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  1. Brush Storage
  2. Assembling a Morgue
  3. What color?
  4. The problem with Painters Touch
  5. Question: Successful ways of removing paint.
  6. I Have A Favorite New Primer!
  7. To Gloss or not to Gloss?
  8. Accepting Commissions vs. Closed Books
  9. This is how I do roaning...
  10. Question about oil paints and grey color...
  11. I'm jazzed! Earth Pigments have arrived!
  12. Shiny Matt Sealant...
  13. Who Are the REAL Pro Preppers Out There?
  14. My first [long, with pics]
  15. Pro Prep Requirements
  16. Repairing a Broken SM Resin?
  17. Looking for a really good Acrylic retarder
  18. Flea marks?
  19. Sealer and gloss
  20. Naples Yellow
  21. Question: How to keep your whites white?
  22. Braided tail question
  23. Pastelling a Tovero/Dominately white pinto horse?
  24. What Wire?
  25. Question: How to Stip Paint Off A CM?
  26. Nooo!! How do I fix this?
  27. prepping a clinky?
  28. hair pattern/ mapping help.
  29. IMG What to do with Haggis colour...?
  30. Help for a newbie at prepping
  31. Acrylic Rods
  32. Epoxy Lifting on Vintage Piece--Repair Possible?
  33. Tamiya Primer has been discontinued
  34. Question: Brave Hart (HPG Resin) won't stand?
  35. Stripping my first resin - advice?
  36. Hoof palava!
  37. Info: Vallejo Spray Primer
  38. Question: Primer: Testing
  39. Aves Apoxy Sculpt and Apoxy Paste
  40. Question: Stuck acrylic rod
  41. Question: How smooth to make the surface of the horse?
  42. IMG: Pupil
  43. Finishwork on a Resin used for Tack Fitting
  44. Sneak peek....
  45. Dang it! Paint splatter...how to fix?
  46. Sigh....
  47. Warped leg on a painted resin..
  48. Any Primer Recommendations?
  49. Help finding some reference photos
  50. Ajax bath and primer questions....
  51. details to scale?
  52. Model Masters White Primer Lacquer report
  53. Question for oil painters :)
  54. I need hoof help!
  55. Waaaah, noooooo!
  56. Ghost Spots & Speckling in Coat?
  57. Bronze Question
  58. Please help! Grainy pastels
  59. This has proably been asked a millon times but
  60. ARGH! The test horse and the sealer are in cahoots!
  61. Finish flaw :( dang it.
  62. Any tips for priming with white?
  63. Sandicast CM Question
  64. Question: Yes, she's got another question...
  65. Prepping over a weird OF surface
  66. Just ordered my Rio Rondo carbide scrapers!
  67. Oil Whites?
  68. Army Primer Test and Review, Part 1
  69. Warning about Amazing Sculpt and Easy Off Oven Cleaner....
  70. Art store rants!
  71. Hoof Scuffs Whiles Painting
  72. A Plea for help! Please someone....
  73. When do oils dry?
  74. Bear Air April Sale
  75. Restoring HRs
  76. Pastelling on oils/acrylics?
  77. Artists & Customers: What percent of the quality of the finished work is PREPPING?
  78. Question: Already painted resin with broken ear and some unsmoothed seams - what should I do?
  79. Painting with oils
  80. that stinkin spot is back!
  81. Question: Cracked Wing
  82. Cat Urine on an OF Clydesdale?
  83. My Ravishing Ronald took a tumble =/
  84. First Carbide Scrapers - Having problems :(
  85. color code your tools.....
  86. Mod Podge matte acrylic seal, anyone try it??
  87. What are your "can't do without it tools" ???
  88. Magnifying glasses recommendations?
  89. Sabino markings or no?
  90. Missing a Carol Williams color card
  91. Cracked fetlock stability...help!
  92. Oils
  93. prepping an old Breyer Traditional grazing foal--IMPOSSIBLE!!!
  94. Marbling, finishes, and airbrushing/oils?
  95. Anyone got a hoof painting tutorial?
  96. Black Clydesdale Ref Pics?
  97. Sealer Fuzz?
  98. Heartbreaker new color?
  99. Stripping Unsealed Oils from a Resin
  100. What do you do with an airbrush "eraser" (sandblaster?)
  101. Sanding sponges - where do you get them and what kind?
  102. Apoxie Sculpt vs Amazing Sculpt?
  103. re-establishing coat textures on resins
  104. Blue Black for the first time
  105. Good color for pink noses
  106. Metallic-y coats?
  107. Painting the Underside of Esprit's Mane?
  108. Need some hints, tips and tricks for
  109. Primer woes
  110. Prepping War Chant, or textured resins?
  111. When you are not happy were a horse is going
  112. Oil Painters need your help
  113. How to strip paint fast?
  114. Detailing Manes
  115. Cracking finish on a pastelled horse
  116. One thing to NEVER do...
  117. Restoring rubbed models?
  118. HELP! Acrylic rod STUCK in resin!
  119. Anyone ever work with the Breyer ...
  120. Best black paints?
  121. What final finish do you use?
  122. Inferno background color help please
  123. Images of Coat Pattern/Hair Growth?
  124. Removing real-hair tail
  125. Wrinkling paint?!
  126. Cracking oil paints?
  127. Cracking oil paint?
  128. Artists requiring already prepped models for commissions
  129. Watercolors....?
  130. Toilet paper lint on a custom - how to remove?
  131. What Color Should I be?
  132. Linseed Oil
  133. Recommendations for A good Prepper/Customizer?
  134. Best way to cut an acrylic rod?
  135. Superglue pen= :(
  136. Airbrush cleaning rituals
  137. Anyone used Vallejo acrylic finish sprays?
  138. Took a day off from serious studio work...
  139. Broken SM Leg Help Needed!
  140. Tacky model-advice needed
  141. Need Help with removing paint
  142. The sound of a broken leg is exactly what I needed today.
  143. Names of Good Restorers? :(
  145. Bay tutorial, please? Anyone?
  146. WTH!!! What a total rip!
  147. Creating dapples on pastelled horses?
  148. Schminke Pastels
  149. Question: A little about pasteling...
  150. Question about Carol William's Color Cards
  151. Fixing split seams or restoring models, information please
  152. Question about Carol William's Technique book!
  153. Recommandations on a Restorer?
  154. Acrylic and Oil Paint Storage
  155. Question: Stripping an already painted resin
  156. repair "sweating"
  157. Cracking/Crazing with Krylon Crystal Clear?
  158. Workable Fixative
  159. Question: What next?
  160. Steel grey vs black using pastels
  161. Switching to oils
  162. Can you dremel into a porcelain bust??
  163. Champagne
  164. Alphacolor Pastel Color Identification Help...
  165. Oil Mix Storage
  166. Heat marred finish
  167. Cracking white?
  168. Painting Appaloosa Spots & haloes?
  169. Other places to find dullcote?
  170. Windstone Query
  171. best glue for repairing plastic?
  172. Help with baby bay?
  173. Question: What is your favorite acrylic paint?
  174. I just wanted to Paint today!
  175. Repairing Deep Sanding grooves, & seam splits?
  176. I would pay to get into a busy one-person studio for some learn time
  177. China Repair Advice?
  178. My Rose Reiner in progrees/technique thread
  179. Strange spot on LLonestar?
  180. Paint Spray Booth?
  181. FREE Hoof tutorials on gray hooves:)
  182. Double Dilutes - Pastels
  183. The Prepping Vent thread.
  184. Repairing a chewed hoof?
  185. Do I let him go?
  186. Help wanted to restoring a honey bay PAM
  187. Sticky wax and peeling
  188. What's a Good Brand Airbrush?
  189. Repair Help
  190. How to Prep the Back of the Elmhurst Medallion?
  191. Pinking Inside Nostrils?
  192. Vixen legs
  193. Pigments
  194. Question: Hazel Finish/broken Tail
  195. Best primer for noob?
  196. Wahoo king peg missing?
  197. Help I'm painting
  198. What a Mess - Cracks in Unknown Material (MG+++)
  199. professional painters how long?
  200. Question: Help with bent legs?
  201. IMG: Stone Factory Seconds?
  202. acrylic rods
  203. Question: What color should I make this Morgan Medallion?
  204. My daughter's first painted horse
  205. Good acrylic paints?
  206. Favorite Horse "colors" from the tube?
  207. help with Stormy
  208. Brushes!
  209. prepping tools.. advice on what is your favorite.
  210. Sigh - Why do People Think Airbrushing is Machine-Painting????
  211. My first dremeling experience...
  212. Hows my roaning?
  213. Question: ways to prevent grainy pastelling?
  214. What went wrong with my matte finish?
  215. freshly Primed or sealed horses in the house...?
  216. Model Master Lusterless (Flat) v. Dullcote
  217. Colored Pencils
  218. Stripping paint from m/t/feathers....
  219. Is my pattern realistic?
  220. Cleanup? "Dirty" white and wax in mouth?
  221. Reference photo exchange - bellies
  222. Odd Question
  223. Mini Tortuga - Jigsaw Puzzle
  224. Need silver dapple help
  225. Stripping a stubborn model...
  226. Testors Countour Putty?
  227. Advice re. shoeing models with pre-made shoes /Rio Rondo shoes
  228. Oils for Markings - Kind Of
  229. Question with Ajax Baths
  230. Gesso Problems
  231. Heads Off!!!
  232. Who is Your Biggest Inspiration - Finishwork Artists
  233. Help need in KY
  234. Product review, Matisse and Da Vinci White acrylics
  235. Chestnut Othello to Dark Silver Dapple
  236. What colours do you use white with?
  237. Tippy model in Omaha, NE
  238. What is the best type of primer for applying with brushes?
  239. Some references for champagne and cremello skin
  240. Selling Customs With Seams & Breyer Logo - Your Thoughts
  241. Dull mane and tail on a bay
  242. Can it be done?
  243. Resin peeling
  244. Question: Stripping question
  245. Ear Repair on a Resin
  246. Stripping an Eberl resin?
  247. Sealing a resin painted in oils?
  248. Need some hair direction help!
  249. WOOT! Finally! Ordered my first batch of earth Pigments :D
  250. Question: prepping and painting safari and shcleich models?