and Dull Cote
  66. Colors for Zyriab, Dini, and Flitwick...
  67. Unison pastel colors?
  68. Where has all the dull cote gone??
  69. My Airbrush is driving me INSANE!!!
  70. Buying an airbrush
  71. Airbrush needles, where to buy?
  72. Has your Dull Cote ever yellowed?
  73. Does anyone still handpaint in acrylic?
  74. I bought my oil paints and new brushes
  75. Does anyone else have attention deficit when it come to finishing a horse?
  76. Airbrushing Enamels
  77. Preppers with open books?
  78. "Pastel Basics"
  79. Filling airholes?
  80. Sanding oil paint...??
  81. Need some post-stripping help!!
  82. Tell me about interference colors/making black horses interesting
  83. Cleaning Needle Files
  84. Help in repairing a leg break...
  85. How to keep hand-painted finish smooth?
  86. Pastel Tutorial - Mink Medallion
  87. Airbrush Needle Health
  88. Prepping Pricing
  89. Stripping a Resin?
  90. How perfect do you guys want it?
  91. Prepping frenzy!!
  92. Ok, I got a rant....
  93. Prepping a Nokota...
  94. New Trade Secrets book by Nandell
  95. Compressors
  96. Help with white markings?
  97. What do ya'll use to sign your models with?
  98. Inspiring resins...
  99. Anyone have ref pix of dark greys?
  100. Some restoration/repair pics
  101. Last Days to enter RESS 2007 Finishwork Exhibition!
  102. Touching Up A Resin HELP! Quick!
  103. What's Your Favorite...
  104. Prepping w/Airbrush-- mix ratio?
  105. Need ideas and painter suggestions!
  106. TONS of pinholes!
  107. How do you fix that front leg on PAM?
  108. Help, how do you spray a trad with.....
  109. I am so unsure as to what to do
  110. Broken Acrylic Rod?
  111. Pastel users!!! Tip to avoid grain!!!
  112. Gray or White Primer?
  113. Un-gooking a Sandicast
  114. oops..
  115. Painting Max-funny
  116. Priming is a good thing!
  117. When Dullcote isn't dull...
  118. Prepping Uncalled For
  119. Need Help with Metallic Oils
  120. Bondo Spot putty-where to find it?
  121. How many coats of sealer for those performance horses?
  122. Painting Wood
  123. Glossing choices??
  124. Tobiano - Crisp or Not?
  125. Airbubbles in sealer????
  126. Priming Woes
  127. Lightening Pastels?
  128. List of non-yellowing sealers??
  129. Ear Repair Qs!
  130. "Crack" repair questions!
  131. Grrrrr...Breyer's mixing plastic
  132. Water-soluble oil paints???
  133. Bondo usage???
  134. Question about Krylon Primer
  135. P. Nimmock Matte Sealer???
  136. Another tutorial coming soon, just a headsup!
  137. Which Medium is Most Popular for Blab's Artists?
  138. Rattling horses, LSQ, No, or does it matter?
  139. Can I paint over colored pencils?
  140. glue and baking soda
  141. Rekindling the Fire?
  142. A poll on finishes for buyers
  143. that "dead grass" color
  145. Peanut Butter Bouncer time!
  146. SM Custom color ideas needed!
  147. Me & Primer. NOT friends.
  148. Eye tutorial
  149. What to do when a horse goes sticky?
  150. A weird past CM predicament
  151. "Peanut Butter Bouncer" WIP Thread...
  152. Shopping List for Pastel Horses
  153. Prepper Recommendations (for Eberls)
  154. Taking photos of your work?
  155. Prepping Question--Wires Showing in Resins
  156. My Dk Bay is green
  157. Painting, pastelling and repairing articles
  158. I am offical now...
  159. Do Not Use...
  160. Rembrandt's hooves
  161. So what are you working on?
  162. What is the proper method of applying Bondo spot putty?
  163. Pastel users/ Unison fanatics!
  164. Dyeing mohair
  165. Where to buy those clear acrylic rods to put under a raised hoof?
  166. Prepping Shopping List?
  167. airbrush won't stop spraying
  168. Brush durability tips?
  169. Resin Owies...
  170. What is "pangare"?
  171. Oils advice
  172. Tips on painting Cremello?
  173. The two words you don't want to hear: "Gone Sticky"
  174. Prepping horse with Glass Eyes
  175. Dapple Grey Warmblood Reference Pics
  176. Painting Grass
  177. painting hooves...
  178. OH' %$#^%#**^( THE CLEAR COAT
  179. Help with splitting seam on cm
  180. Colored Pencil Roaning
  181. Tobiano Tail undersides?
  182. Hoof Tutorial ^_^
  183. Taking the dive - placing an order for new supplies
  184. Sealers
  185. Hands up who likes prepping??
  186. tough job advice
  187. Lipizzan
  188. Didn't know how much I loved CM-ing....
  189. My first resin *$(%@
  190. Tiny paintbrushes online? Masters Touch?
  191. What a terrible feeling!
  192. I'm naked!!
  193. Best acrylic brands?
  194. A repair/slight change by a beginner...
  195. RESS Challenge Class - For beginners and pros!
  196. Any Ideas On How to Reposition My Big Ben?
  197. Bald face/markings in Oils?
  198. Need some FAST restoration work
  199. need a source for acrylic rods/pegs
  200. Need SM leg repair help!
  201. WHY would you market your product as Matte...
  202. I am SOOOOOOOOOO MAD....
  203. Facial sponge and texture...
  204. Spray Krylon Gesso? Stripping
  205. I dont BELIEEEEEVE it! :lol
  206. Aaaaarrrgghhh, nooooo! (Fingerprint in the finish!)
  207. Need flatwork project help
  208. Hair Growth Charts??
  209. Well, that didn't work....
  210. Does Wal-mart carry Dullcote??
  211. Iwata Table Top Airbrush Cleaning Station?
  212. Problems with Bondo??
  213. What would you do?
  214. I love it when a lightbulb goes off!
  215. Tin foil filler
  216. WIP rose grey animated gif
  217. White Spray Primer
  218. Tips for painting an appy in oils, etc?
  219. Does Rasam want to be a Tobiano?
  220. Painting light colored hooves
  221. What should I charge to prep and finish a resin?
  222. Anyone used Dry pure pigments???
  223. Respirator recommendations???
  224. Turnaround time for prepping?
  225. Don'tcha just hate it when...
  226. Getting started as an artist
  227. Question for pastel artists-from a Total Newbie
  228. My studio is back in action!!
  229. It's venting time - PREPPING!
  230. New Pastels: Pan pastels??
  231. Ugh.. My turn to vent
  232. Prepping a Stone resin?
  233. Who was looking for paint stripper in Australia?
  234. How do I fill pinholes when prepping?
  235. Pastel Fixative
  236. oils? airbrushing?
  237. Quick question for oil painters: alkyd drier?
  238. Opinions wanted, please
  239. Tips from Mel Miller just posted
  240. Airbrushing Questions
  241. What color paints do you have?
  242. Who Preps & Paints?
  243. In waaay over my head...
  244. The Studio Library feedback thread
  245. The Links Library: The Studio
  246. guest artist
  247. Prepping supplies
  248. Great Pastel Discovery!
  249. Ajax
  250. Prepping in the Bathroom.. La La La