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  1. Perlino help...?
  2. Pinholes
  3. Stablemate scale Circus wagon
  4. OMG... he crackled... D:
  5. What color?
  6. Removing OF paint!
  7. What type of facial marking suits her?
  8. Rules for banded manes?
  9. Mixing driers with glazing medium?
  10. Dapple Grey Tutorial
  11. Jasper to Portrait Model -WIP - Advice?
  12. Change finish from glossy to matte?
  13. Finish Spray for Performance Models
  14. Streaky oils
  15. Recommendations: Horse Photography Books
  16. Tacky/Sticky finish
  17. Oil Paint Sealers
  18. Issue with paint and sealers drying
  19. New Pigments
  20. Repairing a scratch on an OF?
  21. WIP Banjo (Otto) Critiques
  22. Rose Grey Gizelle WIP Saga! Critiques welcome.
  23. Cold painting/pastelling a bisque, HELP!
  24. Testor's Dullcote-Where Can I find it online?
  25. Mulberry grey...titanium white base coat?
  26. GAH! What happened to Salinero??
  27. Stripping primer?
  28. Eye painting tutorials?
  29. Dick Blick sale
  30. Painting black?
  31. What are pigments?
  32. Was Rustoleum Painter's Touch discontinued?
  33. Preppers that do old mold Breyers??
  34. Daniel Smith 20% off
  35. Classic Shire Shoes?
  36. Wedgewood Lady Phase with Seam Split??
  37. Good substitute? Mix?
  38. I've been injured!
  39. Restoring a glossy?
  40. pure pigments - updating my techniques, need help
  41. My First ever
  42. Krylon's new grey primer is amazing!!
  43. Good Pencils to use for Fleabits?
  44. Repairing a Chaney resin
  45. Reasons for why your Dullcote messes up
  46. Pricing Finishwork - ugh!
  47. Respirators
  48. Oil paing coat color matching guru help needed
  49. Brush question
  50. Viening...any tutorials out there?
  51. sculpting putty/apoxie
  52. Sealer isnt flat
  53. Good airbrushes?
  54. Eyesight and prepping
  55. Paint and primer flaking off
  56. Painters Touch Primer, Non-Yellowing???
  57. Does anyone paint their modeling sand?
  58. Stripping SM resins
  59. What color should be used to paint a buckskin with pastels?
  60. Let's talk fixatives
  61. Roaning or Dappling tutorial?
  62. Taking Resins Off Bases
  63. Using pecils for roans, dapples and flea-bites
  64. Primer issues
  65. Does gesso go bad???
  66. Airbrushers?
  67. Formula for Cremello?
  68. Formula for Red Chestnut?
  69. How to create a soft two toned tail?
  70. Schleich Horses and Animals
  71. Higher resolution Hair Growth Pattern Chart?
  72. cleaning brushes used in water-soluable oils...
  73. Where do you buy your dull cote?
  74. When is Gapoxio too old?
  75. Big Sale At Michael's
  76. Resin painted in oils with craze??
  77. Portrait Models?
  78. Itchy TB Horse, I need a Color idea for this guy + pictures of his progress!
  79. Anyone use acrylics anymore?
  80. pasteling over gray primmer
  81. Prepping an HR, questions
  82. Removing paint/ oil from hands... ?
  83. Prepping pewter
  84. Carbide scrapers
  85. Primers
  86. Bases: Sand, grass, etc.
  87. Question: Best glue for pewter?
  88. Gesso?
  89. Painting a pinto in oils - HELP!!!!
  90. Best thick gloss?
  91. Flash - Color
  92. Air compressor???
  93. Prepping Services
  94. Question: Tutorial/ how to on mapping?
  95. Drat ear tip break while painting :(
  96. HR Miss Pepper photo needed...
  97. roaning by pencil.
  98. Prepping Problem Area
  99. UGH - prepping problems
  100. Stablemate eyes, oh how I hate thee
  101. A little Help Please
  102. Question: Tips on Palomino (airbrushing)
  103. Dremel bit to shave down wire/metal?
  104. Question: Prepping the PAM?
  105. carbide scraper
  106. Juicy Color Ideas for Pixie?
  107. Putting breyers in an oven to dry?
  108. Cure time on acrylics?
  109. Question: Grainy texture from primer?
  110. Dulling
  111. Who would you recommend for prepping an Eberl?
  112. Fresian Black: How not to make it boring?
  113. Possibly the Answer for Eberl Pinholes
  114. Colors for Working Girl and Jezebel?
  115. Colors to use for Champagne?
  116. Having serious issues with miniscule hairs while painting
  117. what brand of paint?
  118. Oil time!
  119. Dun Markings: To do or not to do all dun factors
  120. Removing paint from the transparent Breyer?
  121. Paint mapping question?
  122. Question: Sealer - how many coats?
  123. Color Shifting Paint?
  124. Question: Airbrush Anatomy
  125. Iron Grey Jezebel
  126. Fixing a gauge in a painted model?
  127. My first realistic colored finishwork a mini Boreas
  128. Info: Shipping PSA for Artists and Customers
  129. Horse shoe nails?
  130. Boreas showed up with a broken ear... help!
  131. Tutorial for mohairing wanted
  132. Color for PAM: whatcha think?
  133. removing sticker residue
  134. Faded manes on grays, WHY?
  135. Spraying technique video
  136. Anyone use a commercial spray booth?
  137. Rembrandt Pastel Horse Color RECIPES!
  138. RESS new annual "Big Show" format
  139. Chestnut Papageno in progress...
  140. Buckskins and dorsal stripes question
  141. Black Marks, Pink Nose
  142. Golden Fluid Acrylics
  143. Krylon Quick Dry for Oil Painters
  144. Finally dabbling in oils but a question
  145. Blending acrylics...
  146. Streaky non sticking paint?
  147. Help needed. How to paint blue eyes
  148. Silver Dapple refs needed - head/neck closeups
  149. Info needed on airbrushing.
  150. VERY nice test of yellowing in white oil paints!
  151. How do initiate your dappling?
  152. Stocking the Studio
  153. Air compressors
  154. UV resistant gloss? Is it like crystal clear??
  155. Pan Pastels? Eyeshadow?
  156. Glossing VERY large eyes help?!
  157. Minor Repairs - What kind of pencils to use?
  158. best white you use for hand painting
  159. Need paintbrush suggestions
  160. Matte Finishing
  161. Oil Dryers
  162. Priming/painting on a base?
  163. Question: How to hand-paint large white area...
  164. Acrylic gesso!
  165. Repairing/Restoring HSOs
  166. First coat over gesso
  167. Ways to lengthen Acrylic drying time?
  168. Out lining markings.
  169. Breaking out the art supplies after five years... are any of them still good?
  170. Need Dapple Grey Critique!
  171. Opacity!!
  172. Airbrush O-Rings...
  173. What do you think?
  174. How Do You Paint A Schleich?
  175. Question: Paint Brush Education
  176. Question: HELP! Good Tutorials for paiting a custom Charcoal?
  177. Painting manes and tails
  178. Question: Cleaning red stains off Jack Frost Friesian
  179. Can you help a raw beginner as she starts her first water miscible oil breyer?
  180. Question for oil painters
  181. Who are some good preppers out there?
  182. So has anyone ever tried the Lq inks or the pens?
  183. Yeah or Neah?
  184. Questions about some stubborn paint
  185. Best Way to Repair a Broken Leg...
  186. Making Prepping More Efficient?
  187. Acrylics - mixing and layering
  188. Question: Apoxy Sealer
  189. Prepping questions
  190. Pictures of acrylics in progress?
  191. Question: How do you use...
  192. Which Ott-Lite?
  193. Glow in the Dark Paint?
  194. Artists how do YOU prep a model?
  195. Glossing a CM
  196. Airbrush Recommendations
  197. Painting underneath Esprit's mane?
  198. Sealing Oils?
  199. Bay Help Please!? D:
  200. Painting medallions with a faux bronze or silver finish?
  201. Well, that sucks...
  202. I Want to Try Pastelling!
  203. Finishing Spray
  204. T-shirt stuck to model
  205. Painting Decorators?
  206. I just finished prepping a PAM
  207. Appaloosa Spots with pastels?
  208. Pastelling a (blue) Roan?
  209. Pastel Tutorials - Colors you would like to see?
  210. Earth Pigments
  211. Question: How Do You Strip A Model Horse For Customising?
  212. Fixing Yellow
  213. Chopping up paint brushes
  214. unclean whites formula?
  215. Spotted Mule Photos
  216. What paint is best?
  217. Airbrushing Base Coat if using Pastels?
  218. Extremely terrible problem
  219. filling in lines on Breyer resin paint-by-numbers horses?
  220. Getting certain colours from pastels?
  221. Question! How to Remove Krylon Triple Thick Gloss Spray?
  222. Gloss issues?
  223. Question: "Crud" on a Resin?
  224. Favorite Brushes for Pastelling, applying pigments?
  225. Getting super smooth white markings? any tricks, tips?
  226. Question for Australian Painters!
  227. Can Mortens Studio Animals Be Repaired?
  228. Liz Added to Her Signature!!!
  229. IMG: Please help with this guy
  230. How do you get such soft detail as these horses have?
  231. Nafre
  232. Painting manes & tails???
  233. What do you think?
  234. Etching a Glossy Model?
  235. Which Model Do You Hate Painting?
  236. Question: Soft pastels, pastels, and pastel chalk?
  237. Aves Epoxy Sculpt Problems
  238. Any opinions on colors to paint these guys?
  239. Jaquard Lumiere Colours?
  240. Matte finish
  241. How do you paint a large blanket on an appaloosa/pastel questions?
  242. Krylon Matte Spray/Crystal Clear?
  243. Question: Pastelling
  244. Stripping acrylic paint off a resin
  245. Good sandable WHITE primer
  246. How To Eliminate Creases When Using A. Sculpt?
  247. Chips Plastic?
  248. Quick question...pastel related
  249. Dullcote Problems
  250. Reference photos for fleabitten grey?